NordVPN vs PIA in France: Detailed Comparison 2023

Last updated: September 27, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Read this comprehensive VPN comparison of NordVPN Vs PIA to find out which service is better at catering to user needs in 2022!

NordVPN vs PIA-in-France


Both (NordVPN vs PIA in France) are popular names in the marketplace of VPNs used by thousands around the world. Which service is better in terms of security, privacy, streaming, torrenting?

To learn which one emerges victorious in all aspects, read this in-depth NordVPN vs Private Internet Access VPN comparison in France. Here we will be analyzing both providers on multiple factors.

NordVPN vs PIA in France (Private Internet Access): Direct Comparison

NordVPN logo new Private-Internet-Access-logo
Trustpilot Rating 4.4 4.6
Servers 5600 Servers in 59 Countries 35,000 Servers in 78 Countries
Simultaneous Connections 6 10
Logs Policy Strict No-Logs Policy Strict No-Logs Policy
Free Trial 7-Day Free Trial on Android and iOS 7-Day Free Trial on Android and iOS
VPN Protocols IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, NordLynx (WireGuard) OpenVPN, WireGuard
Streaming Platforms Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, and more HBO Max, Disney+, YouTube
Compatibility Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Firefox, Opera, Chrome
Money-Back Guarantee Period 30 Days 30 Days
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat, FAQs, Knowledge Base, Email Live Chat, Knowledge Base, Tickets
Best Deal EUR 3.79 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). on the 2-Year Plan $2.03/mo. on the 3-Year Plan

Why Choose NordVPN in France?

  • A good choice for streaming. NordVPN can easily unblock more than 15 Netflix libraries of major countries in France as well as other platforms, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Max, and more.
  • Blazing fast speeds. The NordLynx protocol is super-fast and I experienced no loss while using NordVPN in France.
  • User-friendly apps. NordVPN offers easy-to-navigate apps for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Linux.

For more information, visit our detailed NordVPN guide France!

Why Choose PIA (Private Internet Access) in France?

  • A good choice for P2P file sharing and torrenting in France. PIA fully supports torrenting and all the servers are optimized for P2P file sharing.
  • A massive network of servers. PIA boasts a network of more than 30,000 servers in 77 countries, which is more than most other VPN providers.
  • Ideal VPN for China. PIA is one of the few VPNs that can still be used in China. The Shadowsocks proxy is effective in bypassing the Great Firewall of China from which you can use all the blocked apps smoothly.

For more information, visit our detailed Private Internet Access guide France!


NordVPN vs PIA (Private Internet Access) in France: Detailed Comparison

NordVPN and Private Internet Access (PIA) in France are two of the most popular VPN providers. But which one is better?

In this NordVPN vs PIA in France comparison, we’ll take a detailed look at both providers to see how they compare on key factors such as pricing, features, unblocking capabilities, security, servers, speed, and privacy.


NordVPN-logo Private-Internet-Access-Logo
Monthly Plan $11.99 $11.95
1-Year Plan $4.99/mo. ($59.88 upfront) $3.33/mo. ($39.95 upfront)
2-Year Plan EUR 3.79 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). ($99.63 upfront) N/A
3-Year Plan N/A $2.03/mo. ($79)


NordVPN offers 3 plans:

All the plans are covered by an active 30-day money-back guarantee offer and users can pay for their subscription plans via Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and even Cryptocurrency.

Private Internet Access

PIA offers 3 plans:

  • The PIA monthly plan costs $11.95/mo.
  • The PIA yearly plan costs $3.33/mo. ($39.95 upfront).
  • The PIA three-year plan costs $2.03/mo. ($79 upfront) with 3 free months.

All PIA plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can pay with your Credit Card, PayPal, or Cryptocurrency.


NordVPN-logo Private-Internet-Access
Simultaneous Connections 6 10
Operating System Apps Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux
Manual Install Devices Set-Top Boxes, Routers, and Linux Some Routers
Split Tunneling Yes Yes
Free Extras Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, CyberSec, DoubleVPN, SmartPlay SOCKS5 Proxy and ad/tracker blocker

When it comes to selecting a VPN service, you need to have advanced features available. NordVPN has always stood at the forefront of privacy innovations.

It offers a unique set of tools, which I have listed for your convenience below. All these features position the VPN higher than others in the marketplace, as you receive maximum security/privacy at all times.

However, PIA does not seem to back off either. The provider, despite being incredibly cheap, stands its ground against NordVPN. It offers most of the same features/technologies available with NordVPN.

Sadly, it fails at offering advanced features like DoubleVPN and Onion over VPN in France, which are enjoyed by NordVPN customers for leveraging maximum security online.


NordVPN comes with a number of features that make it one of the best VPN providers in the market.

NordVPN offers 6 simultaneous connections with one account from which you can cover all your devices. The provider has compatibility for all platforms including NordVPN with Windows in France, NordVPN with Mac in France, NordVPN with Linux in France, NordVPN with Android in France, and NordVPN with iOS in France.

NordVPN extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are also available. Along with that, you can install the VPN on NordVPN with Fire TV in France and NordVPN with Apple TV in France also.

For devices that cannot run native VPN apps like Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, or PlayStation, you just have to install NordVPN on your router with manual configuration in France.

However, make sure your router is compatible with NordVPN. Here is a list of compatible routers and firmware.

Other features of NordVPN include; Split tunneling which allows you to route some of your traffic through the VPN while the rest goes through your ISP. This can be useful if you want to unblock a streaming service on one device while still being able to access your local network on another.

NordVPN also offers Double VPN in France, which encrypts your data twice for double protection, and Onion Over VPN, which routes your traffic through the NordVPN network and then the Onion Router. This makes it virtually impossible for anyone to snoop on your activities.

There is a dedicated IP address feature that you can avail with some of the NordVPN servers. This is useful if you need a static IP for gaming, remote access to your home network, or accessing certain financial services.

The customer support of NordVPN is very good and you can get help 24/7 via live chat or email. You can also find helpful guides and FAQs on the NordVPN website.


The Private Internet Access reviews for features give NordVPN healthy competition as the provider also comes with a number of handy tools.

With 10 simultaneous connections allowed on one account, PIA gives you more flexibility than NordVPN. You can use the VPN on all major platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

To cover more than 10 devices, you can install PIA on your router in France. While PIA supports some routers that come with built-in VPN support, the company recommends getting a FlashRouter for an easy plug-and-play solution.

PIA offers a secure Kill Switch tool in France that protects your identity and data in case the VPN connection suddenly drops. The company also provides an advanced feature called MACE that blocks ads, trackers, and malware while you are online.

PIA comes with an advanced split tunneling feature that allows you to route traffic from selected apps through the VPN while the rest goes through your ISP.

The customer support of PIA is available 24/7 via the live chat option but you can also use the ticketing system to submit a support request. You can also find helpful guides and FAQs on the PIA website.

Unblocking Capabilities


Streaming Platform

NordVPN-logo Private-Internet-Access
Netflix Yes No
Hulu Yes No
Sky Go Yes No
Amazon Prime Yes No
BBC iPlayer Yes No
ABS Yes No
CBS Yes Yes
NBC Yes Yes
ITV Yes Yes
Channel 4 Yes Yes

In terms of unblocking, NordVPN definitely tends to be more proactive and reliable. All of its servers utilize strong encryption and security technologies for unblocking VoDs. You can even set-up & use NordVPN on Apple TV for accessing movies, shows, and to leverage from the streaming services.

The NordVPN unblocks all versions of Netflix in France while providing access to some of the most hit streaming platforms like NordVPN with Hulu in France, NordVPN with BBC iPlayer in France, NordVPN with Disney+ in France, Amazon Prime Video, and more.

PIA, on the other hand, does not offer much in the way of unblocking. It is a hit-and-miss scenario most of the time. What is most alarming is the lack of Netflix Private Internet Access unblocking in France.

As such, If I were to talk on the basis of streaming, NordVPN would be the best choice. PIA still needs to improve its unblocking capabilities to justify its price and customers buying it.

I have tested both NordVPN and PIA unblocking capabilities in France and here are the detailed results of my tests:


I tested all the major streaming platforms including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max with the NordVPN servers and it was able to unblock all without any problems.



Easily unblocked US Netflix with NordVPN in France to watch “The Walking Dead” with no buffering issues



The NordVPN US server allowed me to unblock Hulu and watch “Family Guy”



The US server of NordVPN immediately unblocked HBO Max in France and I could easily stream “Game of Thrones”



“Avengers: End Game” on Disney+ was easily unblocked in France by the NordVPN US server


The results for PIA were not as impressive as NordVPN’s were. I tried unblocking the same streaming sites and the results are as follows.



Upon testing, PIA could not unblock US Netflix in France as the title “The Walking Dead” didn’t appear in the search results, which was easily available to watch with the US server of NordVPN 



Even after trying more than 6 US servers, I was not able to unblock Hulu in France. The error message in the screenshot above kept on displaying every time I accessed Hulu with a new US server



I used the US Florida server to unblock HBO Max in France to watch “Dune: Part 1”



I was able to unblock Disney+ in France with the US Chicago server to watch “Thor: Ragnarok”


NordVPN-Logo Private-Internet-Access
VPN Protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, NordLynx OpenVPN, WireGuard
Data Encryption AES-256 AES-256
Kill Switch Yes Yes
Split Tunneling Yes Yes
Leak Protection Wi-Fi, DNS/WebRTC/IP Leak Protection DNS/WebRTC/IP Leak Protection
DNS Status PrivateDNS PrivateDNS

One of the best things about NordVPN has to be its strong privacy and security in France. The provider is simply undetectable to websites, thanks to its large pool of shared IPs.

Add this to NordVPN’s support for all protocols, including IKEv2, NordLynx, and OpenVPN. You can feel assured to receive maximum anonymity. For the data channel, NordVPN uses 256-CBC ciphers with HMAC SHA256 hash authentication.

For its control channel, NordVPN uses the same hash authentication and ciphers above, with the addition of an RSA-2048. A strong DHE-4096 key exchange is used for setting up Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS).

If you are using the iOS app, NordVPN changes its encryption. All connections use the IKEv2 protocol with AES-256-GCM ciphers with HMAC SHA2-384 data authentication.

Despite being a US-based provider, Private Internet Access (PIA) maintains an incredibly strong network of servers. They utilize strong encryption ciphers on WireGuard and OpenVPN Protocols.

For the data channel, PIA uses the infamous military-grade; AES-256-bit ciphers with SHA256 for data authentication and RSA-4096 for a handshake. PFE is available via the DHE+RSA exchange.

For the control channel, PIA uses the same ciphers and hash authentication, with the inclusion of SHA384 for authentication. Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFE) is available via ECDHE+ECDSA.

In short, you receive great privacy with both providers. NordVPN, however, goes the extra mile by offering the NordLynx Protocol and features like Dedicated IPs and Onion over VPN.


The NordVPN network is very secure with military-grade AES-256-bit encryption in France. The provider uses the most advanced security protocols including IKEv2/IPSec, OpenVPN, and NordLynx.

The NordLynx protocol is based on the WireGuard protocol and is exclusive to NordVPN. It offers better speeds and security than the other protocols. It uses the double NAT system to enhance the WireGuard protocol in France.

NordVPN also offers a number of security features including CyberSec Threat Protection that blocks ads and malware, Double VPN that encrypts your data twice, Onion Over VPN that routes your traffic through the NordVPN network and then the Onion Router, and a built-in Kill Switch that protects your identity and data in case the VPN connection suddenly drops.

NordVPN doesn’t log or track your data and activities according to its strict no-logs policy which has been audited by an independent third party known as PwC. PwC is one of the big four auditing companies in the world.

NordVPN also offers a Smart DNS feature called SmartPlay that allows you to unblock geo-restricted content on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc. However, the feature doesn’t encrypt your traffic so do not take it as a replacement for a VPN.

NordVPN doesn’t leak your data and activities as I have tested it with various leak tests including DNS, WebRTC, and IP leak tests. Here are the leak test results:



The encryption method of PIA works on the AES-256-bit ciphers with 2048-bit key. The provider uses security protocols including OpenVPN, and WireGuard.

PIA has a number of security features that include a kill switch, DNS leak protection, IP leak protection, and an advanced feature called MACE that blocks ads, trackers, and malware.

The company doesn’t log your data or activities according to its strict no-logs policy.

The advanced split tunneling feature of PIA allows you to route traffic from selected apps through the VPN while the rest goes through your ISP.

The PIA Smart DNS enables you to change your virtual location on your Smart TV and other streaming devices to have easy access to major platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and more.

I tested PIA for DNS, WebRTC, and IP leak tests and the results were positive which means PIA doesn’t leak your data in France.


Servers & Speed

NordVPN Private-Internet-Access
Server Countries 59 78
Total Number of Servers 5,600 35,000
Speed Loss 2% 15%

Since VPNs are crucial tools for unblocking/streaming /torrenting, it is vital that you receive good speeds. The last thing you need is suffering from a turtle internet.

In light of this, I decided to conduct a performance assessment of both providers. This involved testing the max download bandwidths of NordVPN and PIA in France for different servers in varied countries. I then noted the average speeds received.

If I talk about NordVPN speed test in France. Of course, those located far away displayed mediocre performance.

For Private Internet Access (PIA), the results were decent but it is safe to say that NordVPN wins in this domain. Check out the speed test results below.


NordVPN has one of the largest server networks in the VPN industry with 5600
servers in 59 countries covering

  • America,
  • Europe,
  • Middle East,
  • Asia Pacific, and
  • Africa.

This VPN provider also offers specialty servers for PUBG in France, Call of Duty: Warzone, Minecraft, and other gaming platforms.

The NordVPN network is very fast as it uses the most advanced security protocols including NordLynx and OpenVPN. I have tested the NordVPN servers for speed and the results are as follows.

NordVPN Speed Test for US


NordVPN Speed Test for UK


NordVPN Speed Test for Canada


NordVPN Speed Test for New Zealand

NordVPN speed test for New Zealand--

NordVPN Speed Test for Australia

NordVPN speed test for Australia--


PIA has a decent server network of more than 35,000 servers in 78 countries, covering

  • America,
  • Europe,
  • Asia Pacific,
  • Africa, and others.

The provider doesn’t offer any specialty servers but it offers SOCKS proxy with all its plans.

The PIA server network is very fast as it uses the WireGuard protocol. I have tested the PIA servers for speed and the results are as follows.

PIA Speed Test for US

PIA Speed Test for US--

PIA Speed Test for UK

PIA Speed Test for UK--

PIA Speed Test for Canada

PIA Speed Test for Canada--

PIA Speed Test for New Zealand

PIA Speed Test for New Zealand--

PIA Speed Test for Australia

PIA Speed Test for Australia--


NordVPN Private-Internet-Access
Headquarters Panama United States
Connection Logs None None
Activity Logs None None
Sign Up Information Email Address Email Address
Cryptocurrency Yes Yes


If we compare the two, NordVPN tends to be a safer option because of its jurisdiction. The provider is away from Five, Nine, Fourteen Eyes Alliances with its headquarters in safe Panama.

The provider has a strict no-logs policy which has been independently audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which is one of the Big Four Accounting Firms.


Private Internet Acess (PIA), on the other hand, has its HQ in the US. The country is the founding member of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances and boasts the most invasive laws.

It mandates Mass Surveillance and Data retention whether that be internet service providers, telecom providers, or Virtual Private Network providers.

As such, if you want to remain safe and secure from the prying eyes of the government, intelligence agencies, and copyright infringement hunters, PIA is not a reliable option.


NordVPN Private-Internet-Access
Address Allocation Shared/Static Shared/Static
Static IPs Yes Yes
DDoS Protection Yes Yes
NAT Firewall Yes Yes


NordVPN offers both static and dynamic IP addresses. A static IP address is a unique IP that is assigned to only one device and it doesn’t change. A dynamic IP address is shared by multiple devices and it changes from time to time.

NordVPN protects you from DDoS attacks which makes it a perfect VPN for gaming in France.

NordVPN also has support for NAT Firewall, which is a network security system that filters incoming and outgoing traffic and blocks unsolicited connections.


Just like NordVPN, PIA also offers both static and dynamic IP addresses. But unlike NordVPN, PIA offers Port Forwarding to all of its users. However, you’ll have one randomly assigned port number.

PIA VPN protects against DDoS attacks by assigning you a new IP address and it also has support for NAT Firewall.

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NordVPN vs PIA in France: FAQs

Why is PIA so slow in France?

If you’re using the PIA app and experiencing a slow connection, then we recommend you to change the ports that your application is connecting to. It should solve the problem.

Does Netflix detect NordVPN in France?

NordVPN works well with Netflix in France. The VPN is less reliable than it was before as the streaming giant has enhanced its algorithm of eliminating VPN-generated IPs but NordVPN can still unblock US Netflix and other 10 libraries in France.

Is PIA good for gaming in France?

Yes! Private Internet Access is one of the fastest VPNs for gaming in France. It has a massive network of 35,000 servers in 78 countries that allows you to connect to international servers. What makes this VPN a great choice for gaming is the DDoS protection it offers in France.

Is it easy to cancel NordVPN in France?

You cannot cancel your NordVPN subscription plan within the app. Nonetheless, the easiest method is to cancel your automatic payment and request a refund via live chat. It’ll take 4 to 5 days till you get your money back.

Does NordVPN have a free trial period in France?

You can get NordVPN with the free trial hack for 30 days in France. The robust money-back offer allows you to use the VPN risk-free and you can get your money back after generating a refund request within 30 days of your purchase.

You can also use the 7-day NordVPN free trial but it is only available for Android and iOS.

Is NordVPN good for Torrenting in France?

NordVPN provides numerous benefits that help make them the best choice for secure and anonymous torrenting. The NordVPN app has dedicated P2P servers that allows you to achieve 100% privacy while torrenting in France.

However, if you go with Private Internet Access torrenting in France, then that’s a great VPN too.

NordVPN vs PIA in France: Our Winner

NordVPN is our winner in this NordVPN vs PIA in France comparison. There is no doubt that both are great names in the marketplace.

However, NordVPN has greater value and beats PIA in major categories like streaming speed, and security features in France.

The provider offers a dedicated SmartPlay feature for smooth streaming on major platforms. Along with that, it offers more servers that are optimized to unblock popular sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and more.

As evident from the speed test results above, NordVPN is undoubtedly blazing fast and a better choice for hardcore activities like gaming.

And security features like Double VPN, Dedicated IPs, Onion over VPN, and P2P servers further strengthen NordVPN’s case.

NordVPN’s location is also incredibly strategic, whereas PIA has its base of operations in the US (an unsafe location). So considering all the above-mentioned factors, I would advise using NordVPN!

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