Surfshark Server List in Spain by Country and City Location – 2023

Last updated: November 16, 2023
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With a huge SurfShark server list in Spain, you can access worldwide content on a limited budget. Due to SurfShark’s large server count and numerous locations, the overall performance is also very improved.

You should never take for granted the number of servers while choosing a VPN. Most VPN providers also trick you by providing numerous servers in the same location. However, SurfShark can be given the benefit of the doubt in this matter.

If you read the Surfshark review in Spain, you will understand that they have a good idea of what they are doing and why they are among the Best VPNs for Spain in the current era.

Surfshark server list in Spain is huge, containing over 3200 servers globally from around 100 countries. Just enter a Surfshark server and log in to watch international and local blocked content. SurfShark also offers an amazing return policy, and you can cancel your Surfshark Account and claim a refund in Spain with their amazing 30-day money-back guarantee.

In this article, we will create tables highlighting Surfshark server list in Spain locations from all over the world, and you can find a server for each world’s region. You will also be able to sort the SurfShark server list in Spain for free with the help of countries and cities.

Surfshark Server List in Spain by Continents

The SurfShark server list in Spain is one of the best in the competition due to a widespread network of servers and their amazing features, like the Surfshark server download. Even after this, we cannot tell you exactly how many servers SurfShark offers today because the number of servers changes continuously.

So, in the list below, we have mentioned the number of well-performing servers based on continents.

  • Europe: 56 servers
  • North America: 29 servers
  • South America: 10 servers
  • Central America: 3 servers
  • Asia: 32 servers
  • Oceania: 6 servers
  • Africa: 6 servers
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Complete Surfshark Server List in Spain

In this complete SurfShark server list, we have mentioned the best servers you can use on SurfShark and the SurfShark server status in Spain. We will not mention the exact count of any mentioned location due to the uncertainty of the number of servers. However, we will give you the locations you can find in a single region.

Surfshark Server List in North America

In North America, the SurfShark server list has 29 locations.

Country City / Location Server Types
Canada P2P
Canada Montreal P2P
Canada Toronto P2P
Canada Vancouver P2P
Mexico Mexico City Virtual
United States P2P

Static IP

United States Ashburn, VA P2P
United States Atlanta, GA P2P
United States Bend, OR P2P
United States Boston, MA P2P
United States Buffalo, NY
United States Charlotte, NC
United States Chicago, IL P2P
United States Dallas, TX P2P
United States Denver, CO P2P
United States Detroit, MI P2P
United States Houston, TX P2P
United States Kansas City, MO
United States Las Vegas, NV P2P
United States Latham, NY P2P
United States Los Angeles, CA P2P
United States Miami, FL
United States New York, NY P2P
United States New York, NY Static IP


United States Orlando, FL P2P
United States Phoenix, AZ P2P
United States Salt Lake City, UT
United States San Francisco, CA
United States San Jose, CA P2P
United States Seattle, WA P2P
United States St Louis, MO
United States Tampa, FL

Surfshark Server List in Central America

In Central America, the SurfShark server list has 3 locations.

Country City / Location Server Types
Belize Belmopan P2P


Costa Rica San Jose P2P
Panama Panama P2P

Surfshark Server List in South America

In South America, the SurfShark server list has 10 locations.

Country City / Location Server Types
Argentina Buenos Aires P2P


Bolivia Sucre P2P


Brazil Sao Paulo
Chile Santiago P2P


Colombia Bogota P2P
Ecuador Quito Virtual
Paraguay Asuncion P2P
Peru Lima Virtual
Uruguay Montevideo P2P
Venezuela Caracas Virtual

Surfshark Server List in Europe

In Europe, the SurfShark server list has 56 locations.

Country City / Location Server Types
Albania Tirana
Andorra Andorra la Vella P2P
Austria Vienna P2P
Belgium P2P
Belgium Antwerp P2P
Belgium Brussels
Bosnia Sarajevo
Bulgaria Sofia
Croatia Zagreb
Cyprus Nicosia
Czech Republic Prague
Denmark Copenhagen P2P
Estonia Tallinn P2P
Finland Helsinki P2P
France P2P
France Bordeaux P2P
France Marseille P2P
France Paris P2P
Germany P2P

Static IP

Germany Berlin P2P
Germany Frankfurt P2P
Germany Frankfurt Static IP


Greece Athens
Greenland Nuuk P2P
Hungary Budapest
Iceland Reykjavik
Ireland Dublin
Isle of Man Douglas P2P
Italy P2P
Italy Milan P2P
Italy Rome P2P
Latvia Riga
Liechtenstein Vaduz P2P
Lithuania Vilnius
Luxembourg Luxembourg P2P
Macedonia Skopje
Malta Valletta P2P
Moldova Chisinau
Monaco Monte Carlo P2P
Montenegro Podgorica P2P
Netherlands P2P

Static IP

Netherlands Amsterdam P2P
Netherlands Amsterdam Static IP


Norway Oslo P2P
Poland P2P
Poland Gdansk
Poland Warsaw P2P
Portugal Lisbon
Portugal Porto
Romania Bucharest
Serbia Belgrade
Slovakia Bratislava
Slovenia Ljubljana P2P
Spain P2P
Spain Barcelona P2P
Spain Madrid P2P
Spain Valencia P2P
Sweden Stockholm
Switzerland Zurich P2P
Turkey Istanbul
Ukraine Kyiv
United Kingdom P2P

Static IP

United Kingdom Edinburgh P2P
United Kingdom Glasgow P2P
United Kingdom London P2P
United Kingdom London Static IP


United Kingdom Manchester P2P

Surfshark Server List in Asia

In Asia, SurfShark Server List has 30 locations.

Country City / Location Server Types
Armenia Yerevan P2P


Bangladesh Dhaka P2P


Bhutan Thimphu P2P


Brunei Begawan P2P


Cambodia Phnom Penh P2P
Georgia Tbilisi Virtual
Hong Kong Hong Kong P2P
India Virtual
India Delhi Virtual
India Mumbai Virtual
Indonesia Jakarta
Israel Tel Aviv
Japan P2P

Static IP

Japan Tokyo P2P
Japan Tokyo Static IP


Kazakhstan Oral
Laos Vientiane P2P
Macau Macao Virtual
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar P2P
Myanmar Naypyidaw Virtual
Nepal Kathmandu P2P
Pakistan Karachi Virtual
Philippines Manila Virtual
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Virtual
Singapore P2P

Static IP

Singapore Singapore P2P
Singapore Singapore Static IP


South Korea Seoul
Sri Lanka Colombo Virtual
Taiwan Taichung City
Thailand Bangkok
United Arab Emirates Dubai
Uzbekistan Tashkent Virtual
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Virtual

Surfshark Server List in Oceania

In Oceania, the SurfShark server address list has 7 locations.

Country City / Location Server Types
Australia Adelaide
Australia Brisbane
Australia Melbourne
Australia Perth
Australia Sydney
New Zealand Auckland

Surfshark Server List in Africa

In Africa, the SurfShark server address list has 6 locations.

Country City / Location Server Types
Algeria Algiers P2P


Egypt Cairo Virtual
Ghana Accra Virtual
Morocco Rabat Virtual
Nigeria Lagos Virtual
South Africa Johannesburg
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What Are Surfshark Server Categories in Spain?

There are three main categories of Surfshark categories in Spain, namely: Standard servers, Multihop servers, and Static IP servers. We are going to explain each of these types in detail.

One thing to be noted is that all three are RAM-only servers. These servers do not run on any SSD or HDD but work on a RAM infrastructure. They are relatively better than the other traditional servers because RAM-only servers are fast and never store data for longer periods of time.

1. Standard Servers:

These are offered at every location of SurfShark. To protect yourself, you can change your IP with a new Surfshark server list IP address with these standard servers. These are quite versatile, and you can use them for multiple purposes, such as P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing and other everyday tasks. You can unblock content from all over the world with the help of standard servers.

2. Multihop Servers:

These servers are also known as Double VPN as they route the user’s traffic with the help of 2 VPN servers. Using two servers instead of one improves privacy and security. In these servers, we can say that the data is encrypted twice. The protection and anonymity increase, and the speed of connection and overall performance are also improved.

3. Static IP servers:

This SurfShark server status will allow you to use the same Surfshark server list IP address whenever you connect. These servers are used by professional teams where there is a need for a consistent IP address for using online services or utilizing company resources. These Static IP servers have no hidden cost; you can get them in Spain, Germany, Tokyo, Singapore, and the UK.

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What Protocols Do Surfshark Servers Support in Spain?

Following are the protocols that Surfshark servers support in Spain:

  • WireGuard – WireGuard has only 4,000 lines of code, which makes it the lightest protocol. It is less vulnerable to security threats but easier to manage. High-speed connections are made possible by the lightweight framework.
  • IKEv2 – The Internet Key Exchange version 2 protocol, or IKEv2, makes the VPN fast and safe. IKEv2’s speed and capacity for on-demand network switching make it incredibly popular among mobile users.
  • OpenVPN – An open-sourced arrangement, OpenVPN is a great security protocol. Experts from all over the world have certified it. Although it’s not as portable as IKEv2 and WireGuard, many routers accept it by default.

What Is Surfshark’s Quick Connect Tool in Spain?

The SurfShark’s quick connect tool is created to help you find the most suitable connection. Usually, people check servers one by one to find which one works the best for them, but with this tool, you wouldn’t have to do it anymore. It will automatically check all the SurfShark locations and the available servers and then connect you to the best server on SurfShark. However, if you want to connect to a specific location, you can still connect to that server manually.

FAQ: Surfshark Server List in Spain

There are over 3200 servers from around 100 countries all over the world. The exact count can not be said because they constantly add new servers and remove the slower ones daily. The SurfShark server address list can be used to see how many locations SurfShark servers for Android and PC are offered.

The New York Server, from SurfShark’s US server, is believed to be the fastest and the best server for SurfShark. According to the Surfshark speed test inside Spain, You will get a download speed of about 81+ Mbps, an upload speed of 76+ Mbps, and a ping time of 251 ms.

SurfShark has over 600+ servers in USA, located in the 25 big cities. So, if you want to access content from the USA or a specific state in USA, then you can rely on SurfShark’s wide network.

Yes, you can try the whole Surfshark server list free in Spain on your Android, iOS, and MacOS devices with their 7-day free trial in Spain policy. If you use it on a PC, you can avail of their 30-day money-back guarantee and enjoy servers on SurfShark free by canceling before 30 days.


SurfShark VPN is a top-notch VPN service that provides quality performance, high speed, extreme security, and full anonymity over the internet at a very low price. We tested the SurfShark server list in Spain on our systems by making it work with big streaming platforms like SurfShark with Hulu in Spain and others. We found some servers performing exceptionally well.

You can also run and unblock content from different streaming platforms with the help of SurfShark, such as SurfShark with Netflix in Spain, SurfShark with BBC iPlayer in Spain, and SurfShark with Disney Plus in Spain.

We hope you found your desired SurfShark location in the SurfShark server list in Spain we have added above. SurfShark servers can be found in all the famous and non-famous places all over the globe. So get SurfShark now and unlock amazing geo-restricted content without any difficulties.

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