How To Fix ITV Error Code 01-01 (Step by step Guide)

Last updated: September 27, 2023
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Experiencing the ITV Error Code 01-01 and looking for a solution? Dealing with this issue can be bothersome, but the good news is that resolving it is typically a straightforward process. How to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01? Let’s delve into the solutions to fix ITV Error Code 01-01.

ITV is a renowned UK broadcaster featuring a variety of entertainment, ensuring a diverse viewer experience. However, It’s worth noting that ITV’s online content is geographically restricted to the UK. employing a VPN like ExpressVPN can grant you access to view ITV from in UAE.

If you’re facing a similar error and seeking a solution, you’re in luck. This article will guide you through resolving the ITVX error code 01-01, providing step-by-step instructions to eliminate the issue. Subscribe to ITV Hub’s premium service by paying for ITV monthly payments for access to exclusive content.

What is ITV Error Code 01-01?

If you are trying to resolve ITV Error 01-01, you need to understand that this issue occurs when trying to access content from beyond the UK and eventually your ITV Hub stops working.

This often leads to the display of an error message similar to: “Not available. Sorry, this show isn’t available right now. Retry. Error code: 01-01.” Rest assured, there are solutions to address this error and enjoy ITV content seamlessly.

How to Fix ITV Error Code 01-01?

Here are the steps to fix ITV error Codes 01-01,

Step 1: Verify Your Internet Connection Begin by ensuring your internet connection is stable. Unstable or slow connections often trigger error code 01-01. Restart your modem and router, then attempt ITV streaming once more. If the error persists, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Update the ITV App Outdated ITV apps can contribute to error 01-01. Rectify this by accessing the App Store or Google Play Store, locating the ITV app, and updating it to the latest version. After updating, reboot your device and retry ITV streaming.

Step 3: Clear the ITV App Cache Eliminate the error by clearing your ITV app’s cache. Navigate to your device’s settings, find the ITV app, and select ‘Clear Cache’. Following cache clearance, restart your device before attempting ITV streaming again.

Step 4: Reboot Your Device At times, a simple device reboot can rectify error code 01-01. Hold down the power button, select ‘Restart’ when prompted, and allow your device to restart. Subsequently, endeavor to stream ITV content once more.

Now, you can enjoy perks such as ad-free viewing and downloads at an affordable cost or make use of the free trial. Should you decide to alter your choice, you retain the flexibility to cancel your ITV Hub subscription at any time.

FAQs – ITV Error Code 01-01

It’s possible that you could be experiencing a weak or unstable internet connection, or the cache of your ITVX app may have become corrupted, leading to disruptions in the app’s functionality.

ITV Hub is exclusively accessible within the UK due to limited international rights for our shows. For ITV Hub+ subscribers, please be aware that this service is now restricted to the UK as well.

The ITV Hub Error Code 01-01 emerges when attempting to access ITV Hub content from locations in UAE. This error is a result of ITV’s geo-restrictions, which confine their content’s availability solely to viewers within the UK.

These geo-restrictions are enforced to comply with licensing agreements and copyright regulations, permitting ITV to broadcast their content exclusively within the UK.

Wrapping Up!

To sum up, ITV error code 01-01, while widespread, can be readily addressed by adhering to the guidelines provided in this article. Whether you’re verifying your internet connection, upgrading your ITV app, erasing the cache, or rebooting your device, these remedies should effectively rectify error code 01-01, enabling seamless ITV streaming devoid of any additional setbacks`


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