How To Get A UAE IP Address in New Zealand in 2023

Last updated: December 11, 2023
Donald Fredrick
Donald Fredrick
Let's watch out for the best VPN that can get UAE IP address in New Zealand for you.

Accessing UAE content abroad or securing financial accounts on public Wi-Fi is achievable once you get a UAE IP address in New Zealand. The most effective method involves using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), allowing users to connect to a UAE server, ensuring secure online experiences and access to region-specific content.

To utilize local banking services such as Dubai Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD, and Mashreq Bank while overseas, individuals may need to possess a UAE IP address. Securing it via a VPN is crucial for ensuring safe financial transactions, offering users an online banking experience that seamlessly mirrors being physically in the UAE.

The optimal method to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand is through the use of the best VPN, such as CyberGhost. By concealing your location and encrypting your internet traffic through a server in the UAE, the VPN provides you with a local IP address.

Using the best VPN for New Zealand ensures unrestricted access to specific content and services while also safeguarding your privacy during online browsing.

We’ve thoroughly assessed some top-tier VPNs to assist you in getting a UAE IP address in New Zealand. Let’s take a look at them for your convenience.

Easy Steps: How To Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand

Here’s how to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand using a VPN:

  • Choose a Reputable VPN: Select a reliable VPN provider with UAE servers. We recommend using CyberGhost.
  • Install and Configure: Download and set up the VPN, selecting a UAE server.
  • Connect to UAE Server: Launch the VPN and connect to a UAE server for an instant UAE IP address in New Zealand.

Why do you need a VPN to Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand?

Obtaining a UAE IP address through a VPN is essential for various reasons.VPNs enhance online security and privacy by encrypting your internet connection. In the context of acquiring a UAE IP address, this encryption ensures that your data is secure while traversing the internet, protecting sensitive information from potential threats and unauthorized access.

Many online services and content in the UAE are geographically restricted, meaning they can only be accessed from within the country. A reliable VPN like CyberGhost allows you to bypass these restrictions by masking your actual location and providing you with a UAE IP address in New Zealand.

This is particularly useful for accessing local banking services, streaming platforms, and other region-specific content that may be inaccessible from outside the UAE. In essence, a VPN not only safeguards your online activities but also enables seamless access to geographically restricted services, making it a crucial tool for obtaining a UAE IP address.

Best VPN To Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand– A Quick Guide

Here is a rundown of the best VPNs to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand:


Detailed Analysis || FAQs

Best VPN To Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand – Detailed Guide

Every VPN service undergoes rigorous evaluation based on our strict criteria. When seeking best VPN to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand, explore the following VPN providers:

CyberGhost – Most User-Friendly VPN to Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand

Cyberghost-banner-in-New Zealand

Key Attributes

CyberGhost is the most user-friendly VPN to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand. CyberGhost has 7900 servers in 100 countries. The network contains streaming-optimized servers for instant access to foreign sites. Servers are ideal for online gaming and torrenting as well in New Zealand.

CyberGhost boasts great unblocking features and offers dedicated streaming servers for services like Dubai TV, Dubai Sports, Noor Dubai, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, and more. CyberGhost also has the capability to unblock Qatar-based channels that may be restricted in certain countries using it’s servers in the ME, therefore making it the best VPN for Al Jazeera in New Zealand.

CyberGhost for Netflix offers a seamless streaming experience with optimized servers for unrestricted access to a vast library of content. CyberGhost on Hulu provides reliable and high-speed connections, ensuring uninterrupted streaming of your favorite shows and movies on the popular platform.

get-UAE-ip-address-cyberghost-in-New Zealand

Accessing local websites became exceptionally simple with the help of CyberGhost.

During the CyberGhost speed test conducted outside the USA, it exhibited remarkable download and upload speeds, registering at 75.47 Mbps and 69.34 Mbps, respectively. These rapid speeds guarantee a seamless streaming experience without any buffering concerns, ensuring uninterrupted enjoyment of BET Plus.

cyber-ghost-speed-test-in-New Zealand

We were quite impressed by CyberGhost’s speeds.

CyberGhost offers an array of features, encompassing remote erasing, Wi-Fi anonymity, HMAC authentication, and robust AES-256 encryption. Committed to safeguarding user data, CyberGhost strictly adheres to a no-logs policy, ensuring that no personal information is stored.

CyberGhost permits up to 7 simultaneous connections. CyberGhost works with a wide range of platforms and devices, including Android, iOS, and Linux. CyberGhost for Windows provides a user-friendly and secure VPN experience, ensuring privacy and anonymity while navigating the digital realm. Similarly, CyberGhost on macOS extends its robust features, delivering seamless protection and access to a global network of servers for a versatile and secure browsing experience on Apple devices.

CyberGhost services are not just limited to desktops, extending its compatibility to various routers. Additionally, users can enhance their browsing security with convenient add-ons available for both Firefox and Chrome browsers.

With a CyberGhost subscription priced at NZD 3.29 /mo (US$ 2.03 /mo ) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free, users also enjoy the added benefit of a CyberGhost free trial. Furthermore, the assurance of a 45-day money-back guarantee extends across all CyberGhost plans, providing users with ample time to explore and experience the VPN service risk-free.

To Read more about it, Check out CyberGhost Review New Zealand.

  • CyberGhost offers a user-friendly platform for UAE users
  • Specific servers optimized for streaming in the UAE.
  • CyberGhost supports a wide range of devices.
  • Provide strong encryption and privacy protocols.

  • Few payment alternatives are available

Surfshark – Most Affordable VPN to Get a UAE IP Address

Surfshark-in-New Zealand

Key Attributes

Surfshark is the most cost-effective VPN to get a UAE IP address. There are a total of 3200 servers in 100 countries. Optimized servers for gaming, torrenting, and streaming.

Surfshark offers an excellent solution for accessing local platforms like Dubai TV, Dubai Sports, and Noor Dubai. Apart from that, it is effective in unblocking international streaming platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, ESPN+, and more.

get-UAE-ip-address-surfshark-in-New Zealand

Dubai streaming channels can easily be unblocked using Surfshark

Surfshark ensures a high-speed VPN connection through its advanced service network, delivering an impressive speed of 81.32 Mbps during the Surfshark speed test on a 100 Mbps internet connection. Furthermore, all video streaming activities were seamlessly conducted in 4K Ultra-HD and Ultra-HD video quality.

BV-surfshark-speed-test-in-New Zealand

Surfshark provides ultimate speeds for streaming and other online activities.

Situated in the Netherlands, Surfshark’s headquarters upholds a stringent no-logs policy. Alongside 256-bit AES encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak prevention, and a kill switch, additional security measures are incorporated, ensuring a comprehensive protective framework.

With Surfshark, users can benefit from an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. It offers dedicated applications for various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV, ensuring compatibility across a wide range of devices. Additionally, users can benefit from browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox. However, manual configuration is necessary for Linux and routers to access Surfshark’s versatile VPN services.

Priced at NZD 4.04 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee, Surfshark provides users with the option of a free trial period to explore its features. Regardless of the chosen package, a 30-day money-back guarantee ensures customer satisfaction. For any technical assistance, the convenience of 24/7 live chat support is available, offering prompt solutions to user queries.

To Read more about it, Check out Surfshark Review New Zealand.

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Impressive unblocking capabilities.
  • User-friendly applications.
  • Convenient and straightforward browser extensions.
  • Adherence to a strict no-logging policy.

  • Occasionally slow connectivity when switching.

IPVanish – Fastest VPN to get a UAE IP address

IPVanish-in-New Zealand

Key Attributes

  • Network Description – They have 2000+ servers in 75 countries, including various servers in UAE
  • Data Protection – DNS/IP leakage prevention and Strict no-logs policy
  • Money Refund – 30-days
  • Simultaneous Connections – 10 per user
  • Price Plans – IPVanish costs NZD 6.47 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) 69% Off

IPVanish offers quick speeds to get a UAE IP address. IPVanish has 2000+ servers in 75 countries. It’s enough for online gaming, video streaming, file-sharing networks, and downloading large files.

Surfshark provides a superb option for reaching local channels such as Dubai TV, Shahid, Dubai Sports, and Noor Dubai, in addition to effectively unblocking global streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and others.

get-UAE-ip-address-IPVanish-in-New Zealand

We thoroughly enjoyed streaming online Dubai Zaman by IPVanish’s excellent servers.

IPVanish is well-known for providing lightning-fast VPN connections across all of its servers. In our extensive speed test for IPVanish, the results were consistently impressive, carrying speeds that exceeded 86.75 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

ipvanish-speed-test-in-New Zealand

We recorded decent connection speeds streaming UAE platforms.

IPVanish incorporates robust security features, including SHA-512 authentication, 256-bit encryption, defense against Ransomware, an ad blocker, a kill switch, Split Tunneling, and IP leak prevention. The VPN strictly prohibits user logging to ensure privacy. For technical assistance, users can access live chat support at any time, day or night, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Furthermore, IPVanish allows users to enjoy an unrestricted number of simultaneous connections. It operates seamlessly on various platforms, including Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Firestick, Kodi, Android TV, and Roku. However, for Linux systems and a range of routers, manual setup is required to ensure compatibility and efficient functioning.

Pricing for IPVanish stands at NZD 6.47 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) 69% Off, and users can avail themselves of an IPVanish free trial. Additionally, a comprehensive 30-day full refund policy applies to all subscription packages, ensuring customer satisfaction.

To Read more about it, Check out IPVanish Review New Zealand.

  • Allows simultaneous connection of up to 10 users in UAE.
  • Secures servers with WireGuard technology.
  • Enables P2P sharing for efficient file transfers.
  • Enhances overall security measures.
  • Adheres to a strict no-logging policy for user privacy

  • Refuses any crypto payments.

PureVPN – VPN with Dependable Servers to Get a UAE IP address

purevpn-reliable-vpn-in-New Zealand

Key Attributes

  • Network Description – PureVPN has a total count of 6500 servers in 78 countries, including 12 servers in the UAE.
  • Data Protection – DNS/IP leakage prevention and Strict no-logs policy
  • Money Refund – 31-days
  • Simultaneous Connections – 10 per user
  • Price Plans – PureVPN costs NZD 5.33 /mo (US$ 3.29 /mo )

PureVPN has a secured and reliable server network to get a UAE IP address. It has over 6500 servers in 78 countries, including 12 in the United Arab Emirates. All the servers are efficient and effective for gaming, torrenting, and streaming.

PureVPN carries an effective system that effortlessly unlocks both local and international streaming platforms, such as Dubai TV, Dubai Sports, and Noor Dubai, and international platforms, including Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+, and more.

get-UAE-ip-address-Purevpn-in-New Zealand

It was easy to unblock any streaming channel in UAE with PureVPN

Recognized for its swift VPN connections, PureVPN stands out with consistently impressive speed test results across all servers. In our PureVPN speed test, it showcased remarkable speeds, surpassing 74.12 Mbps and 38.48 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection.

purevpn-speed-test-in-New Zealand

No significant speed drop was recorded during PureVPN speed testing.

Operating under a stringent no-logs policy, PureVPN uses robust security measures such as 256-bit encryption and a kill switch to encrypt all communications. In addition to these features, PureVPN offers a range of capabilities, including Split-tunneling, DDoS protection, and support for OpenVPN (UDP and TCP) and IKEv2 protocols.

Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN has established itself as a highly reputable VPN provider, known for its reliable services. PureVPN has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to user privacy and security. Should you require technical support, PureVPN offers 24/7 live chat assistance, ensuring prompt and effective solutions to any queries or concerns.

PureVPN provides dedicated applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, ensuring compatibility across various devices. It supports up to 10 concurrent connections for added flexibility and convenience. In addition to its app support, PureVPN offers extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, expanding accessibility.

Priced at NZD 5.33 /mo (US$ 3.29 /mo ) with a free PureVPN free trial, users benefit from a 31-day money-back guarantee for added assurance. PureVPN reflects high customer satisfaction and reliability.

To Read more about it, Check out PureVPN Review New Zealand.

  • Swift data transfer speeds in UAE region.
  • Ensures secure streaming from UAE locations.
  • Uses an extensive and reliable server network.

  • A few servers are experiencing connection difficulties.

VyprVPN – Famous VPN to get a UAE IP address

vyprvpn- secure-vpn-in-New Zealand

Key Attributes

  • Network Description – VyprVPN has a total count of 700+ servers in 90+ countries, including several servers in the UAE region
  • Data Protection – DNS/IP leakage prevention and Strict no-logs policy
  • Money Refund – 30-days
  • Simultaneous Connections – 10 per user
  • Price Plans – VyprVPN costs $5.00/mo on a 1-year plan.

VyprVPN is a renowned VPN to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand. It has more than 700 servers worldwide, and IP addresses from the UAE are accessible. All the servers are optimized for P2P transfers, online gaming, torrenting, and streaming, as well

This service effortlessly establishes connections with a variety of streaming platforms, encompassing Dubai TV, Dubai Sports, Noor Dubai, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

get-UAE-ip-address-vyprvpn-in-New Zealand

VyprVPN has a strong mechanism to unblock UAE platforms

VyprVPN is renowned for delivering high-speed VPN connections across its entire server network. Through a comprehensive speed test, VyprVPN consistently displayed impressive results, achieving 68.15 Mbps for download and 62.92 Mbps for upload speeds on a 100 Mbps connection.

vyprvpn-speed-test-saudi-arabia-in-New Zealand

We obtained average speeds during our experiments with VyprVPN in UAE.

VyprVPN prioritizes user security with a range of robust features, including a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption, and an independently audited no-logs policy. Furthermore, the service offers protection against malware, ensures perfect forward secrecy, prevents DNS leaks, and supports split tunneling. These comprehensive security measures make VyprVPN a reliable choice for users in the UAE.

VyprVPN has recently updated its privacy policies, eliminating the storage of personally identifying information, including the previous logging of IP addresses and certain other data. This proactive step enhances user privacy and security significantly. Notably, VyprVPN is recognized for its cutting-edge ChameleonTM cloaking technology, setting a high standard within the industry for robust and effective security measures.

Users benefit from the flexibility of connecting up to five devices simultaneously, ensuring seamless and simultaneous access across multiple devices. Providing dedicated applications for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, PureVPN ensures comprehensive device compatibility. Beyond standard platforms, PureVPN’s apps extend support to Linux systems and a variety of routers, offering flexibility to users. The availability of a 24/7 live chat option enhances customer support, ensuring prompt technical assistance for any inquiries or concerns.

Pricing at $5.00 per month on a 1-year plan, VyprVPN offers cost-effective options for users seeking reliable VPN services. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, all VyprVPN plans come with a generous thirty-day money-back guarantee, providing users the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate and experience the service risk-free.

To Read more about it, Check out VyprVPN Review New Zealand.

  • Fast speeds and a steady connection to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand
  • Exceptional encryption for the UAE region.
  • Compatible with Netflix and other streaming channels

  • It does not accept Bitcoin.

Comparison Table: Best VPN to Get A UAE IP Address in New Zealand

Here is a quick comparison of the best VPNs to get a UAE IP address

VPN CyberGhost Surfshark IPVanish PureVPN VyprVPN
Ranking 1 2 3 4 5
Security 256-bit AES encryption 256-bit AES encryption 256-bit AES encryption 256-bit AES encryption 256-bit AES encryption
Avg Speed (Mbps) 75+ 81+ 86+ 74+ 68+
Total number of servers 7900 3200 2000+ 6500 700+
Price NZD 3.29 /mo (US$ 2.03 /mo ) - Save up to 84% with exclusive 2-year plans + 4 months free. NZD 4.04 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) - Save up to 77% with exclusive 2-year plan + 30-day money-back guarantee NZD 6.47 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) 69% Off NZD 5.33 /mo (US$ 3.29 /mo ) $5.00/mo on a one-year plan

Testing Methodology – Best VPN to Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand

In assessing the best VPN to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand, our methodology focused on server coverage, speed, security features, and the ability to bypass regional restrictions, ensuring efficient access to UAE-specific content with paramount privacy and security.

  • Servers in the UAE: We rigorously assess VPNs based on the availability and reliability of their servers in the UAE. A robust server network ensures a stable and efficient connection for users seeking a UAE IP address in New Zealand.
  • Ability to Access Local Content: Evaluating the VPN’s effectiveness in accessing local content is crucial. The best VPN should seamlessly bypass geo-restrictions, allowing users to unlock and enjoy region-specific services like streaming platforms and banking websites.
  • Fast Speeds: The speed of a VPN is vital for a smooth online experience. We conduct thorough speed tests to ensure that the selected VPN not only provides a UAE IP address in New Zealand but also maintains fast and consistent speeds, crucial for activities like streaming, gaming, and browsing.
  • Strong Security and Privacy: Security is paramount, and we scrutinize each VPN’s security protocols, encryption standards, and privacy policies. A reliable VPN for obtaining a UAE IP address must prioritize user security and ensure the protection of personal data.
  • Apps for Popular Devices: The accessibility of VPN apps for various devices is assessed to ensure user convenience. Whether on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS, the best VPN should offer user-friendly applications, making it easy for individuals to secure a UAE IP address across different platforms.

Can I use a free VPN to Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand?

To get a UAE IP address in New Zealand, subscribing to a reputable VPN service is crucial. Select one of the recommended providers, connect to a VPN server in the UAE, and experience the benefits of a new IP address for seamless access to region-specific content. However, it’s advised to steer clear of free proxies or VPNs, as they often lack servers in the UAE and compromise user safety.

Free VPNs and proxies may expose users to potential risks as they typically lack the infrastructure and security measures provided by premium VPN services. In addition to the absence of servers in the UAE, free services may compromise user data and privacy, making them less reliable for secure and efficient browsing experiences.

Opting for a trusted, paid VPN like CyberGhost ensures not only access to a UAE IP address but also prioritizes user safety and data protection.

Blocked Sites In UAE

According to Freedom House, the UAE’s online environment is not free. The emirate restricts several websites and mobile applications and has imprisoned bloggers for publishing information believed to be inciting and anti-state. Several foreign nationals have been detained for criticizing the administration on social media.

Voice over IP applications such as Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and Messenger are restricted in the UAE because the telecoms authority does not want mobile providers to lose income. Also embroiled in a protracted dispute with Qatar, the United Arab Emirates has blocked websites. Furthermore, there have been claims of restrictions on access to the news network Al-Jazeera.

FAQs: How To Get a UAE IP Address in New Zealand

Using a VPN to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand is legal in the United Arab Emirates. However, it is important to note that accessing censored online services or websites through a VPN is prohibited under UAE law.

While both proxies and VPNs can provide a different IP address, using a VPN is a more reliable and secure method for obtaining a UAE IP address. CyberGhost stands out as an excellent VPN choice, offering broad device compatibility, reasonable pricing, and a robust money-back guarantee, ensuring a trustworthy and seamless experience in accessing UAE-specific content.

To check if your IP address has changed to the United Arab Emirates in New Zealand, you can use online IP lookup tools or websites that display your current IP address and location. Simply visit one of these sites before and after connecting to a UAE VPN server, and compare the displayed IP addresses.

Alternative methods to get UAE IP address include using proxy services or the Tor browser, but these options have inherent drawbacks. For a more reliable and secure solution, opting for a VPN with servers in the United Arab Emirates is recommended. VPNs offer advanced security features that ensure privacy and seamless online access to region-specific content.

Wrapping Things Up

Using a VPN to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand is essential for accessing region-specific content. VPNs not only provide the necessary infrastructure for acquiring a UAE IP address but also encrypt your connection, safeguarding your online activities and protecting your privacy. We have compiled a quick overview of the best VPN to get a UAE IP address in New Zealand, ensuring a reliable and efficient online experience.

For a top-notch VPN solution to acquire a UAE IP address, we highly recommend CyberGhost. With its user-friendly interface, robust security features, and a wide range of servers, CyberGhost stands out as an excellent choice. Its ability to unblock various streaming platforms and ensure fast, secure connections makes it an ideal option for users seeking a UAE IP address in 2023.

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