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Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams


General/Common Travel Safety Tips You Shouldn`t Avoid

Traveling is an exotic experience irrespective of the intent you are traveling for. You might be going for a work based assignment, to meet a relative or it might just be a leisure trip, but it definitely lets you rejuvenate yourself from the trappings of our exhausting modern day lives. But despite all the positive aspects related to traveling, you need to understand that there are always some things you need to take care of in order to ensure that you stay safe during your trip.

Common Travel Safety Tips


Here are some common travel safety tips that you should never avoid:

Ensure that you research about your destination

If you are visiting a place for the very first time and are looking towards making travel easier, it’s imperative that you try and know as much about the city and its related aspects in order to make you better prepared to ward off potentially problematic and even dangerous situations.

This kind of research includes trying to know things like common modes of transport, norms and values of the place, local laws on drinking and gambling, areas to avoid, hotel ratings and reviews on online sites etc.

Doing this will put you in a much better situation than your would have been otherwise. We would even advise you to pick up some common lines from the local language in order to better communicate with the local populace.

Keep your most valuable belongings safely with yourself at all times

Whether its your passport or your wallet, never ever leave your valuables unattended in an alien city. We wouldn’t even advise you to leave them in your hotel room even. Always ensure that all of these things and other sensitive items like your smartphone, DSLR cameras, expensive watches etc. are kept together in a bag and that bag stays with your at all times during your travel.

We know that it might sound like we are being paranoid here but if you could fathom the amount of valuables that people lose during the most unlikeliest of moments on their trips, you would strap your belongings on to your back instead of bungling them up in your bag.

Ensure that you are medically protected and have travel insurance

Bad things don’t come with a prior notice and they can come up even on vacations so its best that you go for travel insurance before you travel so that even if you fall sick during the trip, you would not be worrying much about what the bill would be like in that place.

Apart from the insurance, getting shots for any sort of potential illness that you might contract during the trip will be making travel easier and much more safer for you. From Ebola Virus to typhoid to Malaria, there are loads of infectious diseases that you could get affected from, but don’t get shots for everything yet. Look for potential illnesses that pose a high risk in the place you are visiting. The best place to get information on it is the country or city’s travel advisory.

Keep yourself secure online

Many countries in the world have draconian data retention laws for their ISPs and on top of that regimes can be running surveillance programs to track their citizens. Places like Iran, China and Syria have been known to indulge in these activities, but even the more “Free” countries like Russia, UK and USA are not safe in this regard as well.

Using a VPN will protect your from such surveillance attempts and ISP monitoring while visiting any country in the world. Apart from this, your VPN can also let you unblock geo-restricted sites to provide you with a much more open internet in many countries than you could get access to otherwise.


3 best business travel tips for Workaholic Commuters

For those traveling for business/work commitments, the top priority is making the trip as hassle-free as possible and ensuring that the task for which they are traveling gets done on time. Here are 3 best business traveling tips for Workaholic Commuters that will help them realize these objectives more easily:

3 best business travel tips for Workaholic Commuters


Keep your devices powered up

In today’s world, all kinds of work require you to be in constant touch with technology, multiple devices, and the internet at all times, so you need to make the following arrangements as an important business traveling tip so that you don’t face any problems when accessing any of these things:

Always keep extra chargers with you for your devices which will help you in case the first one goes awry

Keep a power bank to allow your devices to run even if you are not near to accessible power sources

Make sure that you get a local Wifi internet device at the place of your visit to provide you with seamless connectivity at all times

Plan your itinerary with extensive detailing

Traveling for work can involve lots of roaming around from one place to another so its best that you plan your trip by not even leaving the minutest details out from the plan. Account for everything, from inter-city commutes to air travel times and leave nothing to chance or experience. One more business traveling tip related to this is that if your transport is being provided by your firm or travel booker, ensure that the staff and drivers you get are trustworthy and experienced enough to know the routes.

Keep your internet activity protected

People don’t normally pay much heed to this as a business traveling tips but Business data is extremely sensitive, especially when it comes to big corporations which have multiple competitors that can indulge in snooping to get the leash on the latest dealings the firm is involved in. Using a Travel VPN can save you from such utter disasters easily. Trust no Wifi or ISP, as you don’t know who is monitoring you or your activities at a given point in time. Most firms provide secure VPN connections but if yours’ doesn’t do it yet, it doesn’t hurt to get one for yourself for a measly $6-8 subscription for a short period of time.


Traveling for Work Tips – Prominent Advice For those who left their country for the first time

If you are traveling for the first time outside your country, your travel can be made a whole lot more comfortable, enjoyable and easier by following these best work travel safety tips

Traveling for Work Tips for first time travelers


Get your documents in order before leaving

One of the best traveling for work tips for first timers or newbie travelers are prone to leaving their important documents behind and then remembering about them mid-way into the flight to the destination. From your passport to your tickets to even your ID or international driver’s license, anything left behind can spell disaster for you in the next few days of the trip.

International travel is hard if you are a first-timer, so it is better to prepare a checklist for each document you intend to keep beforehand and then verify your carryings with it before leaving and during the trip.

Blend in

Sometimes, the firm can send you to places where there are areas which are high risk in terms of prevalent crime and theft. Every city has a dark underbelly that only the residents are aware of, and where the new visitors are often caught off guard.

One way to ward of this threat is to stay away from those areas but an even better alternative is to try as much as you can to blend in and don’t raise suspicions that you are a person who is new to the city. This can be one of the best traveling for work tips that you can follow because it’s not just the criminals who single out such people but even inconspicuous people like taxi drivers can take you for a ride and rip you off in case they find out that you are not a local.

Try and find out ways in which the locals dress and appear confident about routes by following them on apps such as Google Maps. You can also learn a few sentences in the native language to give off a vibe of being more native than you could manage otherwise.

Make sure that you have your work ready

It might not look like a big travel tip, but in the hustle of going to another land, many people don’t prepare for their meetings or conferences beforehand, leaving everything for the last moment. This can be horrible as you don’t know much about how things are going to pan out during travel and whether there will be any delays or not. If such unforeseen circumstances arise, you could be caught off guard and embarrass yourself and your firm.

Avoid these type of scenarios by preparing yourself for the work you are going to do days in advance

Be minimalistic

Sometimes, first-time travelers get jittery and try and stuff everything they can in their luggage which can cause some very uncomfortable experiences while managing all of that extra luggage. Try and keep things to a bare minimum as a travel safety tip and ensure that all of your belongings are packed within a single bag or suitcase, in order to reduce the chances of losing it.


How to Travel on a Budget – 5 Tips You Need to Know Before Booking Your Schedule

If you don’t prepare a budget and keep to it while traveling, you might land yourself up in a serious situation in an alien land where you exhaust all of your financial resources and have nothing left to sustain yourself for the rest of your stay.

5 tips to travel on a budget


And even if you do have money for yourself, there is no use in going overboard and spending more than you could do with proper planning.

Here are 5 budget business traveling tips for managing your finances in an optimal manner during your travels:

  1. Estimate all of the expenses you are going to incur and chop off any of those categories which you believe you can easily do without
  2. This is one of the most important budget business traveling tips because business travelers often opt for private transport which appears luxurious and appealing but it is quite expensive to afford on your own. If your transports are not being covered by your firm then its best to resort to public transport as much as possible to save yourself from burning a big hole in your wallet
  3. Get yourself secured with travel insurance so in case you get sick, you won’t be footing the huge hospital bills yourself
  4. Don’t blow all of your money on extensive shopping sprees. Know what to buy and always keep a cap on what you are going to spend at a single place
  5. Use a VPN to see whether the hotel booking rates go down. This actually can make a 20-30% difference in your overall living costs during travel, which is a huge sum. Many booking sites have different prices for people living in different regions, so a VPN could help you get the lowest possible rates with ease


Best Travel Tips From Expert Travellers/Backpackers

Apart from work based traveling, if you are going for a leisure trip and want to enjoy this journey as much as you want, then you need to get yourself on the road with these best travel tips sourced from the most experienced of travelers out there:

travel tips from experts


Mingle with locals as much as you can even if there is a language barrier. This can expose you to so much exhilarating stuff that you can’t even start to imagine. Locals know the best places and experiences so connecting with them can make your journey much more than it could have been otherwise

  • Keep a backup for everything that is important to you especially your documents. It doesn’t hurt to take pictures of your passport, tickets etc. or even better, get them photocopied and kept separately so they can be retrieved in case you lose the original ones as a travel safety tip. Also, keep an online backup for all of your digital data on a cloud-based service like Google drive, so you have peace of mind even if you lose your laptop or smartphone in the hustle
  • We can emphasize enough on the importance of maintaining your body in top shape to get the most out of your travels as one of the most important travel safety tips. Overeating or not hydrating yourself enough are things which most of us are susceptible of during travels. And such health misgivings can lead to bigger problems which can ruin your whole trip. Also, ensure that you get proper sleep so that you can enjoy your next day while being fully fresh
  • Take a lot of pictures. Travel means memories which can be preserved more easily as you capture them in the form of pictures. These pictures will last you a lifetime and make you feel motivated when you are down or dejected
  • Don’t freak out during worst case scenarios. Bad things can happen during traveling like you losing your next train to a destination you should be arriving at and it’s easy to get tensed when such a thing happens. Don’t do that, rather keep a calm head and see it as an opportunity to garner more experience about what alternatives are available to alleviate the problem. You can then put all of these in a blog so that other people can benefit from them


Wrapping Things Up

Travelling might be fun but exercising a bit of caution and keeping your head sane can go a long way towards ensuring that you remain stress-free during the whole trip. This guide has been built keeping in mind the most common problems that people endure during traveling and how they can get around them in a much more reassured manner. Do share your own experiences with us and share any safety tips that come in handy during your trips in order to help as many people as you can. If we like your tip or story, we might even add it to our guide above, so start sharing! Happy Travels!


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