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Obaid Chawla September 25, 2018

Do you want to buy NordVPN at an affordable price?

Are you looking to subscribe to the service on a long-term plan?

Are you trying to find a good coupon for making this deal suit your interests in the best possible way?

If you say yes to these questions, then you, like a lot of others might be interested in NordVPN coupons.

Important Note:

NordVPN doesn’t offer any coupons right now and that’s because Top Tier, Best VPNs don’t usually provide coupons on their pricing plans. A rare exception to this is Torguard, which has a coupon code i.e. “TGLIFETIME50” through which you can get a 50% discount on its pricing plans. 

The Best Deal at NordVPN currently is their 2 Year Pricing Plan with a 66% discount. 

This deal will cost the user $3.99/month ($95.75 billed once)

But, don’t be disappointed as much more exciting discount deals for NordVPN are just around the corner as major shopping fests like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching!

Keep visiting this page as we will be updating it shortly for any such info!

Coupons, when available, can give you some excellent discounts, but not all of them are to be trusted as there are many dubious websites out there marketing their fake deals. The Best VPN like NordVPN offers authentic deals the year-round through its official coupons, so if you want the right deal and stay away from scammers, then here is our guide on NordVPN coupons containing info on fake coupon deals, the best plans currently available at NordVPN Review and more by!

NordVPN Coupons


What’s so Great About NordVPN?

NordVPN is one of the Top VPN services in the market currently. You can check it through any parameter or even go through with critically assessing its every feature and performance aspect and the service will pass through all these tests with flying colors.

From some of the best speeds in the whole industry to reliably unblocking all the major streaming sites like Netflix US, NordVPN has been a stellar performer in the VPN domain for a long while now.

It is currently offering more than 5000+ servers worldwide, far ahead of nearly all of its competitors, even the major ones like ExpressVPN, Torguard, and PureVPN.

On the security front, it hasn’t had a major guffaw as of yet and that’s because of its strict zero logs policy, military-grade encryption enhanced security functionalities like Onion over VPN and multiple protocol support including OpenVPN.

Yes, the service was embroiled in some controversy quite recently, but nothing became of it as the allegations leveled against the service were never backed by any serious evidence. So, you can rest assured that it still is a Best VPN service.

But it doesn’t end here as NordVPN has a lot of other qualities and features that need to be praised which you can read in our full review about the service here.

Even its pricing plans are not too high and remain within the affordable range, especially when it comes down to the long-term plans.

Here are NordVPN’s current pricing plans:

  1. Monthly Subscription: $11.95 billed once
  2. Half Yearly Subscription: $9.00/month ($54.00 billed once)
  3. Yearly Subscription: $6.99/month ($83.88 billed once)

The yearly subscription is the best plan among all of these plans listed here and at $6.99, it’s not exactly cheap but definitely affordable.

But is this the best deal that you can secure from NordVPN? Not Quite! As NordVPN, like all other VPNs, has its special plans and packages that are meant to serve customers who want to subscribe with the service for a much longer period.


How you Safe yourself from FAKE NordVPN Coupons and Deals?

Yes, NordVPN has some very good deals that can almost make the VPN come within the $4 range, but I will get back to it in a while, but since this a VPN review site, I always try to take initiatives that keep my users and readers well informed and secure from all sorts of scams.

So now, let me introduce you to one of such prevalent scams which dupes a lot of unsuspecting users and i.e. Fake Coupon Codes.

These fake coupon codes are not just misleading as they promise highly unbelievable discounts which turn out to be false later on, but they also tarnish the image of the VPN service for which these fake coupons are being offered here on.

And since, I am discussing NordVPN here, I will show you some of these fake coupon codes and their attempts at misleading the audience. I will also tell you how you can spot these fake coupons and deals easily, not just for NordVPN but also for other VPN services.

Here are some of the most popular such fake coupons which appear in Google results if you search for “NordVPN coupons”

NordVPN Lifetime

NordVPN Fake Coupons

NordVPN Deals

Ranging from 76% to 80%, these offers are misleading as NordVPN doesn’t officially offer any such discounts by itself. The service does have an authentic plan of its own which gives a pretty good deal but these are not it.

To identify such fake coupons, the easiest method is to go to the provider’s site itself and check out the best deals for yourself. They are not usually posted in the pricing deals displayed on the website but a pop up definitely makes you aware that such a deal is being offered.

The best deal is usually shared and advertised on all of the provider’s website. I culled this screenshot after opening up NordVPN’s homepage and being redirected from there to this page by following a CTA which mentioned that they have such a plan.

NordVPN 3 Year Deal


You can also ask the live chat support at the provider to confirm whether they have a better deal in store for you or not. Never ever trust these unusually great deals because as the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.


NordVPN Lifetime

Currently, NordVPN doesn’t offer a lifetime deal. It did offer one such plan a while ago but it has been removed since. Its two-year deal, a screenshot of which I have posted above, is the best deal available at the provider right now.

While this is highly unusual that NordVPN doesn’t have lifetime plan currently as it’s the norm at all major providers to facilitate their most loyal customers in this manner. Some big examples of such providers are PureVPN and Torguard, both of which offer lifetime subscription deals at incredibly unbelievable prices for their most loyal users.


NordVPN 3 Year Deal

From memory and from the earlier blogs I have written, I can say for sure that NordVPN did have an awesome 3 year deal a few months back. It was there even some days ago, but now its gone for good.

Most of the major providers have changed their pricing plans and strategies in the past few months, and I believe that this uniform change might be because some technology or essential of running a VPN business has increased its price and hence mandated this change for VPNs.

As evidence, you can look at PureVPN’s pricing plans. This VPN has been renowned for its dirt cheap prices, for sometimes as low as $2.month, but now it has increased its prices on all of its plans as well. There is something there and it has affected all providers, NordVPN included. So the deal for 3 years is not there currently, but if it comes back, I will definitely update this part.


NordVPN 2 Year Coupon Code

Now coming back to NordVPN’s best deal i.e. 2-year plan.

This plan will cost you $95.75 billed once every two years. This makes it around $4/month, not such a bad deal. Actually, it’s pretty good considering the fact that what you get in return is a stellar service whose performance and features are going to remain top notch.

So you don’t need to be fearful while going for this deal as it’s the best deal by NordVPN currently. The service won’t let you down and you won’t need to shift to any other service for any reason whatsoever. This is because there is nothing that this VPN cant do. Its speeds are fast, its supports streaming, it unblocks sites, it doesn’t keep any sort of logs, it offers over 5000 servers, has a Smart DNS facility for streaming devices among others.

This deal is justifying its price and if you are considering NordVPN as a long-term partner in your online privacy needs, then this deal is the most affordable among the ones you can get.

NordVPN 2 Year Coupon Code


NordVPN Deals

Most of the world is now aware of an event named as “Black Friday”, a day which every shopper dreams of. On this day, for 24 hours, you feel as if everything you’ve ever wanted to buy is within your reach.

Stupendous, rock-bottom discounts become the feature of all goods and services, especially those on the internet, and the VPN industry also follows suit.

The pricing plans become so affordable that it becomes a buying frenzy. NordVPN will also be putting its best plan for this year yet out on Black Friday, so I’ll be waiting for it like thousands of users around the year.

But up till now, NordVPN hasn’t updated us as to what these deals will be and when will they become active. I am looking at the start of November as to when NordVPN announces its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. It should ideally bring its price to within $2/month to make it the best deal ever offered by the provider.


Nordvpn Coupons Reddit

There isn’t much in the name of special coupons on Reddit regarding NordVPN except for some expired links to 3-year deals which redirect to the current 2-year deal and some links to the current 2-year plan.

User reviews don’t exist much on this topic and it’s quite surprising to see that.

There is a thread on Reddit which most VPN coupon codes and discount deals are listed quite comprehensively, and on that list, NordVPN’s current 2-year deal has also been highlighted.

Nordvpn Coupons Reddit


Are NordVPN Coupons Reliable?

If you are taking the information on coupons from NordVPN’s official site, then its definitely reliable but if you are enticed by those fake coupons like the ones I have mentioned above, then definitely, they are not reliable. Learn to stay away from such dubious offers or you will be susceptible to a big rip off anytime soon.



NordVPN is a powerful VPN and a top grade service, so coupons and best deals are definitely helpful in allowing you to subscribe to this service at affordable prices for longer time periods. The 2-year deal is the best such deal you can have access right now, but if you do want to wait, then NordVPN might be surprising you with an even better deal later this year on Black Friday.

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  1. Dylan

    It is quite dodgy regarding all the coupons and promos going around and it’s hard to define which ones are the legit ones. I go by the rule to always check the source. May it be a reddit user sharing it or a major website. I haven’t had any issues with fake coupons for Nord yet, I’ve used a couple that I found on reddit and they were both fine. Interesting read, thanks.


      Hi there Dylan, thanks for commenting here and the appreciation. You are absolutely right, things can get really frustrating with scam/fraud websites fooling users into believing fake stuff. This is why we did our own research into the subject, especially after we started visitors on our site asking about VPN coupons. Do try out the one we mentioned above, and let us know about the experience. All you have to enter is 2ysecurity, and you’ll leverage an amazing 66% discount on the monthly pricing!

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