Does Peacock Have Live TV in Netherlands? [Complete Guide]

Last updated: August 29, 2023
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A question was posed by one of our clients regarding Does Peacock have Live TV in Netherlands? The channels offered by Peacock include a wide array of live news and sports channels, some examples of which include NBC News Now, Premier League TV, NFL Network, NBC Sports, and WWE.

Does Peacock have live TV in Netherlands? It certainly does! It offers conventional live TV programming such as Sky News as well as local NBC news stations.

On the other hand, the vast majority of Peacock’s live TV channels are continuously streaming its most popular TV shows. However, Peacock TV is prohibited outside of the United States; to unblock Peacock TV in Netherlands, you must use a reputable VPN service such as ExpressVPN.

For those of you wondering, “Does Peacock offer live sports in Netherlands?” Yes! Peacock Latino, Peacock Picks: Family Movies, Peacock Originals, Peacock Reality, and Peacock Picks: Comedy Movies are all a part of the Peacock live TV channels roster, as well as live sports networks.

What Things to Remember for Watching Live TV on Peacock in Netherlands [Tips]

Now that you have got an answer to “Does Peacock have live TV in live-tv-on-peacock-tv Watch Live TV on Peacock TV[/caption]

Does Peacock have live TV in Netherlands? Yes, some more standard live TV programming is available to viewers on Peacock. Peacock’s live channels may be different from broadcast TV, but there are plenty of other options.

So, get the free Peacock live stream and keep these points in mind as you watch:

Peacock airs classic live TV:

Peacock TV broadcasts replays of several iconic television programs that first aired in the 1970s, including Saturday Night Live and WKRP in Cincinnati, amongst others. If you have a liking for older movies, then you will almost certainly enjoy this.

Note: You may also go after Peacock free trial to test the streaming service before getting its premium subscription.

Peacock broadcasts various sports and entertainment events live on TV:

Live sporting activities are highlighted on the Sports page, so the WWE page, for example, only displays current WWE events. Peacock also simplifies the decision between watching live TV and on-demand programming.

A yellow “LIVE” button appears next to each live program in the app. A yellow “REPLAY” button allows users to view previously broadcasted events within the app

Peacock TV offers different pricing & plans to suit everyone. With the Premium plan, you can access every show and movie in Peacock’s library, including NBC Live & On Demand shows.

All Peacock live channels are accessible by anyone:

On the Channels tab, you’ll find a collection of live channels to which anybody and everyone has access in their entirety. No matter which tier of Peacock service you subscribe to, you won’t have any trouble watching any of those live television networks.

If you are unsatisfied with the streaming experience, you may easily cancel your Peacock subscription without paying any extra amount.

Only Peacock’s Premium or Premium Plus plans can watch live sporting events:

Peacock’s Premium and Premium Plus subscribers, on the other hand, are the only people who can watch live sports events and other live broadcasts, such as the WWE. This perk is exclusively available to those subscribers.

Is Peacock live TV free? The best part is that you may view a significant portion of its programming for free, or you can see all of it by purchasing a premium Peacock live TV subscription for as little as $4.99 per month. Read an easy guide that provides information related to Peacock Payment methods and makes your process fast.

After you sign up for Peacock TV, you also can share Peacock live TV login details with your family or friends. The Sign-in process is straightforward even a child can do it, just launch the Peacock live TV app and enter the registered email and the password set at the time of registration.

You may also go after our guide on “Peacock TV not working” to troubleshoot the issue and get quick fixes to make it work again.

Peacock account can only be used on 3 devices simultaneously:

As of right now, Peacock only permits a maximum of three streams to be actively played at the same time at any given instant. It does not matter which tier of the Peacock subscription service you are enrolled in, as this applies to all of them equally.

How Many Live Channels Does Peacock Offer in Netherlands?

Does Peacock have live TV? Of course, it does offer live streaming from various channels. As one of the most reasonably priced prominent media streamers, Peacock gets a huge tick in the “good” box. For $4.99 a month (with advertisements), the Premium plan grants access to 20,000 hours of content, including several shows from NBC, Bravo, and Syfy.


Stream 50+ channels with Peacock TV!

The Peacock TV offers users access to about 49 different channels. The vast majority of them are enthralled by reality television, the news, and sports. From a long Peacock live TV channels list, check out what is to be offered.

Peacock also offers its subscribers its specialty live channels, which are called Peacock Originals, Peacock Picks: Comedy Movies, Peacock Latino, Peacock Reality, and Peacock Picks: Family Movies, respectively. Peacock has a vast selection of the year’s most outstanding movies in 2023.

In addition, there is a diverse selection of news programming available, including Sky News, NBC Philadelphia Newsweek, NBC News Now, NBC Boston News, NBC South Florida News, NBC Chicago News, and NBC Boston News. There is also the option of Sky News.

Customers have access to a variety of different sports-related television alternatives, including WWE Network, NBC Golf Pass, Premier League TV, and NFL Channel, amongst others. You are probably wondering what the cost of Peacock TV is. It provides a total of three distinct subscription levels, with the primary benefit being that its most basic plan is entirely free.

What can you watch on Peacock Live TV in Netherlands?

Does Peacock have live TV? Yes, Peacock TV does offer on-demand and live TV streaming on all of its plans: Peacock Premium, and Peacock Premium Plus.

Following is the list of titles that you can watch on Peacock TV:

Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular 2023 2023 US Women’s Open Golf Championship
Hart to Heart season 3 LA Fire and Rescue
Kevin Hart: Reality Check 2023 John Deere Classic
2023 World Para Athletics Championships Paris NASCAR Cup Series Race
Myth of the Zodiac Killer 2023 Genesis Scottish Open
Tour de France 2023 Days of Our Lives
Barbasol Championship 2023 Honda Indy Toronto 2023
Grand Prix of Toronto 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023
Love Island USA Season 5 Below Deck Down Under season 2
The Open Golf Championship 2023 Premier League Summer Series 2023
Tour de France Femmes avec Zwift 2023 A Lifelong Love
Southern Charm Season 9 Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake season 1
Twisted Metal season 1 The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15

Peacock TV for Android and a variety of other devices are supported. If you’re wondering how to get Peacock on my TV, don’t worry; the simple guide is available by clicking the link.

If Peacock not working after you have tried all the tips provided, you need to use the live chat support to get this issue resolved.

You may also go after Peacock payment methods which give you different way to pay for its premium subscription.

FAQs – Does Peacock have Live TV?

Yes, Peacock TV does charge a subscription fee. Peacock Premium (with advertisements) costs $4.99 per month, while Peacock Premium Plus (ad-free) costs $9.99 per month. The annual cost for each of these options is $49.99 (with advertisements) or $99.99 (without advertisements). When you subscribe for a full year at once, you save 17%.

If you have Peacock Premium Plus, you can access your local NBC station live and uninterrupted on any device that supports Peacock’s Channels feature. If you change your streaming device’s location or internet service provider, the local channel selection may also shift.

To make watch Peacock live TV, you will need to pay for either a Premium membership, which costs $4.99 per month, or a Premium Plus subscription, which costs $9.99 per month. Both of these options are available for purchase.

Yes! It doesn’t matter if you have Peacock Premium, or Peacock Premium Plus; all of those plans allow you to stream live channels without any interruptions. Peacock Premium and Premium Plus users can watch live sports and other live events (like WWE).

Does Peacock have live TV? Yes, Peacock’s mobile app has it toward the bottom of the display. Peacock’s Channels tab can be accessed from the top menu of your TV or computer screen. Once you hit the Channels button, Peacock will immediately begin streaming live TV.

Peacock can be used on many different platforms. To sign up for Peacock, either search for or download the app to your device, or go to and input your email address there. Then you may start watching right away! Please see this link for a complete list of compatible hardware.

Tubi, Sling Free, Pluto TV, the Roku Channel, and Crackle are some of the most popular live TV applications. You can sign up and continue watching Live TV without paying any cost. You might face geo-restrictions. Make use of ExpressVPN.


Does Peacock have live TV in Netherlands? Yes, Peacock is a streaming service that offers on-demand and live TV. However, you can access a wide variety of TV series, news, movies, and sports, as well as a dedicated Bob Ross channel that is available around the clock with the help of ExpressVPN.

Thousands of TV series and movies are at your fingertips on Peacock, an on-demand streaming service that also broadcasts live TV. Whether you are subscribed to Peacock Premium, or Peacock Premium Plus, you can stream Live stream on any of the subscriptions.

If you are unsure about the Peacock Channels and its content library, you can use Peacock live TV free trial for 7 days to enjoy streaming without any cost. Later on, you can convert to a premium plan so that you could enjoy uninterrupted streaming or simply apply to cancel Peacock subscription to avoid any charges!

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