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Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
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Nothing comes close to YouTube when we talk about a forum for sharing originally created videos. Founded in 2005, YouTube is the world’s largest platform for viewing, sharing, and uploading media.

Now owned by Google, it offers billions of people around the world unlimited content for streaming while allowing them to connect with each other.

However, YouTube being a global platform, this international presence has attracted many problems and has been blocked in certain regions. The primary reasons for these blockages account for internet censorship laws and noncompliance of takedown notices. So how do you access YouTube if it’s blocked?

How to Unblock YouTube from Anywhere

The answer, use a VPN for YouTube. There are many tools that work as YouTube unblocker, but nothing comes close than a VPN service. We have taken the liberty to highlight some of the best VPN services for unblocking YouTube. Selecting from anyone of them will guarantee access to YouTube.

Price ($)
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  1.  $12.95  
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    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 3,000+ Servers in over 90 Countries
    • Powerful AES 256-GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix/Supports Torrenting
    • Audited No Logs (PWC and Cure53)
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

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  2.  $12.95  
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    • Headquartered in BVI (Safe Location)
    • 3,200+ Servers in 65 Countries
    • AES-256-CBC/GCM Encryption
    • Unblocks Netflix in 16+ Libraries
    • 7-Day Free Trial for iOS/Android
    • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

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  3.  $11.95  
    Per Month

    • Headquartered in Panama (Safe Location)
    • 5,083+ servers in 59 countries
    • 6 simultaneous Connections
    • Works with US/UK/JP Netflix
    • Great P2p/torrenting performance
    • Double VPN and Onion over VPN

    4.5 Stars

    - Save up to 63% with exclusive 2-year plan + 3 months free for a friend
  4.  $10.95  
    Per Month

    • Based in British Virgin Islands (Safe Jurisdiction)
    • 6,500+ Servers in 180+ Countries
    • Military-Grade AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • Split Tunneling and Dedicated IPs
    • DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch
    • Endorsed by Forbes/5-Stars on TrustPilot

    4.5 Stars

  5.  $12.99  
    Per Month

    • 5,900+ Servers in 89 Countries
    • 45-Day Refund Guarantee and 7-day Trial
    • Secure Wi-Fi Feature for Public Security
    • Kill Switch and DNS/IP Leak Protection
    • Mozilla and Chrome Browser Add-Ons
    • Unblocks All Websites Seamlessly


    4.0 Stars

    - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free

Each of these VPN services has servers located in numerous countries across the world. Connecting to any region where YouTube is accessible, you are able to bypass internet censorship laws and other blockades.

For instance, you are located in China or are traveling to Pakistan for some reason; you will find that YouTube is blocked. Perhaps you will see notifications about the content not being available in your country, or the videos won’t load, or see a censorship notice prohibiting you from accessing the website. So the only way to access YouTube is via VPN in such locations.

Why is YouTube Blocked?

Now that you know how to unblock YouTube using a VPN, let’s take a look at why is YouTube blocked in the first place. We already mentioned internet censorship and noncompliance of takedown notices as the main reasons for blocking YouTube. Here are some other motives for blocking YouTube:

  • To prevent any social uprising, anti-government movement, or any content that could provoke political unrest.
  • Hate speeches and criticism against the government, religion, political leaders, and other influential personal of a particular region.
  • Leaked footage or other sensitive video relating to the government, celebrities, religious and political leaders.
  • Protection of intellectual property and stopping copyright infringement.
  • To protect national laws from being broken and prevent any idea that could threaten national security, copyright laws, ethics, morality, and other similar laws.
  • To prevent any content that is not age appropriate.
  • Some companies, schools and colleges also block YouTube to protect workers and students productivity and prevent them from being distracted.

Countries that Block YouTube

Based on one or many of these reasons combined, there are numerous countries that have blocked YouTube or had blocked YouTube in the past.

Some of these countries have placed a full ban on YouTube, preventing it from being access throughout the region. While some nations have placed a partial ban on YouTube, meaning certain videos won’t be accessible within that region.  Following are the countries that have blocked YouTube:

How to unblock Youtube in China

In 2009, YouTube was banned throughout China following an argument between the Chinese government and Google. There are videos being shared and viewed on YouTube of police beating protestors during a riot in Tibet.

Chinese government demanded takedown of these videos but with Google’s refusal to censor these videos, YouTube was blocked in China. Since that day, to access YouTube in China, you need a VPN.

How to unblock Youtube in Pakistan

In 2012, the Pakistani government blocked YouTube throughout the country after Google (again) refused to takedown or censor videos related to controversial anti-Islamic movies.

The term attribute to these videos is Innocence of Muslims and with the government pressing for removal or filtering of these videos, the ban is still in place in Pakistan. However, with a VPN for YouTube, you can still access the streaming website and watch all the videos.

How to unblock Youtube in Iran

YouTube has had a turbulent history in Iran. The world’s largest user generated video platform was first blocked in 2006 after the service was deemed as immoral. The ban was later lifted but reinstated in 2009 after the presidential election where mass protests were showcased against the president.

Following this ban, the Iranian government later blocked all Google services in 2012 due to Innocence of Muslims release on YouTube. The ban still continues to date on YouTube in Iran but you can unblock YouTube using a VPN service.

How to unblock Youtube in Germany

YouTube is partially blocked in Germany. The ongoing dispute between YouTube and GEMA (performance rights organization in Germany), many videos on YouTube are inaccessible in Germany.

The latest, YouTube Gaming channel is also blocked within Germany as many users complained for not being able to stream online gaming matches. If you are in Germany, then with a VPN for YouTube, you can easily bypass all restrictions and watch your favorite videos on YouTube.

How to unblock Youtube in Syria

YouTube continues to be banned within Syria since March 2011.  It was initially blocked by the Syrian government on 2007 but with a brief period of being allowed within Syria, the ban was once again reinstated following the Syrian Civil War. As the war wages on, Syrian internet users can unblock YouTube with the help of a VPN.

How to unblock Youtube in Afghanistan

Following the Innocence of Muslims fiasco, YouTube was banned in Afghanistan in September 2012. The government deemed the content of the videos as blasphemous to the religion. Since then, YouTube is blocked in Afghanistan.

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the above mentioned countries, there are other nations that have blocked YouTube to this date. Some of these countries include Turkmenistan, Armenia, North Korea, Tajikistan, and Sudan.

While in other countries, YouTube has also had shaky track record. The service has been blocked over the years but the ban has been lifted for now. These countries include: Turkey, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Morocco, Russia, and UAE.


YouTube is one the most popular and by far the largest video streaming service in the world that allows you to upload and share your videos for free.

The unrestricted capabilities offered by YouTube for expressing freedom of speech, voicing your opinions, or using it as a forum for publicity has landed the service on the ban list of many countries. Whether the ban on YouTube is because of censorship, political targeting, governmental or religious reasons, you can access it using a VPN for YouTube.

If you are in college or are working at a place where YouTube is blocked, then the solution to your problem is to use a VPN for YouTube. The wide spread of servers and data encryption technology utilized by a VPN, you can unblock YouTube no matter where you are located.

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