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Last updated: February 1, 2024
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William Sams
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In the current social climate, online privacy and security are becoming increasingly important. This has only made the need for Virtual Private Networks more abundant. TunnelBear is one VPN that has emerged as an essential tool in recent times. In this blog, I will be discussing TunnelBear pricing in Canada to guide you through the tough decision-making process and choose the best deal suited to your needs.

TunnelBear VPN is known among users as the best VPN for Canada for its simplicity and effectiveness. It offers a seamless and diverse server network with no blind spots. TunnelBear offers a few different pricing models that cater to various user needs. One of the most appealing plans is the TunnelBear free version.

The free version allows users in Canada to experience the TunnelBear VPN service without any charges. Given that the free version comes with some limitations, there are also paid plans available. These subscription-based plans manifest in various TunnelBear pricing plans. Each differs in duration and offers monthly and yearly payment options.

TunnelBear Pricing in Canada – Cost for Different Plans

To cater to a larger user base, TunnelBear offers 3 distinct subscription plans in Canada. These include Free, Unlimited, and Teams. Each plan is designed with specific user requirements in mind. The various plans ensure that users can select the TunnelBear pricing structure that best suits individual or business needs.

For the purpose of this blog, I opted for the unlimited version to get an accurate taste of what TunnelBear has to offer, but the free plan is not too shabby either.

Plan Data Limit Simultaneous Connections Price (Monthly)
Free 500 MB data per day 5 simultaneous connections Free
Unlimited Unlimited data Unlimited simultaneous connections US$3.33/month
Teams Unlimited data Unlimited simultaneous connections US$5.75/month
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How is TunnelBear’s Free Plan?

When it comes to free versions of premium VPNs, TunnelBear Free Plan is among the best. It offers a fantastic opportunity for new users in Canada to get used to this VPN service. They can use it for any amount of time and become accustomed to the services and features.

The free version, although limited, offers adequate features. For starters, it offers a 500 MB data limit per day. This limit is sufficient for light browsing and casual internet usage, such as checking emails or reading the news. It also offers simultaneous connections to up to 5 devices. This provides flexibility to users in Canada to protect multiple devices.

Despite the free TunnelBear pricing per month, TunnelBear does not compromise on customer service. It promises that even free users receive adequate support. On the free plan, you always have the option to upgrade to a premium plan. All these features make the free plan an excellent choice for users with limited internet needs or those wanting to test TunnelBear capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

How is TunnelBear’s Unlimited Plan?

TunnelBear pricing for the Unlimited Plan is tailored for personal use. At US$ 3.33 per month, it offers a variety of exciting features that guarantee a comprehensive and secure browsing experience. The Unlimited Plan comes with no data limitations. Users in Canada can browse, stream, and download without worrying about usage limits or data caps.

The Unlimited Plan also allows users to connect an unlimited number of devices under a single subscription. With no limit on devices either, TunnelBear becomes the ideal VPN that provides flexibility across unlimited devices.

The Unlimited Plan provides access to premium servers at much faster speeds and enhanced security. It provides an optimized browsing experience along with City-Level Server selection. Users have the option to choose servers at any city level for a more precise and customizable browsing experience.

The Unlimited Plan prioritizes customer support and ensures prompt assistance and guidance whenever needed. Customer support can be reached 24/7 for timely assistance. This plan is ideal for individuals looking for unrestricted access to the TunnelBear features and benefits.

How is TunnelBear’s Team Plan?

TunnelBear is one of the few VPN providers out there that offer a Team Plan specifically designed for businesses. It aims to secure the online activities of multiple users at once within an organization. This Team Plan is best suited for businesses or teams with two or more individuals requiring TunnelBear VPN access in Canada.

Just like the Unlimited Plan, the Team Plan offers unlimited data to accommodate secure browsing without data caps. The Team Plan also allows an unlimited number of devices per user, similar to the Unlimited Plan.

To keep up with the business operations, the Team Plan promises faster speeds and heightened security measures. At a City-Level, it offers multiple server options to customize your network, along with optimized servers, and costs US$ 5.75 per month.

No matter the plan, TunnelBear provides priority customer support for quicker assistance. Unlike the Unlimited Plan, the Team Plan has a Centralized Team Billing feature that caters specifically to businesses. Centralized billing is available for ease of management. Team Plan also has tools and features that allow administrative control within the team and management of the team’s user accounts.

Does TunnelBear Offer Discounts in Canada?

TunnelBear certainly extends discounts in Canada to specific groups to make its service more accessible. Currently, discounts are provided to the following 2 groups:

  • Student Discounts: This discount is available for all students affiliated with the Student Beans network. They can enjoy a substantial 70% discount on a two-year subscription to TunnelBear. This discount offers an unlimited data cap to guarantee unlimited usage during the subscription period.
  • Support for Activists and Journalists: This discount is applicable only to organizations assisting journalists or human rights activists in their fight against Internet censorship. These organizations can receive a free annual subscription to TunnelBear for their entire team. This initiative of TunnelBear aims to support causes that uphold free access to information.

What Features Does TunnelBear Offer in Canada?

TunnelBear – User-Friendly VPN in Canada


Key Features:

  • 5000+ servers in 47 countries
  • 53 Mbps download and 62.77 Mbps upload
  • 500 MB Data Per Day on a Free plan
  • Unlimited data on the paid plans
  • 5 simultaneous connections on a free plan
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections on a paid plan
  • AES 256-bit encryption

TunnelBear pricing in Canada allows users to select a plan that offers features that ensure a secure and seamless browsing experience based on their data needs. Among the popular VPN options available, TunnelBear stands out due to its military-grade encryption, 5000+ servers, and user-friendly interface.

To accurately judge TunnelBear features, I took it out on a test run. I connected to the New York City server, USA. Then, selected the Unlimited Plan and were able to connect multiple devices at a time without experiencing any lag. The speed was fast on all the devices, and I experienced no ISP throttling. Additionally, TunnelBear on Kodi in Canada can further enhance streaming expereince.

During my evaluation of TunnelBear features, I conducted a comprehensive test using TunnelBear on Windows in Canada. I connected to the New York City server, USA, and opted for the Unlimited Plan, which allowed me to connect multiple devices simultaneously without encountering any noticeable lag Speaking of speed, I conducted the TunnelBear speed test in Canada and were left impressed with our findings. On average, a speed of 53 Mbps was seen on downloads and a speed of 62.77 Mbps on uploads. The download speed is perfect for Tunnel bear torrenting in Canada and downloading, although the upload speed can use some help.


Get good download speed on TunnelBear.

As previously mentioned, the service offers reliable and smooth browsing and streaming experiences. This is due to their data limit. While the Free Plan has a 500 MB limit every day, the Unlimited and Team Plans have no such limit.

The number of device connectivity depends upon the TunnelBear pricing plans in Canada. The Free Plan offers 5 simultaneous connections, and both the paid plans offer unlimited connections. The VPN provides AES 256-bit encryption, which has slowly become the market standard in terms of security.

Apart from its encryption protocol, TunnelBear has specialized features like VigilantBear, a kill switch, and GhostBear, server obfuscation functionalities. It has jurisdiction in Canada, which means that it complies with the no-logging policy.

TunnelBear is compatible with various devices and platforms and can be used as a TunnelBear extension. It also provides reliable customer support to assist users with any queries or concerns on both versions, free and paid. This VPN is incredibly user-friendly, and the TunnelBear VPN download process is quite straightforward.

It is one of the best cheap VPN services since the premium versions are available at a much lower price point compared to competitors, such as ExpressVPN cost in Canada and Surfshark pricing in Canada. The TunnelBear individual Unlimited Plan costs $3.33 per month whilst the Team Plan costs $5.75 per month.

For more in-depth feature discussion, read the TunnelBear review in Canada.

Get TunnelBear in Canada30-day money-back guarantee

FAQs – TunnelBear Pricing in Canada

TunnelBear pricing in Canada per month depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. While the free plan is completely free, the premium options also exist. The unlimited premium plan costs US $3.33 per month. If you opt for the team plan, the individual cost per month will be about US $5.75.

No, TunnelBear continues to offer a free plan in Canada to this day. This free plan allows users to access limited data of 500 MB each month without any cost. However, there is a cheap paid option available for users seeking unlimited data and additional premium features. The Unlimited subscription plan is available at US $3.33 per month.

The major difference between TunnelBear free and premium plans lies in the data limit. The free plan comes with a 500 MB data cap each day whilst the Unlimited version has no such limitation. Premium plans allow users to take full advantage of TunnelBear services such as unlimited device connections, priority customer support, VigilantBear (kill switch), and GhostBear (server obfuscation).


In the present era, where online privacy is increasingly under threat, a VPN is the only reliable solution. Among popular VPNs, TunnelBear continues to stand out. The primary reason for that is TunnelBear pricing in Canada, along with AES 256-bit security measures, a user-friendly interface, unlimited data, and simultaneous device connections.

A VPN should align with specific user needs and priorities. This is why TunnelBear offers competitive pricing plans in Canada. There is truly something for everyone in terms of TunnelBear pricing. Whether you are just trying out the services with the Free Plan, an individual with the Unlimited Plan, or a group with a Team Plan, you won’t be disappointed.

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