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Last updated: November 6, 2023
Donald Fredrick
Donald Fredrick
Donald Fredrick is a tech writer and cybersecurity expert. In this blog, he leverages his expertise to enlighten readers about best free VPNs for Hotstar. His comprehensive analysis navigates the world of VPNs, empowering users to make informed choices for secure and unrestricted online streaming.

Do you want a stress-free way to access Hotstar content in Japan? A Free VPN is your answer!

With the best free VPN for Hotstar in Japan, viewers gain access to a multitude of Indian channels, including Star Plus, Star Bharat, Asianet, Star Vijay, and many more. Whether it’s catching the latest Bollywood blockbuster, enjoying a nerve-wracking cricket match, or immersing yourself in a gripping Indian drama series.

Hotstar, a highly sought-after Indian streaming service, is rich in content offerings. However, it is geo-restricted, making it inaccessible to viewers outside India, including the US. This limitation necessitates the use of the best free VPN for Hotstar in Japan for viewers seeking a slice of Indian entertainment abroad.

A premium VPN allows users in Japan to virtually relocate their IP address to an Indian IP address in Japan, enabling them to access Hotstar’s comprehensive library.

Choosing a good free VPN isn’t a straightforward task. Many free VPNs carry inherent risks, such as weak encryption standards, data leaks, intrusive ads, and vague privacy policies.

As cybersecurity experts, we have sieved through many VPNs, testing their capabilities. After a thorough evaluation, we strongly believe that ExpressVPN, with its free trial, stands tall as the best free VPN for Hotstar in Japan. Its core feature includes security, speed, reliability, and the ability to bypass geo-restrictions.

Our subsequent sections will delve deeper into why ExpressVPN excels and also shed light on other worthy alternatives.

Best Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan: [Quick Overview]

Here are the best 3 free VPNs for Hotstar in Japan. You can select the best VPN according to your choice:

  1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN on Free Trial for HotStar in Japan: renowned for its lightning-fast speeds and robust encryption, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its premium plan, allowing users to use it practically free for a month.
  2. Windscribe – Recommended Free VPN to Watch Hotstar in Japan: with its generous 10GB free data per month, provides access to a limited number of servers, including those in India. Unique features include a built-in ad-blocker and P2P support.
  3. TunnelBear – Secure and User-Friendly Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan: free version offers 500MB of data per month and is lauded for its user-friendly interface. It boasts VigilantBear for leak protection and GhostBear to disguise VPN traffic, making it harder for governments and ISPs to detect.

Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan [In-Depth Analysis] |FAQs

Why do you need a Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan?

Hotstar is geo-blocked and is only available in India, so the platform is restricted to American users. In order to access Hotstar in Japan, you need a VPN. It will help change your IP address and make Hotstar believe that you are in India. You may encounter the following error when accessing Hotstar in Japan without a VPN.

“This content is currently not available in your region.”


The only way to get around this error is to use a VPN.

A free VPN for streaming in Japan allows users to gain access to Hotstar’s comprehensive content. Its features include the following:

Enhanced Online Security: Hotstar, like many streaming services, contains sensitive personal data. A free VPN to watch Hotstar in Japan enhances your online security, encrypting your data and protecting it from potential cyber threats. This ensures that your private information, including your IP address and browsing history, remains confidential and secure.

Bypass Geographical Restrictions: Hotstar’s content is only accessible in India. Recently, the service has been restricted in Japan. A free VPN allows you to bypass these geographical restrictions by providing you with an IP address from a location where Hotstar is available. This means you can enjoy your favorite Indian TV shows without the hassle of geo-blocks.

Anonymity and Privacy: While streaming Hotstar, a free VPN ensures your internet activity is concealed from ISPs, government agencies, and third-party trackers. This not only grants you privacy but also lets you enjoy your content without worrying about surveillance or data tracking.

Cost-Effective Solution: Subscribing to international cable or streaming packages can be expensive. The best free VPN for Hotstar in Japan allows you to access the service without these additional costs. With a VPN, you can save money while still enjoying the broad range of entertainment options that Hotstar provides.

3 Free VPNs for Hotstar in Japan [In-Depth Analysis]

You will find below a detailed analysis of the best 3 free VPNs for Hotstar in Japan. You may select a VPN of your choice:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN on Free Trial for Hotstar in Japan


Key Features:

  • 3000 servers in 105 countries.
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption
  • MediaStreamer, Internet kill switch, split-tunnelling, and server obfuscation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN, with its free trial, is the top free VPN for Hotstar in Japan. It has impressive features and consistent performance. ExpressVPN offers a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee, offering ample time for users to test its capabilities without any financial risk. This trial period showcases the provider’s confidence in its service quality and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

ExpressVPN shines in its ability to provide uninterrupted streaming. With over 3000 servers spread across 105 countries, it guarantees fast and stable connectivity. This vast network also ensures a robust presence in regions where Hotstar is accessible, such as India. For the best streaming experience, users are recommended to connect to the closest servers in these countries.


We had a seamless streaming experience on Disney+ Hotstar with ExpressVPN.

One unique feature of ExpressVPN is its MediaStreamer service. It allows users to stream on devices that do not support VPNs, such as certain smart TVs and game consoles. It does this by rerouting the device’s internet connection through a server in a location of your choice. In essence, for those looking Free Vpn for ICC Cricket World Cup in Japan without any hitches and with added security benefits, ExpressVPN is the ultimate solution to stream the World Cup.

ExpressVPN consistently demonstrates impressive download and upload speed. In our ExpressVPN speed tests in Japan, we received 89.42 Mbps download speed and 84.64 Mbps upload speeds with a connection of 100 Mbps.


Experience super fast speed with ExpressVPN servers.

The provider uses AES-256-Bit military-grade encryption, which is the current industry standard for secure data transmission. This encryption standard ensures that your online activities are well protected from potential intruders. ExpressVPN also uses secure encryption protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPSec, which offer a balance between security and speed.

In addition to encryption, ExpressVPN offers extra security features such as an Internet Kill Switch, which protects your data by disconnecting your device from the Internet if your VPN connection drops unexpectedly. Split-tunnelling allows you to decide which part of your internet traffic should go through the VPN tunnel and which should directly access the internet. Server Obfuscation disguises your VPN traffic as regular internet traffic, further enhancing your privacy and security.

You can also explore the world of free VPN for Zee5 in Japan with ExpressVPN, which adds a valuable layer of versatility to your streaming experience, making it a perfect complement to optimizing your hotstar streaming experience as well. With the right VPN, you can unlock endless entertainment while ensuring seamless performance, offering hotstar users a winning combination for unhindered Zee5 access.

Apart from Hotstar, it is one of the best VPN for Voot and ExpressVPN can also be used to stream other services, such as HBO Max, SonyLIV, Amazon Prime, and Netflix with ExpressVPN Japan. This means users can enjoy a wider range of content, including regional shows and movies that might not be available in Japan.

ExpressVPN is compatible with various operating systems and devices. This includes Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and even routers. It also offers dedicated apps for media streaming devices like ExpressVPN on Amazon Firestick in Japan and platforms like ExpressVPN on Kodi in Japan, further broadening its usability. Coupled with its ability to support up to 5 simultaneous connections, users can enjoy Hotstar on multiple devices at the same time.

ExpressVPN is also highly regarded as one of the best VPN for Sonyliv. With its fast download speeds, media streaming capabilities, and a range of additional features, ExpressVPN provides an optimal online experience for users. ExpressVPN’s robust security features, fast speeds, broad server network, excellent customer support, and user-friendly apps make it the best VPN with a free trial for Hotstar. Its comprehensive set of features ensures a seamless and secure streaming experience, making it the top choice for users seeking to watch Hotstar in Japan.

In terms of customer service, ExpressVPN offers 24/7 live chat support. Users can get their queries resolved promptly, enhancing the overall user experience. If you like the ExpressVPN free trial in Japan, you can always avail of the service in as little as JPY 982.12 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan).

For more information on ExpressVPN, read our ExpressVPN review Japan.

  • Lightning fast speeds
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Virtual servers in India
  • Multiple servers near India

  • Slightly expensive after free trial


Key Features:

  • Malware and tracking blocker.
  • 11 Indianservers in 6 locations.
  • Ad blocker.
  • No logs policy.
  • AES-256-bit encryption.

Windscribe is a highly recommended choice for accessing Hotstar in Japan. Boasting an array of impressive features, Windscribe ensures a secure and smooth streaming experience. Windscribe’s combination of robust security, user-friendly features, wide server availability, and compatibility across platforms makes it an excellent choice for users seeking a free VPN for Hotstar in Japan. With its ability to block ads and malware, keep no logs of user data, and deliver uninterrupted streaming.

One noteworthy aspect of Windscribe is its robust AES-256-bit encryption, which ensures that your online activities and data remain confidential. Coupled with its strict no-logs policy, users can trust that their personal information will not be stored or shared with third parties.

In terms of server availability, Windscribe has a network of 11 servers located in 6 different Indian locations. This wide distribution of servers provides users with reliable and consistent access to Hotstar. Moreover, its robust server network also enables uninterrupted streaming, minimizing buffering and downtime.

We observed that Windscribe’s performance in speed tests is commendable, offering a good download speed of 65.21 Mbps and an upload speed of 34.75 Mbps over a 100 Mbps connection, respectively, great for streaming high-definition content on Hotstar. Although speed may vary depending on server load and user’s distance from the server, Windscribe generally provides a satisfactory streaming experience.


Windscribe is a great source to get quick speeds for online activities

Beyond Hotstar, Windscribe also excels in providing access to other geo-restricted services, including Netflix India. This makes it one of the best free VPNs that works with Netflix in Japan, allowing users to enjoy a wider range of content. Apart from this Windscribe also helps us to successfully unblock US popular TV network and channels suchs as CBS which also makes it the best free VPN for CBS in Japan

Moreover, for global Asia Cup coverage on Hotstar, rely on Windscribe as your trusted free VPN for Asia Cup in Japan. With reliable performance, enjoy every match in Japan, never missing out on the excitement. Count on Windscribe for seamless access to the Asia Cup and more.

Windscribe stands out from its competitors through its unique features. It includes a built-in ad and malware blocker, ensuring a cleaner, safer, and faster browsing experience. This feature not only enhances your streaming experience by eliminating annoying ads but also provides an extra layer of security by blocking malicious content.

Compatibility is another strength of Windscribe. It supports various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Linux. It also offers extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox, and can be manually installed on routers for comprehensive home network protection. During our tests on multiple devices, we also found that Windscribe is also a good free VPN for Firestick in Japan.

When it comes to customer support, Windscribe offers a 24/7 live-chat feature. Users can have their questions answered and issues resolved promptly, ensuring a smooth user experience.

For more information on Windscribe, read our Windscribe review Japan.

  • Ad blocker for smooth streaming
  • Server in India
  • Streaming support

  • Limited to 10 GB per month

3. TunnelBear – Secure and User-friendly Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan


Key Features:

  • Free trial of 500 MBs data.
  • 40+ server locations, including Hotstar.
  • AES-256 encryption.
  • 500 MB bandwidth on its free plan and unlimited bandwidth on its premium plan.
  • Allows to connect unlimited simultaneoIndiandevices with a single account.

TunnelBear has excellent security standards and a user-friendly interface, making it a robust solution for accessing Hotstar in Japan. The VPN’s features, including its money-back guarantee, streaming capabilities, 24/7 live-chat support, impressive speed, and advanced encryption standards and protocols, render it a reliable choice for those seeking seamless content streaming.

TunnelBear’s encryption standards and protocols are exemplary in the VPN industry. It utilizes AES 256-bit encryption, a military-grade standard that is virtually uncrackable. This encryption ensures that your online activities are thoroughly protected from any potential breaches of privacy, thereby allowing for secure streaming.

TunnelBear boasts over 40 server locations worldwide, including servers compatible with Hotstar. This geographical diversity enhances its ability to bypass geo-restrictions, thereby ensuring uninterrupted access to Hotstar from the USA.

We conducted a test and observed that one of the highlights of TunnelBear is the free trial it offers users. It provides a 500 MBs data allowance, giving users an opportunity to test out the service before deciding to commit fully. This is particularly beneficial for those unsure about the VPN’s performance and functionality, as it allows them to verify its capabilities without any monetary risk.

The VPN service also performs commendably in speed testing, with a download speed of 67.2 Mbps and an upload speed of 73.3 Mbps, respectively. These speeds ensure that users experience no buffering while streaming, thus maintaining a satisfying viewing experience.


TunnelBear provides ultimate speeds for hassle-free online activities

TunnelBear’s secure and user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and strong performance make it a reliable solution for accessing Hotstar in Japan and other streaming services worldwide.

Moreover, TunnelBear’s compatibility is far-reaching. It works smoothly on various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, and supports all major devices. This wide range of compatibility allows users to connect unlimited simultaneous devices with a single account, giving them more flexibility and control over their VPN use.

Aside from Hotstar, TunnelBear can also be used to stream other Indian services such as Netflix India, Zee5, and Sony Liv. This feature further enhances the versatility and convenience of the VPN service, making it a one-stop solution for various streaming needs. Moreover if you want to stream Videoland a popular Dutch streaming. You can do it using this VPN which makes it the best free VPN Videoland Unlimited in Japan . Additionally, TunnelBear is a go-to choice for online privacy, which now offers a free VPN for JioTV in Japan. With its secure VPN service, you can enjoy unrestricted access to JioTV’s content library while keeping your data safe and anonymous.

Apart from Indian Channels, we’ve also managed to unblock BBC iPlayer using this free VPN’s UK servers, further cementing its status as a top-notch free VPN for BBC iPlayer in Japan.

What makes TunnelBear the best VPN with a free trial Japan is its money-back guarantee. If the service does not live up to the user’s expectations, they can request a refund within the stipulated period. This feature further ensures that users’ investments are protected and offers peace of mind when trying out the service.

When it comes to customer support, TunnelBear offers round-the-clock live chat. This service means help is always available, making it easier for users to resolve any issues or queries that may arise. This reliable support enhances user experience, contributing to TunnelBear’s overall appeal.

For more information on TunnelBear, read our TunnelBear review Japan.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Completely free VPN
  • Server in Singapore, near India

  • Very limited bandwidth
  • No Indian server

Testing methodology for best Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan

It’s challenging to find the best free VPN for Hotstar in Japan that works well. To identify the one that could unlock Hotstar services easily, we did a test run of several services. We concluded that the following factors should be considered:

Media Streaming Feature:

A free VPN for Hotstar in Japan must have a media streaming feature that efficiently bypasses geo-restrictions. The VPN should be tested on multiple media streaming platforms to determine its efficiency. Additionally, it should be able to provide consistent connections, preventing buffering and ensuring an optimal viewing experience.

Unblocking Indian Channels:

The VPN should be capable of accessing a variety of Indian channels on Hotstar. Testing should involve trying to access different channels and evaluating the consistency and quality of the stream. This will indicate the VPN’s effectiveness in bypassing regional content restrictions. Like we also unblocked Voot using these VPNs which also makes it them the best free VPNs for Voot in Japan

No Logs Policy:

Privacy is paramount when choosing a VPN. A VPN with a no-logs policy ensures that no trace of your online activities is stored. Verification can be done by reading through the VPN’s privacy policy and seeking clarity from customer service if necessary.

Good Speeds:

Streaming requires high-speed internet, and your chosen VPN should not significantly hamper this. The VPN should be tested for both download and upload speeds on different servers. Ideally, the speeds should be high enough to stream content in HD without any lag or buffering.


Lastly, the cost-effectiveness of the VPN should be evaluated. While the VPN may be free, it may offer premium plans with enhanced features. The features offered in each plan should be considered against the cost to assess if the VPN provides value for money.

Risks of using a Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan

There aren’t many free VPNs with servers for Hotstar. Some may have speed issues while others may not be compatible with all streaming apps. Following are the list of restrictions that may occur using a Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan:

Limited Security Features:

Free VPNs often lack advanced security features offered by premium services, like kill switches or multi-hop connections. This can expose users to cyber threats and undermine online privacy.

Improper Data Encryption:

A free VPN may not provide strong or adequate encryption, putting your personal data at risk. Cybercriminals could exploit weak encryption, resulting in data leaks or identity theft.

Data Collection and Selling:

Some free VPNs resort to collecting and selling user data to generate revenue. This practice contradicts the primary purpose of a VPN, which is to safeguard your online privacy.

Displaying Ads:

Free VPNs often display ads as a means of making money. Besides being intrusive, some of these ads could potentially carry malware, posing a risk to your device’s security.

Lack of Strict No-log Policy:

Some free VPNs do not have strict no-log policies, meaning they may keep records of your online activities. These logs can be used against you if they fall into the wrong hands.

Limited Customer Support:

Free VPNs generally do not have the resources to provide 24/7 customer support. This could lead to prolonged resolution times when you encounter issues or have queries, affecting your user experience.

Quick Guide: How to unblock Hotstar in Japan With a Free VPN in 3 Easy Steps:

Here is a quick guide on how to unblock Hotstar in Japan with a free VPN:

  1. Download a free VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN on free trial.
  2. Subscribe to the free trial and connect to a virtual Indian server.
  3. Start watching!

Comparison of the Best Free VPNs for Hotstar in Japan in 2023

ExpressVPN Windscribe TunnelBear
Unlimited Bandwidth Yes No No
Leak Protection Yes Yes Yes
Servers in India Yes (Virtual) No No
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days 3 days Case by case
Lowest Price JPY 982.12 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan) $4.08 $3.33/month

VPNs to avoid while accessing Hotstar in Japan?

Hotstar prohibits using a VPN outside of India due to content distribution and licensing issues. There are also geo-limitations over Hotstar, so it’s better to avoid certain VPNs that are limiting you from using Hotstar services. Some of the VPNs that you should avoid include:

Hola VPN:

Hola VPN’s primary weakness lies in its unconventional approach to VPN services, where it uses a peer-to-peer model. This means that your internet connection could be used by others, exposing you to potential security risks. Hola VPN does not employ standard encryption protocols, which could leave your data vulnerable. Additionally, its track record includes incidents of user data leaks, which questions its commitment to user privacy. Hola VPN is also known to display ads, often interrupting user experience. For more information, read our Hola VPN review Japan.


Betternet’s free version offers weak encryption standards, which may not effectively protect your online activities. It also has a history of data leaks, which exposes users to potential cyber threats. The VPN has been criticized for its ad-supporting model, which not only interrupts user experience but could also potentially harbor malware. Moreover, customer service isn’t Betternet’s strongest suit, with users often complaining about slow response times and a lack of helpful solutions. For more information, read our Betternet review Japan.


Zenmate’s free version has been criticized for its poor encryption standards, leaving user data insufficiently protected. It has been involved in incidents of data leaks in the past, making it a risky choice for users prioritizing privacy. It is also notorious for displaying ads, which can be disruptive and pose a potential risk if the ads are malicious. Furthermore, Zenmate’s customer service has received mixed reviews, with some users citing delayed responses and insufficient resolutions to their issues. For more information, read our Zenmate review Japan.

Some Free VPNs For Popular Indian Channels 

FAQ – Best Free VPN for Hotstar in Japan

All 3 VPNs mentioned in our guide work with Hotstar inside Japan, as different libraries of Hotstar are available in the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, where ExpressVPN, Windscribe, and TunnelBear are active.

ExpressVPN on free trial is the best for Hotstar inside Japan. It stands out due to its robust security features, blazing-fast speeds, and reliable connections. Even though it is paid after a month, its first free month is still the best.

No, it is not safe to use just any free VPN for Hotstar inside Japan. If you are going to choose one, make sure that you read this guide and do independent research sufficiently because many free VPNs lack security standards and have weak encryptions that risk your safety online.


Choosing the best free VPN for Hotstar in Japan can be a challenging task, given the multitude of options available. Additionally, using a free VPN for Hotstar outside India involves inherent risks such as potential data leaks, intrusive advertisements, and questionable privacy policies. It is crucial to make an informed decision to protect your online activities and enjoy a seamless streaming experience.

Among the top contenders, ExpressVPN stands out with its top-notch features. Its premium-grade encryption, broad server network, superior speeds, and dedicated media streaming feature make it an excellent choice for a free VPN to watch Hotstar in Japan.

While it may not be free, its 30-day money-back guarantee lets you test the service risk-free, effectively making it the best free VPN for Hotstar in Japan during the trial period. Remember, investing in a good VPN service is investing in your online security and freedom.

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