How to Watch House of Games In USA on BBC iPlayer [ Season 7 ]

Last updated: December 21, 2023
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House of Games, the enigmatic world of high-stakes psychological games, where great minds, four every week, are tested and tried as per their general knowledge. The show first aired on BBC Two, and now the repeat telecast is being aired on BBC iPlayer. And if you missed it on BBC Two back then, fret not, as BBC iPlayer has already rescued you.

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How to Watch House of Games In USA on BBC iPlayer? [Quick Guide]

In need of the simplest ways to watch House of Games in USA on BBC iPlayer. Grab an ExpressVPN subscription and carefully make use of the following guide.

  1. Sign up for a reputable VPN, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the app for this encrypted VPN.
  3. Connect to the most recommended UK server, i.e., Docklands server.
  4. Head over quickly to the official website for BBC iPlayer.
  5. Begin looking for House of Games and gain access to watch House of Games in USA on BBC iPlayer.

Where can I watch Richard Osman’s House of Games?

Trying to figure out what channel is House of Games on. You can watch Richard Osman’s House of Games in USA on BBC iPlayer. This most incredible game show has made us all gossiping. You mustn’t wait any longer and acquire a subscription to one of the finest working VPNs, namely, ExpressVPN, to get BBC iPlayer on Smart TV in USA.

This intense interest gripping game show ‘House of Games’ is all about testing contestants with questions regarding general knowledge. The fun concept of this ever-engaging game show can be availed free without any BBC iPlayer free trial in USA.

BBC Two has also lined up a few episodes to air; however, if you love binge-watching, then BBC iPlayer is the best place to stream House of Games on BBC iPlayer in USA.

When is House of Games Coming?

House of Games was first aired on 4 September 2017. With its first season, the massive hype and appreciation drove the creators to make their seasons, and so on.

Currently, Series 6 is available to binge-watch on BBC iPlayer, with repeat episodes of 29 to 30 minutes each. Season 6 of House of Games had already been released on 5 September 2022 and ended on 3 February 2023 with the 100th episode of this season. But the Breaking news is that House of Games is coming back with new episodes from 25th September 2023. Mark your calendars for all the games you wouldn’t want to miss out on House of Games!

What is the Concept of Richard Osman’s House of Games?

In the entertaining game show “Richard Osman’s House of Games,” hosted by Richard Osman, a panel of four celebrity contestants engages in a variety of games and puzzles designed to challenge their general knowledge.

You can access House of Games on BBC iPlayer through ExpressVPN’s private passage and unlock the puzzling game show without BBC iPlayer Error Codes in USA to witness how well the celebrities respond to such puzzles.

When does Richard Osman’s Festive House of Games 2023 premiere?

Scheduled for its highly anticipated debut, “Richard Osman’s Festive House of Games 2023” will exclusively premiere on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer on December 18, 2023, at 7:00 PM local time (UTC).

So if you’re in USA then get yourself ExpressVPN to watch House of Games in USA on BBC iPlayer and get past all the geo-restrictions.

What is Richard Osman’s House Of Games contestants line up?

If you earnestly wish to know about the House of Games contestants 2023, we have compiled weekly information against the celebrity names. Let’s have a look together;

Weeks Air Date Contestants
Week 1 18–22 December 2023 Jessica Knappett, Richie Anderson, Debbie McGee, and Simon Gregson
Week 2 26–30 December 2023 Harry Judd, Kerry Godliman, Gbemisola Ikumelo, and Hugh Dennis

How Many Games Are in House of Games?

It has a collection of 101 games, featuring both new additions and classic favorites from the popular BBC series.

From buzzer-oriented games to solo and pair games, the show’s concept is ideally unique and innovative, which persuaded all of its fans to question whose idea was House of Games.

Game Type
A Blast From The Past Tense Buzzer
All In The Details Pairs
And The Answer Isn’t Solo Individual
Answer Smash A Buzzer
Answer Smash B Buzzer
Arty-Facts Pairs
Broken Karaoke Buzzer
Build Your Own Question Pairs
But What’s The Question? Solo Individual
Can You Feel It? Solo Simultaneous
Chron-Illogical Pairs
Cine-nyms Solo Individual
Clash In The Attic Solo Simultaneous
Coming Up Next… Pairs
Correction Centre Solo Individual
Dim Sums Pairs
Distinctly Average Pairs
Don’t Cry For Me Guatemala Solo Simultaneous
Don’t State The Obvious Pairs
Don’t Trust The Experts Solo Individual
Double Trouble Buzzer
Famous Last Words Solo Individual
Games House Of Buzzer
Get Your Head In The Game Solo Simultaneous
Get Your Junk Out Buzzer
Here’s One You Asked Yourself Earlier Solo Individual
Hey, Alexander! Solo Individual
Hidden In Plain Sight Solo Individual
Highbrow Lowbrow Solo Individual
Hose of Games Solo Individual
House of Gamers Solo Individual
I Am Not A Robot Solo Individual
I Complete You Pairs
I’m Terrible At Dating Solo Simultaneous
I’ve Got The Historical Blues Solo Individual
Internet History Buzzer
Is It Me? Solo Simultaneous
Is There A Doctor In The House Of Games? Solo Individual
It Will All Become Clear Buzzer
It’s All In The Name Buzzer
It’s Not Me, It’s You Pairs
King Of The Jumble Buzzer
Klaus Of Games Buzzer
Look Who’s Back Solo Individual
Lucky Dip Solo Individual
Mime Time Pairs
Mouse Of Games Solo Individual
My Perfect Match Pairs
Only Fools and Zebras Buzzer
Opposites Attract Buzzer
Outplay Osman Solo Simultaneous
Password123 Pairs
Pop Art Buzzer
Put Your Finger On It Solo Simultaneous
Question Writers’ Day Off Solo Individual
Reichard Ösmans Haus Der Spiele Pairs
Rhyme Time Buzzer
Richard’s Junk Buzzer
Roonerspisms Buzzer
Santa’s Junk Buzzer
Santa’s List Solo Simultaneous
Singonyms Buzzer
Size Matters Solo Simultaneous
Sorry, Wrong Number Buzzer
Sounding Off Pairs
Sounds Like… Buzzer
Stick It Pairs
The (Not Quite So) Nice Round Solo Simultaneous
The Answer’s In The Question Solo Individual
The Backwards Round Buzzer
The Elephant In The Room Buzzer
The Nice Round Solo Simultaneous
The Pen-Ultimate Round Solo Individual
The Rich List Solo Simultaneous
The Too Complicated Round Buzzer
The Two Wrongies Pairs
The Z-List Pairs
There Once Was A Quiz Host Called Richard… Buzzer
There’s No ‘I’ In Osman Solo Simultaneous
This Music Round’s Better With You Solo Individual
This Round Is In Code Buzzer
Tom, Vic and Abby Buzzer
Totes Emoji Pairs
Two Clues In One Buzzer
Venn Will I Be Famous? Pairs
Vowel Movement Buzzer
Weigh Up Your Options Pairs
Well Done If You Said That At Home Buzzer
What’s In A Name? Buzzer
Where Is Kazakhstan? Solo Simultaneous
Who Goes First? Solo Individual
Win When They’re Singing Solo Simultaneous
You Complete Me Pairs
You Spell Terrible Pairs
Z To A Buzzer

How many Episodes of House of Games are there?

House of Games will be having a total of 10 episodes this season, Looking forward to binge-watching all the available episodes of the show ‘House of Games’ once you’ve unlocked the barrier pathway. If yes, then delve into the following table to get an insight into the detailed info of episodes.

Date  Episode
18 December 2023 Episode 1
19 December 2023 Episode 2
20 December 2023 Episode 3
21 December 2023 Episode 4
22 December 2023 Episode 5
25 December 2023 Episode 6
26 December 2023 Episode 7
27 December 2023 Episode 8
28 December 2023 Episode 9
29 December 2023 Episode 10

“And Your Reward Is Clothes,” with the House of Games-branded smoking jacket gaining notable popularity among the daily prizes. It’s a common occurrence for winners to proudly wear their awarded smoking jacket on the subsequent day’s show.

How Long is House of Games?

The ‘House of Games’ intellectual game show has been running since September 2017. To date, this intellectual and highly competitive game show, full of cheery and fun moments, has as many as seven series, with a total of over 500 episodes. Each episode’s running time varies as per the season; however, as per the approximation, each episode runs for 30 minutes.

Is there any Trailer for House of Games?

Want to experience a whirlwind of wit and competition? Browse the Richard Osman’s House of Games: Trailer and immerse in the world of intellectual battle:

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ExpressVPN lets you watch House of Games on BBC iPlayer in USA.

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House Of Games

What Content can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

We’ve all been awestruck with the diverse variety of available shows on BBC iPlayer, wishing to see more to soothe your ever-growing hunger for interest-gripping shows. In this case, this table is exclusively made for you.

The Royle Family Mastermind
Top Gear America Strictly Come Dancing Series 21
The Newsreader Thick of It

FAQs: Watch House of Games in USA on BBC iPlayer

“Richard Osman’s House of Games” is a British quiz show crafted by Remarkable Entertainment, a subsidiary of Banijay UK Productions, and it airs on the BBC. The host for the show is none other than Richard Osman.

The captivating and strategic TV show “House of Games” falls under the game show genre. As in this show, four celebrities each week answer back-to-back questions to score massively by the end of the week.

The Richard Osman-presented British TV game show had us hooked with all the innovative plot, jaw-dropping intellectual games, and general knowledge-based interrogatory quiz, which is the reason behind the 7.8/10 IMDb rating.

Angela Barnes achieved a historic milestone on “House of Games” by becoming the first contestant to secure victory across all five days in a week. Furthermore, she set a new record for the highest single-day score on the show, achieving an impressive 20 points in the previous episode.

Yes, The format of the show involves a weekly competition, featuring four celebrities who compete over five consecutive days for both daily prizes and the coveted title of “House of Games” champion. Angela Barnes has notably achieved a remarkable feat by emerging victorious in all the episodes that have aired, securing each daily prize along the way.

Wrap Up

The restrictions imposed on BBC iPlayer ultimately derive the need for ExpressVPN to unlock its viewership in USA.

With the simplest guide for an ExpressVPN subscription, your seamless streaming experience will soon be knocking on your door, and you will be redirected in no time to watch House of Games in USA on BBC iPlayer.

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