How to Get Peacock TV for Android in Australia [Easy Ways]

Last updated: November 3, 2023
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Are you wondering how to get Peacock TV for Android in Australia? If so, we have the perfect solution for you. By utilizing ExpressVPN, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions and enjoy seamless access to Peacock TV in Australia on your Android device, no matter where you are.

Peacock TV is a popular streaming channel that offers a wide range of captivating content, including movies, series, documentaries, and more.

With Peacock TV Android, you can dive into the latest shows and movies, staying up to date with the hottest releases and binge-worthy favorites “The Flight Attendant” and “Saved by the Bell Reboot,” as well as blockbuster movies like “Boss Level” and “The Croods: A New Age.”

However, it’s important to note that Peacock TV is geo-restricted and only available within the United States. But fret not! With the help of a premium VPN like ExpressVPN, you can overcome this hurdle and access Peacock TV’s extensive library. Check out Peacock price & plans to find the best subscription that suits your streaming needs.

So, whether you’re a fan of thrilling dramas, hilarious comedies, or captivating documentaries, ExpressVPN is your key to unlocking the world of Peacock TV on your Android device, no matter where you are. Remember to visit our guide on how to get Peacock TV in Australia for detailed instructions and a step-by-step process.

How to Get Peacock TV for Android in Australia in 2023? [Quick Steps]

Looking to access Peacock TV for Android in Australia in 2023? Do you want to know how to get Peacock on my TV? We’ve got you covered! Follow these quick steps and unleash the world of Peacock TV with the help of ExpressVPN.

  • Start by signing up for ExpressVPN reliable service. It offers secure and fast connections to servers worldwide, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.
  • Once you’ve subscribed, download and install the ExpressVPN app on your Android device. It’s available on the Google Play Store.
  • Open the ExpressVPN app and sign in using your credentials. Connect to its New York Server.
  • Within the app, select a server located in the United States. It will assign you a US IP address, bypassing the geo-restrictions on Peacock TV.
  • With ExpressVPN connected to a US server, launch the app on your Android device. You’ll now have unrestricted access to its extensive content library. Sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in a world of entertainment.

Take the first step towards unlocking Peacock TV on Android in Australia by subscribing to ExpressVPN today. With its advanced features and robust security, you can stream confidently and without limitations. Check out the ExpressVPN Review to put your mind at ease!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your streaming experience. Try Peacock free trial and experience the power of seamless access to Peacock TV in Australia.

How to Install and Use Peacock TV on Android TV

Are you looking to enjoy Peacock TV on your Android TV? Follow these steps seamlessly to install and use Peacock TV on your Android device.

Step 1: Installing the Downloader on Android TV

Follow these steps to install a downloader on your Android TV:

  • Ensure your Android TV is connected to the internet.
  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android TV.
  • Search for “Downloader” in the search bar.
  • Select the Downloader app and click “Install” to download and install it on your Android TV.

Step 2: Turn On Unknown Sources

Follow these steps to Turn On Unknown Sources:

  • From the home screen of your Android TV, navigate to “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and select “Security & Restrictions.”
  • Within the menu, find “Unknown Sources” and toggle it on to allow the installation of third-party apps.

Step 3: Using A Downloader, Install Peacock TV

Follow these steps to Install Peacock TV Using A Downloader:

  • Launch the Downloader app on your Android TV.
  • When prompted, click “Allow” to grant the necessary permissions.
  • In the application’s URL field, enter the URL for Peacock TV.
  • Click “Go” to initiate the Peacock TV APK file download.
  • Once the download is complete, click “Install” to install Peacock TV on your Android.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish.
  • After installation, you can find the Peacock TV app on your Android TV’s home screen or in the library.

Now, you can launch the Peacock TV app, sign in with your credentials, and enjoy a wide range of content directly on your Android TV. Remember, if you’re in Australia and facing geo-restrictions, consider using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

It will help you bypass the restrictions and access Peacock TV effortlessly. Get ready to dive into the entertainment world with Peacock TV on your Android TV! Enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and more such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 15 and Twisted Metal Season 1 with simple steps.

Also, Find out how to watch Peacock on Live TV in the attached guide!

Also, Find out how to watch Peacock on Live TV in the attached guide!

Also, Find out how to watch Peacock on Live TV in the attached guide!

What Features Does Peacock TV for Android Have?

Peacock TV for Android offers a range of exciting features that enhance your streaming experience. Let’s explore the key features of Peacock TV for Android:

  1. Extensive Content Library: Peacock TV provides an on-demand streaming service with a vast content library. From hit movies to popular TV shows, Peacock TV offers various entertainment options for Android users.
  2. Live Sports: With Peacock TV, Android users can enjoy live sports events, including coverage of significant leagues and tournaments. Stay updated with your favorite sports and catch the action in real time.
  3. Originals and Exclusives: Peacock TV for Android showcases a variety of original shows and exclusive content. Discover captivating Peacock Originals you won’t find anywhere else, and dive into exclusive series and documentaries.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: The Peacock TV app for Android boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find your preferred content. The intuitive design ensures a seamless and enjoyable streaming experience.
  5. Personalized Recommendations: Peacock TV utilizes an algorithm that learns your viewing preferences and provides customized recommendations based on your interests. Discover new shows, movies, and genres tailored to your taste.
  6. Compatibility with Android TV: Peacock TV is designed to be compatible with Android TV devices, allowing users to access the Peacock on Smart TVs and Android TV boxes running on the Android operating system.
  7. Ad-Supported and Premium Tiers: Peacock TV offers ad-supported and premium subscription options. Users can choose between the free ad-supported plan or premium subscription to enjoy an ad-free viewing experience.
  8. Peacock TV For Android Box: Peacock TV is fully compatible with Android TV boxes, allowing users to enjoy their favorite shows and movies on the big screen. Installing the Peacock TV app on your Android TV box will enable you to access the extensive content library and take advantage of the features offered by Peacock TV.

Peacock TV for Android brings an immersive entertainment experience right to your fingertips. From an extensive content library to live sports and personalized recommendations, Peacock TV for Android offers something for every viewer.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Get Peacock TV for Android in Australia

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to get Peacock TV for Android in Australia due its advanced features and reliable performance. With its fast connection speed, ExpressVPN ensures a seamless streaming experience while bypassing geo-restrictions.

After its speed testing, we found its downloading speed of about 92.26 Mbps and uploading speed of about 89.45 Mbps.


ExpressVPN Speed Test Peacock TV

First and foremost, ExpressVPN offers a vast network of high-speed 3000 severs in 105 countries, including 25+ USA servers.

With this feature, you can easily access Peacock TV and indulge in your favorite content such as The Open Golf Championship 2023 and Premier League Summer Series 2023 on Peacock TV.

By connecting to a US server (New York server), you can mask your IP address and appear to be browsing from within the United States, granting you unrestricted access to Peacock TV on your Android device.


Get Peacock TV on Android with ExpressVPN

Furthermore, ExpressVPN prioritizes user privacy and security. It employs robust encryption protocols and a strict no-logs policy, ensuring your online activities remain private and protected. Knowing your data is secure lets you enjoy Peacock TV content with peace of mind.

Don’t let geo-restrictions limit your access to Peacock TV. Choose ExpressVPN, the trusted VPN provider that guarantees a fast, secure, and reliable connection, enabling you to enjoy Peacock TV on your Android device anywhere. It’s also a top choice for streaming other popular platforms like BritBox in Australia, Directv in Australia, ESPN plus in Australia, Vudu in Australia. It’s also a top choice for streaming other popular platforms like BritBox in Australia, Directv in Australia, ESPN plus in Australia. It’s also a top choice for streaming other popular platforms like ExpressVPN Hulu.

ExpressVPN provides a discounted price of AU$ 10.08 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save up to 49% with exclusive 1-year plans + 3 months free for the 12-month plan, which includes an extra three months at no additional cost. Peacock TV offers a range of payment options, ensuring user convenience.

What Other Devices are Compatible With Peacock TV besides Android in Australia?

Peacock TV is not limited to Android devices for accessing its content in Australia. It is compatible with various devices, allowing users to enjoy their favorite shows and movies on multiple platforms. Here are some of the devices that are compatible with Peacock TV:


Android Phones and Tablets (via the Peacock TV app)
iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) (via Peacock TV app)
Android TV (including Smart TVs and streaming devices like NVIDIA Shield)
Apple TV (4th generation and later)
Roku (select models)
Amazon Fire TV (Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs)
Chromecast and Chromecast with Google TV
Xbox One and Xbox Series X
PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
Samsung Smart TVs (2017 models and later)
LG Smart TVs (webOS 3.5 and later)
VIZIO SmartCast TVs

These devices offer various options for accessing Peacock TV in Australia. Download the Peacock TV app from the respective app store, access it through compatible devices, and start streaming your favorite content.

What to Watch on Peacock TV on Android in Australia in 2023?

When it comes to what to watch on Peacock TV on Android in Australia in 2023, there’s a wide range of exciting content to explore. There’s something for everyone, from captivating shows to blockbuster movies and Peacock TV Originals. Here are a few examples of what you can watch on Peacock TV:

What New Can You Watch on Peacock in Australia in November 2023?

The listed below are the movies, and shows on Peacock TV in Australia in November 2023:

5 More Sleeps ‘Till Christmas 14 Love Letters
The 40-Year-Old Virgin Almost Christmas
Along Came Polly Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New
Bad Boys Balto
Bad Boys II Battleship


  1. Poker Face: This intriguing show follows a tech entrepreneur who gets entangled in a high-stakes poker game, where the line between business and personal life blurs.
  2. Baking It: A delightful baking competition that brings together talented home bakers who showcase their skills, creativity, and passion for all things sweet.
  3. The Calling: A gripping crime drama that revolves around a detective who becomes obsessed with solving a series of mysterious and chilling crimes.
  4. Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin: The famous Pitch Perfect franchise takes a new spin with this special where Bumper, a fan-favorite character, embarks on a musical adventure in Berlin.
  5. The Capture: A thrilling conspiracy thriller that follows a detective investigating a complex case involving surveillance, deception, and manipulation.
  6. One of Us Is Lying: Based on the bestselling novel, this series revolves around a group of high school students who find themselves prime suspects in a murder investigation.


  1. Billy Madison: This comedy film stars Adam Sandler as Billy Madison, a lazy and immature heir to a hotel empire who must repeat grades 1 to 12 to prove himself worthy of taking over the family business.
  2. The Godfather Trilogy: Considered one of the most incredible film series of all time, The Godfather Trilogy tells the epic saga of the Corleone crime family, led by Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) and later his son Michael (Al Pacino), as they navigate the world of organized crime.
  3. Happy Gilmore: A comedy film starring Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore follows the story of a failed hockey player who discovers his talent for golf and enters professional tournaments to save his grandmother’s house.
  4. Trainwreck: This romantic comedy film written by and starring Amy Schumer follows the story of a commitment-phobic woman who starts to reconsider her stance on relationships when she meets a charming sports doctor.
  5. Bridesmaids: A hilarious comedy film featuring an ensemble cast led by Kristen Wiig, Bridesmaids follows the misadventures of a group of bridesmaids as they navigate the ups and downs of friendship, love, and wedding preparations.
  6. Anthony: This Peacock TV Original is a thought-provoking drama based on actual events, focusing on the life and tragic death of Anthony Walker, a young Black man whose life was cut short due to a racially motivated attack in 2005.

Peacock TV Originals:

  1. Bel Air: Inspired by the popular sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Bel Air is a Peacock TV Original dramatic reboot that explores the story of Will, a troubled teenager from a rough Philadelphia neighborhood, who moves to the wealthy area of Bel-Air to live with his aunt and uncle.
  2. Brave New World: Based on the classic dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley, Brave New World is a Peacock TV Original series set in a futuristic society where citizens are under constant surveillance, and a strict social order controls their lives.
  3. Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem: This special limited series is a spin-off of the popular soap opera “Days of Our Lives.” It follows beloved characters as they embark on a high-stakes adventure that takes them beyond the familiar town of Salem.
  4. Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas: Another special from the “Days of Our Lives” franchise, this holiday-themed episode brings together the residents of Salem as they celebrate Christmas and navigate the joys and challenges of the season.
  5. Departure: A thrilling drama series, Departure follows the investigation led by a brilliant aviation investigator when a passenger plane mysteriously vanishes over the Atlantic Ocean. It explores the complexities of the case and the personal lives of those involved.

These are just a few highlights of the diverse content available on Peacock TV. Whether you’re in the mood for thrilling dramas, hilarious comedies, or captivating originals, Peacock TV on Android in Australia has you covered.

Enjoy exploring these shows, movies, and Peacock TV Originals for an immersive entertainment experience.

You can also watch sports event such as Premier League Summer Series 2023 and Tour de France Femmes 2023 on peacock.

How to Fix Peacock TV Not Working on My Android in Australia?

Is Peacock not working on your Android device in Australia? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to help you fix the issue and get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies on Peacock TV.

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Start by verifying your internet connection is stable and working correctly. Slow or intermittent internet connectivity can cause streaming issues. Consider restarting your router or connecting to a different network to see if that resolves the problem.
  2. Update the Peacock TV App: Make sure that you have the latest version of the Peacock TV app installed on your Android device. Outdated versions may encounter compatibility issues or bugs affecting the app’s performance. Visit the Google Play Store to check for any Peacock TV app Android download updates and install them if necessary.
  3. Clear App Cache and Data: Sometimes, accumulated cache and data can impact the functioning of the Peacock TV app. To resolve this, go to your Android device’s Settings, then navigate to
  4. Apps or Application Manager. Find the Peacock TV app from the list and select it. Choose the options to clear cache and precise data. Please note that clearing data will log you out of the app, so make sure you have your login credentials handy.
  5. Restart Your Android Device: A simple restart can often resolve minor glitches and improve overall performance. Try restarting your Android device and relaunching the Peacock TV app to see if it starts working correctly.
  6. Disable VPN or Proxy: Using a VPN or proxy service to access Peacock TV in Australia might interfere with the app’s functionality. Temporarily disable any VPN or proxy service you’re using and try accessing Peacock TV without it.
  7. Check Peacock TV’s System Status: Peacock TV may occasionally experience technical difficulties, leading to service disruptions. Visit the Peacock TV website or their official social media channels to check if there are any reported issues or maintenance periods. If the problem lies with Peacock TV, you may need to wait until they resolve it.
  8. Contact Peacock TV Support: If the problem persists and none of the above steps helps, it’s advisable to contact Peacock TV’s customer support for further assistance. They can provide personalized troubleshooting steps or escalate the issue if needed. You can find contact information and support options on the Peacock TV website.

Remember, if you’re encountering any Peacock payment methods issues with your Peacock TV subscription or need to know how to cancel your Peacock subscription, refer to Peacock’s official support documentation or contact their customer support for guidance.

If Peacock TV is not working on your Android device in Australia, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

By checking your internet connection, updating the app, clearing cache and data, restarting your device, disabling VPN or proxy, and staying informed about system status updates, you can get Peacock TV up and running smoothly. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to contact Peacock TV’s customer support for further assistance.

Find out more details on how to fix Peacock not working in the attached link and troubleshoot the issues!

FAQs – Peacock TV for Android

Yes, Peacock is available on Android TV in Australia. You can download and install the Peacock TV app on your Android TV device to access a wide range of content, including movies, shows, and Peacock TV Originals.

Peacock TV offers both free and premium subscription options on Android devices in Australia. The free tier provides access to a limited selection of content with advertisements. To enjoy an ad-free experience and unlock additional features, you can subscribe to Peacock TV’s premium subscription.

Peacock TV for Android in Australia offers a diverse range of channels, including popular networks such as NBC, FOX, ABC, A&E, Bravo, Illumination, Nickelodeon, HISTORY, USA Network, Universal Pictures, MSNBC, SYFY, DreamWorks, and more. These channels provide a variety of content, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and live sports.

Peacock TV offers a free trial for new subscribers on Android devices in Australia. The free trial typically lasts for a specific period, allowing you to explore and experience the premium features of Peacock TV before committing to a subscription.

To use a Peacock TV Android promo code in Australia, begin by signing in or creating a Peacock TV account on the website or app. Then, navigate to the “Account” or “Settings” section and locate the option to redeem a promo code.
Enter the promo code in the provided field and click or tap on the “Redeem” button. The associated offer or discount will be applied to your Peacock TV subscription if the promo code is valid. Promo code availability and redemption may vary based on location and specific promotional offers.


In conclusion, accessing Peacock TV for Android in Australia is possible and offers a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily download and install the Peacock TV app, explore its diverse content library, and enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and Peacock TV Originals.

Whether you choose the free tier or a premium subscription, Peacock TV provides a wide range of channels and exciting features to enhance your streaming experience with the help of a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

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