How to Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription and Get Refund in Australia in 2022

Last updated: September 27, 2023
William Sams
William Sams
Don't know how to cancel ExpressVPN and get refund in Australia? Don't worry. Read this detailed guide and get your money back in no time!


Are you having a hard time figuring out how to cancel ExpressVPN and get refund in no time in Australia? Don’t worry. In this article, I will take you through the entire cancel ExpressVPN subscription process and let you know how to cancel ExpressVPN within 30 days, taking advantage of the money-back policy in Australia.

In the list of top VPNs, the name ExpressVPN holds the utmost significance. But, in case you do not want to extend your subscription, you can cancel ExpressVPN account in just a few steps. This post will cover how you can go through the cancellation process of the VPN service and request a refund. 

It might happen that you are not satisfied enough to continue with their VPN service. Thus, the ExpressVPN 30-day money-back guarantee allows users to try the service risk-free globally. So if you are thinking “Does ExpressVPN give money back in Australia?” Yes, ExpressVPN gives money back in Australia. You can ask them anytime for a refund within 30 days money-back guarantee without any fear of losing your hard-earned money.

Moreover, if you seek another VPN service after you are done with the cancellation process, then go for NordVPN as an alternative choice, I’m sure you’ll find it as a VPN with good value.

Easy Steps: How Do I Cancel My ExpressVPN Subscription and Get Money Back in Australia? – 2022

  1. Sign in to your ExpressVPN account. Go to the ExpressVPN website and head to the “My Account” tab, enter your login credentials.
  2. Request a refund. Navigate to the live chat icon in the bottom right corner. Cancel your account and request a refund.
  3. Confirm the request. Your refund request will be processed after confirmation, wait for 3 to 4 days and your money will arrive in your bank account.

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How Can I Cancel My ExpressVPN Subscription and Get Refund in Australia – Step by Step Process

ExpressVPN has advanced high-tech features that make it outshine the VPN industry. The provider ensures you get full-fledged security protocols to protect your privacy. Users all over the world have remarkable feedback on how ExpressVPN proves to be their top recommendation. 

This VPN service does not put their customers into trouble. They make sure their users always have a workaround for any problem they face using their service in Australia.

Even in the case of account cancellation, their process is quite easy-to-implement. To cancel your ExpressVPN subscription in Australia, you just need to follow the below steps. 

Step 01: Visit ExpressVPN Website


  • The first step you need to perform to cancel your ExpressVPN subscription is to visit their official website by clicking the link: Next, you have to sign in to your official ExpressVPN account using your account credentials, preferably your email and password. 

Step 02: Visit Subscription Settings 


  • Once you sign in to your ExpressVPN account, go through the subscription settings and check your subscriptions with the service you want to cancel. Next to that, you will find all the active subscriptions that you are currently having with ExpressVPN. Now, you have to click on the tab of manage settings that you will find under subscription. 

Step 03: Close Automatic Renewal Option 


  • Once you are in the manage settings, there will be a page of automatic renewal settings. You have to visit that page and turn off the option of automatic renewal to cancel your ExpressVPN subscription. Further, you have to verify the settings on the other two pages that the provider will take you through. 

Step 04: Wait for Confirmation 


  • Once your automatic renewal is closed for Subscription to ExpressVPN, you will get a confirmed message from the provider stating that you have successfully turned off your automatic renewal subscription for ExpressVPN.
  • You might also get an email directly from PayPal informing you that your automatic renewal subscription to ExpressVPN is not further available. 

Step 05: Contact the Customer Support Team 


  • Lastly, you have to reach the ExpressVPN customer specialist team via email or live chat to ask them for an ExpressVPN refund within 30 days of purchase. They might ask you reasons for why you want to take this action. Let them know your valid reason behind the ExpressVPN account’s cancellation, and the representative will further process your request to claim a refund. 

Step 06: Wait for your Pay Back

  • ExpressVPN will take approx 3 to 4 days to clear your refund request, and you will be getting your money. Just make sure you process your refund request within the time frame of 30 days that starts from the day you have bought their subscription.
  • Besides that, you can later on forward your request too using the way out I have mentioned earlier. But, if you do that after 30 days, you will not be eligible for a refund; however, you can cancel Express subscription. 

How Do I Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription Purchases through Bitcoin and PaymentWall in Australia?

Subscription plans purchased with Bitcoin or PaymentWall will not renew your plan automatically. You don’t have to cancel your ExpressVPN plan manually if you’ve used Bitcoin or PaymentWall in Australia.

However, if you want to renew your ExpressVPN subscription plan with PaymentWall or Bitcoin, you have to do that manually.

How to Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription on Android in Australia?


Are you wondering how to cancel ExpressVPN subscription in Australia if you are an Android user? Well, here is how you can do that easily. The cancellation process is a bit different, but not that difficult.

  • You first have to visit the Google Play store.
  • You have to sign in to your account on Google.
  • Click on the tab of My Subscription.
  • After that, click on ExpressVPN Subscription to cancel it.
  • Lastly, you have to click on Manage Subscription and cancel Subscription to ExpressVPN. 

However, if this method doesn’t work, you can cancel ExpressVPN on Android using the desktop method on Android.

How to Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription on iPhone in Australia?

If you’ve subscribed to ExpressVPN through the App Store for your iPhone then we’ll perform the ExpressVPN cancel process through Apple. Here’s how to cancel ExpressVPN on iPhone in Australia:


  • Go to Settings and tap on your name.
  • Tap on “Subscriptions” This will show you the list of your subscription plans.
  • Select “ExpressVPN“. This will navigate you to the ExpressVPN settings.
  • Tap on “Cancel Subscription“. That’s all! Your ExpressVPN subscription has been canceled.
  • To request a refund, go visit and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • You’ll see your ExpressVPN subscription. Tap on “Report a Problem” and request your refund.

Considerations Before You Cancel ExpressVPN in Australia

ExpressVPN has some fantastic qualities that make it surpass the other VPN providers. You need to consider your choice to cancel ExpressVPN in Australia. If you are a Netflix enthusiast, you will not find any other VPN best for unblocking Netflix using ExpressVPN.

It is excellent to bypass censorship issues across the world. This service offers support for P2P networking and has some high-tech features like a kill switch to ensure privacy. 

ExpressVPN offers a MediaStreamer feature that is especially for streaming in high resolution. And with obfuscation servers, your ISP will not be able to tell if you’re using a VPN.

However, ExpressVPN can be expensive for a common VPN user in Australia. So if you’re canceling ExpressVPN just because you don’t want to spend much on a VPN, then consider these options.

What is the ExpressVPN Money-Back Guarantee Policy in Australia?

ExpressVPN is covered with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee offer which means you can purchase a subscription confidently in Australia.

Explaining it in detail, it simply means that you can get your subscription fee back in under 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the service. All you need to do is cancel your subscription and generate a refund request.

Some VPNs only give a refund on a case-by-case basis but that’s not the case with ExpressVPN. While the customer rep will try to stop you or ask for a reason you’re unsubscribing to make their service better, eventually, you’ll get your refund.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the money-back guarantee is only valid for 30 days in Australia. Don’t take it as a month as there are knuckle months, too (31-day months).

This means if you subscribed for ExpressVPN on 1st August then your subscription will expire at the end of the 30th day (30 August).

Alternative VPNs to Consider Before You Cancel ExpressVPN Subscription in Australia

If you are looking for ExpressVPN alternatives in Australia, I suggest you consider one of these top-notch providers offering seamless security features. 

1. NordVPN


Key Features

NordVPN is a Panama-based security-focused VPN provider that offers a massive total count of 5600 servers in 59 countries and 5 server locations in Australia with P2P and streaming support.

The provider is covered with a no-logs policy which has been audited by PwC, one of the big four auditing firms.

NordVPN has compatible apps for all platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can use it for 7 days free by taking advantage of the free trial. You can also hack into the money-back offer to use it free for 30 days.

The service’s encryption method is the military-grade AES 256-bit and the protocols available are IKEv2, OpenVPN, and NordLynx, a custom protocol by NordVPN.

NordVPN works on all popular streaming platforms in Australia including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, HBO Max, and more with the high-resolution video quality.

More features of NordVPN include; Onion over VPN, Double VPN, CyberSec, Kill Switch, IP/DNS/WebRTC Leak Protection, and Smart DNS.

Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee in Australia

All the plans are covered with a 30-day money-back offer which means you can get a refund anytime under 30 days and you can pay for the subscription plan with a variety of payment methods.

  1. Panama-based VPN.
  2. Security-focused Provider.
  3. Massive Server Count.
  4. Smart DNS.
  5. Onion over VPN.
  6. Threat Protection.
  7. CyberSec.
  8. Double VPN.

  1. No dedicated router app like ExpressVPN.

To read more, visit our detailed guide for NordVPN!

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2. Surfshark


Key Features

Surfshark VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands which is safe jurisdiction and away from the reach of the 14 Eyes. It is one of the few budget-friendly VPNs in Australia with top-tier qualities and features.

Surfshark is the best multiple device VPN as the provider doesn’t impose restrictions on simultaneous connections.

It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You can use its 7-day free trial on Android, iOS, and macOS. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also available if you want to try it risk-free.

Surfshark also has a strict no-logs policy which has been audited by Cure53, an independent third-party firm.

On the security front, Surfshark’s encryption method works on the AES 256-bit method and the protocols available are IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.

The provider also offers a feature called NoBorders, which lets you connect to a VPN in highly restrictive regions. Another feature, Camouflage Mode lets you trick your ISP by imitating your VPN traffic as regular traffic.

Surfshark works on all major streaming platforms including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more. You can watch your videos in 4K with no buffering issues in Australia.

More features of Surfshark include; MultiHop, CleanWeb, Bypasser, Kill Switch, IP/DNS/WebRTC Leak Protection, and Smart DNS.

Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee in Australia

All the plans are covered with a 30-day money-back offer which means you can get a refund anytime under 30 days and you can pay for the subscription plan with a variety of payment methods.

  1. BVI-based VPN.
  2. Budget-friendly VPN.
  3. No Limits on Simultaneous Connections.
  4. CleanWeb.
  5. Bypasser.
  6. MultiHop.
  7. IP/DNS/WebRTC Leak Protection.
  8. Smart DNS.

  1. Limited no. of P2P servers.

To read more, visit our detailed guide for Surfshark!

Get Surfshark Now!30-Days Money Back Guarantee

3. CyberGhost


Key Features

  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.6
  • 9000+ Servers in 91 Countries and 2 server locations in Australia
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • AES 256-bit Encryption
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  • Unblocks: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more
  • Best Price: AU$3.27/mo (AU$ 1.8 /mo (US$ 1.19 /mo ) 79% Discount)

CyberGhost is based in Romania which is an unusual region for a VPN provider but it is out of the reach of the 14 Eyes Alliance Group.

The provider is the best user-friendly VPN for newbies in Australia offering an easy-to-navigate interface on all of its apps including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

CyberGhost is one of the few top-tier VPNs that offer the longest duration money-back offer of 45 days. This means you get extra 2 weeks to test your VPN service by comparing it to other providers.

The service uses the market-standard AES 256-bit encryption method and the protocol suites you can use are IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec.

CyberGhost has a strict no-logs policy but it has not been independently audited since 2012. However, the provider assures users that they don’t track or log any of the user data.

With a total count of 9000+ servers in 91 countries and 2 server locations in Australia, CyberGhost can easily unblock popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and more in Australia.

More features of CyberGhost include; Kill Switch, Smart Rules, NoSpy, Split Tunneling, IP/DNS/WebRTC Leak Protection, and Smart DNS.

Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee in Australia

All the plans are covered with a 45-day money-back offer which means you can get a refund anytime under 45 days and you can pay for the subscription plan with a variety of payment methods.

  1. Romania-based VPN.
  2. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  3. 7 Simultaneous Connections.
  4. Smart DNS.
  5. Smart Rules.
  6. NoSpy.
  7. Kill Switch.
  8. IP/DNS/WebRTC Leak Protection.

  1. Last audited in 2012.

To read more, visit our detailed guide for CyberGhost!

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Cancel ExpressVPN: FAQs

Can I cancel ExpressVPN after trial in Australia?

The 7-day free trial doesn’t require payment in Australia, you can just download ExpressVPN on Android or iOS and start using it.

However, if you’ve purchased a subscription then you can cancel ExpressVPN and get a refund as long as you’re within the 30-day money-back offer period.

Can I get a refund from ExpressVPN in Australia?

Yes, you can get a refund from ExpressVPN in Australia as you can cancel your ExpressVPN subscription plan because of any reason within 30 days of your initial payment for the plan in Australia. You will get a full refund in a matter of 3 to 4 days.

How do I cancel my subscription to ExpressVPN in Australia?

To cancel your subscription to ExpressVPN in Australia, go to Settings and then tap on your name. Go to the “Subscriptions” and then tap on “ExpressVPN subscription“. Now you can see the ExpressVPN settings, tap on “Cancel Subscription“.

How do I contact ExpressVPN in Australia?

You can contact ExpressVPN anytime in Australia and talk to a human representative by clicking on the chat box icon in the bottom right corner of the official website of ExpressVPN.

Does ExpressVPN have live chat in Australia?

Yes, ExpressVPN has live chat support 24/7 in Australia. ExpressVPN live chat support is available on the official website in Australia. If you ever face any problems related to ExpressVPN then get in touch with the support team, they will help you out.

How much is ExpressVPN per month in Australia?

ExpressVPN is AU$18.52/mo ($12.95/mo). ExpressVPN offers 3 plans in Australia. A monthly plan that costs AU$18.52/mo ($12.95/mo), a 6-month plan that costs AU$14.29/mo ($9.99/mo), and a 1-year plan that costs AU$9.54/mo (AU$ 0 /mo (US$ /mo ) ).

Is it possible to cancel ExpressVPN and get a refund in Australia?

Yes, you can easily cancel ExpressVPN and receive your refund anytime in Australia if you’re still within the 30-day money-back offer.

How much later can I request a refund after getting the ExpressVPN free trial in Australia?

You can request a refund within 30 days after getting the ExpressVPN free trial in Australia. While ExpressVPN offers a 7-day free trial on Android and iOS, the 30-day money-back offer is better. You can purchase a subscription plan and get your money back if you initiate a refund request within 30 days.

How much time does it take after canceling ExpressVPN to get your money back?

While it depends on your bank, ExpressVPN usually tries to refund you within 7 days. However, when I requested a refund, I received my money back after 3 days. And it took me 5 minutes to approve my refund request via the live chat option.

How many reasons are there to not get a refund from ExpressVPN in Australia?

There can be two reasons why you might not get a refund from ExpressVPN in Australia. Either you are trying to cancel ExpressVPN after the 30-day money-back offer has expired or you have purchased ExpressVPN from a third-party app store.

How do I turn off auto renew on ExpressVPN in Australia?

To turn off auto renew on ExpressVPN in Australia, follow these steps:

  • Visit ExpressVPN. You’ll see the ExpressVPN account login page.
  • Log in to your ExpressVPN account.
  • Under the Subscription tab, you’ll see the renewal date and subscription duration.
  • Click on “Manage Subscription Settings”.
  • Click on “Turn off automatic renewal” on the Automatic Renewal Settings page.
  • Confirm the settings.

Will ExpressVPN send me an email after canceling my subscription in Australia?

Yes, ExpressVPN will inform you by email when it refunds your amount in your bank account. ExpressVPN will refund to the same account from which you paid for the subscription plan.

Cancel ExpressVPN: Final Words

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly the best VPN for users who want supreme-in-class security. Its 30- days money-back guarantee is what makes it unique for its customers in Australia.

You can use it risk-free, and if in case you want to switch to any other VPN, you can their team of customer support anytime to cancel ExpressVPN subscription. 

The second best VPN to ExpressVPN would be NordVPN. The provider offers a budget-friendly long-term plan and it has some amazing features.

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