Is NordVPN Safe in Australia? Our In Depth Analysis At The Security It Provides

Last updated: November 6, 2023
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NordVPN is the largest and safest VPN around the globe. Its headquarters are in Panama, a country not a member of any global organization for monitoring. It encrypts both the user’s IP address and online behavior with AES-256 encryption, so neither will be tracked. With its quick speeds on our Mac machine, NordVPN is suitable for both Netflix and torrenting.

The best VPN for Australia offers everything we’ve come to expect from a reliable VPN service, including military-grade encryption, ironclad security, and a no-logs policy. However, the question is, is NordVPN safe in Australia? How secure is NordVPN?

If you’re looking for the complete NordVPN server list, you can easily find it on their official website. This list provides an overview of all the servers available in different countries, helping users make informed choices for their online privacy and security needs.

Could the service be a scam? To start with, let me inform NordVPN is safe. We’ll explain its security features, review its privacy statement, and test it for any possible IP and DNS leaks in terms of safety and security. Everything below should help you determine whether or not to purchase NordVPN by indicating whether or not it is safe to use.

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Is NordVPN Safe and Secure in Australia? Quick Overview

To know if Is NordVPN Safe in Australia or not, we have analyzed and tested the VPN and come up with some results. So, let’s look at a quick overview.

  1. Offering 256-bit military grade encryption 100% safe and reliable away from hackers.
  2. Amazing automatic kill switch stops you from using the internet until you establish a connection with one of their servers.
  3. NordVPN upholds a rigorous no-logs policy; your internet activity is never tracked down or saved.
  4. Double VPN and Onion Over VPN provide extra security on your connection.
  5. NordVPN offers threat defense mechanisms to shield you from online dangers and intrusions.
  6. Using obfuscated servers enables safe circumvention of internet censorship and secure access to prohibited information.
  7. Meshnet and NordLynx innovations improve NordVPN’s network’s effectiveness and security, resulting in a dependable and secure VPN service.
  8. NordVPN uses a private DNS system to protect your online security and privacy even further.

Detailed Analysis | FAQs

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How safe is NordVPN in Australia? In-depth Analysis


To understand how much is NordVPN safe in Australia, we have done thorough testing. So, look at key security features that let us know how safe it is for users and how they work. This is an update to my review of NordVPN.

Military Grade Encryption

Using a VPN is mostly useful for shielding your internet activity from hackers, ISPs, and government authorities. VPNs such as NordVPN encrypt all of your internet activity to conceal and jumble the data.

Every safe VPN must have bank-grade encryption. The supplier performed its investigation before integrating it into its already dependable VPN service. To put you in perspective, 256-bit encryption can be used by the military and governments to protect sensitive data.

As a result, when you use NordVPN, your internet connection will be completely private and hidden from snoopers, hackers, and your ISP. It is important to note that the amount of encryption you receive is independent of the protocol you select.

This means that regardless of the VPN protocol you’re using, you may always benefit from the greatest degree of encryption.

Kill Switch

“Is NordVPN safe in Australia?” is easy to achieve using a kill switch. When you lose access to a VPN server, a kill switch instantly cuts off the connection to the internet to stop your IP from leaking to everyone else.

When you use a kill switch, all traffic from your device abruptly stops as soon as the VPN is connected. As a precaution against sending information over the web without security, you and your device are removed from the internet.


NordVPN’s kill switch is quite effective.

NordVPN recognizes that, while the services it provides are generally satisfactory, they are not without flaws. That’s the reason it included a kill switch in its programs. A kill switch is an essential component of covert VPNs. Since they may cut off your device’s internet access if the VPN disconnects, apps with a kill switch provide superior safety.

This is why it matters. When using a VPN to browse, all of your data is secret and safe. However, the veil concealing your traffic disappears the instant the connection is lost. That exposes not just your browser history that your VPN previously concealed from your ISP but also your online behavior going ahead.

No Logging Policy

When you use a VPN, you give the VPN provider access to your data. Thus, it protects your internet traffic from hackers and IP providers. A VPN encrypts your data, but it also can decode the same data. VPNs have easy access to log your internet activity and may even make money from it if they so desire.

We always verify a VPN’s data logging policy because of this, and our findings regarding NordVPN were satisfactory. We declared NordVPN to be the top no-log VPN provider available. Above all, nothing you do is ever recorded when using the VPN. So, there is no log on your online activities. Your browsing history, downloaded content, and streaming activity are all unknown to NordVPN. It is also unaware of your initial IP address.


NordVPN stores only minimal data.

However, NordVPN has minimal data logged, although it was connected to our internet activity. For instance, it recorded contact and personal data, including email addresses, that is required to keep our accounts active. Additionally, it kept track of our default payment details. Thus, it is the best VPN for security. You can learn more in our NordVPN review in Australia.

Moreover, Two audits of NordVPN’s logging policies were conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland: in July 2020 and again in 2018. The most recent independent assessment of NordVPN’s application security was conducted in June 2021 by the third-party consulting firm VerSprite, which revealed no serious flaws.

So, to answer “Is NordVPN safe in Australia? Yes, you can check out NordVPN audit in Australia, showing that the VPN offers total client data security.

Double VPN and Onion over VPN

NordVPN used a double VPN, which meant that our data was encrypted twice by passing it via several servers. VPN server chaining, sometimes referred to as multi-hop, is a notion that improved our security by ensuring that no one could know what we were up to.


NordVPN offers Double VPN feature.

A further stage of encryption would provide security even in the unlikely event that a hacker was to break past the first one. Since most VPNs only utilize one server, we were relieved to know that our data was protected twice before it got to its intended location.

Also, it uses Onion VPN. By relaying your data to the Onion network via a secure VPN server, the Onion Over VPN functionality ensures your protection even if the network is hacked. Remember that certain websites could prevent access from the Onion network.


NordVPN offers Onion over VPN servers in Netherlands and Switzerland.

After establishing a connection with Onion Over VPN, your data first travels via one of our servers, then an Onion network, and finally the internet. No requirement for a certain browser.

Threat Protection

One of the latest features added to NordVPN’s portfolio is Threat Protection. It is a collection of security tools that guard your device against harmful downloads, halt online tracking, prevent malicious adverts, and block websites that contain malware.

Moreover, a thorough malware scanner is part of Threat Protection. With it, you may quickly rid your computer of spyware that often tracks activities or mines cryptocurrency on your behalf for a hacker.

Threat Protection is a great tool for preventing access to harmful websites and intrusive advertisements while we’re here. Enabling this feature will prevent intrusive pop-ups and advertisements, resulting in faster page loads and a more seamless surfing experience.

Obfuscated Servers

Going somewhere with greater restrictions? Use obfuscated servers to conceal the fact that you are using a VPN server to reroute your internet traffic. Tools designed to stop VPN traffic allow this activity to slip through since it modifies your data packets.


NordVPN offers obfuscated servers in 16 countries.

Some VPN servers are meant to hide the existence that you are rerouting your traffic over a VPN. These servers are known as obfuscated servers. They enable users to establish a VPN connection even in highly restricted settings. Where you go online is hidden from your ISP’s view when you connect to a standard VPN server.

You won’t be able to get detected as using a VPN by your ISP, network administrator, or VPN-blocking firewalls if you use NordVPN’s obfuscated servers. Thus, systems cannot detect VPN communication because obscured servers alter the appearance of data packets.


NordVPN Meshnet is a new victory feature. This functionality is exclusive to this VPN and designed for several uses, including remote control and safe LAN parties. You may remotely access, exchange files, route traffic, and more with up to 60 devices when you use Meshnet.

When sharing data, for instance, we discovered Meshnet to be rather helpful. You may quickly transmit the files you desire to your buddy by connecting to their phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. If you want to bypass geo-blocks, you may also access the internet by using the IP address of another device.


Toggle to turn on the Meshnet feature.

Meshnet’s gaming features are also available since you may play games online with pals without worrying about DDoS attacks by having a safe LAN party. Furthermore, Meshnet is built on NordLynx, the innovative protocol from NordVPN, and employs bank-grade encryption.

Without a doubt, Meshnet is among the most innovative and outstanding features offered by NordVPN. Considering that it can be used on any device and is free with any plan, we recommend giving it a try. You’ll be amazed at how effective it is.


A new VPN protocol called NordLynx makes it possible for you to access VPN servers faster, protect your private information and online activity, and connect to them more rapidly. NordVPN, the greatest VPN service provider, developed NordLynx technology, which relies on the WireGuard VPN protocol.


NordLynx is the fastest protocol offered by NordVPN.

In download speed testing, WireGuard outperformed OpenVPN by an average of 59%. Although the NordLynx switchover had not yet occurred when we conducted our NordVPN testing, it is reasonable to conclude that the NordLynx protocol has contributed to an improvement in NordVPN’s download speeds in recent years.


NordVPN provided impressive average speeds on most of its servers.

Private DNS

Premium VPNs such as this one are equipped with private DNS as usual. Can you trust NordVPN to protect the privacy of your DNS queries? Of course! Your ISP won’t handle your DNS queries; instead, private DNS functions as an internal DNS server.

Privacy DNS stops other people from monitoring a user’s online activities. Additionally, it lessens the chance of man-in-the-middle assaults. Naturally, the network’s DNS server must accept this encryption format for NordVPN Android in Australia Private DNS to function.

Because public DNS servers run by your ISP log every DNS query you do and are legally obligated to retain this information for years, private DNS is crucial for your security and privacy.

The server of NordVPN, which complies with a no-logging policy, handles all DNS requests in this manner. Because your ISP or other DNS providers cannot intercept your DNS queries, you are forced to surf in secret.

NordVPN Security Breach in Australia – What was affected?

In March 2018, NordVPN declared that it had suffered a Security Breach on one of the servers it hired from a Finland data center. However, NordVPN is not the sole impacted supplier. The hack has affected TorGuard and Avast as well.

NordVPN’s 5,880 servers were all unaffected. Upon connecting to the server, the hacker could only see what an Internet Service Provider (ISP) would see; this was not user-specific information.

Since NordVPN’s apps don’t transmit these credentials for authentication, they were unable to obtain any activity logs, usernames, user identities, or passwords.

Without delay, NordVPN severed its ties with the data center and destroyed the server. Thus, NordVPN’s code, apps, and VPN encryption tunnel remained entirely unharmed, as did all of its users.

Because most users of NordVPN and TorGuard use their VPNs to watch geo-blocked material or get around digital restrictions rather than for security concerns, the bulk of them are still unconcerned.

Given that there have been no real leaks, customers are fully safeguarded even in the extremely unlikely event that a hacker can access one of NordVPN’s servers. This is evident to people who are concerned about security. Even with a hacker, NordVPN is still quite safe. It gives consumers confidence that, even with a hacker present, their data is secure.

NordVPN and Tesonet in Australia – Should there be any safety concerns?

Tesonet has several partners, NordVPN is one of them. Tesonet formerly provided consulting services to NordVPN in domains including performance-driven marketing and online sales. In the beginning, this support was essential to NordVPN’s development into the significant player it is today.

The firm was registered in Panama, an area where data cannot be demanded by authorities, ostensibly to protect user privacy. This is well demonstrated by the fact that, according to LinkedIn, Tesonet employees are situated in Lithuania, whereas team members of NordVPN are in Panama. Still, it’s unlikely that just six people could run a company the size of NordVPN.

FAQs – Is NordVPN Safe in Australia?

Tefincom & Co., S.A., a Panamanian firm, owns NordVPN. However, people believe in the NordVPN scandal that a Chinese company owns it. Their financial services are popular, and they excel in protecting their clients’ confidentiality and privacy. They are based in the beautiful country of Panama in Central America.

For anybody looking to learn who owns Nord, now has their answer. Safeguarding your financial assets and ensuring privacy in the ever-evolving digital world, this Panama-based organization is a smart choice.

NordVPN is a reliable VPN service. Its headquarters are in Panama, a country not a member of any international coalition for monitoring. It encrypts both the user’s IP address and online behavior with AES-256, so neither will be tracked.

In order to get around VPN limitations, NordVPN offers an option for obfuscated servers, which masks your VPN data as ordinary traffic. Also, it works quickly with NordVPN on Mac in Australia and supports Netflix and torrenting.

Yes, your VPN usage is visible to your ISP. It is also capable of observing the volume of traffic entering and leaving your network. But when you use a VPN, your internet service provider is unable to see the websites you visit, the media you view, or the files you download.

Wrapping Up

So, is NordVPN safe in Australia? Yes, in conclusion, NordVPN is safe and secure. It is true that the VPN exhibits exceptional security and privacy features and is completely dependable. In addition, a certified no-logging policy ensures that its servers do not retain any logs.

This guarantees that your online activities are anonymous, together with features like Threat Protection, a dependable kill switch, NordLynx, and Private DNS. It’s reasonable to state that taking advantage of its inexpensive 2-year plan is currently a great choice. Also, you get a NordVPN free trial in Australia for testing its security.

Thus, if you are searching for a flexible solution with a worldwide presence and top-notch software, NordVPN should undoubtedly be at the top of your list.

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