Hotstar Not Working on WiFi in Spain: Quick Fixes

Last updated: July 31, 2023
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As a Disney+ Hotstar fan in Spain, you must have wondered, ‘Why is Hotstar not running on WiFi?’ Many subscribers experience the app failing to work on their WiFi in Spain.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you fix Hotstar not working on WiFi in Spain. In this brief article, we’ll offer solutions to ensure smooth usage of Disney+ Hotstar in Spain by addressing WiFi problems.

Additionally, we’ll explain the causes of Hotstar issues in Spain so that you can resolve any Disney Plus Hotstar WiFi-related problems.

First and foremost, let’s delve into the root of the issue.

Why is Hotstar Not Working on WiFi in Spain? [Possible Causes]

There are several reasons behind Hotstar not working on WiFi in Spain. Below, we’ve explained possible causes that might frustrate you into canceling your Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

Need a more reliable and fast internet connection

A slow internet connection when streaming Disney+ Hotstar in Spain can be disappointing. You can experience low-quality images, buffering, or lagging video playback. These problems can be a real hindrance to enjoying affordable Hotstar costs.

Too much traffic on the network

An overabundance of connected devices on your WiFi network might lead to reduced bandwidth, increased latency, and jitter. These factors can affect streaming quality and lead to Disney Plus Hotstar Not Working on WiFi.

Outdated app version

An outdated Disney+ Hotstar app can mess up your streaming experience in several ways: missing features like 4K Ultra HD, bug issues causing a blank screen or crashing, and a lack of the latest security updates to protect the app and your data from hackers or malware.

Router Problem

If your router is misconfigured, overheating, or using an incompatible frequency, it may cause delays or interruptions in the data packets, resulting in longer latency and jitter. These factors can be the reason why Hotstar is not working on WiFi.

Disney+ Hotstar’s geo-restrictions

Regional restrictions are a major reason for Disney+ Hotstar Not Working on WiFi in Spain. Due to licensing and distribution agreements, Disney+ Hotstar is unavailable in Spain. As a result, you can’t enjoy its vast library of live cricket, Bollywood movies, and top Indian shows.

How to Fix Hotstar Not Working on WiFi Issue

Now that you are versed in the problems, get ready to nip this Hotstar not working on WiFi in Spain issue in the bud. Here are some quick fixes to have Disney+ Hotstar up and running on WiFi in Spain.

Examine your internet connections

Ensure your internet connection is reliable by checking the download and upload speeds. If the speeds need to be faster, contact your internet service provider for help, as the problem may lie with them.


Check if the internet is stable to see why Hotstar Not Working on WiFi in Spain

Decongest your WiFi network

Check your network for running apps or devices that use too much bandwidth. Disconnect devices or apps you are not using or change their settings to limit bandwidth usage.

Clear All Stored Cache And App Data

Go into your Disney+ Hotstar app setting, and click or tap on Clear Cache. Take a second and all residual data is removed.


Hotstar not working on WiFi in Spain issue may be resolved by clearing the cache

Update the Disney+ Hotstar app

To fix Hotstar Not Working On WiFi, update your Disney+ Hotstar app regularly to the latest version available. You can get the updated version on the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android.

Reset your router

Restarting your router can resolve any temporary problems. Simply disconnect the power cord, wait approximately 30 seconds, and reconnect it. After the router boots up, verify if the Hotstar not working on WiFi in Spain issue is resolved.

Sign up for a reliable VPN service

To watch Disney+ Hotstar in Spain, you will need the Best VPNs in Spain to change your IP address to India or other supported regions.

A VPN routes your internet traffic through a server in India. With ExpressVPN Hotstar, you’ll bypass geo-restrictions and access Hotstar in Spain.

Contact customer support

Sometimes, solutions are out of your reach. In such a case, contact Disney+ Hotstar or your ISP’s customer support for assistance. Ideally, ExpressVPN’s support team is accessible 24/7 to help you configure your router and fix Hotstar not working on WiFi in Spain.


The error happens when Hotstar APIs get blocked on WiFi. Try accessing the same content on your mobile hotspot instead of WiFi. Connect your mobile device to a different internet access point to check for any home network configuration issues.

Hotstar may not work on Wi-Fi but on mobile data for various reasons, such as network congestion, router issues, or unstable internet connections. Try our quick fixes to resolve the issue.

Thankfully, using a VPN to access your Disney+ Hotstar account in Spain is not illegal. No regulations impose limitations on using a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN to secure your online activities, including streaming Disney+ Hotstar content.

Wrapping Up!

This article has identified the major causes of Hotstar not working on WiFi in Spain. With our quick fixes, you can fix connectivity issues and enjoy uninterrupted Hotstar streaming.

Check your internet connection, update the app, restart your device and router, double-check router settings, or call Hotstar customer service for additional assistance.

It is important to remember that since Disney+ Hotstar is a geo-restricted service, you will need a leading VPN like ExpressVPN to access Disney+ Hotstar in Spain.

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