Sky Sports Not Working with VPN in India? [2023 Updated]

Last updated: September 14, 2023
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Sky sports not working with a VPN-in-India BestVPN

If you’re a sports fanatic, then Sky Sports has got to be your go-to streaming platform. Unfortunately, Sky Sports is only available in the UK and Ireland. As an international fan, you might try to access it through a VPN. However, there are chances that you might face Sky Sports not working with VPN in India error. But worry not – we have multiple ways through which you can overcome this error.

Geographical restrictions and copyright laws are the reason you aren’t able to access Sky Sports if you’re outside the UK or Ireland. These restrictions stop international users from accessing content not available in their region. As infuriating as this is, it is also easily solvable through a premium VPN service.

Only the Best VPN will change your original location’s IP address to an Ireland or UK IP address in India. This will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and stream Sky Sports. Unfortunately, if Sky Sports is not working with a VPN, due to a blacklisted server or slow connection, you will have to find a quick fix.

To help you out, we have created a list of easy and quick fixes that will resolve Sky Sports not working with VPN in India error and let you get back to streaming your favorite sports game on Sky Sports. Don’t stop reading if you’re wondering more about why is Sky Sports not working with a VPN in India!

Quick Fixes: Sky Sports Not Working with VPN in India?

There are many reasons why you might encounter the ‘you seem to be using a VPN or proxy sky sports’ error – maybe your VPN service is not capable enough or perhaps it simply has some blacklisted servers. Either way, we did an extensive amount of research to discover the best way to overcome this. Below is a list of the quick fixes that will eliminate the Sky Sports not working with VPN in India error.

Delete Your Browser Cookies

One of the most common ways through which streaming platforms and other websites find out your real location is through your browser cookies. Some cookies are locally saved on your device, no matter if it’s a computer, laptop, or phone – these locally saved cookies help websites find out where you are streaming from. To avoid this, make sure you clear all cookies from your devices so Sky Sports can’t find out your original IP address.

Try Connecting to a Different VPN Server

You can give a different server a try – maybe the server you are currently using to stream Sky Sports is being slow, or maybe it is just banned or blacklisted. In this case, we suggest you try connecting to a different server from the UK or Ireland to resolve this issue. Usually, a premium VPN service will automatically select the next best server after you disconnect from the previous server.

Contact a Support Team Through Your VPN

One of the best features a premium VPN service, like ExpressVPN, offers is its 24/7 live chat support. This allows users to interact with experts and ask questions they have regarding the VPN service or resolve any issues they face. Most VPN services provide prompt and effective answers. You can easily contact this support team through the VPN services app, website, or email, and receive a response with a quick solution to the problem. However, do keep in mind that not every VPN service has an around-the-clock support team available, unlike ExpressVPN.

Uninstall and Reinstall Your VPN Software

When all else fails, you have to turn to extremities. If any of the above fixes don’t work, then it is time for a complete reset of the VPN service that will resolve this issue. Simply uninstall the VPN service and then reinstall it; that should do the trick and allow you to access Sky Sports from anywhere in the world.

Why is Sky Sports not working with a VPN in India?

One of the main reasons you might be getting the Sky Sports not working with VPN in India error is because the VPN service you chose is not doing a good job at hiding your original IP address. This country change detected in Sky Sports can lead to your IP address being detected and banned by Sky Sports.

“Unsupported location
The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location.”


The only way to get around this error is to connect to a VPN service.

It is also possible that the server of the VPN service you use may be blocked or blacklisted by Sky Sports. All you should do in this case is simply disconnect from the blacklisted servers and connect to a better server that will allow you to stream Sky Sports uninterrupted.

But you must ensure you don’t run into these issues to start with – and you can only do this through a premium and reliable VPN service. Our go-to option is ExpressVPN; it will protect your privacy and security and ensure that you easily bypass the geo-restrictions that stand between you and your favorite streaming platform.

Best VPN to avoid Sky Sports VPN error in India – in-depth analysis

Being interrupted while relaxing and watching your favorite sports match after a busy has to be inconvenient. This is why you need to choose the best VPN for Sky Sports in India from the get-go – so you can ensure that you don’t ever have to face this inconvenience and stop your stream. However, you don’t need to worry about which VPN works with Sky Sports in India; we have created a list of the most premium VPN services out there that will promise a smooth and error-free streaming experience.

1. ExpressVPN – best VPN to fix Sky Sports not working error in India


Key Features

  • Includes a DNS feature called MediaStreamer for VPN-incompatible devices.
  • Offers more than 3000 servers in 94+ countries with 5 servers in the UK and 1 server in Ireland.
  • Includes a blazing-fast speed with a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.46 Mbps.
  • Offers a simultaneous connection of up to 8 devices.
  • Includes an unlimited bandwidth that ensures HD and Ultra HD streaming.
  • Available only at INR 554.66 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan).

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to fix Sky Sports not working with VPN error in India in 2023; this can be attributed to its high-quality features, including fast speed and HD streaming quality with extensive security protocols. This VPN service makes unblocking streaming platforms like Sky Sports seem easy with more than 3000+ servers across 94 countries with 5 servers in the UK and 1 server in Ireland. ExpressVPN is your door to unlocking a whole new world of content.

We had an extensive stage during which we attempted to access Sky Sports in India through the UK and Ireland servers. We also tried to bypass geo-restrictions on ITV and Channel 4 in India. Each streaming trial was delightfully successful. The results were incredible and filled with a fast speed level with incredible HD and Ultra HD quality, featuring an instant and consistent connection.

Express VPN offers an incredible DNS feature called MediaStreamer – this feature is perfect for users who have VPN-incompatible devices. You’ll be able to access geo-restricted sites on VPN-incompatible devices like Chromecast, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Play Station, Roku, and more. You can easily access other streaming platforms, like BT Sports, HBO Max, Sky Go, Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, Eurosport, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock TV, and BBC iPlayer in India.


We were able to quickly and easily access Sky sports with ExpressVPN UK servers.

When it comes to speed, ExpressVPN is impossible to beat; it displayed an outstanding performance perfect for streaming Sky Go in India. With a download speed of 89.42 Mbps and an upload speed of 84.46 Mbps, this VPN service is the right choice for everyone. This ExpressVPN speed test in India shows that ExpressVPN truly delivers everything it promises. Moreover, you will only experience 4K UHD quality while streaming platforms like BT Sports in India due to ExpressVPN’s unlimited bandwidth.


Blazing speeds for seamless browsing and streaming in India!

ExpressVPN offers up to 5 devices on a simultaneous connection – you’ll be able to easily access geo-restricted websites or Eurosport in India along with friends and family on different devices at the same time. You can use ExpressVPN on any operating system, including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, FireOS, and macOS. Furthermore, ExpressVPN is exceptional on any kind of device, like smartphones, Roku, PCs, Firesticks, tablets, laptops, Smart TVs, Kodi, and more.

ExpressVPN’s dedication to the security and privacy of its users. If you choose ExpressVPN, you can rest assured that all your data and online activity will be kept safe from hackers and prying eyes. It employs some of the best security protocols to protect users while they surf or stream platforms like ITV in India. This includes a Threat manager, AES 256-bit encryption protocol, automatic kill switch, lightway protocol, no logging policy, DNS and IP leak protection, etc.

You can try out the ExpressVPN free trial in India if you’re still in doubt; use this 7-day free trial as a test run to explore everything ExpressVPN can offer you. You can try out the 24/7 live chat support that will allow you to ask any questions or issues you have regarding the service and get a prompt response. Keep in mind that you can always avail the 30-day money-back guarantee in case you want to cancel the subscription within 30 days of purchase. Although it may not be one of the cheap VPN services in India, at INR 554.66 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). ExpressVPN can offer you the best online experience imaginable.

Still curious about all the opportunities you can unlock with ExpressVPN? Head over to our ExpressVPN review India for more details.

  • Features a robust security system.
  • The best VPN for bypassing any geo-restrictions or copyright laws on Sky Sports and other streaming platforms.
  • Offers a blazingly fast speed performance.
  • Includes a variety of servers all around the world.
  • Features a MediaStreamer in case you use a VPN-incompatible device.

  • Very expensive compared to other VPN services with similar features.

How does Sky Sports detect my VPN in India?

Unfortunately, Sky Sports works diligently to detect and ban IP addresses to block VPN services in India, which is why you face Sky Sports not working with VPN error in India. This is especially easy for Sky Sports if your choice of VPN is not doing a good job of hiding your real IP address. However, don’t go wondering ‘Does Sky Sports work with VPN in India?’ – This is a common issue and has a simple fix too. The easiest fix is to disconnect and reconnect again to a server from the UK or Ireland.

A premium VPN service like ExpressVPN will automatically connect you to the best servers after you disconnect and provide you with a new unique IP address. It is also the best VPN service that will prevent you from getting caught in the first place. You’ll be free to stream Sky Sports as much as you want with ExpressVPN.


Our testing has revealed that ExpressVPN is the best VPN service for unblocking Sky Sports in India. It features some of the best amenities in the industry and delivers an exceptional performance that leaves users satisfied with their online experience. It has a blazingly fast speed and a vast network of servers that will unblock any website or streaming service in the world. Some of its other features are a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 7-day free trial, and a MediaStreamer.

Sky Sports has temporarily blocked every IP address that ExpressVPN offers at the moment, this makes sure that ExpressVPN does not work with Sky Sports. If you are unable to get an IP address of the country Sky Sports is available, you won’t be able to access the streaming service. However, there are ways to fix ExpressVPN not working with Sky Sports, including deleting your browser cookies, connecting to a different VPN server, etc.

Unfortunately, if you are caught using a VPN service to access Sky Sports in India, Sky Sports will ban your IP address. This is because you’ll be violating their terms of service, licensing agreements, and copyright laws. However, you need to use a premium VPN service to prevent this inconvenience. Try out ExpressVPN, it’s the right VPN service for the job and will help you easily bypass any geo-restrictions or copyright laws without getting caught.


You already can’t access Sky Sports in India and Ireland due to geo-restrictions, but imagine if you face an error even after finding a way to bypass these geo-restrictions. There can be multiple reasons why Sky Sports may not be working with a VPN – your VPN service might not be reliable or the server you’re connected to may be blacklisted. Either way, you need to resolve this issue, and the most efficient way to get rid of Sky Sports not working with VPN in India error is through ensuring you have a premium VPN service.

A VPN service is something that will change your original IP address to a UK or Ireland IP address – this will allow you to access Sky Sports no matter where you are. If you ever face an error while using a VPN, simply delete your browser cookies, connect to a different server, contact the support team, or uninstall and reinstall the VPN service. However, we recommend investing in a premium VPN from the get-go so you don’t face these issues at all. Our favorite is ExpressVPN – it will change your online experience for the better.

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