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Last updated: November 17, 2023
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If online privacy and security are paramount concerns for you, then unequivocally, Surfshark Pricing in Germany offers unbeatable value.

Among the myriad best VPN for Germany options available, Surfshark stands out as a favored choice, delivering a compelling combination of robust security, feature-rich offerings, and cost-effectiveness.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect is its affordability, positioning it as one of the most budget-friendly options in the market. So, the question arises: does Surfshark’s performance justify its price tag?

Our examination of Surfshark has revealed a user-friendly interface that facilitates a one-click connection to VPN servers. What’s more, it boasts an extensive server network spanning numerous countries and allows unlimited simultaneous connections on a single account. Notably, Surfshark enhances its security arsenal with a kill switch, camouflage mode, and an IP address rotator.

We’ll delve into the Surfshark pricing structure in Germany, examining both the standalone VPN and the Surfshark One bundle, which includes antivirus and other services.

Furthermore, we’ll conduct a comparative analysis of Surfshark’s pricing in Germany alongside other leading VPN providers, empowering you to make an informed decision regarding its cost-effectiveness.

How much does Surfshark cost?

Surfshark pricing and plans-in-Germany

Surfshark pricing comes with uniform features and the perk of unlimited simultaneous connections, spanning from $2.30/mo to $12.95/mo, determined by the subscription’s duration.

Following comprehensive VPN trials, we singled out Surfshark as the most cost-effective choice, delivering exceptional services relative to its pricing. In a price showdown with premium competitors, Surfshark emerged as the sole VPN, presenting a plethora of remarkable features at such an affordable cost.

For those considering to cancel Surfshark’s subscription, follow the designated termination procedure.

Does Surfshark have a free trial in Germany?

Surfshark free trial-in-Germany

Embrace unparalleled online privacy security with the top-notch VPN service. Experience SurfsharkVPN risk-free for a full month in Germany. Explore Surfshark One, your comprehensive solution against all digital threats, featuring VPN, antivirus, alerts, and search capabilities.

Benefit from dedicated IP, ultra-secure RAM-only servers, and static IP options across a global network of 3200+ servers. Enjoy around-the-clock customer support.

Dive into the world of Surfshark with confidence as we offer a Surfshark free trial Germany of 7 days for Android, iOS, and macOS users, coupled with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can thoroughly assess the service without immediate commitment after the initial 7-day trial period.

How to save money on Surfshark

While SurfsharkVPN provides attractive pricing, there exist methods to economize on your subscription. You can achieve this by making the most of periodic discounts and promotions that emerge over time, or by tapping into Surfshark’s Refer a Friend initiative.

Surfshark discounts

A prime opportunity to subscribe to Surfshark is during special sales events like Black Friday VPN Deals in Germany and Cyber Monday, where, in line with common practice among online businesses, Surfshark extends significant discounts.

Beyond seasonal holiday bargains, you can also anticipate price reductions on occasions such as anniversaries, various holidays, or even spontaneous, time-limited promotions.

Refer a friend program

An excellent method to economize on your Surfshark subscription involves participation in the Refer a Friend initiative. When you refer a friend, both you and your friend receive a free month of Surfshark VPN. The more friends you introduce to the program, the higher the potential reward; it’s feasible to accumulate up to a maximum of two years of free service.

Surfshark subscription prices compared

While price frequently plays a pivotal role in the evaluation of VPN providers, it’s equally crucial to assess the array of features offered for the cost.

We’ll assist you in conducting a comparative analysis of pricing between Surfshark VPN and two well-known VPNs, NordVPN and ExpressVPN, enabling you to determine which one delivers the most advantageous value proposition.

Surfshark price compared to NordVPN

Surfshark vs NordVPN, are two heavy contenders in the realm of competitive pricing, especially when it comes to their extended subscription plans. Surfshark consistently maintains a cost advantage over NordVPN, delivering similar subscription durations at lower price points.

Conversely, NordVPN presents a spectrum of options with its Standard, Plus, and Complete packages, broadening the selection. Their price spectrum spans from $2.99 to $14.99 per month. Also, users can cancel NordVPN’s subscription in 30 days.

Both these VPN providers offer an impressive array of features, yet Surfshark’s unique feature allowing unlimited device connections could be the game-changer, particularly for families or individuals with multiple devices.

If you seek an economical VPN that doesn’t compromise on functionality, Surfshark emerges as the more budget-conscious choice compared to NordVPN.

For an in-depth comparison of these two VPN titans, explore our detailed Surfshark vs NordVPN review.

Surfshark price compared to ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN boasts a well-earned reputation for its exceptional features and services, but it’s equally renowned for its premium subscription costs. Starting at $12.95, the monthly rate is competitive, yet the real savings come with the annual plan, which, at EUR 6.13 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan), still stands notably higher than Surfshark’s rates.

ExpressVPN may lay claim to faster speeds and a broader server network, but Surfshark VPN counterbalances with unlimited device connections and an attractive price point, making it the fastest VPN service for those seeking a VPN with fast speeds, which can be confirmed by a Surfshark speed test Germany.

It’s vital to recognize that selecting the ideal VPN provider hinges on individual requirements, be it budget constraints, feature preferences, speed priorities, or any other unique needs.

For a comprehensive comparison, delve into our in-depth Surfshark review versus ExpressVPN review.

FAQs – Surfshark Pricing in Germany

The most economical Surfshark Pricing inside Germany option comes with a 24-month subscription, requiring an upfront payment of EUR 2.29 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan), granting uninterrupted VPN shark access for two full years. This translates to an average cost of $2.49 per month, a budget-friendly deal.

However, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about the renewal rate. Once the initial 24-month period elapses, the subscription automatically renews annually at the same price of $59.76. This results in a modest increase, bringing the average monthly cost to around $5, nearly double the original rate. Staying informed about these terms is essential for making the most of your subscription.

Indeed, Surfshark’s 24-month plan is a sound long-term investment. With its low-cost averaging EUR 2.29 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan), it not only provides excellent value but also offers extensive features, making it an attractive and cost-effective choice for extended Surfshark use.

Yes, Surfshark offers a 7-day free trial, granting users the opportunity to thoroughly assess its features at no cost, ensuring they can make an informed decision before committing to a subscription.

Final Thoughts!

Considering its vast array of features and top-tier performance, we have firm confidence in Surfshark Pricing in Germany being an investment that truly pays off. It not only maintains competitive pricing but also provides exceptional security and privacy online, all at an economical rate.

Surfshark’s versatility shines through in its ability to unblock Netflix, support unlimited devices, and boast 3200 servers in 100 countries, making it a favorite among VPN users. Coupled with its stringent no-logs policy and the option to bundle antivirus, data breach alerts, and more through Surfshark One, it outshines many VPN competitors.

Nonetheless, Surfshark’s value is subjective, depending on individual needs. We recommend delving into our comprehensive Surfshark review Germany for an in-depth exploration of its features and performance in our assessments.

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