How to Watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer

Last updated: October 5, 2023
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BBC iPlayer, one of the leading UK-based streaming platforms, has broadcasting issues with streaming its extremely addictive and uniquely plotted TV series in Canada. To help streamers in this hour of need, an ExpressVPN subscription is what the streamers rely on for granted with access to watch BBC iPlayer in Canada.

The Promise (TV series 2022) is basically a mini-TV series that pays attention to the circumstances leading to the mysterious disappearances of an eleven-year-old girl, Charlotte Meyer. Pierre Castaing (Marchal) endeavors to find the missing girl when the world was hit by a catastrophic storm back in 1990.

If the story already seems contagious to you and you want to witness whether the parents of the missing girl succeed in finding her, stream The Promise in Canada through VPN assistance, like ExpressVPN, and follow the article to unveil the unblocking secrets!

How to Watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer? [Easiest Steps]

To watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer without facing charges by heavy geo-limitations, carefully take notes of the following easy steps;

  • Sign up for an unblocking VPN like ExpressVPN.
  • Install its optimum app on the device.
  • Connect to a credibly fast UK server, most likely Docklands server.
  • Go to the official website for BBC iPlayer.
  • Search out for The Promise and watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer with uninterrupted streaming access.

Where to Watch The Promise in Canada?

You can watch The Promise online FREE in Canada on BBC iPlayer once you have activated your ExpressVPN subscription plan.

Without any need for a BBC iPlayer free trial, you can enjoy The Promise 2022 watch online free service in the comfort of your home.

With this free-of-cost service of BBC iPlayer, you can even take a survey and stream intriguing shows like Sorry to Bother You and Louis Theroux.

BBC Four is yet another streaming platform where the snips and bits of The Promise French Drama are available. But for streaming, BBC iPlayer is the most advisable streaming forum.

When to Watch the Promise on BBC iPlayer?

French crime drama BBC has been up on the UK-based streaming platform since 12 February 2022. Since The Promise’s release date, millions of viewers have been digitally marching to BBC iPlayer to access The Promise on BBC iPlayer.

What is the Plot of The Promise?

Wondering what happens in the French series The Promise? The story begins on Boxing Day in 1999 when a massive catastrophic storm shakes the earth upside down.

In the Landes region of France, an 11-year-old gold, as a consequence of the storm, goes missing, and the detective and police agent, Pierre Castaing (Olivier Marchal), has been assigned as the lead investigator.

Twenty years later, another girl goes missing from the same place where Charlotte goes missing this time, with a different investigator, the daughter of Pierre Castaing, Sarah Castaing, and the prime suspect is the same man whom his father had to give bail in lack of strong evidence.

Who is the Featured Cast of The Promise?

The Promise French TV series beholds the gush of entertainment that fans love and rave about. To know who are the top performers in this already hitching TV series, take a look at the table we have cast for your assistance:

Actors Top Cast
Sofia Essaïdi Sarah Castaing
Olivier Marchal Pierre Castaing
Lorànt Deutsch Jérôme Sambuc
Elisa Ezzedine Sarah Castaing – 15 ans
Lili Aupetit Lilas Castaing – 11 ans
Jules Houplain Tony Andreï – 19 ans
Natacha Régnier Hélène Meyer
Xavier Robic Nicolas
Lily-Rose Condat Fanny Vidal – 10 ans
Irina Muluile Séverine Perrin
Oscar Copp Romain Legendre
Guy Lecluyse Serge Fouquet
Robinson Stévenin Tony Andreï
Nadia Farès Inès Castaing
Leslie Medina Lilas Castaing
Juliette Katz Anaïs Delaire
François Briault Denis
Franck Manzoni Jean-Marc Meyer

How many Episodes are there in The Promise French drama?

To know about the episode count and gain insight into the central idea of each episode, follow the table coming ahead:

Series Number of Episodes
1 Ep 1 – The mysterious case of the child’s disappearance reopens after 20 years
1 Ep 2 – Sarah tries to find a connection between Charlotte’s disappearance case and the recent girl’s disappearance.
1 Ep 3 – Sarah is determined to solve the case despite a significant setback.
1 Ep 4 – Sarah starts to meet Tony again and is certain to have unveiled the culprit’s identity.
1 Ep 5 – Sarah has been detained from the case but continues to find the truth unofficially
1 Ep 6 – DNA found on Charlottes’ boots takes a major step toward resolving the case.

How are Critics reviewing the The Promise TV Series?

As per The Promise TV series review, the series is a remarkable work of art. However, there are a few scenes and concepts that are far from reality.

Overall, the cast is splendid and perfectly resonates with the vibe of the characters, except for the character of Fouquet. The show is a must-watch and has gripped viewers’ interests throughout the runtime.

Is there any Trailer available for The Promise?

The Promise BBC trailer is already up on social media, doing rounds and hyping the already raving fans. You can have a look at its glimpse if you are already caught with a tight schedule and don’t have ample time for browsing through:

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer

With ExpressVPN, your endless queries and mysteries of acquiring access to watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer no longer exist. You can simply fetch in its subscription to drive off BBC iPlayer error codes and entertain yourself with the fantastic and eye-catching plots of BBC iPlayer shows.

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ExpressVPN lets us Watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer

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To access BBC iPlayer on Smart TV, you won’t require any third-party assistance, as the MediaStreamer feature is equally defeating the odds by supporting streaming on incompetent VPN gadgets like gaming consoles, PS4, etc. This means you can watch Sandylands and Hey Duggee on multiple devices without facing slow speed.

Whether you look forward to streaming BBC iPlayer on iPhone or BBC iPlayer on Android, ExpressVPN and its massive compatibility options have got you covered. And these fantastic unblocking servers work tirelessly on as many as eight simultaneous devices.

AES 256-bit encryption, protocols, no-logs, and a kill switch are some of the remarkable security features that have been actively blocking suspicious resources from hacking the private user end data. These features allow you to watch Robin Hood and The TikTok Effect on BBC iPlayer securely.

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Suppose you seek to acquire info through the platform of BBC iPlayer. In that case, you can initiate with the knowledgeable series on BBC Bitesize just after you are thoroughly done with subscribing to the best VPN for BBC iPlayer.

The Promise

What other Content can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

Want to get rid of the query of what to watch on BBC iPlayer in Canada? Do you want to find something exciting to watch from the countless shows on BBC iPlayer? Have a look at the assorted shows below:


To the stunning plot, exceptionally performing cast, and mind-blowing concept, the 7.1/10 IMDb rating does justice.

The promise on BBC iPlayer episodes has been filmed in different locations in order to depict the scenes of the storm quite perfectly. The filming locations are as follows;

  • Dax, Landes, France
  • Moliets-et-Maa, Landes, France
  • Léon, Landes, France
  • Saint-Sever, Landes, France

The minds of Gaëlle Bellan and Anne Landois are behind the intuitive narrative of The Promise, making this BBC iPlayer a must-watch.

Wrap Up

No more struggling to watch The Promise in Canada on BBC iPlayer with ExpressVPN; it’s like a walk in the park to access geo-restricted platforms. Once the VPN starts working, BBC iPlayer casts its entertainment magic.

Beware, The Promise might want you to sob a little, so accompany yourself with some friends!

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