Ivacy Takes the Heat – Gets Back at Rumors with a Transparency-Glock!

Last updated: June 23, 2022
William Sams
William Sams
William Sams is an online privacy/security advocate at BestVPN.co, who loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy, cyber laws, and digital affairs.

They say, fight fire with fire. Face your opponents/ill-wishers with similar weapons and tactics. Ivacy disagrees though, putting out the dim fire of rumors, with a bucket of honesty-filled water!

For years, the provider has met with accusations and odd deductions about a supposed connection with a competitor service, PureVPN. So, for the West Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas of 2019, Ivacy decided to take burning questions about the association, head on.

When asked about the relationship with PureVPN, the PR Manager at Ivacy “Frank” chuckled claiming that PureVPN was nothing but a minor stakeholder, limited to shared infrastructure. Why? For the primary purpose of helping users, maintain their anonymity online.

The variety of publically identifiable digital footprints are in the name of the OEM partner because they are one of the very few providers whose identity is already public knowledge. This is done from a privacy, anonymity, and well-being point of view of both our users and our high-profile tech investors, which is a common practice in the VPN industry, and we respect that. This anonymity has played a vital role in keeping our users’ privacy uncompromised for more than a decade.

Frank reiterated several times that Ivacy is an independent entity and that they have debunked this myth of a “suspicious” affiliation with PureVPN, several times in the past.

Honestly, I do not blame individuals in the privacy sector, demanding a clearer answer. The VPN industry is filled with dishonesty and mysteries, pertaining to faceless CEOs, privacy policies, logging, or the actual location of a specific provider.

Not to mention, some free VPN swindles have even gone as far as forming partnerships with data-mining agencies. It is a slippery slope trusting a VPN service, but at the same time, I wonder what implications this “lack of faith” in privacy tools would lead us.

I can get the frustration of Ivacy, and the bluntness in their replies, when all they are trying to do is pave the way for their users to receive maximum anonymity online.

No one would like all their efforts to go to waste, just because of silly rumors. In all my years in the VPN industry, I can also safely say this might have started as a gimmick from competitors, who let me mention, actually have similar affiliations too.

I’ll say this once and for all: Ivacy is an independently registered entity, with its own merchants, bank accounts, partners, and legally binding contracts. Ivacy’s independently operated and developed apps, backend, billing, legal agreements, and partnerships are a testament to this fact. Their stakes are only minor. What more do you want from Ivacy?

The provider even responded to queries regarding their management, claiming that since they are a private limited company, they have no legal obligation to reveal the real owners behind Ivacy.

As such, they are not interested in opening up their investment portfolios for everyone to see, because that directly involves revealing publically identifiable data, which may put user privacy at risk.

With regards to anonymity, Frank also revealed that Ivacy was one of the first VPNs to “support of the idea of transparency not only by being GDPR compliant or by being a member of the US Cyber Security Alliance, but by also supporting the concept of transparent product operations”.

The idea behind Ivacy VPN is to facilitate users overcome roadblocks limiting them in their pursuit of total internet freedom. Why not talk about what their issues are? I can go all day debating why and who but has it ever prevented us from delivering the promise of complete anonymity? I will just say this to our existing and potential users: Ivacy will uphold your trust at any cost and remain your preferred privacy partner in letter and spirit.

Wrapping Things Up

Honestly, I am incredibly impressed by the responses given by Ivacy, especially during a time where the VPN industry is filled with secrecy and mystery.

The Singaporean-based provider shelling transparency in their operations is definitely worth some recognition, and I would like seeing other services do the same.

“None but the brave deserve the fair” and Ivacy opening up about its associations, management, and financials, shows that you can trust them in keeping you anonymous online.

For them, their customers are the most important asset of their organization, and answering their queries instead of ignoring them, just verifies this claim.

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