Test Your VPN Speed After VPN Connection

Last updated: January 19, 2023


Welcome to BestVPN.co’s Speedtest tool! Internet and VPN users around the world can rely on us to provide them with accurate performance tests of their public and anonymous connections.

This tool will measure the speed between the internet and your computer for helping you determine how to improve performance. After all, slow speeds ruin the entire online experience.

For the most accurate results, we advise you utilize a wired connection and disable Wi-Fi for a little while, as other devices connected may consume bandwidth, resulting in incorrect findings.

What is Special about BestVPN.co’s Speedtest Tool?

We are not your average latency, download, and upload speed test tool. Our algorithms get smarter as more people use it for conducting a network performance analysis.

They make adjustments specific to your laptop/computer/smartphone/tablet for a high level of accuracy. Not to mention, our tool has a bandwidth capacity of over 30Gbps.

VPN Speed Tests? No Problem!

In addition to analyzing normal internet connection speeds, BestVPN.co’s tool also comes in handy for those wanting to conduct a speed test of their VPN services.

As you probably are aware, the added layer of encryption from VPNs result in a reduction of speeds. For instance, if you have a 100Mbps connection, even the fastest VPNs may only deliver 92Mbps.

Speed loss could vary further depending on the provider you sign up with, proximity of the server connected, and location from where you are performing a VPN speed test.

Bear in mind though that if the encryption is super-strong like how it is when using DoubleVPN, the speeds will be slow. On the contrary, if the speeds are great, the encryption may be weak.

Of course, the best VPN services in the marketplace try overcoming this problem and maintain consistently fast connection speeds, coupled with powerful security to keep your identity hidden.

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