Best VPN for iPad – A Complete Security Guide Using Free iPad VPN

Last updated: July 22, 2020
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid is an online privacy/security advocate at, who loves sharing his expert knowledge regarding the latest trends in user privacy, cyber laws, and digital affairs. Apart from writing blogs/articles relating to anonymity, he also writes detailed VPN reviews.

Apple’s products have been the rage since the turn of the 2nd millennium, with popular brands like iPod and the iPhone raking up sales in millions of units sold per year. But, as the popularity of the iOS powered brands grew, so did the threats targeted towards it in the online domain.

Smart hackers are always on the prowl to break into your iPad and get their hands on your data. A Best VPN is your safest bet to make your iPad achieve the level of security needed to ward off such dangerous threats.

Here is a comprehensive guide by for the Best VPN for iPad, that is aimed towards making you equipped with all the information to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the most appropriate and iPad friendly VPN.

Best VPN for ipad

What is VPN on IPad

An iPad offers its users way more in terms of features and functionality than every other tablet computer available in the market. The advent of iPad ushered in a new age of connectivity, powered by a device, which allows you to do everything your desktop could do minus the inconvenience of conventional PCs.

iPads can be used anywhere. From a bench in the park to your own bedroom, iPads have allowed users to experience massive accessibility. However, since you are always connected to the internet through your iPad for a myriad of activities like streaming, playing online games, shopping, reading and even studying, your sensitive data can get compromised quite easily.

What is VPN on IPad?

This requires you to take appropriate security measures. For instance, a VPN on iPad can allow you to gain an extra buffer of security online, to be safe from malware, viruses, scammers and even socially engineered spamming messages. But the advantages just don’t end there. Modern day best VPNs can allow you to view and unblock geo-restricted content.

They even hide your IP from copyright trolls when Torrenting, encrypting sensitive data like credit card numbers and more. This is why VPNs are fast becoming indispensable on every device, but their importance grows manifold when you are concerned with a device like iPad, that is used much more ferociously by online denizens.

Why do you need a VPN on IPad

iPads are more advanced and highly evolved versions of tablet computers and are one of the most popular access devices for traversing the internet. However, the internet of today comes with its fair share of risks, obligations and restrictions, a majority of which can be neutralized through deploying a VPN.

Why do you need a VPN on IPad?

For e.g. Netflix is a popular on-demand streaming service but it offers different content libraries in different countries. So, what a user can see with Netflix New Zealand would be entirely different to what Netflix UK has offered to its users. Users now need a VPN to bypass these stifling geo-restrictions on content and enjoy their subscription to the fullest.

Apart from that, VPNs can make it a whole lot easier and safer for you to torrent on iPad, keep you safe from malware threats, defer hackers from stealing your sensitive data and provide you with increased anonymity online.


How to choose the Best VPN for iPad

When you have decided to opt for a VPN service to provide security cover for your iPad, there are some important factors you need to take into consideration, before settling on a certain provider. Below is a list of what features a provider should offer to make its service be considered as the Best VPN for iPad:

How to choose the Best VPN for iPad

Here is a list of what features a provider should offer to make its service be considered as a Best VPN for iPad

Strong Encryption:

Data protection is done by encrypting it as it passes through the internet. If the encryption is strong enough, even if someone tracks and gets hold of your data, all they would see is gibberish that they won’t be able to decipher. The best kind of encryption is AES 256 grade, which is used by governmental agencies, militaries and other sensitive data installations.

Multiple Protocol Support:

While your data gets encrypted, it’s always better to ensure that no one can even get hold of it while it is in transit over the internet. This is done by passing it through a “Protocol”, which is a kind of an encrypted tunnel that no one can get into. The Top VPNs offer multiple protocol support which includes dedicated support for OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and more.

Robustness of the Server Infrastructure:

On entertainment-oriented devices like the iPad, you need a VPN that can provide the maximum number of servers in multiple locations spread out equally. The more the number of servers, the better your chances are of unblocking geo-restricted content easily.

Some Top VPNs even provide dedicated servers for activities like Torrenting, P2P, obfuscated servers and more, so this can be an added plus.

Compatibility with iPad:

Apple’s devices are not that welcoming to apps and resources that originate from outside its trusted developer’s community. For a VPN to be good for iPad, it needs to provide a high degree of compatibility on the device. Many VPNs offer dedicated iOS apps for serving exactly this need.

Exclusive Features:

Top VPNs don’t just simply offer basic features as that wouldn’t justify their top-ranked perch atop the world of VPNs. The exclusive features can range from kill switches to Double VPN and even Onion over VPN, all of which can allow users to increase the security cover on their iPads.

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Best VPN for iPad- Trusted and Tested Apps with Honest Rankings

iOS is generally a very secure platform but hackers are fast becoming extremely sophisticated in their attacks on such devices. Enthusiasts of the iOS are extremely loyal when it comes to their devices and this is what makes platforms, such as the iPad so enticing for attacks on data.

The best VPNs are geared to protect your from exactly such embarrassing data leaks which can save you from a high amount of financial and personal data damage. Apart from this, VPNs also provide exceptional courtesy in allowing you to bypass censorship and access geo-restricted content.

On your iPad these features can allow you to increase the things your device can do and guarantee a premium experience powered by a Top VPN. Here is our curated and bias free list for the Best VPN for iPad containing price reviews, compatibility guides, server counts and more important factors.

ExpressVPN – All Round Performance on iPads:

A distinguished name among VPNs, ExpressVPN offers one of the greatest feature packs for offering premium user convenience.

On top of its immensely convenient and supremely easy to use iOS app client, it can offer more than 2000 servers, zero bandwidth limit, blistering fast speeds that don’t get bogged down by server bottlenecks, AES 256 grade encryption and other exclusive feature like split tunnelling for extra security.

Make sure to check the full expressvpn review.

EpressVPN for iPad

This VPN might be a bit expensive than its peers but it does offer a 30 day money back guarantee for those who don’t want to remain with the service after initial use. But, that rarely happens.

There are three different plans on offer with Express VPN on iPad. The monthly plan comes in at $12.95, which is too exorbitant to consider, the plan for 6 months costs $59.95 billed once, but their best plan remains the yearly one which costs just $99.95.


  1. Top Gear Speeds as a VPN for iPad
  2. Dedicated Apps and Extensions for Browsers
  3. Tough, Military Grade Encryption
  4. Multiple Protocol Support
  5. Zero Logs Policy


  1. No Dedicated P2P servers
  2. Expensive relative to competing services

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PureVPN – Low Cost VPN with all Features on iPad:

Surely one of the most affordable VPNs out there, PureVPN offers everything that the Best VPNs can, at a fraction of the cost. If you are thinking of buying a VPN that can unblock geo-restricted streaming services then PureVPN can offer you just that.

Check out our detailed purevpn review.

PureVPN for iPad

You can watch Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime for any region with PureVPN’s amazing 750 servers that are spread across the world. Apart from that, a subscription with PureVPN secures you the right to have features like Split Tunnelling, Onion over VPN, multiple protocol support and more.

At just $69.12 for a two year subscription plan, the subscription is too hard to ignore with PureVPN.


  1. Affordable VPN plans for iPads
  2. DDoS Protection
  3. Dedicated Streaming support
  4. P2P and Torrent servers
  5. 750+servers in 141 countries
  6. VPN Hotspot
  7. Nat Firewall
  8. Multiple Protocol Support Including OpenVPN and L2Tp
  9. Allows Split Tunnelling


  1. Keeps Some Logs
  2. Free trial not available

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Private Internet Access (PIA): Unmatched Protection as a VPN for iPad:

With 3030 servers in 28 countries and customer oriented features like dedicated P2P support and geo-restriction unblocking, PIA remains one of the Best VPNs for iPads. This VPN is a user favourite when it comes down to robustness of features. It keeps zero logs, offers multiple VPN gateways, features an ad and malware blocker.

Don’t forget to read our comprehensive private internet access review

Private Internet Access for iPad

PIA also offers a highly compatible app for use on iOS platforms like the iPad. And its not that expensive either, as the yearly plan costs $39.95 while their top plan which offers subscription for 24 months will be billed at $69.95.


  1. Enhanced Security Controls as a VPN for iPad
  2. OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec Supported
  3. P2P Support Available
  4. Zero Logs Provider
  5. 5 Simultaneous Connections
  6. Unlimited Bandwidth


  1. The user interface on its native apps is a bit complicated

Get PIA30 Days Money Back Guarantee

NordVPN – Fully Secure Features for Guaranteed Anonymity on iPad:

NordVPN still concentrates on offering the most basic feature of a VPN i.e. ultra-grade security, in the best manner possible.

Apart from the standard 256 grade encryption and multiple protocol support, you can add extra layers of security with NordVPN’s exclusive features like Double VPN, Onion over Tor, CyberSec, IPv6 leak protection and more.

Do check our updated nordvpn review

NordVPN for iPad

However, that does not mean it cannot bypass geo-restricted content. NordVPN is Netflix friendly and on your iPad, you would have no difficulty in accessing any content that was not originally supposed to reach you.

The plans are a bit on the higher side however as the yearly plan costs $83.38. However, you can get the best deal if you go for their 36 month subscription plan which will set you back just $125.64.


  1. Free Trial Period
  2. Double Encryption Available
  3. 3359 servers in 60+ countries
  4. Multiple Payment Methods
  5. OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols
  6. SmartPlay Feature for Streaming Sites


  1. Expensive Monthly Plans

Get NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

TorGuard – Stealth Protection Feature for Increased Privacy on iPad:

TorGuard has gone one-step ahead of the browser  in terms of offering security and privacy to users. Despite offering little extra features except for the basic ones, TorGuard is an exclusive VPN for those who tend to take no chances with their anonymity online on their iPad.

Torguard VPN for iPad

The speeds are a bit slow because of these very security measures, but not too much to spoil your experience. You will also get unlimited bandwidth, a stealth protection feature, 5 simultaneous connections and a whole lot more with a TorGuard subscription.

The only turn off with this service are its confusing plans. But to save you from this hassle, we suggest that you go for their Anonymous VPN plan for a year at just $59.99. The next best plan will cost $99.99 for a 24 month full end to end subscription.


  1. StealthVPN Protection Feature as a VPN for iPad
  2. Strong Encryption Levels
  3. Runs on Onion Routing Model
  4. 3000+ VPN Servers in 50 countries
  5. Dedicated IP Address


  1. Plans are Highly Expensive
  2. Feature Packs Can Be Confusing

Best VPN for iPad Free

There are currently very few free services in VPNs that offer a great experience, while also being highly trustworthy. In recent years, as many Free VPN services were caught, while using user data illegally or selling it online, consumer confidence in them was eroded to a high extent.

Apart from this, Free VPNs cannot provide all the exclusive features like paid services for e.g. there are extremely few free providers that offer unlimited bandwidth or a good server count.

However, if you still want to get one for your iPad, we have successfully built a list for the Best Free VPN for iPad consisting of providers that are not just trustworthy but can pack a punch when it comes to features and performance. Here is our list for the Top Free VPNs you can use with your iPad in 2018:

WindscribeVPN – Best VPN for iPad with P2P support

Free VPNs normally stifle their options down to the bare minimum, but Windscribe does none of that. In fact, this VPN provider is one of the most generous VPNs we’ve come across in the free category. At 10GB of bandwidth limit per month, Windscribe is 5X times more accommodating for users than other Free VPNs.

Windscribe for ipad

But the advantages don’t stop there, as you also get 11 server locations, dedicated P2P support, Ad blocker and a firewall feature. Its one of the best VPN for iPad Free if you are a user that doesn’t settle for less.


  1. 11 Servers available for Free VPN on iPad
  2. Unlimited device connections
  3. Features ad-blocker and firewall
  4. Supports P2P/Torrenting


  1. Open VPN protocol not available
  2. Breakdowns common

TunnelBear VPN: Consistently stable speeds as a VPN for iPad

Featuring cute bear cartoons interspersed on all of its user interfaces, TunnelBear is a highly reliable free service. The best part about it is its uncomplicated iOS app for iPad that’s as easy as plug and play.

Read our updated tunnelbear review

Tunnelbear for iPad

The only downside here is it low bandwidth limit coming in at just 500 MB per month. However, if you tweet about the service, you get an additional 1 GB of data.

The speeds and security performance of Tunnelbear VPN can even give paid VPNs a run for their money. Tunnelbear is perfect for lightweight browsing sessions on iPad.


  1. Just requires email address for sign up as a Free VPN for iPad
  2. 2 GB data cap
  3. Provides relatively strong encryption
  4. Fast servers


  1. Slow Customer Response Team
  2. You Can Only Connect to One Device

ZoogVPN – Anonymity guaranteed online as a VPN for iPad:

It might have a peculiar name, but its service standards remain high and integral towards making it a Best VPN for iPad Free. ZoogVPN has not been around for a very long time, yet it has still gained a reputation for being highly secure for users to trust their data with.

ZoogVPN for iPad

The features include 3 servers, 2 GB data bandwidth limit, 128 bit encryption and low intensity P2P sharing.


  1. Fast Servers
  2. 2 GB Data Cap
  3. P2P/Torrenting
  4. Provides relatively strong encryption
  5. Advanced Features Available for iPad


  1. Irresponsive customer support most of the time
  2. Single device connection available

Hide.Me – Zero Tolerance for Data Logs as a Best Free VPN for iPad

Situated in an extremely data friendly country i.e. Malaysia, this VPN offers a versatile security and features front for users to interact with. It has an excellent encryption standard in plan and explicitly states that it doesn’t keep logs of any kind. for iPad

Speeds are consistent and there were no breakdowns, DNS leaks or any other such thing that warranted us to drop down from our list. The data limit is pretty compatible for iPad at 2GB/month.


  1. Never worry for data retention laws while using it as a VPN for iPad
  2. Incredible encryption standards
  3. An explicitly stated, zero logs policy.
  4. High speeds


  1. Low number of servers
  2. Doesn’t unlock geo-restricted content


Best Unlimited Free VPN for iPad

It is generally hard for Free VPNs to offer unlimited data bandwidth to its users. This is because VPNs are highly capital intensive and providing unlimited data to users could shoot the bill too high for the Free VPN to bear.

Best Unlimited Free VPN for iPad

But still, some Free VPNs have gone the distance and are actually offering unlimited data bandwidth to their users. Here is the list containing these amazing Free VPN providers with unlimited data plans for iPad:

  1. HotSpot Shield
  2. Zenmate VPN

How to setup VPN on iPad Manually

The Best VPN for iPad offer highly convenient, native apps for easy compatibility on all iOS platforms. They can be easily downloaded from a VPN’s website or from the iOS store if you already have an account with the provider, however if you still want to install a VPN on your iPad manually, here’s how you can get it done in a breeze:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN service by buying a plan suitable for your needs and budget requirements.
  2. Download Configuration Files from your preferred VPN provider. (Its best to always ask the customer support team to provide a link to this resource as every VPN has a different place where they store it. There’s no uniformity involved)
  3. Once the VPN profile has been downloaded on your iPad, your device will prompt you to install them. “Install” is where you need to tap.
  4. For system authorization, you would now need to enter your passcode or give in your Touch ID.
  5. If you are shown a warning now, tap on “Install”.
  6. Now you need to re-confirm the installation process authorization by again tapping on “Install”.
  7. After the device is done with the installation, it will notify you with a prompt. Tap “Done”
  8. Now you need to select a server to move on with using the VPN.
  9. For this you need to go to Settings on your iPad. Once here, select “general” and then select VPN.
  10. Now you will be prompted with the server menu which will contain the VPN servers available by your service provider.
  11. Toggle the Connection status switch to the right to initiate a connection and then select a server.
  12. The VPN is now working.

If you want to turn the VPN off, then switch that same Connection status switch back to the left side, resulting in a disconnection of the VPN.

How to Access Netflix on iPad Using VPN

Netflix’s content libraries can very wildly from region to region, making it necessary for you to use a Top VPN for iPad to allow you to make full merry of your Netflix subscription.

Here’s how you can access Netflix from any region (For e.g. Netflix US) on your iPad using Best VPN for netflix:

  1. Go to the iOS store on your device and search for “Netflix”.
  2. In the results, choose “Netflix Inc” and proceed towards installing it on your device.
  3. Once installed (If you have already bought the subscription plan) login to your Netflix account.
  4. Now open your VPN client on your iPad (iOS client apps are generally available with all popular VPN providers with easy-to-use interfaces) and select a server for the country you wish to use Netflix from for e.g. to access Netflix US, select US servers.
  5. If you still can unlock Netflix from a particular region, message the 24/7 customer support for the Best VPN servers for Netflix and you will be guided forward.
  6. Select the server and now refresh Netflix. If this doesn’t work, log out and then log in again and you will surely be connected.

Best VPN for iPad Reddit

The comments on Reddit we came across for the most appropriate VPN for iPad were a bit different from what we encounter on the platform generally. Here, VPN recommendations didn’t opt for lower end service providers because the iOS platform requires robustness on part of the VPNs and generally, only the best vpn reddit can provide this required strength of features.

One user recommended Express VPN as h/she experienced it to be extremely fast and that it worked well in China. Nothing too different from our own review of the VPN provider.

What’s the best VPN to use with iOS? from apple

Other users were more inclined to another one of our featured Top VPN providers for iOS i.e. NordVPN. The recommendations showered laurels on the VPN for being a breeze to deploy and use on iOS. (Dont forget to check our best vpn for mac guide.)

Apple users are generally quite tech savvy and share loyalty traits when it comes to brands, however their loyalty doesn’t come cheap. You have to be really good to have the attention of an Apple user and that they like ExpressVPN and NordVPN, speaks volumes about how good these services actually are.

Best VPN for iPad FAQ

How do i remove VPN from my iPad?

While as sincere privacy advocates, we don’t recommend you surfing the internet without being shrouded by a good enough VPN, but still if you want to get rid of your VPN from your iPad, here’s how you can go through with that:

  1. On your iPad, go to settings and then head over to “General” option
  2. Now scroll down through the menu until you see the option for “VPN”
  3. Tap on this option which will open a list down menu
  4. Here, you will see your VPN account name. Now, click on the “I” icon right besides this option
  5. Now, among the options, tap on “Delete VPN” and confirm the action

How do you use a VPN on an iPad?

Modern day VPN services are not that hard to deploy and navigate, especially with the native apps they offer for each OS.

Lets rundown through the steps for using a VPN to provide online anonymity on iPad:

  1. Buy a subscription plan with a Best VPN and then download their native iOS app for your iPad
  2. Install the app and login with your user credentials
  3. Select a server on the app interface and click connect
  4. You are now safely running your iPad with a VPN providing security cover online


iPads are the best manifestation of the concept of “Having a computer in the palm of your hand”. These machines are fast, ultra-convenient, super smart and above all, amazingly beautiful. Our lives now revolve around such fantastic machines that have made our lives easier by allowing us to streamline our tasks and enjoy much more of our free times.

But our devices are our responsibility and the control of their security should lie within our hands. We need to not just deploy VPNs on our iPads but resort to more-safer privacy practices like not divulging our information on social media handles or clicking on malicious links to ensure a safer and more robust online interaction for everyone.

We at strive towards making the internet safe for everyone and we believe that this has to be a collective effort on part of all the users of the free internet. If you have any suggestions for improvements or criticism that can allow us to better our services, then feel free to interact with us in the comments below.

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