How to Watch YouTube TV in Spain in 2023

Last updated: November 29, 2023
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Ashley Page
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Looking for a way to watch YouTube TV in Spain in 2023?  YouTube TV, is a subscription streaming platform that allows you to view live TV and access up to 85 major cable network channels. A popular choice for cord-cutters who want to watch news, entertainment, and sports without being tied down by a cable subscription.

However, YouTube TV is a geographically restricted streaming platform that can only be accessed within the US. Using a dependable VPN is the simplest way to unblock YouTube TV and other US streaming services. We’ve done extensive research to help you find the best VPN for YouTube TV streaming needs because we know how important it is to access your favorite content without going over budget.

Using the best VPN for Spain to watch YouTube TV in Spain is very simple. We’ve done a lot of testing, and ExpressVPN is clearly the greatest VPN for watching YouTube TV overseas. With its extensive US server network and lightning-fast speeds, it guarantees buffer-free streaming enjoyment for users accessing YouTube TV from any location.

How to Watch YouTube TV in Spain with a VPN – Easy Steps

We’ve put together an easy 5-step guide to help you get around geo-restrictions and stream YouTube TV in Spain using a VPN.

  1. Get a VPN service subscription. ExpressVPN is recommended.
  2. Select the VPN app that is appropriate for your device and download it.
  3. Open the VPN app, log in, and select a US server to connect to. The New York server is what we suggest.
  4. Launch YouTube TV and log in with your credentials.
  5. Take pleasure in watching YouTube TV in Spain!
Get ExpressVPN to Watch YouTube in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

Best VPNs to Watch YouTube TV in Spain – Quick Overview

We gathered data and facts with the help of specialists to determine which VPNs are the most effective. In the end, we identified the best VPN for YouTube TV in Spain in 2023:

  1. ExpressVPN Best VPN for YouTube TV in Spain. ExpressVPN is a great option for watching YouTube TV because of its strong security features and outstanding speeds. It guarantees dependable and quick connections and uses the best encryption available at just EUR 6.16 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan.
  2. Surfshark Budget-friendly VPN for YouTube TV in Spain. Surfshark stands out for having the lowest prices for just EUR 2.3 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan) and provides a CleanWeb function to prevent malware and advertisements for a more seamless streaming experience.
  3. NordVPNLargest server Network for YouTube TV in Spain. NordVPN provides complete security as well as access to geo-blocked content. offers the largest network with over 5000 servers for just EUR 3.68 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan), with a strict no-logs policy to protect your privacy when using the network.

Detailed Analysis | FAQs

Get ExpressVPN to Watch YouTube in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

Why Do We Need a VPN to Access YouTube TV in Spain?

You will require a VPN in order to watch YouTube TV in Spain since it is only available to viewers in the US. With a reliable VPN, you get around YouTube’s geographical limitations by connecting to a US server to get a US IP address in Spain even when you’re not in the US. As a result, it looks like you are accessing YouTube TV via a US location.

Similar to firewalls, geo-blocks prevent access when you are not in a country that the website supports. In actuality, these blocks serve to protect a variety of rights, including broadcast and copyright. You can stream YouTube TV without any problems if you live in the United States. If not, though, an error code welcoming you to the website will appear, saying,

“It looks like you’re outside of the United States. YouTube TV is only available in the US.”


You won’t be able to access YouTube TV in Spain.

Although we can appreciate the reasoning behind these geoblocks, they prevent US residents from taking advantage of the platform’s benefits while they are outside of the country.

Fortunately, a VPN can resolve this problem. People can stream more easily thanks to its location-bypassing feature, especially on sites where location restrictions apply. Thus, for instance, your device’s IP address changes to the US when you connect to a US server, deceiving YouTube IP-detecting systems into thinking you’re in the allowed area.

ExpressVPN is our top pick for the best VPN for YouTube TV. It offers blazing-fast connection speeds and a sizable network of US servers, making it perfect for streaming HD video content.

Best VPNs To Stream YouTube TV in Spain

You will require help with the premium VPN in order to watch YouTube TV in Spain because it is only available within the United States. The top 3 YouTube TV VPNs that function best when traveling have been listed after we tested over 45 premium and affordable VPNs. Look over the thorough analysis that follows below:

1. ExpressVPN – Best VPN for YouTube TV in Spain


Key Features:

  • 3000+ servers in 105 countries, including 23+ server locations in the US
  • Downloading speed of 89.42 Mbps.
  • Up to 8 simultaneous connections
  • Unblock popular streaming sites Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney+, OxygenTV, and CBC
  • MediaStreamer feature

ExpressVPN is known for being the best VPN for YouTube TV in Spain. It can achieve fast HD speeds without compromising private connections thanks to its extensive network. as a result of which users can access premium services.

A fast, dependable connection for watching content from all over the world is guaranteed by ExpressVPN’s US servers, which enable dependable access to YouTube TV. With over 3000+ servers spread through 105 countries, including 23+ server locations in the US, including New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more.

Once we were connected to its New York server, we had an amazing experience with streaming. Outside of the USA, we could easily watch “The Anarchists” in ultra HD quality on YouTube TV.


ExpressVPN was quick to access YouTube TV  in Spain.

Many platforms, such as ExpressVPN Netflix in Spain, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Funimation, and Crunchyroll, can be unblocked with the help of ExpressVPN’s New York server.  The only way to smoothly unblock various Netflix libraries in the United States is through ExpressVPN. This compatibility guarantees that users can stay connected securely and privately while enjoying their favorite content without being restricted by geography.

Security and Privacy

If security and privacy are issues for YouTube TV users, they should think about using ExpressVPN. Advanced encryption methods and exclusive features of ExpressVPN protect and mask your actual IP address and DNS information. This safeguard stops unintentional disclosures that could reveal your exact location or profile.

By adhering to a no-logs policy, ExpressVPN guarantees that it won’t retain any records of your online activities, connection instances, or personal data. This guarantee fortifies the VPN’s dependability and security while safeguarding your online activities’ privacy and anonymity.

ExpressVPN’s Kill Switch feature instantly disconnects your internet connection in the event that the transmission abruptly stops, protecting your information from exposure to unknown parties or your internet service provider. It does this by applying the safe Lightway protocol, which guarantees the security of your important data.

It also aids in preventing ISP throttling, which occurs when an internet service provider deliberately lowers the speed of your connection in response to unusually high data usage or specific activities, like watching YouTube TV in Spain.


We attempted to use a US ExpressVPN server located in New Jersey to unblock YouTube TV. It took us less than a minute to establish a successful VPN connection. Not too long afterward, we had unrestricted access to all of the YouTube TV content.

A great option if you’re searching for a VPN that won’t impede your internet speed is ExpressVPN. 89.42 Mbps download and 84.46 Mbps upload speeds using a 100 Mbps connection were demonstrated in our ExpressVPN speed test in Spain, demonstrating its impressive speed and dependability.


When streaming YouTube TV in Spain, ExpressVPN servers provide the fastest speeds.

With ExpressVPN’s P2P-compatible servers, you can quickly and safely download torrents within the US-controlled internet domain.ExpressVPN is the best VPN for torrenting in Spain when it comes to protecting your uTorrent activity.

ExpressVPN permits up to eight connections at once. The fact that ExpressVPN functions properly across a variety of devices further demonstrates its commitment to providing complete security. It guarantees that your digital threat defense is protecting each device to the appropriate level.

Ease of Use

The standout feature of ExpressVPN is its dedicated router app, which protects all of your networks and raises the VPN’s security level. ExpressVPN ensures that your connection will remain private and your data will be secure. It is the perfect partner for your internet needs because it works with a wide range of devices, including Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Firestick, Chromebooks, routers, PS4, Kodi, and Roku.

Using the best VPN for Android in Spain involves more than just encryption. Public Wi-Fi networks safeguard your data and private information while also shielding you from hackers.  As a result, you can protect every device that is connected to the Internet and get around geo-bans on it.

ExpressVPN also offers a Smart DNS feature called “ExpressVPN MediaStreamer. It guarantees that geographic limitations do not restrict your entertainment options. By removing content restrictions with ease, ExpressVPN gives you more options when it comes to watching YouTube TV, which might be illegal in your area.

With unlimited bandwidth, users can download anything they want for as long as they want. Your online activities, such as searching, downloading, and browsing, are all secured by ExpressVPN. To safeguard its customers’ privacy, ExpressVPN does not retain traffic logs or activity logs.

Customers can contact the VPN provider with any queries or worries by using the live chat feature, which accepts a variety of payment methods. You can also cancel ExpressVPN subscription in Spain at any time if you experience any problems. Use its outstanding features when you’re ready to launch YouTube TV. ExpressVPN is the best YouTube TV VPN.


Three price tiers are available for ExpressVPN, starting from EUR 6.16 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Users can also take advantage of a 7-day ExpressVPN free trial on mobile devices to see its features. This feature offers a risk-free way to determine if it’s appropriate for YouTube TV.

Use ExpressVPN to unblock YouTube TV for the best streaming experience possible. Check out our ExpressVPN review in Spain for additional details.

  • YouTube TV can be unblocked quickly
  • Optimized US servers.
  • Lightning-fast speeds that enable HD streaming
  • Bypass geo-restrictions on Youtube TV
  • Not keeps user data logs
  • Live chat assistance is available around the clock

  • A little more expensive than other VPNs

Get ExpressVPN to Watch YouTube in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

2. Surfshark – Budget-Friendly VPN for YouTube TV in Spain


Key Features:

  • 3200 + servers in 100 countries, including 600+ servers in the US
  • 76.12 Mbps for uploads and 81.32 Mbps for downloads
  • Unlimited simultaneous connection
  • Smart DNS feature
  • Unblocks streaming sites like Netflix, CBC, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney+

Surfshark is known for being the budget-friendly VPN for YouTube TV in Spain. It is the best option, especially for people looking for a service that is affordable and of high quality.

With more than 3200 servers across 100 countries, including more than 600 US servers, Surfshark undoubtedly ranks among the top 3 VPNs for usage in Spain We had an excellent experience with its Kansas City server, as we were able to stream YouTube TV in high-definition outside of the United States with ease.


YouTube TV was easily unblocked by Surfshark.

Security and Privacy

AES-256-bit encryption, multi-hop, internet kill switch, encrypted DNS, and clean web are just a few of the security features that Surfshark provides to protect your private data from hackers and your internet provider. In addition to these benefits, it gives you control over your data, protects your online privacy, grants you safe access to content, and many more. Its headquarters are in the British Virgin Islands, so “bye-bye surveillance.”

To further increase security, the traffic obfuscation feature makes it even harder for others to follow or keep an eye on your online activities. Further enhancing user privacy is Surfshark’s no logs policy, which guarantees that no user data is stored.

With Surfshark’s Stealth Mode and CleanWeb features, you can browse the internet anonymously. Every scam is thwarted by CleanWeb, which also eliminates malware and dangerous adverts before they even start. You can browse anonymously and conceal your VPN use from your internet service provider by using the advanced Camouflage mode. It has the ability to whitelist. Our testing indicates that SurfShark is the best YouTube TV VPN.


A quick connection that was more than sufficient for an HD YouTube TV login was obtained through a Surfshark speed test in Spain. It took us 81.32 Mbps to download and 76.12 Mbps to upload on a 100 Mbps internet connection to determine which Surfshark server in Tampa was the fastest.


We did not encounter any buffering or prolonged loading times when watching YouTube TV.

Surfshark’s unlimited device support with every premium subscription is another feature that sets it apart as one of the best VPNs for multiple devices. Even if you use the same profile on all of your friends and family’s devices, you can install Surfshark on multiple devices.

In addition to YouTube TV, we also enjoyed watching Surfshark live outside of the United States. Indeed, we could unblock a number of US-based streaming services outside of the US, including AMC, HBO Max, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Ease of Use

You can always rely on a reliable connection with Surfshark due to its limitless bandwidth and reliable servers. As many devices as you’d like can also be connected simultaneously. Many different types of devices are compatible with Surfshark; these include iOS, Windows, Linux, Firestick, laptops, tablets, desktops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, Android, and cell phones.

The service has been improved through the integration of Smart DNS. Surveillance can be circumvented, websites can be accessed from anywhere, and geographically restricted content can be easily used. This feature is really helpful because it allows you to unlock content and watch it with high-quality streaming.

Surfshark provides 24/7 customer support for any questions or problems. You can always get in touch with their friendly customer service agents for assistance, which guarantees a simple and hassle-free experience. The support team at Surfshark is available to assist you if you need assistance or have any questions about technology.


Each of the three price tiers that Surfshark offers requires an upfront payment. The cheapest plan is as low as EUR 2.3 /mo (US$ 2.49 /mo ) (Get 84% + 2 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). Because this package includes a Surfshark free trial in Spain, it’s a good option for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Our VPN works with a wide range of devices, so you can access YouTube TV from any device. Surfshark also provides a risk-free 30-day refund policy, allowing you to test out its features at an affordable price.

Surfshark stands out as a highly recommended, cost-effective VPN for YouTube TV because it provides the perfect balance of affordability, security, and functionality. It ensures that users will have a seamless and safe viewing experience. To learn more, read our Surfshark review in Spain.

  • The most affordable VPN for YouTube TV
  • A no-logging policy and strong encryption
  • Countless connections for each account
  • SmartDNS feature
  • A live chat helpline is available 24/7

  • Some US servers might not be able to offer fast speeds

Get Surfshark to Watch YouTube in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

3. NordVPN – Largest Server Network VPN for YouTube TV in Spain


Key Features:

  • 6000+ servers in 60 countries, including 1970+ servers in the US
  • On a 100 Mbps connection, the speed is 86.18 Mbps.
  • Six devices connected simultaneously
  • Smart Play feature
  • Unblocks streaming platforms like OxygenTV, Amazon Prime, CBC, Disney+, Netflix, and Hulu

NordVPN has the largest server network to watch YouTube TV in Spain. More than 1970 servers are based in the US alone, which makes it simpler to get around geo-restrictions and watch YouTube TV.

The extensive server network of NordVPN, which includes over 6000 servers spread throughout 60 different countries is especially important for users who need to connect to foreign servers quickly and reliably.

Our ability to successfully unblock YouTube TV in Spain was made possible by NordVPN’s New York server, which gave us access to all of the service’s content.


NordVPN effectively unblocked YouTube TV.

Security and Privacy

Military-grade encryption is used by NordVPN to protect user information. Additionally, it uses innovative protocols like Double VPN, Onion over VPN, and Obfuscated Servers, which is a special protocol for the service.

One of NordVPN’s most notable features is its advanced 256-bit AES encryption, which protects your online activities by transforming data into unintelligible code as it travels over the internet. Furthermore, NordVPN employs a number of strategies, including the innovative NordLynx, to boost security and provide blazing-fast download speeds.

NordVPN’s unwavering commitment to a no-logging policy is one of its standout features. NordVPN strongly opposes recording any information about your online activity, in contrast to some other businesses that might track and retain user data. This guarantees complete privacy and stops other parties from seeing your visit history, the duration of your online conversations, and other personal data.

NordVPN comes with a kill switch tool to increase security. This serves as a backup by immediately cutting off the internet connection in the event that the VPN network is unexpectedly lost. During times of erratic internet connectivity, this protection ensures that your information is secure and protected from potential threats.


Furthermore, the NordVPN speed test in Spain yielded excellent streaming speeds on its US servers. We were able to take advantage of ultra-high-definition streaming at lightning-fast speeds. On a 100 Mbps internet connection, we saw download speeds of 83.82 Mbps and upload speeds of 44.64 Mbps.


NordVPN servers worked quite well for streaming YouTube TV in Spain.

You can watch your preferred videos on YouTube TV without any annoying pauses or delays, thanks to NordVPN’s uninterrupted streaming. Because of its reputation for stable connections, you can also safely browse the internet, stream movies, and engage in other online activities without worrying about interruptions. Furthermore, all of our video streams featured 4K Ultra UD resolution video with no buffering.

Ease of Use

You can protect your online privacy and access blocked content in one convenient location with NordVPN. Its primary feature is its outstanding multi-device compatibility, which guarantees that you can enhance your web browsing experience on multiple devices in a secure manner. NordVPN provides specialized apps that work with all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, and others.

Smart DNS technology is another feature that adds to NordVPN’s functionality. Our Smart DNS tool effectively handles DNS requests, allowing you to watch blocked content on YouTube TV and circumvent site limitations without sacrificing quality streaming.

You can use NordVPN on multiple devices at the same time, as it supports up to six simultaneous connections. in order to ensure that watching YouTube TV is a lag-free, seamless experience.

Additionally, NordVPN places a high value on its 24/7 customer service. This demonstrates their level of dedication to providing clients with flawless, ongoing service. Whether you run into technical issues, need help with setup, or have questions about functionality, NordVPN’s support staff is always available to assist.

Undoubtedly, one of the best VPN services is NordVPN YouTube TV, even though privacy-conscious users might find it to be a good VPN partner.


The cheapest NordVPN plan is available for two years at EUR 3.68 /mo (US$ 3.99 /mo ) (Get 57% Off + 3 Months FREE on 2-Year Plan). The service comes with a thirty-day refund policy, despite the fact that there is an initial subscription fee. In addition, before committing to a subscription plan, you can test the service with the NordVPN free trial in Spain.

Use NordVPN to unblock YouTube TV. We recommend reading our NordVPN review in Spain to learn more details.

  • High-speed streaming
  • Dependable privacy and security measures
  • Live chat assistance is available around the clock
  • Most number of servers offered in the US: 1970+
  • Unblocks YouTube TV and other local channels easily
  • Six connections active at once

  • The desktop application requires improvement
  • Connectivity issues with a few servers

Get NordVPN to Watch YouTube in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

How We Tested and Chose These VPNs to Watch YouTube TV in Spain

When narrowing down the best VPN for YouTube TV in Spain, we took the following things into account:

Server Network:

It is crucial to take into account the quantity of servers and whether or not there are numerous server locations in the US. In this manner, users who are not in the US can access additional server locations. Better performance and less congestion are the results of having more servers, which enables users to connect to the best server for YouTube TV streaming without lag or buffering.

Security and Privacy:

When it comes to streaming YouTube TV in Spain, security and privacy are important. We carefully examined each VPN’s encryption standards and protocols, making sure they use secure VPN protocols like OpenVPN or WireGuard as well as AES-256-bit encryption. In addition, we searched for features that are essential to preserving user privacy and security, like a kill switch and DNS leak protection. Ensuring that customer online actions were not tracked or stored required a strict no-logs policy.

Unblocking Cabability:

The capability of a top VPN for YouTube TV to get around geo-restrictions set by different streaming services is a must. We made sure that the VPN we selected could unblock YouTube TV in addition to other well-known channels like Sling TV, CBS, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, and so on, giving customers a flawless streaming experience outside of restricted regions.

Ease of Use:

We assessed how user-friendly every VPN was. Especially for users who might not be tech-savvy, an interface that is simple to use and intuitive is essential. We checked the setup, ease of connection to various servers, and installation procedure. In order to guarantee that users can get assistance whenever they need it, we also looked at the responsiveness and availability of customer support.

Speed and Performance:

To provide a constant connection to a large number of users outside of the US, the best VPN needs to offer fast and reliable service. It is an essential component of a quality VPN, particularly if you intend to use it with a streaming service like YouTube TV.  The VPN also needed to offer limitless bandwidth so that users could stream unhindered and worry-free about data caps.

Value for Money:

We considered the features and available pricing options of each VPN to ensure that they all provide good value for the money. The selected VPNs offer a variety of features to improve your streaming experience at reasonable prices.

Can I sign up for YouTube TV from in Spain?

You can use a credit card/PayPal account or a Gift Card to purchase a YouTube TV subscription in Spain. Below, let’s examine each of these approaches in more detail:

  1. Sign up to YouTube TV using a credit card/PayPal account
  2. Sign up to YouTube TV using a gift card

Sign up to YouTube TV Using a Credit Card/PayPal Account

To use a credit card or PayPal to subscribe to YouTube TV, follow these steps:

  1. Become a member of a reliable VPN. We advise using ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the application on your gadget.
  3. Open the app and select any US server to connect to.
  4. Visit the YouTube TV page and select “Try It Free.”
  5. It will ask you to enter your US zip code. Enter one using Google, such as 77016, 92617, etc.
  6. After making your preferred plan selection, click Check Out.
  7. Select a payment option, then continue.
  8. Include your billing details here.
  9. You can now watch YouTube TV in Spain.
Get ExpressVPN to Watch YouTube in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

Sign up to YouTube TV with a Gift Card

With a gift card, you can also use YouTube TV in Spain. Just adhere to the instructions provided below.

  1. Join a reliable VPN service. ExpressVPN is recommended.
  2. On your device, download the app.
  3. Connect to a US server by logging into the app.
  4. To obtain a YouTube TV Gift Card, go to
  5. Next, select Gift Cards from the Google Play Store. Ensure that the Google account you use for YouTube TV is the same one you use here.
  6. In the lower-right corner, click the Redeem button.
  7. Once your gift card code has been entered, click Redeem.
  8. You’ve finished! You have successfully subscribed to YouTube TV.
Get ExpressVPN to Watch YouTube in Spain30-day money-back guarantee

How Much is a YouTube TV Subscription?

YouTube TV’s basic plan costs $72.99 a month as of November 2023. But for the first three months, new customers can take advantage of a special promotional offer that lowers the monthly rate to $52.99.

The monthly cost of YouTube TV is as follows:

Features Basic Plan Spanish Plan NFL Sunday Ticket Bundled
YouTube TV Subscription Cost US$72.99/month US$34.99/month US$299/month
Channels Available 100+ 30+
DVR space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Accounts to Share 6 6 6

You can use YouTube TV’s 14-day free trial to get a feel for the streaming service before committing to a long-term subscription if you’re not sure if it’s worth the money.

What Can I Watch With YouTube TV in Spain?

YouTube TV offers more than 100 live channels in addition to a vast amount of on-demand programming. Entertainment channels, sports channels, local news channels, kids’ channels, food channels, lifestyle channels, and more are all available to everyone.

The channels that come with a YouTube TV subscription are listed below:

ABC BBC Cartoon Network Disney XD
The CW Travel Channel Universal Kids YouTube Originals
Olympics Channel Smithsonian Channel SundanceTV Syfy
TBS TLC TNT Telemundo
National Geographic Newsy Nickelodeon Paramount Plus
Oxygen Orlando City POP SNY
MTV MyNetworkTV NBA TV NBC Sports
NBC BTN Cheddar Business ESPN 2

Users of YouTube TV can add more channels in addition to these ones. HBO Max, Showtime, Sundance Now, EPIX, and many more channels are among its add-on TV networks. As a result, YouTube TV offers nonstop entertainment that is beneficial to all age groups.

Which Devices Does Youtube TV work with?

These are devices that are compatible with YouTube TV:

  • Chromecast
  • Google TV
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • FireTV
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Android TVs
  • Google TVs
  • Samsung TV
  • LG TV
  • Hisense
  • Sharp
  • Sony

FAQs – How to Watch YouTube TV in Spain

Yes, it is possible to download YouTube TV shows for later viewing in Spain. Go to your YouTube TV library, choose an episode to upload, and then wait for the download to finish in order to achieve this. After that, you can access the downloaded content in the “Downloads” section of the YouTube TV app.

You cannot use YouTube TV outside of your home area because it is only available in the United States. This implies that in order to easily watch YouTube TV in Spain, you’ll need a VPN like ExpressVPN.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a free service that offers all the features you need for trouble-free YouTube TV access in Spain. You can find a lot of “free VPNs” with some US servers, but most streaming services have probably already blocked them..

A lot of free VPNs have bandwidth or connection speed caps. Some prevent freemium users from ever being able to access streaming websites without having to pay a fee.

Free VPNs are not suggested for privacy and security concerns. There’s a possibility that some services won’t even be able to secure user information and that the service might sell your data to unidentified third parties.

To guarantee a simple, safe YouTube TV streaming experience, it is therefore best to invest in a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN that provides cutting-edge features, strong privacy protection, and limitless access to restricted content.

Yes, but only for a limited time. As of right now, YouTube TV offers a two-week free trial. However, you won’t be able to access YouTube TV’s content library if you’re visiting or living in Spain. Using a VPN is the most effective way to circumvent these geo-restrictions.

Combining the free trial of YouTube TV with a VPN’s money-back guarantee period is one way to test out the service for free. But remember that this is only going to be available for a short while two weeks, to be exact.

Although every VPN on my list comes with a trustworthy money-back guarantee, ExpressVPN is the one we recommend the most.

YouTube TV and YouTube Premium are two very different services with distinct uses. Neither YouTube Premium nor YouTube TV are included with a subscription to each other.

You can watch live TV from well-known networks like ESPN, FX, and the USA on YouTube TV. You can watch TV shows on networks like Comedy Central that are available on-demand after they air, in addition to live TV. Additionally, for an additional cost, you can add premium networks like HBO or Showtime.

On the other hand, you can download and view videos without advertisements if you use YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red). Additionally, it grants you access to original series and films from well-known producers in addition to exclusive content. You can listen to videos with audio-only playback (great for audiobooks), watch videos offline, and play music in the background while using other apps.

Their availability is yet another important distinction between them. Since YouTube TV is exclusive to the US, using it from outside the country requires a VPN. In the meantime, YouTube Premium is accessible in a wide range of countries and areas.

Wrapping Up

Using a VPN is the most dependable and secure way to watch YouTube TV in Spain. You can appear as though you are in the United States by using a VPN, which will allow you to access your YouTube TV account even when you are not in the country.

The geo-restrictions on YouTube TV can be quickly and easily circumvented with a dependable VPN. To access YouTube TV, all you need to do is sign up for a dependable VPN service that offers several US servers. To watch YouTube TV, we strongly advise using ExpressVPN.

So, if you’re excited to watch your favorite US series again, get an ExpressVPN subscription and start streaming YouTube TV in Spain immediately!

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