IVPN Review for Australian Users in 2022

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
IVPN Review 2022 is articulated with a mind to expose the facts related to the service by covering all the related features and aspects.


Jurisdiction Gibraltar
Price AU$143 (US$100) for a 1-Year Plan
Servers 162 Servers in 34+ Countries including 2 servers in Australia
Logs Does Not Store Logs
Encryption AES-256
Unblocks Netflix Yes
Torrenting Yes
Works in China No
Recommended  Yes
Website https://www.ivpn.net/

In this IVPN Review for Australian Users in 2022, I’ll be digging deep into uncovering its IVPN pros & cons. The IVPN price, and anything else you need to know before signing up.

IVPN was founded in Gibraltar in 2009 and works to protect users’ anonymity and data while also challenging companies’ use of surveillance marketing. No leaks, no logs, and no email address are required to join up; this is the ultimate VPN for privacy novices.

Even while IVPN is not ideal for streaming in Australia, US servers do provide Peacock TV. If you need a VPN for streaming specifically, you should pay for one that is optimized for this.

With locally-hosted servers, IVPN can achieve respectable throughput times. If you don’t happen to be a resident of one of the 34 countries it serves, you may find that it’s a bit sluggish. Your IVPN plan determines how many devices you may connect usually it allows 07 concurrent connections. Additionally, there is a 30-day refund policy.

IVPN Review for Australian Users – Pros & Cons

IVPN Review discusses the key pros and cons of the service here


  • Multi-hops – Your data will be encrypted at different times while passing via multiple servers.
  • Kill switch – Even in the event that IVPN fails, your data will remain secure.
  • IVPN will only retain your email and payment details; none of your activities or communication will be logged.  What We Really don’t admire.


  • As a territory of the United Kingdom, the British are legally permitted to monitor your internet activities.
  • Netflix restricts several IP addresses and firewalls, therefore IVPN will likely prevent you from accessing it.
  • No torrenting is allowed in the U.S., IVPN prioritizes security over streaming.

 IVPN Review – Rating Criteria

  1. Jurisdiction: Where’s The IVPN Located?
  2. Security: Can IVPN Protect Me on the Web in Australia?
  3. Servers: What number of servers Does IVPN have?
  4. Streaming: Can I Bypass Netflix US and Other Video-On-Demand Services in Australia?
  5. P2P and TorrentingDoes it support torrenting and P2P transfers in Australia?
  6. Speed: How Quick are the IVPN Servers?
  7. Compatibility: Should I Use IVPN on Every Device I Own in Australia?
  8. Pricing: How much precisely will the IVPN Price be in Australia?
  9. Trustworthiness: Reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and Customer Service
  10. Setup & Installation: Is It Easy To Setup & Install IVPN in Australia?

Jurisdiction – Where is IVPN Based?

IVPN has its headquarters in the self-governing British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar. The jurisdiction is quite safe, as it does come under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, but is not technically a part of it.

Similar to the British Virgin Islands, it maintains its own independent status and the parliament is fully capable of enacting laws independent of the UK. As such, Gibraltar is not part of the 5/9/14 Eyes Alliances.

Therefore, it does not impose mandatory data retention and mass surveillance laws, which is perfect for a VPN headquarters. In fact, Gibraltar’s Data Protection Act of 2004 respects user privacy.

This itself gives IVPN an upper hand in a marketplace, where over 80+ providers are based in “Internet Enemy” jurisdictions. If that were not enough, IVPN even imposes a strict no-logging policy.

Security – Can IVPN Keep Me Safe Online in Australia?

Yes, IVPN is a great option for leveraging security/anonymity online in Australia. The service is based in a safe jurisdiction, imposes a no-logging policy, has undergone a security audit, and even supports WireGuard in all of its applications.

IVPN Encryptions and Protocol

Its safety is superior and concerns-free. IVPN makes use of 4096-bit RSA encryption in conjunction with AES 256-bit encryption and perfect forward secrecy

IVPN applications provide four protocols. WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2. These final two must be manually configured, although you’ll be good if you use WireGuard or OpenVPN.

These characteristics distinguish IVPN’s apps:

  • Multi-Hop is a function that passes your internet data over two servers, making it harder to monitor you.
  • Split tunneling is a VPN feature that allows you to select which data packets to send through the VPN connection.
  • TCP Port 443 is not blocked by firewalls since it is utilized for safe websites.
  • IPV6 Leak Prevention – prohibits your ISP-assigned IPv6 address from disclosing your location.
  • First-Party DNS — indicating IVPN does not employ third-party DNS for DNS queries from customers.
  • DNS Leak Prevention – prohibits your ISP-assigned DNS information from disclosing your location.
  • VPN Kill Switch – a function that avoids data leakage even if the VPN tunnel breaks.
  • AntiTracker is a feature that disables harmful websites, data trackers, spam advertisements, and adware.

Does IVPN Store Logging Information?

No, IVPN does not keep logs of your data. They state, “None of your connections will be logged in any way, shape, or form. Bandwidth, session information, and DNS queries are not recorded.” 

These claims are backed up by a security audit conducted by Cure53, the same firm that has previously also audited Surfshark, ExpressVPN, and numerous other prominent providers in the marketplace of VPNs.

The only IVPN stores are your username, password, and payment information (on their encrypted servers), but this is nothing to worry about, as almost all providers require this information when you sign up.

Undergone a Security Audit By Cure53

Cure53, a renowned web security service firm, and the first choice for comprehensive audits of VPNs, conducted a full-blown security assessment of IVPN by 6 members of the Cure 53 team over 21 man-days in late November and December.

The audit concluded with the identification of 9 issues (3 high, 2 medium, 1 low, and 1 info), all of which were instantly resolved or have since been resolved. The general assessment concludes the audit on a positive note with IVPN praised for its high levels of security.

Leak Test – Does IVPN Leak Your IP, DNS & WebRTC?

After conducting the leak test, I discovered that there was none present. A leak test would examine the system to determine whether or not there are any IP or DNS leaks. You should make use of the default DNS servers that are provided by IVPN so that you can prevent any leaks.


Servers – How Many Servers Does IVPN Have?

IVPN servers are 162 in number, placed in 34 countries including 2 servers in Australia. All of these servers are bare metal (not virtual) and hosted independently, which is excellent news for data protection and privacy.

I feel like this is a little on the low side when compared to similar VPN services. You might not be able to access as much content as you’d want, and your connection might be sluggish if you don’t have enough servers in your region.

Users in other parts of the world may not always experience the same high speeds because the majority of the servers are located in North America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. Here’s a list of a few locations that have servers, along with the server names.

IVPN Server Status au

MultiHop Servers

Users on IVPN’s Pro package have access to the server-sharing functionality known as MultiHop. Have you ever seen a movie in which the heroes try to follow a criminal’s phone conversation but fail because it is being relayed via so many different countries? In a sense, this function is the same thing.

IVPN Windows client Review au

If you use the MultiHop server option in Australia, your connection will bounce between several different servers. Therefore, it will be more difficult for snoops to obtain your information.

Fastest Server Feature

With Fastest Server, you’ll always be connected to the most efficient server. The distinction may often be found in the details.

Suppose, for instance, that each time you switched servers on the VPN software, you had to actively search for the quickest server available. How frustrating would that be? Of course, you can also manually select the server you wish to connect to.


IVPN offers its customers anywhere from 225 to 380 IPv4 addresses. From the perspective of a single user, that may seem like quite a lot, but it’s actually rather small. I’m looking forward to the day when IVPN has additional servers and IP addresses available to its users.

Does IVPN Work in China?

The correct response is not a simple yes or no. There are other variables at play here, so I reached out to the company for a more detailed explanation. That led me to this realization.

Most IVPN China servers and connections experience difficulties because the Chinese government mandates local ISPs to restrict outbound VPN traffic using Deep Packet Inspection. Even though China has blocked VPNs, there have been no reports of foreigners being prosecuted for using one.

You may use a virtual private network (VPN) in China if you find the correct one. This is determined by the IVPN setup and the network to which you connect. Only by testing it while linked to a Chinese network would we know for sure.

If you’re using Windows, macOS, or Linux, you can get around this by installing and using obfsproxy alongside your VPN program. That’s a Tor product that effectively masks your VPN connection as generic HTTP traffic. To get beyond China’s Great Firewall, ExpressVPN is the superior option if you need to connect from the country.

Streaming – Can I Bypass Netflix US and Other Video-On-Demand Services in Australia?

Yes, but the streaming using IVPN was a very unreliable process. During my tests, the VPN was only successful in unblocking US Netflix; other streaming services, such as Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu, remained unavailable.

IVPN Unblocking Netflix US au

Unblocking US Netflix


With IVPN’s US-based servers, I had no trouble getting into Netflix in the US. The majority of movies and television shows are played without a hitch. Unfortunately, when I tried to stream Netflix from a far-off server, the movie lagged quite slowly.

Unblocking Peacock TV


Peacock TV was able to be accessed once again thanks to IVPN. Accessibility to this streaming site was granted to me by servers located in the United States.

Streaming Platforms Including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu Blocked Access

I noticed that IVPN was prohibited by each other streaming sites that I checked. A variety of streaming services such as Disney+, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney Channel, and HBO Max were featured. Regardless matter how many local US servers I tested, I wasn’t able to unlock any of these streaming sites.

A coworker in the United Kingdom likewise tried unsuccessfully to get into BBC iPlayer by connecting to three different UK servers. Instead, they saw notifications that looked like this one, which indicated a mistake. The BBC iPlayer service is currently restricted to the United Kingdom alone.

IVPN is lagging behind other VPNs when it comes to unblocking due to its inability to access certain streaming services. If you want to watch your favorite shows in Australia without any restrictions, ExpressVPN is the way to go. It routinely bypasses geo-restrictions on the world’s leading streaming services.

P2P and Torrenting – Does it Support Torrenting and P2P Transfers in Australia?

With certain limitations, IVPN P2P servers allow for peer-to-peer file sharing in Australia. USA-based servers are vulnerable to DMCA takedown notices, thus subscribers are asked to refrain from using them for P2P purposes. However, torrenting is permitted on every other server available.

It is not necessary to use any particular servers or take any further measures. Choose a server located outside of the United States, and you should be set to go.

Speed – How Fast are IVPN Servers?

IVPN only has 162 servers spread throughout 34+ countries, therefore I decided to test the service’s speed using a 100 Mbps connection and examine the fluctuations in its performance. Check out the outcomes below:

Server Download Upload Ping
US 88.92Mbps 85.36Mbps 78ms
UK 90.11Mbps 81.27Mbps 111ms
Australia 80.81Mbps 83.28Mbps 190ms
France 91.03Mbps 93.79Mbps 93ms
Germany 88.50Mbps 91.31Mbps 88ms
Average 87.87Mbps 87.00Mbps 112ms

Compatibility – Can I Use IVPN on All My Devices in Australia?

IVPN supports Android, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, and Mac OS X. Standard software, gaming consoles and Smart TVs are unable to use IVPN. Apps of IVPN for Android and IVPN Linux apps are very easy to use in Australia.

Not only are browser add-ons not supported, but also the service itself. AntiTracker replaces it, providing you with the same level of protection as other browser add-ons, except that IVPN operates throughout your complete system when connected.

There’s much more excellent news, you can still stay safe even if you’d rather not utilize the IVPN client software. Client software like WireGuard and OpenVPN is always an option. For those using Kodi or a Fire TV Stick, IVPN does offer OpenVPN configuration instructions.

How many devices can be connected to IVPN simultaneously in Australia?

With IVPN’s basic package, you may connect just two devices at once, while the Pro plan allows for up to seven in Australia.
In my opinion, this is another area for development. The number of devices that may be connected to the router increases, however, after the VPN has been installed on the router.

In any case, my testing shows that the VPN’s throughput remains unaffected by the number of devices that are connected to it. If you need more devices to be connected concurrently, Surfshark is a great option that permits an infinite number of simultaneous connections in Australia.

 Setup & Installation – Is It Easy To Setup & Install Using IVPN in Australia?

The app’s installation should go off without a hitch. Linux and router software both require manual configuration. Establishing the Linux app is a breeze, but the router variant might be more challenging in Australia.


The initial Windows installation attempt resulted in a crash of the application, but the second installation was successful. IVPN provides detailed setup instructions in addition to their friendly customer care team.

Pricing – How Much Does IVPN Cost Exactly in Australia?

IVPN offers two versions of its product in Australia: standard and pro. Each has plans that are divided into weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions, but they do tend to be rather expensive, in comparison to other providers.

If you opt for the “standard” plan, you will pay AU$8.58 (US$6) on a monthly basis. Meanwhile, the yearly subscription for the “standard” plan will cost you AU$85.8 (US$60), which is billed once. Similarly, the “pro” plan costs AU$14.3 (US$10) monthly, while the yearly subscription costs AU$143 (US$100)!

IVPN pricing au

IVPN Money Back Guarantee in Australia

IVPN ranks among the very few that go the extra mile for its prospects in Australia, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee, in addition to the 1-week trial for AU$2.86 (US$2.00) only. Once you submit a request for a refund, the process may take anywhere between 7 to 30 days.

Trustworthiness – Trustpilot Ratings, Reddit & Customer Support

To give users a better idea about IVPN, I conducted an analysis of the user reviews available on Trustpilot and Reddit. This should help you gain an unbiased view of the VPN service and ease the decision-making process!

IVPN TrustPilot Review

Surprisingly, IVPN did not have a lot of user reviews on Trustpilot still it ranks 4.0/5.0. The provider has only been rated by 10 customers, one of whom gave the VPN an excellent rating, and the other a great rating.


IVPN Reddit Review

To my dismay, I was unable to locate any “recent” IVPN reviews on Reddit. It appears that, in contrast to ExpressVPN and NordVPN, the service does not engage in extensive advertising.

However, I did find a Reddit thread about IVPN, and the vast majority of users who commented had nothing but excellent things to say about the service.

IVPN Reddit Reviews au

IVPN Customer Support

Even though they provide a live chat feature, their support staff isn’t necessarily available at all times. The user interface will display “Online” if the IVPN chat support staff is currently available. Email support is accessible around the clock in case live chat is unavailable.

You can encrypt your message if it contains important information, and the support team will get back to you in a few hours (max 24 hours). The service personnel was helpful, quick to respond, and knowledgeable.

IPVPN -customer support au

IVPN Review – Do I Recommend IVPN for Australian Users?

IVPN review is written with the mind to depict every negative or positive aspect of the service in order to enable users to decide on a better VPN service.

Are you looking for a VPN that places a premium on your privacy and security? If so, IVPN is a top choice for Australian users. But if you want a streaming service, you should go elsewhere. The VPN can connect to a wide variety of devices, but it does come at a price.

In order to use all of this VPN service’s benefits, you will need to upgrade to the Pro subscription, and live chat help is only available during limited hours. Though it’s great that it allows for P2P actions and that its apps are easy to use, it has several drawbacks still.

AES-256 encryption, obfuscation, a no-logs policy, multi-hop, and a kill switch, are just some of the security and privacy features it provides. The combination of the bitcoin payment option and the freedom to choose whether or not to reveal your email address further secures your anonymity.

Although IVPN offers excellent security and privacy in Australia, it falls short of the requirements for inclusion in our recommended VPNs list. Look into ExpressVPN if you need a VPN that works with Mac OS X,  iOS, Android, and Windows, is incredibly simple to set up and provides top-tier security specifically IVPN android apps are just awesome.

Its innovative features make it possible to download or stream in high definition without limits or log retention, all while protecting your privacy.

IVPN Review for Australian Users – FAQs

Is IVPN a good VPN in Australia?

IVPN offers a novel approach to multi-hop connections and an account structure that prioritizes anonymity, in addition to reasonable and adaptable pricing. Although it has a limited number of servers, it is a great VPN service in Australia.

Is IVPN good for streaming in Australia?

According to weekly testing, IVPN is a mediocre VPN service for accessing Netflix via IVPN Netflix servers. IVPN streaming for Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and DAZN is just average. During the tests, IVPN was able to unlock US Netflix but not other Netflix libraries.

Who owns IVPN?

IVPN is managed by Privatus Ltd and runs under Gibraltar’s sovereignty.

How many servers does IVPN have in Australia?

There are 162 IVPN servers located in 34 countries including 2 servers in Australia. All of these servers are physical (not virtual) and individually hosted.

How can I get free IVPN in Australia?

IVPN provides a week of service for AU$2.86 (US$2.00), which is essentially a trial period during which you may evaluate the service’s fundamental features.

Is IVPN Net Safe in Australia?

IVPN is a trustworthy VPN service with over 162 servers in 34 countries including 2 servers in Australia. The firm does not log IP addresses or online activity data; just the user’s email address and payment details are stored and removed after the membership expires.

Is IVPN compatible with Netflix in Australia?

No, IVPN is incompatible with Netflix and other popular streaming services, including BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+.

ExpressVPN is compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, among others, and offers some of the best connections available in Australia.

How do I cancel IVPN in Australia?

To delete your IVPN account in Australia, log in to the Client Area, scroll to the Account settings section, and then select the Delete account option. Note that this process cannot be reversed.

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