How to find IP address on iPhone in Spain? [2023 Updated]

Last updated: August 10, 2023
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Phones have slowly integrated themselves into every individual’s daily routine. You check your phone first thing in the morning, and you never leave your house without your phone – in other words, today’s generation can’t function without their iPhones. But did you know that every device, including an iPhone, has a unique private and public IP address? If you’re wondering how to find IP address on iPhone in Spain, you’re at the right place; this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

So what exactly is an IP address? IP stands for Internet Protocol and an IP address is a unique number assigned specifically for your device. An IP address is essential for online activity and communication and it is what allows internet traffic to find the device you are using. However, your IP address is easily traceable and it is also easy to know how to find someone’s IP address on iPhone in Spain, leaving you in danger of hackers, cyberattacks, third-party sites, and more – this is where a VPN comes in.

Premium VPN services are what you need if you want enhanced online security. A VPN service will simply change your IP address to another location’s IP address, for example, a German IP address in Spain. This will protect your online activity from being traced back to you by hackers and provide an extra layer of security. Moreover, if you change your IP address through a VPN, you will also be able to bypass geo-restrictions, copyright laws, and other censorship to access restricted sites and streaming platforms, like Netflix.

If you change your IP address, you’ll be unlocking a whole new area of the internet you were previously restricted from while making sure your data is kept safe and secure. Sounds exciting? Then keep reading to find out more on how to find your IP address on your iPhone.

How to find IP address on iPhone in Spain? [Quick Overview]

The most straightforward route for how to find IP address on iPhone in Spain is through the settings app:

  1. Navigate to the Settings app.
  2. Click on Wi-Fi.
  3. Scroll till you find the lowercase ‘I’, which stands for Information, next to the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to.
  4. Scroll down to IPv4 Address. Your IP address will be there.

Why do you need to know your IPhone IP Address in Spain?

Your IP address is an incredibly vulnerable thing and knowing how to find IP address on iPhone in Spain is essential; it could raise problems for you if it falls into the wrong hands. If you’re wondering ‘What is my IP on my iPhone?’ we suggest you find out the answer quickly, because it is a necessity to protect your IP address and ensure that your online data is safe. One of the best ways to protect your IP address is through a VPN service. A VPN has become a need for Apple products if you want enhanced security against cyberattacks.

The first thing a VPN will do to protect your IP is hide it and change it to a different location’s IP address. This means that your online activity will remain anonymous and can’t be traced back to you. Moreover, it encrypts online traffic. You will be free from hackers, government surveillance, or third-party sites and advertisers. Some premium VPN services also offer a dedicated IP address in Spain that is a unique IP address specifically for you – every time you connect to a VPN server, you will get the same IP address.

Furthermore, with a premium VPN service, you can unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms. A VPN will change your location and allow you to access the extensive library of streaming platforms that were previously unavailable to you. You can, for example, access US Netflix by changing your current location’s IP address to a US IP address in Spain. This will open a new window into exciting movies and TV Shows you can now explore.

How to Protect Your IP Address in Spain?

You now know how to find the IP address on iPhone in Spain, next you need a premium and reliable VPN service to ensure that your IP address is hidden and protected. A high-quality VPN service will mask your original IP address and change it, making it seem like you’re in a different location. This will protect you from the likes of hackers, government surveillance, and third-party sites.

The following steps will help you protect your IP address:

  1. Choose a premium VPN service. Our top choice is ExpressVPN – the best iOS VPN.
  2. Pick a subscription plan.
  3. Sign up or log in to your account using your credential.
  4. Head to the App Store.
  5. Search for your chosen VPN services application.
  6. Download the VPN application.
  7. Complete the entire configuration process.
  8. Navigate to the VPN app after the configuration process is complete.
  9. Sign in with your username and password.
  10. Connect to a fast server.
  11. That’s it! Your IP address is now hidden from potential danger.


Yes, an IP address can be traced on iPhone. If you’re wondering ‘how to find my IP address on my iPhone inside Spain?’ act quickly because any IP address can be traced as long as it is public. Moreover, using a private browser may make it harder to trace an IP address on iPhone inside Spain, but it is still entirely possible. However, with a premium VPN service, you can significantly decrease the probability of your IP address being traced.

ExpressVPN, one of the best out there, is infamous for seamlessly hiding your original IP address and changing it – this makes it seem like you’re in a different location. Simply download the ExpressVPN app on your iPhone, connect to a fast server, and your IP address will be hidden.

Yes, someone else can trace your IP address, so make sure you have the answer to ‘how to find my IP address in iPhone inside Spain?’ if you want to protect your IP address. Similarly, you can trace someone else’s IP address too. This is a glaring privacy and security concern, especially when it comes to hackers and third-party sites. However, with a premium VPN service, you will be able to mask your original IP address, leading prying eyes away from your data and online activity.

We recommend ExpressVPN – this VPN service has high-quality security protocols in place ready to protect you at every turn while you browse through the internet.

A private IP address is more secure. While public IP addresses can be visible outside your device, private IP addresses are not. This means that public IP addresses are prone to a greater deal of cyberattacks, hackers, third-party involvement, etc. than private IP addresses. To ensure that your public IP address is protected, you need a VPN.

A premium VPN service, like ExpressVPN, will mask your public IP address and change it to another location’s IP address. This will divert hackers and other online dangers away from you while making sure your data, online activity, and online privacy are kept safe.


An IP address is a unique identity for your device, in this case, your iPhone. However, you must know how to find IP address on iPhone in Spain if you ever want to keep your IP address safe. If your IP address falls into dangerous hands, you could be plagued by cyberattacks, targeted ads, government surveillance, and more. One of the best ways to protect your IP address and escape any harmful online presence is through a VPN.

A premium VPN service will protect your online activity and your data by masking your IP address into another location’s IPP address. This will also maintain your anonymity and protect you from government surveillance. Our go-to VPN service is ExpressVPN – its state-of-the-art security features will ensure your safety and also allow you to bypass all geo-restrictions limiting the internet for you. Invest in a VPN today to change your IP address and surf the internet in a secure and unrestricted manner.

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