The last thing any gamer wants to deal with while playing Dota 2 online is to tolerate constant lag and packet loss issues. Having high ping and latency can hinder the entire gaming experience, making virtually impossible to hit a creep, cast your spells or use your ultimate power in crucial team fights. Since Dota 2 Lag and Packet Loss issue is encountered by many players from around the world including best vpn users, one may think Valve might have come up with a workaround. However, the problem seems to persist for many Dota 2 players around the world. The same goes for those who play the “Dota 2 Reborn”.



What Is Dota 2 Packet Loss In/Out?

In the world of online gaming, particularly when playing Dota 2, plenty of users have concerns over Packet Loss in/out, but not many are aware of what it exactly is. If you are one of those individuals, then you might find our guide helpful. Typically, those who engage in online games like Dota 2, connect to different servers around the world to play with other hard-core professionals and rookies alike.

When you establish a successful connection to a particular server, there is a lot of information that is sent and received (or going in/out), while playing Dota 2. During this process, some of the data passing from the server to your computer and vice versa, may get “lost” as in failing to reach its assigned destination. As a result, this packet loss results in the game causing lags in movement and weird glitches, which requires the re-sending of data repeatedly.

Causes That Lead To Packet Loss

So, now that you are aware as to what is Packet Loss In/Out, you might be wondering the reasons why this might happen. And to be honest, they are not really that hard to figure out. Every avid-gamer is aware that there are a number of issues experienced in online gaming, most of which are caused by network issues, such as high latency, jitter, poor bandwidth, network congestion, sucky internet connection, and even software/hardware quality.

Where most of these issues have a simple fix: getting a faster internet, preferably one that touches 50mbps minimum, others are a bit more complex. Nevertheless, if you want to fix the irritating problem of facing lags while playing Dota 2, you need to embrace your tech-side a little. Some of the best solutions that worked for us included switching for Wi-Fi to a hard-wire connection, upgrading your current cables to ones made out of premium copper, and reconfiguring your router.

Of course, if these fixes do not work, and you continue to suffer with high packet loss, you might want to contact the support department of your PS4, Xbox, or local ISP.

How to Check for Packet Loss?

If you notice Dota 2 getting all jumpy and laggy, while engaging in online gaming, then it is obvious playing becomes a pain in the buttocks. Rather than sitting in front of your console or computer, cursing your life, you might want to consider checking for Packet Loss or general latency. The process is simple and just requires users to perform a simple ping text.

Users of the Xbox One already have a ping test that they can run in the console, so you do not need to rely on third-party services. However, if you have a PS4 or playing the game via a performance computer, then you might want to consider visiting WhatsMyIP and click on its ping test feature. This should provide the latency time in milliseconds, making it easier to figure out if there is an issue of packet loss!

How to Fix Packet Loss Dota 2 In/Out – According to Steam Community

When it comes to fixing Packet Loss issues on Dota, many steam community members claim that opting for a faster internet connections works wonders. However, for those who already have one, you might want to learn about ISP throttling. Many local ISPs may impose bandwidth limitations, especially for those users who indulge in heavy online gaming.

Check the speed of your internet connection to get a better idea, if you are receiving the full performance you are paying for. If not, then get the issue rectified directly from the ISP, or opt for using a VPN service. By shifting your location and masking your IP address, a VPN makes it possible to bypass ISP throttling.

You can use one of our reviewed and tested Best Gaming VPN 2019 and also follow this step by step guide for fixing Dota 2 packet loss and lag. Below is a list of the Fastest VPN providers you should use for Dota 2, based on analyzing their performance, servers availability, advanced features/tools, support, and reliability: 

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • 800+ Servers in 50+ Countries
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    • 24/7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
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  2.  $10.95  
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    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
  3.  $12.95  
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    • 3 Simultaneous Connections
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    • 5,074 Servers in 59 Countries
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    • 6 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
  5.  $12.99  
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    • 3,600 Servers in 60 Countries
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    77% Off

Another users suggested that the issue could be due to increased load on Valve servers. Oftentimes, when you indulge in online gaming, plenty of users from around the world – establish connections to a single server. This causes an increase in load, which if the host does not manage with a high-performance server, leads to lagging issues and packet loss.

How to Reduce Ping in DOTA 2 Lag with KILLPING

In order to reduce packet loss Dota 2 and lag from the server side, you can use various tools that reroute your internet traffic. A gaming VPN can come into play here. You can also use software specifically designed to route your gaming data packets through uncongested and unrestricted pathways, such as Kill Ping.

Kill Ping is a new innovative lag reduction app designed by a group of online gaming professionals who were faced with the same lagging dilemma. Established with its own server network, in-house developed app, expert gamer support 24/7/365 and more, KillPing has quickly matured into a leading solution to eliminate lag from online gameplay.

DOTA 2 gamers can subscribe to Kill Ping to experience lag reduction up to 60% (according to our tests, YMMV!). KillPing offers remedial gaming lag reduction features including:

  • Optimized Gaming 100 + Servers in 30+ continents
  • Expert Gamer Support for DOTA 2 24/7/365 days a year
  • Support for over 100 MOBA & MMORPG gaming titles
  • Custom Game Configuration available from support
  • Access to All Kill Ping Servers with all Subscription plans
  • Unlimited Server Switching allowed
  • Server Selection Recommendations from the app
  • 24/7 Live Tech Support & Assistance

It also employs its turbo speed leading edge servers around the world, allowing online gamers to utilize servers closest to their regions. For instance, if a Japanese gamer desires to play DOTA 2 on the USA servers, they can choose from a vast list of US East & West servers including New York, California, Seattle and many more (check out the official list of KillPing servers here).

KillPing  also provides real time server statistics to ensure you can connect to less congested servers. A brilliant FAQ and tutorials sections is available on the website for instant self-help, while expert tech supports representatives are always available on live chat. Their 1 year package is currently on offer:

killping for dota 2

Detailed Steps on How to Fix Dota 2 Lag and Packet Loss Issues

Now that you are aware that faulty and poor performing hardware (router or switch), congested servers, software issues, and low performance systems can all cause lag and packet loss issues while playing Dota 2, you are probably wondering how you can configure your game for a better overall online experience. So, without further ado, follow these detailed steps below to boost your Dota 2 performance!

Step 1: Optimize Your Network Connection for Better Pings

In order to fix Dota 2 packet loss and lag, you can optimize your network connection. Having a poorly configured network connection can lead to high ping and latency, which results in lag and packet loss. However, you can improve your network connection and reduce Dota 2 lag by taking care of certain factors.

  • Firstly, if you are connected via a wireless network connection (WiFi), it is recommended that you switch to a wired connection.
  • Turn off Windows Update when you start your system. Also, close any other software updates, installations or downloads before playing Dota 2 online. This alone can improve pings by as much as 300% in some cases!
  • Check your network devices such as a router, switch, or a firewall. At times, network devices cannot keep up with the traffic flow of your internet connection because their memory is maxed out, resulting in packet loss dota 2 and lag.
  • Look for faulty hardware, especially network cables and ports. If any network component is malfunctioning then you could experience data packet loss and high pings as a result.
  • Make sure that no one else is connected to the same network. For instance, if any member of your family downloads or streams a movie while you play Dota 2, then you are bound to experience lag and delay during gameplay.
  • Turn off applications such as torrents, P2P file-sharing software, Skype, or any other program that would consume your bandwidth and create lag in Dota 2.

As mentioned earlier, lags and packet loss can also be caused by heavy load on Dota 2 servers, as your data has to travel through congested traffic from your system to the gaming server and back again. To rectify the problem, try opting out of using a Valve server, and go for one operated by “League”.

Step 2: Fixing Frame Rates and Performance

Another angle towards bettering your Dota 2 experience is by optimizing your system to deliver the best performance. Frame rate has a big impact on responsiveness within the game so you need to make sure that any hiccups or lack of responsiveness isn’t your hardware’s fault. Your systems performance can be compromised by several factors such as applications taking up unnecessary CPU usage.

By optimizing your system, you can boost your frame rate as well as ping times when playing the game online.  Here are some steps that you can follow to achieve optimum system performance:

  • Perform disk defragmentation at least once a month. This will improve your systems speed and hence allow better game performance (Frame rate, responsiveness).
  • Close all unnecessary applications, services, and processes from Task Manager before playing Dota 2. This will reduce the workload on your main processor and free up CPU usage for Dota 2, hence reducing load time and frame rates.
  • If you are running Windows, then switch your theme to ‘Windows Classic’. Sometimes Windows Aero desktop visuals can cause issues with the game’s performance when running in full screen mode.
  • Integrated graphics: Increase memory allocation of your RAM or graphic card to get optimum performance. Also, if you can afford it, upgrade your RAM and graphic card.

Step 3: Optimize Your System’s Graphic Settings

Once you have fine-tuned your system and network connection, next you need to optimize the graphic settings as well. To optimize your graphic settings, you can follow these steps:

  • Check the minimum graphic requirements of Dota 2 and see whether your system meets those requirements or not. Most of the time these requirements are met but due to inappropriate settings, you might experience lag in Dota 2.
  • Make sure that the drivers are up to date. New graphic driver patches can fix all the bugs and improve your overall graphic performance while eliminating unwanted lag from Dota 2. Here’s the driver pages for both AMD and Nvidia
  • If you don’t have a monster PC that can run the game on maximum specs, then you can lower your system’s screen resolution. Although it might make everything appear a bit bigger on screen, but your game will run faster, especially if your system is struggling to run Dota 2.
  • You can also change your Direct X settings from DX9 to DX8 for better gaming performance. However, this option might not work if you are using a 64-bit operating system. Also, with new games coming in the market, you would have to upgrade your Direct X to higher version inevitably.

Step 4: Dota 2 Lag In-Game Optimization

After you have configured the graphic settings of your system, you can perform in-game optimization as part of Dota 2 lag fix guide and packet loss. There are various settings within Dota 2 that can help to increase FPS, reduce lag and help achieve better performance.

Don’t make the mistake that many gamers make while playing any game online. That is to run the game on maximum graphic settings. Unless you have a system with beast of a graphic card, substantial RAM, and a powerful process, you should focus your in-game settings more towards performance over quality. Here are some settings that you can perform in Dota 2 for overcoming lag and packet loss:

Dota 2 Launch Options & Dota 2 Console Commands

You can improve your Dota 2 experience right from the beginning by choosing different launch options and entering different console commands. If you have been playing Dota 2 for some time then you might already be using some of these commands. But if you are new to Dota 2 then might want to consider the following console commands:

  • -console
  • -high
  • -novid
  • -useforcedmparms
  • -noforcemspd
  • -noforcemaccel
  • -dx 11
  • -map dota

Video Settings

Dota 2 Reborn offers easy to use controls, which you can use to lower or increase your game’s video settings. For starters, we recommend that you set the ‘Resolution’ to ‘Use my monitor’s current resolution’ to match your systems graphics with the game.

Next, under ‘Rendering’ you can choose between basic settings and advance settings. You can slide the bar towards ‘Fastest’ if you want to use basic settings. Dota 2 will automatically configure the graphics to deliver faster performance.

Alternatively, you can use advance settings and select different aspect of the games that you want switched ‘On’ or ‘Off’. For reducing lag and packet loss, you can lower the texture quality and shadow quality.

Also, set the ‘Game Screen Render Quality’ to 50% so the less memory is consumed and your game runs smoothly.

Similarly, keep other settings such as Anti-Aliasing, VSync, World Lighting, High-Quality Water, Ambient Creatures and Specular off as well if you want higher FPS rate and fast game performance.

Network Settings

Another setting that you can perform in Dota 2 is selecting the quality of your network. This allows you to optimize your Dota 2 with your internet connection. If you internet connection is great and can handle large amounts of data, then you can leave the setting to ‘High’.  However, if your internet connection is slow then setting the Network Quality to ‘Low’ helps you to reduce lag.

How to Increase FPS in Dota 2

When it comes to increasing FPS in Dota, users have plenty of tweaks available. Bear in mind though that what configurations may work for some, might not necessarily give a complete success rate to others. To begin with some basic FPS increasing tips, consider turning off Windows Theme and setting the power plan for “Best Performance”. Reduce the resolution of your screen and switch to 36-bit graphics rather than 64-bit. This works well for those users who have a slow running PC.

However, if you have a gaming PC that still induces a lag every time while playing Dota 2, you will have to opt for other methods. Start by turning off “Steam Overlay” and putting “-high” to launch options. If you have an Nvidia GPU, put “-gl” to the launch options. Another good option is to add the following code: “r_dota_disable_portrait_world_renderer 1” to the in-game console. If you are using DirectX 11 and still experiencing low FPS issues, consider reverting to version 9.

Dota 2 High Ping Test

Oftentimes, games may give ping issues, making it impossible to enjoy a streamlined experience. Dota 2 is prone to giving some similar problems. A good way to determine whether you have a Dota 2 Ping problem is to carry out a test. In order to do so, click the link here. Right click download at the top of the page and click on “Save Link As”. Name the file “Ping.bat” and hit the OK button. Mac and Linux users can test their Dota 2 ping by using this link.

Reddit Dota 2 Lag Review

Many threads on Reddit discuss the lagging issue with many searching for ping reducers for Dota 2. However, it seems like the problem does not seem to be with users themselves or their gaming computers/laptops. Many Redditors who are avid-gamers believe that the issue surrounds around the Valve. They have abandoned many games and this has resulted in a massive drop of ratings. See the best reddit vpn recommendations for gaming and other purposes.

Dota 2’s reviews are now ‘Mixed’ on steam, and slowly going lower. from DotA2

Dota 2 Packet Loss Twitch Review

A common reason as to why players may be experiencing packet loss issue is a slow internet connection. The slower the speeds, the higher the packet losses. However, if your internet works completely fine and only induces packet loss upon playing Dota 2, you are not alone. Many gamers are coming out revealing issues of lag, ping, packet loss, and FPS with the Dota 2. A good solution might be to contact the support team at Valve, so that they can take the issue seriously!

Dota 2 Download Review

Downloading Dota 2 does not require any rocket science. All you have to do is visit the Steam Store and search for the game or simply click on this link here. Hit the install button and the game will begin downloading instantly. Since it is free, you do not have to pay a single penny. If you encounter any troubles during the download, consider connecting to a VPN.

Wrapping Things Up

In conclusion, it is pretty clear that high ping, latency, lags, delays, and packet loss are the ultimate destroyers of online gaming, and the last thing you want when playing Dota 2. In order to hit those combos with your teammates and cast your spells are the right time, you need uninterrupted and lag-free gameplay.

We hope our tips help you make the necessary changes to your system like upgrading certain components, configuring different video/network settings to fix Dota 2 packet loss and  lag in no time. Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues, feel free to drop a comment below. Also, do not forget to share the guide with other Dota 2 fanatics!

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14 Responses to How to Fix Dota 2 Lag and Packet Loss Issues – Working Tips/Tricks

  1. abhishek

    Hey, my pings are around 80 and fps around 110 mark,
    but m getting serious loss of about 30 -50 in game at many times. I tested internet and pinged SEA server and there is 0 loss on CMD. what can be the problem i dont get it. I am on wired connection but though a wifi modem. Kindly help


      Hey there Abishek, thanks for commenting here. You aren’t the only one who encounters packet loss issues. Many Valve games give similar problems. If the above solutions do not work, you can consider using a 36kb download limit, set by a netlimiter software. Flooding is a problem in Dota. You need to control the flow otherwise all information will come at you at once, particularly during team fights. Using a limit of 36Kb reduces the problem to maybe once in ten games. Bandwidth has nothing to do with the issue, as even users with a 100Mbps connection suffer with lags and packet loss on Dota.

  2. camilo

    is there any free vpn program for dota 2 ?

    • Ameer

      Hi Camilo, Im sorry but VPN in general free or premium wont really help with your game play all the time. Free ones already lack in speed and ping times so nothign really i can suggest that will help.

  3. Michael

    Please How to set network quality always low ?

  4. jasper

    asking for the packet loss not the fucking fps

  5. Ruan

    I experience the same problem. After last weeks update I have started experiencing lag when I play dota matches. Previously I have not had lag. My internet connection is fine and that is not the problem. My ping is 30ms so I should not experience lag. This happens every minute in the dota matches. How can this be fixed? Because this is now an issue for all my steam games. I tried playing Rocket League but it does the same with this game. Is there maybe an issue with my Steam?

  6. Jm Doroja

    Hi ive had this problem and i dont know wether this has something to do with my ping or FPS.. My ping is usually around 85+ that’s the lowest and my FPS is 30-31 max. But even though i get the lowset ping and highest FPS my Dota2 keeps on lagging. Well mostly everytime i interact or go in team fights or whatever my game suddenly lags as hell and i dont know why. Well im from the Philippines so you would expect shitty internet, and my PC is not NVidia….. so U know what can i do? because the past month my gaming was ok. The FPS was fine,then suddenly it freakin drops as low as 11 WTH! so please help me.

  7. Unknown

    i usually play normally, about 100 while my loss is always >1%, though the fps only had a minor drop…. i tried to check my internet provider’s connection but everything was fine, no problem at all…. i almost give up on dota bcz this problem keeps making me lose, i mean, who can play with a 3 sec delay in every action? can someone give me some help?

  8. Josh

    Not useful in fixing the dota2 FPS drops, which is what people are searching for.

    • /z!

      Thanks for your comment Josh. These steps are just to ensure that you rectify the problem from your end. As for the FPS drop goes, this problem is from Valve/Dota2 end. Many gamers (including me) have been experiencing sudden drop in FPS after the 6.86 patch update. However, the new update (released on March 25, 2016) has somewhat rectify this problem, but it hasn’t been solved completely. Looking forward to more updates from Valve.

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