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Last updated: September 18, 2019
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Popcorn Time is one of the best free streaming services that offer high-quality content all the time.

But this incredible free streaming site runs through the Torrenting system, playing content straight from the same Torrents you download movies from. And since media files from Torrent are not usually copyright protected, Popcorn Time also falls in the grey area of copyright coverage.

This requires you to opt for a VPN when using Popcorn Time in order to keep your real IP hidden. DMCA notices and financial and litigation letters from media houses are common on the doorsteps of those who don’t use a VPN with Popcorn Time, so to keep yourself protected, you need to start using one.

According to our guided analysis, the best VPN for Popcorn Time is ExpressVPN. The provider’s fast speeds guarantee a premium streaming experience and its incredibly secure service protects you and your IP from getting known by these DMCA trolls.

The price can be an issue at $8.32/month, but if you can accommodate it, you will be experiencing the very best of Popcorn Time without any worries.

To know more on this, here is an extensive guide on Best VPN for Popcorn Time.


For those of us who love streaming movies instantly without going through any fusses or inconveniences like logins, down servers or the like, Popcorn Time is an ingenious innovation.

This revolutionary video streaming service has allowed users from across the world to watch any movie, show or title they want and all of that for absolutely free!

Most people believe it to be a competitor of Netflix, but the latter has a lot of trappings that accompany organized corporations like “getting introduced” into each country, hosting geo-restriction on content and of course, paywalls. (Read best VPN for Netflix in detail).

Popcorn time is a restriction-free service, which will never restrict the content of any sort, guaranteeing a supremely unabated experience to each user.

But, Popcorn Time has a lot of enemies especially due to the consistent allegations on the service for infringing on copyrights. Major Hollywood labels and government authorities in many countries are always trying to get this service to go down, but till now they have only been partially successful.

Still, you need to be careful while using the service as many fake versions of it exist on the web, with many of them peddling malware links through name-baiting this popular streaming service.

How to Watch Popcorn Time?

The best and the most convenient version that is the online version, which requires no downloading and is as easy as plug and play. Here is the link to the website: We recommend users to go for this one because even newbies won’t have trouble using Popcorn Time with this one at all.

Disable Popcorn Time VPN Warning Message

If you’ve ever used Popcorn Time without a VPN, then you might have seen the Warning Message from Popcorn Time that you are not using a VPN.

The message is really relevant and you shouldn’t be ignoring it, so the only way to disable the Popcorn Time VPN warning message is by connecting to the site via a VPN. The site automatically detects VPN connections and removes the pop-up almost immediately.

What Can Happen if you Don’t use a VPN with Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is very easy to use. You just have to visit the website and then you should click on the title you want to watch to play it.

While you can use Popcorn Time with no VPN protection, as the site has no geo-restrictions blocking its access, it’s seriously recommended that you don’t go through with it.

This is because Popcorn Time is a site that streams titles via Torrent streams. And nearly all of the titles hosted by Popcorn Time are not legally uploaded to the site or are not covered by copyright agreements.

So you run the risk of getting a DMCA notice or even financial or litigation notices by relevant authorities and copyright trolls if you leave your real IPs exposed, therefore using a good VPN service for downloading torrents individually and Popcorn Time surely comes in handy.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but it sure does occur, therefore you should never use Popcorn Time without a VPN.

VPNs with Obfuscated Servers are Best for Popcorn Time

Conventional servers can allow you to bypass the geo-restrictions and bans placed on Popcorn Time by many countries and authorities. But if you get a VPN that offers obfuscated servers, then you can unblock Popcorn Time almost anywhere in the world and even in places with highly restrictive internet firewalls like China, Iran, Egypt, etc.

Obfuscated servers also stop your ISP from blocking your connection to Popcorn Time and since this is a widespread problem for people living in the UK and US specifically, investing in a VPN that offers such servers is a very good call.

Here are 5 VPNs that currently offer True obfuscation servers:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. AC
  4. VPNArea
  5. VyprVPN

Reasons for Getting a VPN for Popcorn Time

Just as it was mentioned above, Popcorn Time has its share of adversaries who are not just after the service but have also been targeting users by sending them legal notices, fines, and threatening them through other means.

This happens when the authorities or copyright trolls employed by major studios get a track of your IP address, which gives away who you are and where you live. Thereby making it a whole lot easier to send notices and coerce people out of using the service.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time

VPNs are the perfect anti-dose towards such problems because not only do they spoof your IPs, but also go further by providing top-grade encryption, Kill switches, multiple secure protocol support and more to ensure that no one is able to snoop in on your online activities.

Popcorn Time VPN is essential because contrary to popular belief, Popcorn Time isn’t your regular video streaming site, but rather it’s a more polished up version of the rag-tag torrenting you’ve been doing for years.

The service and the software that runs it is owned by no one currently and it’s run through the torrent video slices that power torrent downloads. And like in best VPN for torrenting, the IPs need to be protected to save you from financial and legal implications.

But not every Popcorn Time VPN can be trusted because good VPNs that provide exclusive features for such streaming and torrenting activities are few and far between, but don’t worry, we’ve got it covered for you and made it easier for you to zero down your options.

Get PopcornTime VPN

Most Reliable Best VPN for Popcorn Time in 2019

Coming to the working VPNs for Popcorn Time in 2019, we have rounded up VPN providers that won’t let their guard down.

These Popcorn Time VPN have been thoroughly tested by our integral technical team to be good enough to recommend pairing them up with Popcorn Time services.

Not only do they provide super-fast speeds to support zero-buffering streaming sessions, but they offer incredible features on the security front as well, allowing users with varying degrees of control when deploying a VPN to cover up their tracks securely online.

Here is our Best VPN for Popcorn Time list for this year!

Providers Price ($) Features Rating Discount Visit Provider
  1.  $12.95  
    Per Month
    • 3,000+ Servers in 94 Countries
    • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • 24/ 7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • 3 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    49% Off
  2.  $11.95  
    Per Month
    • 5,590+ servers in 60 countries
    • 6 simultaneous connections
    • Works with US/UK/JP Netflix
    • Great P2p/torrenting performance
    • Double VPN and Onion over VPN
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    70% Discount
  3.  $9.91  
    Per Month
    • 3322+ servers in 32 different countries
    • AES 256 bit encryption provided
    • Zero Logs (Even FBI Failed Twice To Acquire Data)
    • 10 Simultaneous Logins Supported
    • 24/7 live chat feature
    • Apps for All Popular OS & Browser Extensions
    65% OFF
  4.  $9.99  
    Per Month
    • 940+ servers in 190 Locations
    • Military Grade Encryption
    • Live chat support
    • Keeps logs for 30 Days
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    No Offer
  5.  $10.95  
    Per Month
    • 2,000+ Servers in 140+ Countries
    • AES 256-Bit Encryption
    • 24/7 Live Chat
    • No Logging Policy
    • 5 Simultaneous Connections
    • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
    73% Discount

ExpressVPN – Offers Faster Speeds And Zero Logs As A Popcorn Time VPN

Most people get turned off by this provider because it’s a bit pricier, costing $8.32/month on the 1-year deal, but rest assured that the extra money it demands is definitely worth it.

EpressVPN for Popcorn Time

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, a country with zero data retention laws. The provider is secure against WebRTC and DNS leaks so you can easily use Popcorn Time without any major worries.

The provider doesn’t keep logs at all as evident by its clean privacy policy document. And couple it with the high number of compatible apps for even niche streaming devices like Firestick, and you’ve got a perfect VPN for Popcorn Time.

Read full details in this ExpressVPN Review.

This speaks volumes about the integrity of the service and the lengths to which it will go to protect you if you are subscribing to its service for using Popcorn time.

On top of that, it turns on its best security configuration i.e. AES 256 grade encryption through OpenVPN protocol by default, along with providing the option of turning their “Network lock” on, which will secure you in the case of an internet connection breakdown.


  1. Powers a seamless experience on Popcorn Time.
  2. Multiple Payment Option Support.
  3. Dedicated apps on Compatible OS.
  4. High Encryption Standards.
  5. Expansive protocol support.
  6. Zero Logs Policy.

  1. No Dedicated P2P servers.
  2. Expensive Pricing Plans.

Get ExpressVPN

NordVPN – Will Hide Your IP and Provide Double Encryption For Popcorn Time

If you want to pass through a strict censorship regime or an authoritarian network firewall like the one in use by China, then NordVPN is perfect VPN you can put your trust in.

NordVPN for Popcorn Time

Providing users with tons of compatible security features, NordVPN has gained its place among the Top Popcorn time VPNs. Copyright trolls will have a really hard time tracking you down if you are using features like Double encryption, Onion over Tor and DNS leak protection powered by NordVPN.

Read full details in this nordvpn review.

And even with all its features and the incredible server park that you get access to with its subscription, NordVPN is not expensive at all to commit to. Its 3-year deal is priced at just $3.49/month.

You can also avail the 30 day refund period if you don’t like the service, but that doesn’t happen usually since the provider’s performance, especially as a VPN for Popcorn Time has been impeccable as we found out during our testing.

If you are looking forward towards engaging with Popcorn time for your latest movies and TV show streaming needs, then NordVPN could be your perfect partner in making that experience safer and without worry.


  1. Highly secure with Popcorn Time.
  2. Tor with VPN available.
  3. Free Trial Period.
  4. Double Encryption available.
  5. 5700 servers in 59 countries.
  6. Bitcoin and Payment wall accepted.
  7. OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec protocols.
  8. SmartPlay feature for streaming sites.

  1. Expensive monthly plan (Unsuitable for short-term users)

Get NordVPN

Surfshark – Cheapest VPN for Popcorn Time Streamers

One of the newest entrants to the industry in the last couple of years, Surfshark offers you an incredibly useful service packed with all relevant features and that too, at an incredibly affordable price.

From Firestick to Windows to Android, it offers apps for all the popular devices and OS you might need to stream Popcorn Time on. It speeds are above average giving the people who use it a pretty comfortable streaming experience.

But what’s best about Surfshark is its reliability. It can unblock Popcorn Time from anywhere in the world allowing you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows with zero problems with connection drops, a common occurrence with most VPNs.

Surfshark for Popcorn Time

At just $1.99/month on its best plan (24-month deal), subscribing to this VPN is the next best alternative towards getting a free VPN for Popcorn Time.

You won’t like to dish out too much money to watch a free service like Popcorn Time. Value, entertainment, ease of access, a high guarantee of security, zero leaks, top-grade encryption, and responsive support are the hallmarks of this service. Go for it if you want to get performance rivaling that of ExpressVPN or NordVPN at a fraction of a price.

Read full details in this Surfshark review.


  1. Low Priced Subscription plans as Popcorn Time VPN
  2. Apps for all popular devices including Firestick
  3. Doesn’t suffer from leaks
  4. Above Average Speeds
  5. Reliable Connectivity with zero downtime
  6. Highly Responsive Customer Support
  7. 30 Day Refund policy
  8. Pay through Bitcoin


  1. Free Trial still not offered

TorGuardVPN – Provides Stealth VPN Protection


This is the first time we are featuring TorGuardVPN in our review list of any kind and this because of the fact that we have been monitoring this service for a very long time and we now stand satisfied with its service.

This VPN, which most people still don’t know about, can be an excellent choice for a Popcorn Time VPN. Offering a top grade Stealth VPN protection feature that makes users secure even in countries with draconian data laws like Iran and China, TorGuard is your best bet for ensuring high privacy and maximum connectivity.

Torguard VPN for Popcorn Time

But the novelties don’t end here as there are dedicated IPs for streaming and torrenting both, to power a more complete and unadulterated experience. The best thing about it is customer support which even guided me to get a 50% discount!

Popcorn Time VPN Free

You just need to enter the Promo code “TGLifetime50” at checkout and the price of any plan will be slashed by half!

Even the pricing plans are not that overboard considering the high amount of security enhancement features Torguard has on offer. The best deals for potential subscribers are the yearly plan and the bi-yearly plan. Subscription for a year will cost you $59.99 and the two-year deal comes in at $99.00.

No doubt, the prices are a bit expensive for most users and might act as the biggest turn-off, but if you want to give it a try, the service does provide enough to justify its high price tags.


  1. Stealth VPN protection for more secure access to Popcorn Time.
  2. Strong Encryption levels.
  3. Fast VPN Download Speeds.
  4. 3000+ VPN Servers in 50 countries.
  5. Dedicated IP Address.

  1. Plans are highly expensive.
  2. The website is highly unnavigable.

Get TorGuard VPN

PureVPN – Offers Fastest Streaming Experience on Popcorn Time

For all those users out there who are looking for the most affordable plans while are not willing to compromise on features, PureVPN can be the perfect VPN for your requirements.

PureVPN offers it all. From a very potent kill switch to a well-distributed, fast server network, a subscription with PureVPN can guarantee a user that it will get a higher premium VPN irrespective of what his/her online needs are.

PureVPN for Popcorn time

But the main strength of PureVPN lies in providing the ultimate streaming experience. Zero to almost non-existent buffering, powerful geo-restriction unblocking, PureVPN guarantees any type of online video, whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu or even Popcorn Time runs uninterruptedly.

Read full details in PureVPN review.

Currently, the provider is offering its one year plan at just $3.33/month which means you will have to pay even less than $48 to get a year’s worth of subscription to the provider.


  1. Perfect for streaming on Popcorn Time due to extremely fast speeds.
  2. DDoS Protection.
  3. Dedicated P2P and Torrent servers.
  4. 750+servers in 141 countries.
  5. VPN Hotspot.
  6. Nat Firewall.
  7. Multiple Protocol Support Including OpenVPN and L2Tp.
  8. Allows Split Tunnelling.


  1. Keeps Some Logs.
  2. Free trial not available.

Get PureVPN

Popcorn Time VPN Free

We, at, don’t generally trust a lot of Free VPNs. That’s because we know that providing a VPN service is quite a capital-intensive exercise and if a service is not making money through subscriptions, then it is generally doing something really shady that can be harmful to end-users.

On top of this, free providers are not generally suited for streaming services as they have bandwidth restrictions, speed throttling, are low on security, don’t offer compatible apps for many devices among other major flaws.

That’s why it’s so hard to find a free VPN that works with Popcorn Time.

But if you are adamant on getting one, keep in mind that you won’t be able to get much out of it.

So, when recommending the best free VPN for Popcorn Time we take strict care and observe caution before putting them in our list. These few, credible service that we have featured in our Best VPN list are wholly trustworthy and reliable, guaranteeing great privacy and security to end-users.

Here is our curated list of the 5 Free VPN for Popcorn Time in 2019

TunnelBear VPN – Keeps Zero Logs To Promote Privacy On Popcorn Time

The best free VPN service by far, not due to its features, but due to its extreme usability and lightweight functionalities, Tunnelbear has a massive following in the world of VPNs.

Tunnelbear VPN for popcorn time

Most VPNs are complicated to use, with technical jargons like kill switches, NAT firewalls, OpenVPN protocols dominating their service terms. However, TunnelBear VPN doesn’t do any of that. It’s so easy to use that even your kids can use it to ensure their privacy online.

Coming back to security features, TunnelBear promotes the highest privacy to its users with a zero log policy, strong encryption and security protocols. TunnelBear is the Best VPN Free for Popcorn time because even if it doesn’t support streaming that well, it will surely ensure that you don’t get exposed to copyright trolls that easily.

TunnelBear, however, needs to improve its data bandwidth limit. The 2GB limit is too low for today’s time when a majority of the internet use consumes high data bandwidth.


  1. Won’t log your activity on Popcorn Time.
  2. 5 simultaneous device connections possible.
  3. Powerful encryption.
  4. User Interface is incredibly easy to use.

  1. Low data cap for Popcorn Time.
  2. Doesn’t support peer to peer or P2P. – Has A Strong Encryption To Secure Your Activity On Popcorn Time

This service literally does what its name suggests. It hides you out of the view of any snoopers, hackers or copyright trolls who may be after your data or real IP. provides top-grade encryption for all end-users and makes all the data that passes through its servers inaccessible.

On top of this, is a great candidate for the Best Free Fastest VPN for Popcorn Time because it offers relatively faster speeds and the servers are never too crowded to make the connection die down often.

The bandwidth limit stands at 2 GB, which is low for supporting streaming activities, however, it’s still enough to support a one-time movie viewing experience.


  1. High encryption standards for securing your activity on Popcorn Time.
  2. An explicitly stated, zero logs policy.
  3. High speeds.

  1. Servers in just 3 countries.
  2. Only one device connection is available.

Windscribe VPN – Offers a Generous Data Limit for Popcorn Time users

Windscribe is perhaps one of the most generous Popcorn Time free VPNs as it offers a momentous 10 GB data cap. Windscribe can make using Popcorn Time feel like a double whammy.

Popcorn Time is free, but most VPNs that provide a good pairing with it cost high amounts of money, while the free VPNs don’t offer that much bandwidth.

Windscribe is perfect for this troubling problem.

Windscribe Free VPN allows you to stream to your heart’s content without worrying for measly data limits on Popcorn Time. But the generosity doesn’t end here as you get unlimited connections, an Ad blocker, dedicated P2P support, and 11 servers while subscribing to this service.


  1. 10 GB data cap for Best Popcorn Time Experience.
  2. Unlimited device connections.
  3. Features ad-blocker and firewall.
  4. Supports P2P/Torrenting.


  1. Doesn’t support Open VPN.
  2. Breakdowns common.

ZoogVPN – is a New, Secure Service for Popcorn Time

Despite being a new service, ZoogVPN has already become one of our favorite Free VPNs across the board. This service does not keep any type of service logs making one of the best candidates for assured security and privacy needs.

ZoogVPN for popcorn time

Although the features with this service are a bit restrictive and can be improved like the 2GB data bandwidth limit and just one device connection, ZoogVPN is good on Popcorn Time due to its zippy speeds and no DNS leaks.

The service is currently offering 3 servers, which might not unlock a lot of geo-restricted content but they sure work fine when you use them to access Popcorn Time. No bandwidth bottlenecks occur and there is zero speed throttling.

ZoogVPN also offers dedicated apps to allow you to initiate its easy setup and installation process on all popular OS.


  1. A secure option for Popcorn Time.
  2. 2 GB data cap.
  3. Provides relatively strong encryption.
  4. Fast servers.

  1. Customer support takes too much time.
  2. Single device connection available.

Popcorn Time Built-in VPN

Popcorn Time is undoubtedly a great service that is providing everyone with a wholesome dose of free entertainment through online streaming support.

But what’s more intriguing is that there is Popcorn Time built-in VPN offered by the platform simultaneously with its streaming service.

Popcorn Time Built-in VPN

Torrenting sites do support certain VPNs, but none of them offers their own VPN for securing the users. Popcorn Time is an exception here.

To sign up, you just need to pay for its pricing plan and your Popcorn time VPN account will be activated.

However, we don’t recommend using the VPN because Popcorn Time doesn’t tell anything about the features of its very own VPN. What we encounter when we try to see what this VPN is, we are only led to the pricing plans, which are actually more expensive than other, far better providers.

The built-in VPN’s performance was nothing special at all and even if the service was offered as VPN for Popcorn Time fully free, it wouldn’t have been a good option at all.

But Popcorn Time’s built-in VPN is not free, in fact, its price is far more than even some of the best providers in the industry. Coming in at $5.75/month or$69.00 billed once for a full year’s subscription, Popcorn Time’s built-in VPN is at least twice as expensive as Surfshark, a leading industry provider with incredible features to boot.

But it’s not just the price that’s the deal-breaker here. The biggest turn off is that we can’t know how the VPN works or what its encryption standards, logging policies or even supported protocols are. This ambiguity won’t allow us to recommend this VPN to you.

Even its performance has been questionable as many users have complained about Popcorn Time’s VPN not working properly at all. And as far as we suspect, this is not a VPN, but a proxy service being offered under the garb of a VPN service.

On the other hand, there is not even a single verified version of Popcorn Time. Many different forks for the service exist, each with its own VPN, so there is no credibility involved behind any VPN that is being offered to users.

We strongly suggest that you stay away from these inbuilt VPNs unless they become more open with their terms of service and the feature infrastructure they have.

How to Use Popcorn Time without VPN

Popcorn Time can be best described as a service which makes torrenting relatively easier. This service doesn’t host any content of its own, rather, it works by coalescing torrent slices available online into whole videos.

Whether it’s a movie or a TV show on Popcorn time, it’s coming from torrenting resources and as many people already know, torrenting lies in between the legal grey area.

How to Use Popcorn Time without VPN

Torrenting or Popcorn Time, both of them are not like by copyright trolls, big media and Hollywood production houses and even government authorities, because they allow people to view content for free that might have cost them money if obtained through proper channels.

Using Popcorn Time without a VPN might make it a whole lot easier for the authorities to pin your location. They can then indict you in either criminal, legal or financial lawsuits that might land you up in imprisonment or end up having made you pay a hefty fine.

A good VPN for Popcorn Time can make it extremely safe for you to enjoy the service, so it’s definitely not a wise decision to go without one.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time Alternatives

VPNs are much more expensive than other online security alternatives such as proxies. But proxies can never be as safe as a VPN, because they just spoof your IP and that’s it. Proxies don’t encrypt your data, neither do they build safe transit tunnels for data, leaving it exposed. Read More about popcorn time alternatives @

Proxies can be dangerous for users especially if they are using torrenting or a related service such as Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time VPN Error/Issues/Not Working

You probably have an idea that Popcorn Time has many different versions online, the most prominent being from the .to and .sh domains. Now, while you need to use a third-party service for the .sh variant, the .to Popcorn Time comes equipped with an integrated VPN service, which boosts your in-app security and privacy for binging movies/TV shows. Below we talk about a few issues users might face when using the feature:

Popcorn Time VPN Warning

The VPN warning is not that big an issue really. It simply alerts that streaming movies/TV shows without a secure network can get you in trouble, as you will have to pay hefty DMCA fines for watching pirated content. Click on the sign-up option and subscribe to the VPN service to get rid of the warning, when planning a binge-watch session on the weekend with your buddies!

Popcorn Time VPN Warning


Popcorn Time VPN Not Connecting

The integrated VPN service not connecting properly could have many reasons. Your internet connection might be too slow, the LAN cable might be disconnected, and firewalls might be blocking the network. Check and troubleshoot the above issues to see if the VPN works smoothly. If not, then you might want to consider re-installing the PopcornTime app.

Popcorn Time VPN Disabled

Most users often get confused when they see images of a VPN service in Popcorn Time, but fail to find it in the app itself. As we told you before, there are two versions of the app available online, which are the most popular. You need to get the .to variant to get the one with the activated VPN feature. All you need to do is subscribe to a plan to get started.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time Reddit

The providers mentioned in our Top VPN for Popcorn Time list dominate user opinions here on Reddit. One user recommended using Private Internet Access as he/she never had any problems with it while using Popcorn Time.

There were some recommendations for PureVPN as well, but those were very brief ones.

Reddit is a great go-to source for checking out honest opinions for how a service works on a particular platform and we always give it great importance here at best VPN reddit guide. The opinions there conventionally reiterate your own reviews, but if users there are not happy with a service, it allows us to reconsider that VPN again.

Popcorn Time iOS

The iTunes store doesn’t feature a Popcorn Time app and for obvious reasons. Popcorn Time is a service that’s always caught in the crosshairs of copyright laws and since Apple won’t ever support anything that’s in the copyright grey, there are no chances that Popcorn Time will ever be able to feature in the iTunes app store as a downloadable app.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use the service on your iPhone or iPad.

Without jailbreaking your device, you can use Popcorn Time on any iOS device by using the Tutu App. There is a great YouTube tutorial explaining how you can go through with it and get done in under 10 minutes.

Popcorn Time Alternatives

The makers of Popcorn time say that their site won’t go down ever but since using the site is often fraught with risk as its associated with Torrenting, you can opt for slightly less complicated alternatives for Popcorn Time. These alternatives obviously don’t carry as much content or media files as Popcorn Time but they can serve you well to a high extent.

Here are the top Alternative Options to Popcorn Time:

  1. Kodi
  2. TorrenTV
  3. Zona
  4. TV
  5. FMovies

Android users can go for these alternatives to Popcorn Time as well:

  1. Terrarium TV
  2. Mobdro
  3. Shudder
  4. CinemaBox
  5. Popcornflix
  6. Jio Cinema

Most of these services are easily available as apps on the Google Play store.

Popcorn Time Smart TV

Popcorn Time is very weak on the compatibility front as it doesn’t have dedicated apps for a lot of devices, and this holds true for Smart TVs as well.

The best and the easiest way to watch Popcorn Time on your Smart TV is via using your browser in the same way you would do that on your desktop.

For those who own Android TVs, they can sideload Popcorn Time on their devices in the same manner as its done on Android smartphones.

Popcorn Time Chromecast

Perhaps the easiest way to use Popcorn Time on a Smart TV is by using Chromecast as it allows you to “cast” directly from your desktop device to your TV.

Make sure that your computer/laptop is connected to the same network as the Smart TV with the Chromecast device. Click on the “Watch Now” button and select your TV and you will be watching Popcorn Time in no time at all on the big screen.

And if you Smart TV came with a built-in Chromecast plugin, just cast Popcorn Time’s website directly from your Chrome browser to your Smart TV.

Best VPN for Popcorn Time FAQs

When users install Popcorn Time, they may have a few questions before indulging in streaming activities. We have listed some of the most common queries we receive below for your convenience, along with their answers – so that you can gain complete knowledge about the app.

Is Popcorn Time Safe and Legal Without VPN?

To clear things out, Popcorn Time lies in the legal grey area of copyright infringement laws. If you live in a country that has lax copyright infringement laws, then you might not face much trouble using Popcorn Time.

However, if you are living in a country with more stringent copyright regimes such as the USA or Norway, then using Popcorn time can be quite unsafe with consequences ranging from jail terms to hefty fines.

How to Use Popcorn Time without VPN?

There is actually no way for users to access the complete database of Popcorn Time and stream content, without using a VPN. Though you can watch a movie/TV show, there are high chances of you facing legal issues for streaming pirated content. To avoid government surveillance, local ISP monitoring, and copyright trolls, you need to use a VPN service. There is no workaround to protecting your online identity otherwise, hence why it is better to be safe than sorry.

Is Popcorn Time Illegal in the UK?

Yes, Popcorn Time is banned in the UK and you can’t access it unless you get a VPN to unblock it in the country. But don’t go for the free ones as they just don’t work well with Popcorn Time unblocking in the UK or in any other country.

Does Popcorn Time VPN Works for Android and iOS

Almost all of the VPNs listed above for Popcorn Time offer their own dedicated mobile apps for Android OS and iOS. And both of them work, but iOS VPN apps can be a bit sketchy when it comes to exclusive VPN feats like unblocking so go only for the best ones offered by top providers.

Can I use a VPN when Casting?

A VPN will continue to work perfectly fine when you are casting since the casting process doesn’t interfere with the VPN in any manner whatsoever.

Is VPN Necessary for Popcorn Time

As mentioned earlier, using a VPN is incredibly necessary for Popcorn Time, as it allows you to stream freely and without any stresses – promoting maximum entertainment. A VPN typically masks your IP address and shifts your location, making it appear as if you are based in a different country. If you connect to a server in a country with lenient data retention and copyright laws, then the chances of you getting caught streaming pirated content reduce considerably.

Is Popcorn Time VPN Necessary?

Yes, a VPN is definitely necessary with Popcorn Time. Otherwise, if your connection is left exposed, it will become a whole lot easier for copyright trolls to pin you down to your exact location.

Get PopcornTime VPN


The most highly recommended Popcorn Time VPN by us is ExpressVPN due to its stringent security and fast speeds, both factors which are essential towards offering the best and highly safe experience on the platform. Its price is high at $8.32/month, but considering the novelty, it’s the perfect choice VPN for Popcorn Time.

If you are looking for a low-cost alternative, then I would advise you to opt for Surfshark, which is a toned-down version of ExpressVPN. It also has leak-free security protection for users and above-average speeds along with highly compatible apps. Surfshark’s subscription will cost you just $1.99/month, making it the most affordable option for Popcorn Time VPN.

Popcorn Time is not a verified platform which has a dedicated development team behind it. All that exists currently of the popular streaming platform are its many forks developed by different managers around the world.

Many of these forks work spectacularly well in bringing you the best in entertainment for free. However, copyright trolls are just trailing the tracks of people who visit these websites in a bid to threaten or coerce them to stay away from Popcorn Time. A Top VPN service for Popcorn Time can help you enjoy the service safely and anonymously.

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