Full Cyberghost Server List: 2023 Updated and Categorized

Last updated: November 16, 2023
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William Sams
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CyberGhost is among the best VPNs, used by professionals all over the globe. CyberGhost VPN is fast, safe, secure, and reliable, which is why people worldwide put their trust in it. The CyberGhost server list  is also huge, and it has servers from 7900 CyberGhost VPN countries all over the globe.

Most of CyberGhost’s servers are physically installed in countries on the CyberGhost server list. They also offer some virtual servers, and they work incredibly. These CyberGhost virtual servers are also known as geo-located servers for some specific locations. These servers exist in a country near your desired country, and the IP you will get will be from your selected country.

CyberGhost provides a strict no-logs policy, which means it never stores or keeps track of your data, ensuring security and privacy for its users. You can read more about the performance of CyberGhost in the CyberGhost review.

Today, in this article, we will explain the CyberGhost server list from different continents in detail. If you want to learn more about different CyberGhost server locations across continents, continue reading this article.

Complete Cyberghost Server List – 2023

Following is the complete CyberGhost server list, categorized with respect to continents.


Albania (1)  34  Yes
Andorra (1)  50  Yes  Yes
Austria (1)  400  Yes  Yes
Belarus (1)  36  Yes
Belgium (1)  215  Yes  Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina (1)  24  Yes  Yes
Bulgaria (1)  29  Yes  Yes
Croatia (1)  52  Yes
Cyprus (1)  14  Yes
Czech Republic (1)  50  Yes  Yes
Denmark (1)  56  Yes  Yes
Estonia (1)  24  Yes  Yes
Finland (1)  40  Yes  Yes
France (3)  938  Yes  Yes
Germany (3)  1598  Yes  Yes
Greece (1)  36  Yes  Yes
Hungary (1)  24  Yes  Yes
Iceland (1)  24  Yes  Yes
Ireland (1)  117  Yes  Yes
Isle of Man (1)  28  Yes
Italy (2)  210  Yes  Yes
Latvia (1)  36  Yes  Yes
Liechtenstein (1)  28  Yes
Lithuania (1)  24  Yes  Yes
Luxembourg (1)  31  Yes
Malta (1)  15  Yes
Moldova (1)  17  Yes  Yes
Monaco (1)  26  Yes
Montenegro (1)  15  Yes
Netherlands (1)  311  Yes  Yes
North Macedonia (1)  9  Yes
Norway (1)  34  Yes  Yes
Poland (1)  72  Yes  Yes
Portugal (1)  50  Yes
Romania (2)  141  Yes  Yes
Russia (1)  60  Yes
Serbia (1)  15  Yes  Yes
Slovakia (1)  52  Yes  Yes
Slovenia (1)  12  Yes
Spain (3)  206  Yes  Yes
Sweden (1)  98  Yes  Yes
Switzerland (2)  257  Yes  Yes
Turkey (1)  26  Yes  Yes
Ukraine (1)  23  Yes
United Kingdom (3)  859  Yes  Yes

This is the CyberGhost VPN server list containing CyberGhost VPN locations and their data from countries in Europe. From the above list Americans can get a complete CyberGhost Server List from countries in Europe.

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Argentina  1  48  Yes
Bahamas  1  35  Yes
Bolivia  1  28  Yes
Brazil  1  60  Yes
Canada  3  480  Yes   Yes
Chile  1  12
Colombia  1  52  Yes
Costa Rica  1  24  Yes
Dominican Republic  1  28  Yes
Ecuador  1  28  Yes
Greenland  1  15  Yes
Guatemala  1  28  Yes
Mexico  1  50  Yes
Panama  1  15  Yes
Peru  1  28  Yes
The United States  11  1513  Yes  Yes
Uruguay  1  28  Yes
Venezuela  1  14  Yes

This is the server list containing locations and their data from CyberGhost VPN countries in the Americas. From the above list Americans can get a complete CyberGhost Server List from American regions.

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Australia (3)  213  Yes  Yes
Bangladesh (1)  57  Yes
Cambodia (1)  23  Yes
China (1)  12  Yes
Hong Kong SAR China (1)  74  Yes  Yes
India (1)  29  Yes
Indonesia (1)  12  Yes
Iran (1)  26  Yes
Japan (1)  109  Yes  Yes
Kazakhstan (1)  29  Yes
Laos (1)  12  Yes
Macau SAR China (1)  15
Malaysia (1)  23  Yes
Mongolia (1)  11  Yes
Myanmar [Burma] (1)  12  Yes  Yes
Nepal (1)  12  Yes  Yes
New Zealand (1)  13  Yes
Pakistan (1)  11
Philippines (1)  70  Yes  Yes
Singapore (1)  24  Yes
South Korea (1)  24  Yes
Sri Lanka (1)  44  Yes  Yes
Taiwan (1)  46  Yes
Thailand (1)  25  Yes
Vietnam (1)  46  Yes

This is the server list containing CyberGhost server locations and their data from CyberGhost VPN countries in Asia and the Pacific. From the above list Americans can get a complete CyberGhost Server List from Asia and the Pacific.

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Africa/Middle East

Algeria (1)  24  Yes  Yes
Armenia (2)  26
Egypt (1)  40  Yes
Georgia (1)  28  Yes
Israel (1)  97  Yes  Yes
Kenya (1)  10  Yes  Yes
Morocco (1)  26  Yes
Nigeria (1)  13
Qatar (1)  14
Saudi Arabia (1)  14
South Africa (1)  29  Yes  Yes
United Arab Emirates (1)  12  Yes

This is the server list containing locations and their data from countries in Africa and the Middle East. From the above list Americans can get a complete CyberGhost Server List in from Africa and Middle East.

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List of CyberGhost Virtual Server Locations

Following is a list of CyberGhost locations that have Virtual Servers.

  • Algiers, Algeria (via Madrid, Spain)
  • Andorra, Andorra (via Madrid, Spain)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (via Miami, USA)
  • Yerevan, Armenia (via Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Nassau, Bahamas (via Miami, USA)
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh (via Singapore)
  • Minsk, Belarus (via Vilnius, Lithuania)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (via Miami, USA)
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia (via Singapore)
  • Santiago, Chile (via Miami, USA)
  • Shenzhen, China (via Singapore)
  • Bogota, Colombia (via Miami, USA)
  • San Jose, Costa Rica (via Miami, USA)
  • Zagreb, Croatia (via Budapest, Hungary)
  • Nicosia, Cyprus (via Bucharest, Romania)
  • Cairo, Egypt (via Bucharest, Romania)
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (via Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Nuuk, Greenland (via Montreal, Canada)
  • Mumbai, India (via Singapore)
  • Jakarta, Indonesia (via Singapore)
  • Tehran, Iran (via Dubai, UAE)
  • Douglas, Isle of Man (via Dublin, Ireland)
  • Rome, Italy (via Milano, Italy)
  • Astana, Kazakhstan (via Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Vaduz, Liechtenstein (via Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg (via Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Macau, Macau (via Singapore)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (via Singapore)
  • Valletta, Malta (via Milano, Italy)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (via Miami, USA)
  • Monaco, Monaco (via Milano, Italy)
  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (via Tokyo, Japan)
  • Podgorica, Montenegro (via Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Rabat, Morocco (via Madrid, Spain)
  • Lagos, Nigeria (via Madrid, Spain)
  • Karachi, Pakistan (via Singapore)
  • Panama City, Panama (via Los Angeles, USA)
  • Manila, Philippines (via Singapore/Tokyo, Japan)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (via Madrid, Spain)
  • Doha, Qatar (via Dubai, UAE)
  • Moscow, Russia (via Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (via Dubai, UAE)
  • Seoul, South Korea (via Tokyo, Japan)
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka (via Singapore)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (via Tokyo, Japan)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (via Singapore)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (via Bucharest, Romania)
  • Caracas, Venezuela (via New York, USA)
  • Hanoi, Vietnam (via Singapore)

This is the server list containing virtual servers and from where they are connected to. From the above list Americans can get a complete CyberGhost Server List, of virtually present server locations around the world.

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FAQs – Cyberghost Server list

CyberGhost servers are quite fast. The lowest speed that you will get on a bad internet connection would be around 6 Mbps, and the highest could be 1 GB, which is the usual server speed. However, there are other factors that affect the speed of the servers, such as the quality of your connection to the internet, the quality of the backbones, how far you’re from the CyberGhost server location, and how many users are on that server currently.

You can choose any CyberGhost server you like, but the two most important things that most people consider are the performance and geographical location. It will be best if you select the server manually to get content from a specific CyberGhost location.

Here is how you can select the Cyberghost’s server:

  1. In the main menu, tap on the Best Location to expand the list.
  2. Choose the country you want.
  3. Expand the country that you chose and select the city.


The CyberGhost server list is one of the most extended lists we see in different VPNs today. CyberGhost servers are faster and more secure than others, which is why most people trust and prefer them over many other VPNs. The CyberGhost server list consists of cities and countries from different continents from all over the globe.

We hope that you would have learned about different CyberGhost server lists from different continents and regions in our guide. We have also mentioned the CyberGhost virtual servers list for our user’s assistance.

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