Exploring the NordVPN Server List in UAE: Your Comprehensive Guide

Last updated: October 30, 2023
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NordVPN is a top-tier premium VPN service that provides high-quality service and a wide range of global server networks. The NordVPN server list boasts 5600 servers in 59 countries, giving unparalleled server choices for connection and even surpassing the large network of ExpressVPN servers.

Its large server network provides better quality, faster speeds, and increased flexibility for accessing geo-block content. NordVPN servers also indicate strong security protection like AES 256-bit encryption and robust encryption, which gives you a better all-around internet experience within the network.

A large server network provides a high-speed internet connection and supercharges your network while connecting to different geo-restricted content. Having the largest network of servers is a good sign of strong security standards and privacy protection.

NordVPN also provides an excellent geographic variety and powerful tools that block ads, limit the risks of malware, and prevent intrusive cross-site tracking. Unless you live in an obscure corner of the planet, NordVPN will definitely be available to guard your privacy while allowing you to unblock censorship.

Let’s explore the NordVPN server list and examine the qualities of this premium VPN server’s global coverage in depth!

NordVPN Server List by Continents in–UAE

NordVPN server list comprises the largest servers worldwide. The server list includes all the locations sorted by continent and country. Here is a list of servers divided by region to check at a glance if NordVPN covers the location you need.

  • Europe-based servers: 2011
  • Oceania-based servers: 220
  • North America-based servers: 1804
  • Asia-based servers: 386
  • South America-based servers: 61
  • Middle East & Africa based servers: 81

Fortunately, NordVPN best servers can unlock multiple streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Paramount Plus, and Amazon Prime. However, NordVPN server locations can guard you against the prying eyes of ISPs and the government.

The best thing about NordVPN is its capability on multiple operating systems. You can use NordVPN for Windows, iOS, and Android systems. It connects up to 6 devices simultaneously.

To be eligible for the NordVPN free trial UAE, you need to have an Android device. You can browse, and safely enjoy your favorite content with no limits and bandwidth restrictions.

Complete NordVPN Server List in–UAE

Here, we covered the complete NordVPN server list for multiple NordVPN countries. You can securely access over a dozen NordVPN servers to bypass geo-blocking censorship worldwide. According to NordVPN’s website, the below list is accurate!

NordVPN Server in North America

NordVPN offers 2226 servers across the North American region. You can pick a server in the city that is closest to you and order a NordVPN IP in–UAE that will belong to only you. This way can protect your online identity with other users.

Country City/Location Number of Servers Server Type
Canada Montreal 77 P2P
Canada Toronto 128 P2P
Canada Toronto 14 Double VPN (United States)
Canada Toronto 4 Obfuscated
Canada Toronto 10 Static IP
Canada Vancouver 39 P2P
Mexico Mexico City 30 P2P
United States Atlanta, GA 115 P2P
United States Atlanta, GA 2 Obfuscated
United States Buffalo, NY 72 P2P
United States Buffalo, NY 39 Static IP
United States Charlotte, NC 34 P2P
United States Chicago, IL 155 P2P
United States Chicago, IL 2 Obfuscated
United States Dallas, TX 183 P2P
United States Dallas, TX 35 Static IP
United States Denver, CO 94 P2P
United States Kansas City, MO 35 P2P
United States Los Angeles, CA 206 P2P
United States Los Angeles, CA 11 Obfuscated
United States Los Angeles, CA 44 Static IP
United States Manassas, VA 108 P2P
United States Manassas, VA 2 Double VPN (Canada)
United States Miami, FL 130 P2P
United States Miami, FL 5 Obfuscated
United States New York, NY 332 P2P
United States New York, NY 20 Double VPN (Canada)
United States New York, NY 27 Obfuscated
United States New York, NY 16 Static IP
United States Phoenix, AZ 47 P2P
United States Salt Lake City, UT 24 P2P
United States San Francisco, CA 77 P2P
United States Seattle, WA 96 P2P
United States St Louis, MO 22 P2P

NordVPN Server in Central America

NordVPN has 12 servers across the Central America region. It also offers optimized servers for P2P traffic. NordVPN P2P servers offer increased fault tolerance and scalability and allow you to hide your online activity so that intruders can’t spy on what you are doing.

Here is the breakdown of the NordVPN server list, which is as follows:

Country City / Location Number of Servers Server Types
Costa Rica San Jose 12 N/A

NordVPN Servers in South America

While writing the complete NordVPN servers list, we found 58 servers across the South American region, which are listed below:

Country City/Location Number of Servers Server Types
Argentina Buenos Aires 9 P2P
Brazil Sao Paulo 28 P2P
Chile Santiago 12 P2P
Colombia Bogota 10 P2P

NordVPN Servers in Europe

At the time of writing NordVPN servers locations, we found 2493 servers across the European region.

Additionally, NordVPN provides a private DNS server that gives you full control over available network and IP addresses. NordVPN DNS servers record every DNS query you make and keep your record for years.

We have listed the servers’ locations in Europe:

Country City / Location Number of Servers Server Types
Albania Tirana 6
Austria Vienna 61 P2P
Belgium Brussels 60 P2P
Bosnia Sarajevo 5 P2P
Bulgaria Sofia 30 P2P
Croatia Zagreb 16 P2P
Cyprus Nicosia 13 P2P
Czech Republic Prague 52 P2P
Denmark Copenhagen 40 P2P
Estonia Tallinn 13 P2P
Finland Helsinki 22 P2P
France Marseille 64 P2P
France Paris 175 P2P
France Paris 6 Double VPN (United Kingdom)
France Paris 6 Obfuscated
France Paris 15 Static IP
Germany Berlin 56 P2P
Germany Frankfurt 152 P2P
Germany Frankfurt 7 Obfuscated
Germany Frankfurt 21 Static IP
Greece Athens 21 P2P
Hungary Budapest 20 P2P
Iceland Reykjavik 10 P2P
Ireland Dublin 60 P2P
Italy Milan 54 P2P
Italy Milan 2 Obfuscated
Italy Milan 4 Static IP
Latvia Riga 12
Lithuania Vilnius 10 P2P
Luxembourg Luxembourg 12 P2P
Macedonia Skopje 2
Moldova Chisinau 3
Netherlands Amsterdam 187 P2P
Netherlands Amsterdam 4 Double VPN (Sweden)
Netherlands Amsterdam 4 Double VPN (Switzerland)
Netherlands Amsterdam 4 Double VPN (United Kingdom)
Netherlands Amsterdam 4 Obfuscated
Netherlands Amsterdam 15 Static IP
Netherlands Amsterdam 2 Tor
Norway Oslo 84 P2P
Poland Warsaw 63 P2P
Poland Warsaw 4 Obfuscated
Portugal Lisbon 33 P2P
Romania Bucharest 21 P2P
Serbia Belgrade 20 P2P
Slovakia Bratislava 15 P2P
Slovenia Ljubljana 5 P2P
Spain Madrid 62 P2P
Spain Madrid 4 Obfuscated
Sweden Stockholm 136
Sweden Stockholm 4 Double VPN (Netherlands)
Sweden Stockholm 4 Double VPN (Switzerland)
Sweden Stockholm 4 Obfuscated
Sweden Stockholm 4 Static IP
Switzerland Zurich 106 P2P
Switzerland Zurich 4 Double VPN (Netherlands)
Switzerland Zurich 4 Double VPN (Sweden)
Switzerland Zurich 3 Obfuscated
Switzerland Zurich 1 Tor
Turkey 14 Obfuscated
Turkey Istanbul 12 P2P
Turkey Istanbul 2 Obfuscated
Ukraine Kyiv 14 P2P
United Kingdom Edinburgh 36 P2P
United Kingdom Glasgow 36 P2P
United Kingdom London 455 P2P
United Kingdom London 6 Double VPN (France)
United Kingdom London 4 Double VPN (Netherlands)
United Kingdom London 6 Obfuscated
United Kingdom London 54 Static IP
United Kingdom Manchester 54 P2P

NordVPN Servers in Asia

NordVPN is built-in with Smart DNS, Split Tunneling, and Double VPN feature that offer an extra layer of security while streaming. So, stream fast and stream fast with its uncountable servers worldwide.

While writing NordVPN server locations, we found 427 servers across the Asia region. Here is a list below to pick the best servers according to your region:

Country City / Location Number of Servers Server Types
Georgia Tbilisi 4
Hong Kong Hong Kong 63 P2P
Hong Kong Hong Kong 1 Double VPN (Taiwan#3)
Hong Kong Hong Kong 2 Obfuscated
Indonesia Jakarta 10 P2P
Israel Tel Aviv 20 P2P
Japan Osaka 36 P2P
Japan Tokyo 113 P2P
Japan Tokyo 4 Obfuscated
Japan Tokyo 8 Static IP
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 12
Singapore Singapore 71 P2P
Singapore Singapore 1 Obfuscated
South Korea Seoul 33 P2P
Taiwan Taipei 19 P2P
Taiwan Taipei 1 Double VPN (Hong Kong)
Thailand Bangkok 10
United Arab Emirates Dubai 5 Obfuscated
Vietnam Hanoi 14

NordVPN Servers in Oceania

At the time of writing NordVPN servers list, we found 203 servers across the Oceania region. Here is the breakdown of the servers list:

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
Australia Adelaide P2P 20
Australia Brisbane P2P 32
Australia Melbourne P2P 36
Australia Perth P2P 34
Australia Sydney P2P 50
Australia Sydney Static IP 4
New Zealand Auckland P2P 27

NordVPN Servers in Africa

While listing NordVPN servers list, we found 20 servers across the Africa region and listed the servers below:

Country City / Location Server Types Number of Servers
South Africa Johannesburg P2P 20

What Is NordVPN Server Picker?

The NordVPN Server Picker is a built-in tool that comes along with the NordVPN service. It gives a suggestion to pick the right server from its servers list and suggests an ideal server that works best for the purpose you want to achieve.

NordVPN server picker can pinpoint your actual location through your IP address and suggest you nearby server that you can use in your region. With nearby servers, you can access local content, and you will remain anonymous to secure online activities on the internet.

If any of its nearby servers are not available in your country, it suggests the closest one and offers the highest possible connection speed. The nearest servers can speed up your connection speed.

Moreover, you can also check which protocols you can use in your region and how can you use them. NordVPN gives you a “Quick Connect” option that connects you to an optimized nearby server for more ease. It helps to unblock content available for streaming in your region.

We wanted to watch Netflix from Australia and decided to use the NordVPN Server Picker to pick the best choice for streaming. Upon selecting our region as the US, it suggested US server #9015.


Here, you can see how we were connected to a NordVPN US server easily and how it’s ideal for streaming Netflix.

After connecting to US server #9015, we were able to bypass the geo-blocking restrictions of Netflix in our region. Overall, we found it to be a very beneficial tool that changes its output based on your queries.

While we are happy that NordVPN supports Netflix in our region, it can be quite disappointing to be limited to only certain servers and deliver slow speeds. That’s why we conducted the Surfshark speed test UAE and NordVPN speed test UAE but did not find them as good as the ExpressVPN Speed test UAE. It delivered a lag-free browsing experience.

We also noticed that ExpressVPN offers compatibility with a higher number of devices as compared to NordVPN. You can get this best VPN for multiple devices and unblock censorship worldwide.

How To Turn On Obfuscated Servers?

NordVPN has built-in Obfuscated Servers that are beneficial to overcome network restrictions and censorship policies. It provides the best way to browse securely and mask your location.

You can turn on Obfuscated Servers in the NordVPN servers list by following these easy steps:

  • Open the NordVPN application and go to the Settings menu.
  • Click on the server selection screen and select Advance settings.
  • Turn on “Obfuscated Servers” in the left corner at the bottom of the list
  • Confirm that Obfuscated servers have been turned on at the left corner under Speciality Servers.

Obfuscated servers are useful because they allow to use the internet securely in countries that have strict regulations and policies. Thus, it can mask your VPN traffic and protect you from ISP monitoring.

NordVPN obfuscated servers list includes:

Canada Singapore
France Spain
Germany Sweden
Hong Kong Switzerland
Italy Turkey
Japan UAE
Netherlands UK
Poland US
Obfuscated servers - Nordvpn

NordVPN’s obfuscated servers

Another way to get access to the largest number of servers in the NordVPN Servers list is to use OpenVPN manual configuration method. For further information about its features, you can check out the NordVPN review.

What Are NordVPN DNS Servers?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a server that is used to change domain names into numerical IP addresses. NordVPN offers private DNS in its apps, which tighter your security and privacy for traffic.

NordVPN DNS servers can protect against the risk of DNS leaks and turn domain names into IP addresses. However, you can configure your device manually to use NordVPN DNS servers. It not only protects you from hackers, but it also encrypts your online traffic and shields your DNS requests from third parties. No one can spy on you or redirect you to a malicious site. Plus, NordVPN DNS servers do not limit your access to the online world.

Unlike many sluggish free VPNs, like Hidemyass (HMA), Hola, and Zenmate, NordVPN is optimizing its network speed and faster DNS response times where it matters. To know more about free VPNs that are not safe, you can check out the HMA review UAE, Hola VPN review UAE, and ZenMate review UAE.

Where Are NordVPN P2P Servers?

NordVPN P2P servers are the ones that can secure torrenting. However, P2P servers are not safe for every country. NordVPN has picked the best locations where P2P servers enable you to torrent without any trouble.

Here is the list of NordVPN P2P server locations:

Locations Number of servers Types of servers
The United States 1621 servers P2P
Canada 400 servers P2P
Argentina 21 servers
Mexico 14 servers P2P
Chile 12 servers P2P
Costa Rica 12 servers
Brazil 9 servers P2P
Belgium 60 P2P
Bosnia 5 P2P
Bulgaria 30 P2P
Cyprus 13 P2P

NordVPN Advanced Features

Aside from the huge NordVPN servers list, the service has incredible features that make it worth the investment. Here we tried to cover some of the best ones:

  • Simultaneous Device Connections: You can use a NordVPN subscription on up to 6 devices simultaneously without any extra costs.
  • Strong Encryption: NordVPN offers AES 256-bit military-grade encryption that can secure your data.
  • Global Coverage: NordVPN’s largest servers are spread across every inhabited continent in the world. It protects you from anywhere in the world.
  • Ultra-fast streaming: NordVPN provides high-speed servers that cannot only allow to unblocking of geo-restricted content but also provide a buffer-free experience with high speed.
  • Strict no-log Policy: NordVPN has a strict no-log policy that cannot collect and share your data. It does not log user data and never compromises users’ privacy.
  • Automatic Kill Switch: NordVPN has a network Kill Switch feature that can disconnect your device from the internet automatically.
  • Double VPN: NordVPN has the most effective Double VPN feature on its premium version. It can hide your web activity and secure your presence.
  • NordVPN CyberSec: It is an advanced feature of NordVPN that protects users from phishing attacks and malware.
  • Split Tunneling: NordVPN lets you route your device traffic through an encrypted VPN. It offers secure access to sensitive communications and data.
  • 24/7 customer support: In case of any trouble, you can cancel NordVPN’s subscription and obtain help at any time through NordVPN’s 24/7 customer support.

Note: If you face any trouble while connecting to NordVPN, you can try the ExpressVPN free trial UAE with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can even cancel ExpressVPN subscription at any time by using its 24/7 live chat support service. To know more about the best VPN, check out the ExpressVPN review UAE.

FAQs – NordVPN Servers List

The complete NordVPN server list and the protocols supported in each region are available at nordvpm.com/servers. You can find detailed information about NordVPN server locations and pick the best server according to your needs. The list comprises 5600 servers in 59 countries.

NordVPN has five specialty servers. You can use its Server Picker tool to find the best servers from the NordVPN servers list for different users including:

  • Obfuscated servers
  • Onion Over VPN
  • Double VPN servers
  • P2P servers
  • StaticIP servers

The best servers for NordVPN are listed below:

  • OpenVPN UDP Obfuscated · 105 servers.
  • OpenVPN TCP Obfuscated · 105 servers.
  • IKEv2/IPSec IPv6 · 2 servers.
  • OpenVPN UDP IPv6 · 2 servers.
  • OpenVPN TCP IPv6 · 2 servers.
  • Wireguard · 5260 servers.
  • OpenVPN UDP Dedicated · 463 servers.
  • OpenVPN TCP Dedicated · 463 servers.


We hope you found our comprehensive guide on the NordVPN server list useful. NordVPN has the largest network of servers that comprises more the 5600 servers in 59 countries, including South America, Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

With NordVPN’s specialized servers like Obfuscated servers, Double VPN, P2P, and dedicated IP servers, you can safely browse the internet without any fear of prying from ISPs. And you can also access geo-restriction content from anywhere.

In case of any trouble, you can get a premium VPN like ExpressVPN that provides strong encryption protocols, a Kill switch, and Multi-language features.

If you are searching for a pocket-friendly VPN, you can try Surfshark free trial UAE! However, if you wish to cancel Surfshark’s subscription, you can reach out to its live chat support. To know more, visit Surfshark review UAE!

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