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by Muhammad Hamza Shahid August 17, 2020

Keeping data safe is essential to any business. Whether you’re safeguarding the company’s proprietary information or clients’ data, dedicated servers need to be as secure as possible. How can you make sure your information stays safe? Here are a few best practices that can help your data remain as secure as possible. Backups We’ve all […]

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by Muhammad Hamza Shahid June 29, 2020

2020 continues to be a year of great chaos with the devastating floods in Indonesia, the Amazon rainforest wildfires, Earthquakes in the Caribbean and Turkey, US-Iran crisis sparking discussions on World War III, and the most dangerous of all, the 2019 novel coronavirus. The COVID-19 strain has affected more than 210 countries worldwide, infecting over […]

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by Muhammad Hamza Shahid June 25, 2020

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a popular tool for leveraging online privacy/security. It creates an encrypted tunnel for routing incoming/outgoing traffic to prevent prying eyes of government agencies, cybercriminals, and copyright hunters from monitoring you. That’s not all though, as a VPN has purposes far beyond privacy. There are many situations, where using one […]

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by Muhammad Hamza Shahid March 12, 2020

For most people, 2001 is significant for the September 11 attacks on the US that have continued to impact us politically and economically. However, something of equal, and arguably, greater importance occurred just 2 months later that has had a far more profound impact on the world as we know it today. On 11th November […]

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by Muhammad Hamza Shahid November 15, 2019

Kill Ping is a gaming application designed to reduce high ping and lag while improving online gameplay. It uses dedicated servers around the world to allow for uninterrupted data transfer. This allows for seamless exchange of information between you and the gaming server, hence reducing high ping and eliminating lag during the process. Does Kill […]

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by Muhammad Hamza Shahid November 11, 2019

The recent VPN ban has rendered a wide majority of services in China useless. Hundreds of VPN apps have been discarded from the Google Play and iTunes stores. As such, finding a VPN on Android in China is a different ballgame altogether, as you need to find a VPN that offers a mirror website that […]

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