How To Fix CS:GO Lag

CS:GO Gamers suffer due to tormenting lag when gaming. To be honest, Best VPN broke one of our SteelSeries Ikari mouse because of insufferable CS:GO lag. Since CS:GO’s release on Steam, the gamer’s battle with consistent lag and packet loss. And as usual, Lord Gaben never bats an eye on such issues, which means that we’re not getting a patch or an update from Valve, Steam or anyone else any sooner.

Usually, gamers blame their ISP for the unbearable lag during their online gaming experience; however, it’s not just your ISP causing lag in CS:GO or any other online game. In this guide, we will cover various factors that affect your CS:GO ping and how you can overcome these factors in order to reduce CS:GO lag.

Step 1- Consider Upgrading Your RAM And CPU

This is the first step towards a CS:GO lag free experience that you will always crave for. Firstly, you will need to optimize your CPU and RAMto address CS:GO lag issues. Unnecessary background processes, torrent downloads, software updates cripple your system’s RAM and CPU, taking up most of their resources. By following these steps, you can reduce unnecessary stress on your RAM and CPU:-

  • Revise your disk fragmentation once in a while. This will allow your system to quickly access vital files to run CS:GO faster.
  • Before you hop on the CS:GO bandwagon, ensure that all unnecessary background processes, downloads, software updates are closed. After this, your system will allocate all its bandwidth, RAM and CPU power to reduce CS:GO lag.
  • Optimize your CPU and RAM usage smartly. Doing so will fasten up load times and in-game processes.

Step 2- Revise Your Connection Settings

Poor network configuration  can lead to unendurable CS:GO lag. So, we advise you that you check your connection settings thoroughly and look out for any configuration settings that can be causing CS:GO lag. On the other hand, here are some steps that you can take to optimize your network settings to deliver the best CS:GO online experience:

  • Check whether you’re system is connected to the internet Via Wi-Fi. If it is, then connect your system to the internet using an Ethernet cable. This will reduce bandwidth latency, thus resulting in significant CS:GO lag reduction.
  • If you’re connection is protected by a firewall, then the disable the firewall. Keeping your internet firewall leads to high-bandwidth consumption and result in CS:GO lag. Alternatively, you can add CS:GO to the firewall’s exception list.
  • Check if your router or Ethernet cable is damaged and needs replacing. If one of these components is damaged, your computer will not receive internet bandwidth properly, resulting in CS:GO lag.
  • Shared bandwidth on a network can also lead to CS:GO lag. If you’re computer is connected on a shared network, then the bandwidth being received on your end will not be sufficient to run CS:GO smoothly. Make sure you’re network is not being shared before you play CS:GO.
  • Before logging on to CS:GO, check whether you’re system is running P2P file sharing clients or VoIP apps like Skype. If yes, then we advise that you close all of these applications, as it would lead to CS:GO lag.

Step 3: Use A Lag Reduction App

Coming to step 3, a gaming lag reducer is a gaming software specially designed to reduce lag and data packet loss in online gaming sessions. By starting up a gaming VPN before playing CS:GO, you can reduce lag from the server’s end, and enjoy CS:GO as it’s meant to be enjoyed.

One of our tested gaming lag reducers is Kill Ping, one of the leading lag-reduction software currently available. While playing CS:GO, we synchronized Kill Ping with our DM session, and the results were as follows:

How to reduce lags in CS GO

To change your ISP is hard and arduous in itself, that’s why we recommend that you use the fastest VPN for gaming instead. Using a gaming VPN will not only save you from the hassle of changing your ISP, while being gentle on your wallet.

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Step 4: Reconfigure Your GPU Settings

Talking about graphics cards, CS:GO is a GPU dependent game as compared to its previous installments. After going through all of the steps above, this is an essential step to reduce CS:GO lag. Here are some steps that you can follow to optimize your GPU for CS:GO:

  • Reconfigure your CS:GO visuals settings in accordance with the game’s minimum requirements. This will tone down the stress on your GPU and visuals drivers, resulting in a CS:GO lag free experience.
  • Update your visual drivers on a regular basis. Many substantial gaming companies, like Nvidia and AMD, update their drivers routinely in order to fix CS:GO lag and data packet loss.
  • Majority of high-end GPUs are soul-wrenchingly expensive. So in the meantime, you can lower your screen resolution from 1080p to 720p or lower to boost up FPS and reduce CS:GO lag until you’re wallet is ready for a GPU upgrade.
  • In order to reduce CS:GO lag, you’ll also be required to change your settings from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10 or 9. This reduces the particle density within CS:GO, thus resulting in a smoother game-play experience.

Step 5- CS:GO In-Game Settings

After following all of the procedures above, it’s time for you to head towards the in-game configuration of CS:GO. CS:GO offers you a variety of options to tweak and configure to meet your optimum GPU, sound and internet connection requirements.

It’s time that you realize that running CS:GO on Ultra-Settings is not the best option, unless you have a high-end GPU. When it comes to CS:GO lag, you’re main focus should be smoother performance rather than visual delight.  Here are some steps that you can follow to optimize in-game settings for a CS:GO lag free experience:

1. Steam Launch Options Command

When you log into steam for CS:GO, there are multiples options for you to choose from besides starting the game. One of these options is “Launch Options Command”. Here, you can input certain commands that will optimize CPU, GPU and RAM allocation for a CS:GO lag free experience. Here is the list of these commands:-

CS GO launch options

  • -novid
  • -tickrate 128
  • +cl_forcepreload
  • -nod3d9ex1
  • -heapsize 524882
  • -threads 4
  • -processheap
  • -lv -high

2. Visual Preferences

CS:GO allows you to manipulate its visual textures, particles, resolution and frame rates with its easy-to-follow settings menu. Here, you can find all the essential options needed to determine the overall visual performance of CS:GO.

CS GO video setting

Firstly, we recommend changing your resolution to “1366 x 768” as this will reduce pixel density and reduce CS:GO lag. Second, put every detail options in Advance menu to low, which will reduce stress on your GPU and CPU combined. And last but not least, disable motion blur in the settings menu, as the screen transitions in motion blur takes most of the GPU juice.

In Conclusion

We hope that our guide helps you address the CS:GO lag issues the next time you are in the mood for some fragging.  Remember that it can be multiple factors affecting your gameplay and inducing CS:GO spikes during gameplay. Do let us know if the guide sorted out your CS:GO lag issues and got your gameplay back on track, share our post if you feel it can help other gamers and leave us a thumbs up in the comments section below.

We hope after following our guide, you own noobs like:

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