3 Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand (Low Ping + Reduce Lag 2023)

Last updated: December 13, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
William Sams is a cybersecurity enthusiast and gaming aficionado with a passion for writing about the world of online gaming and privacy. With a focus on free VPN solutions for PUBG, William aims to empower gamers with the knowledge to protect their privacy and enhance their gaming experience.
Free-VPN-for-Pubg-in-New Zealand

In the thriving world of online gaming, “PUBG Mobile” stands out as a titan, amassing millions of players worldwide. However, its meteoric rise hasn’t been without obstacles. In countries like China, India, Bangladesh, Jordan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal, the game is unavailable due to bans. Players eager to dive back into the battlegrounds aren’t entirely out of options, though. A free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand can be the passport they need, allowing them to reconnect with the game seamlessly.

With a free VPN NZ, not only can players acquire a US IP address, but they can also indulge in other online gaming sensations like Warzone. A VPN’s versatility doesn’t stop there. They offer a plethora of features, including granting IP addresses from around the globe, ensuring higher speeds, and guaranteeing a smoother performance on foreign servers.

Whether you’re aiming to use a free VPN for PUBG on Xbox or PlayStation or looking for a free VPN for PUBG on Windows or Mac, the right VPN can elevate the experience.

Yet, amidst the vast sea of VPN options, pinpointing a trustworthy and efficient free VPN can be a daunting task. With risks ranging from data leaks to compromised speeds, it’s crucial to make informed choices. For gaming enthusiasts and casual players alike, VPN accessibility across platforms is essential.

We’ve poured hours into research and testing, ensuring our recommendations stand up to scrutiny. Our cybersecurity experts are confident in presenting the best VPN for PUBG online with no cost. Furthermore, based on performance, security, and ease of use, we believe that ExpressVPN, offering a VPN Free Trial in New Zealand, emerges as the ultimate choice for PUBG Mobile aficionados.

Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand: Quick Overview 2023

For those keen to play PUBG in New Zealand, here are three top-tier free VPN options:

  • ExpressVPN – Best VPN for PUBG in New Zealand: A premium choice when considering a free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Notable features include its blazing-fast connection speeds, ideal for lag-free gaming, and a vast server network, ensuring optimal in-game performance.
  • Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand: This VPN provides users with a generous 10GB monthly data cap on its free version. Windscribe stands out with its built-in ad blocker, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay, and its user-friendly interface tailored for gamers.
  • TunnelBear – Secure and Reliable Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand: A popular free option, TunnelBear offers a user-friendly interface and 500MB of free data monthly. It boasts impressively low latency rates for smoother gaming and a transparent no-logs policy, ensuring users’ online gaming activities remain private.

FAQs |Detail Analysis

Why do gamers need a free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand?

For avid gamers, the allure of “PUBG” is undeniable. But what if you find yourself in a country where this iconic game faces severe restrictions? This is where the magic of a VPN for PUBG game with no subscription fee comes into play. By employing a free VPN, players from heavily restricted nations can dive right back into their favorite battle royale setting, experiencing the full thrill of PUBG in New Zealand.

Geo-restrictions are not just an inconvenience; they’re a barrier preventing gamers from connecting with millions worldwide. A free VPN effectively acts as a gateway, allowing users to circumvent these limitations. By redirecting your connection through servers in a different location, a VPN makes it appear as though you’re accessing the game from a permitted region. The result? Uninterrupted PUBG gameplay without lag.

Beyond just accessibility, there’s the critical aspect of online privacy, anonymity, and security. In the virtual world of PUBG, where strategic discussions and team chats are commonplace, ensuring that these communications remain private is paramount. A free VPN masks your original IP address, thereby concealing your identity and safeguarding your online activities.

In conclusion, while the primary appeal of a reliable VPN might seem to be unrestricted access, its benefits extend far beyond. It serves as an essential tool for any gamer, ensuring not just access, but a secure, private, and optimized gaming experience.

Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand – 2023 Detail Analysis

Here is a detailed analysis of our choices for the best free VPNs for PUBG in New Zealand

1. ExpressVPN – Best Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand

ExpressVPN-[intent origin=

Key Features

  • Available in 105 countries
  • Server count: More than 3000 servers
  • Compatible with Mobile games, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Steam, Apple, and Windows
  • Can be paired with CS 2, CS: GO, CoD: Warzone, Fortnite, and Apex Legends
  • Works with Xbox Cloud, PlayStation Cloud, Switch Cloud, Amazon Luna, and Geforce Now
  • AES-256-Bit key
  • Upload and Download Speeds: 80+ Mbps
  • Simultaneous connections: 5

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for PUBG in New Zealand. PUBG enthusiasts know the importance of a seamless gaming experience, and the ExpressVPN free trial in New Zealand ensures just that.

When it comes to the best free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand, ExpressVPN tops the list, primarily due to its lightning-fast speeds. The essence of PUBG is real-time action, and any lag can mean the difference between virtual life and death. ExpressVPN guarantees a delay-free experience that’s essential for competitive gameplay.

PUBG-using-ExpressVPN-in-New Zealand

We enjoyed playing PUBG being connected to ExpressVPN’s fast servers.

While ExpressVPN’s unlimited bandwidth ensures uninterrupted gaming, it extends beyond titles like PUBG to encompass a wide range of popular games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Dead by Daylight, CS, and Apex Legends. However, when significantly looking for a free VPN for GTA 5 in New Zealand, ExpressVPN’s comprehensive features and reliability make it a compelling choice, despite not being free, due to its ability to optimize gaming experiences across various titles, including GTA 5.

For Cloud Gaming aficionados, ExpressVPN also supports platforms like Playstation Plus, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Geforce Now, Amazon Luna, and Switch Cloud Gaming. Whether you’re looking for a free VPN for PUBG on Xbox or PlayStation or any other platform, ExpressVPN has you covered.

With over 3000 servers spread across 105 countries, players have an extensive array of options to choose from. This vast server network ensures global players can easily connect to PUBG in New Zealand, irrespective of their geographical location. Five simultaneous connections mean you can play across multiple devices or share with friends without compromising on speed or quality.

The results from our ExpressVPN speed test in New Zealand were beyond impressive. The platform consistently showcased a staggering 80+ Mbps for both upload and download speeds. This speed isn’t just a boon for PUBG players but also for those interested in ExpressVPN torrenting in New Zealand. Swift torrent downloads mean you can get your hands on the latest updates, patches, or game mods in no time.

BV-expressvpn-speed-test-in-New Zealand

ExpressVPN delivered super-fast speeds for smooth gameplay.

Security, often a concern for many online gamers, is a forte of ExpressVPN. With its AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption, players can be assured their gaming sessions are private and secure. Features such as the Internet kill switch, bypass ISP throttling, IP/DNS leak protection, split-tunneling, no logs policy, and server obfuscation further cement ExpressVPN’s status as the best VPN for gaming in New Zealand.

The versatility of ExpressVPN is also reflected in its compatibility. ExpressVPN provides seamless gaming experiences with a trial period making it the ultimate choice for a free VPN for PlayStation in New Zealand. Elevate your gaming on other popular consoles like Xbox and Nintendo Switch as well, ensuring fast and secure connections for uninterrupted play across all your favorite platforms. Experience the freedom of unrestricted gaming with ExpressVPN

Lastly, while ExpressVPN isn’t strictly free, its pricing model offers unparalleled value. At NZD 10.86 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free, gamers get access to a plethora of features that elevate their gaming experience. The 7-day free trial on mobile devices gives players a taste of what’s on offer.

And for those still on the fence, the 30-day money-back guarantee provides a safety net. The 24/7 live chat support ensures any hiccups are swiftly addressed, making it a much safer and more reliable choice than other free VPNs in the market. For those seeking more features, transitioning to its paid version is a breeze, promising an even richer gaming experience.

If you want to know more about this VPN service, read our ExpressVPN review New Zealand.

  • Lightway protocol
  • Audited independently
  • Tracking blocker
  • Server fleet is large and distributed
  • Stylish interface

  • Paid plan is slightly costly

windscribe-[intent origin=

Key Features

  • Available in 63 countries
  • Server count: More than 495 servers
  • Compatible with Mobile games, Console games, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple, and Windows
  • AES 256-bit key
  • Unlimited device connections
  • Fast speeds, including 65.21 Mbps for download and 34.75 Mbps for upload
  • Bandwidth restricted to 10 GB

Windscribe is a highly recommended free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand. When it comes to playing PUBG in New Zealand, security, speed, and accessibility are paramount. Windscribe, with its robust offerings, fits the bill as the top-picked free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand. The primary reason is its strong encryption. Built on the back of AES-256-bit encryption, Windscribe ensures that players’ data and in-game activities are shielded from any potential prying eyes.

One of the standout features of Windscribe is the generous 10 GB bandwidth it offers in its free version. This bandwidth is more than adequate for gamers to get a taste of PUBG gameplay without interruption. Coupled with its ad blocker, not only can players enjoy a seamless PUBG experience, but the uninterrupted streaming feature also allows for smoother gameplay in other online games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. The ad blocker ensures that extraneous ads don’t disrupt the flow, which can be especially crucial in high-stakes matches.It also works great with Valorant which makes it the best free VPN for Valorant in New Zealand and other FPS games as well .

For users seeking a free VPN for No Man’s Sky in New Zealand to ensure seamless gaming, safeguard their data, and enjoy secure and anonymous adventures in the game’s vast universe, Windscribe offers a high-quality VPN service.

A comprehensive server network forms the backbone of any good VPN, and Windscribe doesn’t disappoint. With over 500 servers spread across 63 countries, including significant coverage in New Zealand, and Europe, players are assured of low latency levels. This extensive network ensures that PUBG aficionados in New Zealand can link up with players from across the globe effortlessly. This user-friendly VPN offers 34 Japan servers, making it convenient to access exclusive Japanese games. It is highly regarded as the best option for accessing region-locked content from Japan making it the best free VPN for Blue Protocol in New Zealand.

PUBG-using-Windscribe-in-New Zealand

We had a great experience playing PUBG using Windscribe.

In our comprehensive Windscribe speed tests, the service consistently showcased impressive speeds. Clocking in at 65.21 Mbps for download speeds, it guarantees a lag-free gaming environment. Further sweetening the deal is Windscribe’s torrenting feature, making it the best free VPN for torrenting in New Zealand. Whether you’re downloading the latest game patches or new content, Windscribe has you covered. Its boost connectivity feature ensures that your connection remains stable and swift, a vital aspect for maintaining a competitive edge in PUBG.

Windscribe-speed-test-in-New Zealand

Windscribe gave us stable speeds and a lag-free gaming experience.

Windscribe is not just about speeds and servers; it’s a fortress when it comes to security. Beyond its formidable AES-256-bit encryption, it comes loaded with features like a no-logs policy, ensuring complete anonymity. The ability to bypass ISP throttling means that gamers always get the highest available speeds. And with the provision for unlimited simultaneous connections, users can play across different devices or even share their VPN access without a hitch.

Compatibility is often a concern for many online gamers, given the myriad of devices they use. Windscribe shines in this aspect as well. Whether you’re on Windows, MacOS, mobile gaming platforms, consoles, or even PlayStation, Windscribe has you covered. Its ‘play on all devices’ feature means that whether you’re looking for a free VPN for PUBG on Xbox or PlayStation, or any other platform, you’re in safe hands with Windscribe.

Finally, Windscribe’s user-centric approach shines through in its pricing and support structures. While its offerings come at a modest price of $5 per month, the value users get is immense. And for those keen to explore the full capabilities of Windscribe, switching to its premium plan offers access to its entire server list.

The free trial provides users a sneak peek into what’s in store, and the 24/7 live chat support ensures any issues are swiftly addressed. The cancellation and refund policy further bolsters the trust users place in Windscribe, emphasizing the brand’s confidence in its offerings.

If you want to know more about this VPN service, read our Windscribe review New Zealand.

  • WireGuard protocol
  • Strong malware detection
  • Effective ad blocker
  • Reduces ping

  • Small bandwidth for gamers
  • Only 10 countries on the free plan

3. Tunnelbear – Secure and Reliable Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand

tunnelbear-[intent origin=

Key Features

  • Available in more than 45 countries
  • Server count: More than 5500 servers
  • Free version renews every month
  • 500 MB free data per month
  • Upload and Download Speeds: 70 Mbps
  • Media streamer

TunnelBear is a secure and reliable free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand. For avid players of PUBG in New Zealand, seeking a VPN isn’t just about bypassing geo-restrictions; it’s equally about ensuring a safe and stable gameplay environment. This is where TunnelBear leaps to the forefront as an exemplary free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand.

What sets it apart is its commitment to high security and the promise of reliable connections. Every PUBG match demands uninterrupted focus and stable connectivity, and TunnelBear delivers precisely that, fortifying your online presence against potential threats and intrusions.

PUBG-using-TunnelBear-in-New Zealand

We had no issues playing PUBG using TunnelBear USA servers

However, there’s a slight hiccup. TunnelBear’s free plan comes with a 500 MB bandwidth limit. For a game as immersive and data-intensive as PUBG, this limitation can be quite restricting. A single match can quickly eat into this limit, making it challenging for players in the USA to have a prolonged PUBG session without interruptions.

In terms of performance, our comprehensive TunnelBear speed tests yielded impressive results. The service clocked consistent speeds of around 60+ Mbps for both upload and download, ensuring that PUBG players experience minimal lag. Additionally, TunnelBear’s torrenting feature is a boon for gamers who frequently download patches and updates. The boost connectivity feature further guarantees a smooth and stable connection, vital for those nail-biting final circles in PUBG.

TunnelBear-speed-test-in-New Zealand

TunnelBear speeds are dependable for minimal lag gameplay.

When it comes to safeguarding user data and enhancing online privacy, TunnelBear doesn’t cut corners. Powered by AES 256-bit encryption, it ensures that all your online activities, including those intense PUBG sessions, remain private. Complementing this robust encryption is a strict no-logs policy, meaning your online actions aren’t recorded or stored. The bypass ISP throttling feature ensures that your gaming speeds remain unhampered, while the kill switch offers an added layer of protection, disconnecting your device should the VPN connection drop unexpectedly. Moreover, unlimited simultaneous connections mean you can game on your PC and stream on another device without any hitches.

Compatibility is key for any VPN, and TunnelBear excels in this department. Whether you’re using Windows, Mac, or looking for a free VPN for PUBG on Xbox or PlayStation, TunnelBear has got you covered. The ‘play on all devices’ feature underscores its versatility, catering to gamers across multiple platforms seamlessly.

The company understands the apprehensions users might have while opting for a VPN. Therefore, they offer a free trial, allowing gamers to test the waters before diving in. Should any issues or queries arise, TunnelBear’s live chat support is always on standby, ensuring a hassle-free gaming experience.

Rounding up the offerings, TunnelBear presents itself as a cost-effective solution for online gamers. Priced at a modest $4.99 per month, it offers a gateway to 5500+ servers spread across 47+ countries. However, to fully tap into its potential and bypass the bandwidth constraints, one can easily switch to its paid version. This not only ensures uninterrupted PUBG gameplay but also unlocks a myriad of features, enhancing the overall online experience.

If you want to know more about this VPN service, read our TunnelBear review New Zealand.

  • Robust privacy policies
  • Audited independently
  • Easy to use for new users
  • Unlimited device connections

  • 500 MB bandwidth is insufficient for gaming
  • No multi-hop connections

How to find a free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand?

Here is how you can find a free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand if you keep these metrics in mind.

Server Availability:

To find an ideal free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand, ensure the VPN boasts a vast network of servers, especially in regions where PUBG isn’t restricted. A greater number of servers increase the chances of smooth connectivity and improved gaming experience.

Should Have No Logs policy:

Your online gaming activity should remain private. Opt for a VPN that practices a strict no-logs policy, ensuring your PUBG sessions and other online endeavors are not recorded or stored.

Have Good speeds:

PUBG is a real-time, fast-paced game. Your VPN should offer high-speed connections to avoid lag during gameplay. Cross-check user reviews or independent speed tests to validate a VPN’s speed claims.

Offer low pings:

In gaming, low ping rates are crucial for timely reactions and movements. A VPN with optimized servers for gaming will ensure that your response time in PUBG matches remains optimal.

Offers good data:

Many free VPNs impose data limits, which can disrupt extended gaming sessions. When searching for a free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand, prioritize those that provide a generous or, ideally, unlimited data allowance to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

Some Risks of using a free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand

There are some risks of using a free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand, and the VPNs we have listed mitigate these risks.

Exposure to Malware and Viruses:

Free VPNs often lack the security infrastructure of their paid counterparts. Downloading and using them can inadvertently introduce malware and viruses onto your device. These malicious entities can corrupt files, access personal information, or hamper your PUBG gaming experience.

Selling User Data to 3rd Parties:

Some free VPN providers monetize by collecting and selling user data to third parties. While playing PUBG, your gaming habits, playtime, and even payment details (if transactions are made) can be compromised and sold, risking your privacy.

Showing Ads Based on User Data:

Free VPNs often sustain themselves through ad revenue. They might monitor your online activities, including your PUBG gameplay and in-game purchases, to curate personalized ads. This not only disrupts the gaming experience but also raises privacy concerns, as your behavior is being constantly tracked and analyzed.

Using Proxy Servers and Weak Encryptions:

Many free VPNs use proxy servers instead of fully-fledged VPN servers, offering weaker protection against potential threats. Coupled with subpar encryption standards, they can leave your data exposed. Playing PUBG under such conditions risks your account credentials, personal data, and can even lead to in-game bans if detected.

Additionally, if you are looking for a safe and secure option for FPS or TPS horror survival games like Dead By Daylight. You can utilize a reliable free VPN for Dead by Daylight in New Zealand for the ultimate gaming experience.

Free VPNs for Other Popular Games in New Zealand

FAQs – Free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand

Yes, a free VPN reduces your ping in PUBG, but only if you are connected to a local server. If you are connected to a foreign server in a far-off country, you are more likely to get high ping rates.

Yes, a free VPN is allowed on PUBG inside New Zealand. But most free VPNs do not use good encryptions and are detected by PUBG, which leads to their usage being banned. So it is better to choose a good free VPN like ExpressVPN on free trial.

To play PUBG online in restricted countries, the first step is to download and subscribe to the best VPN like ExpressVPN. Then, connect to a VPN server in your country of choice and start playing!

Yes it is safe to play PUBG online with a free VPN inside New Zealand as long as you choose a VPN that offers fast speeds, reliable connections, a large number of servers to choose from, and excellent security features. Like ExpressVPN on free trial!

Wrapping UP!

The surge in popularity of PUBG in New Zealand is undeniable, making it a sensation among mobile gaming enthusiasts worldwide. However, it’s disheartening that players in some regions are deprived of this exhilarating experience due to regional bans.

A free VPN for PUBG in New Zealand offers a solution, granting these players access to the battlefield once more. Yet, navigating the vast landscape of VPN providers is not a simple task. Many claim to provide seamless experiences, but the reality often falls short.

Our mission was to eliminate the guesswork for gamers, sifting through countless options to bring forward the three best free VPN to play PUBG in New Zealand. Despite these recommendations, it’s crucial to recognize the inherent risks associated with unverified free VPNs. From potential malware threats to the selling of user data, there’s a dark side to this free utility.

For players passionate about PUBG and eager to dive into the action without geographical constraints, the key is being informed. Always research your chosen VPN for PUBG online with no cost, so join our league of Free VPN for PUBG and understand its policies and protocols. An extra step in ensuring your online safety and gaming satisfaction can make all the difference.

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