ExpressVPN vs PureVPN – Can PureVPN stand up against the Best?

Last updated: May 14, 2019
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Purevpn vs ExpressVPN

Comparing between two services is a difficult task indeed, but this task becomes even more complex when you two services that are similar in what they provide but severely different in what they aim for. And this is exactly the case between two Best VPN services that we are going to pit against each other today. But don’t worry, as we are easing things out for you today in our comprehensive ExpressVPN vs PureVPN review comparison 2018 which will contain in-depth comparisons on their pricing, server infrastructure and other service features by BestVPN!


When going for a general overview of both of these services here, you will realize exactly what we were talking about when we said that they are as different as anything. There might be a few similarities like in the number of servers, but there is a vast gap in how each one intends to present itself to the user.

PureVPN has positioned itself in the market as a provider with cheapest vpn rates and features galore. It seldom happens that there is a feature that VPNs should have and PureVPN doesn’t offer it to its users.

PureVPN Homepage

ExpressVPN, on the other side, is a no-nonsense provider. Its feature overview might make it look like its missing the punch against PureVPN here, but don’t be misled by it as it’s the reliability of performance which sets it apart from not just PureVPN but from the rest of the pack.

ExpressVPN Homepage

  • Jurisdiction: Hong Kong-Based (Outside EU/US Laws)
  • 1-Year Plan: $2.95/mo. (Billed $35)
  • Encryption: Military Grade AES-256-CBC
  • Total Servers: 2000+ in 140+ Countries
  • Refund Guarantee: 31 Days
  • P2P/Torrenting: Yes
  • Netflix Unblock: Yes
  • Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands (Outside EU/US Laws)
  • 12+3 Months Plan: $6.67/mo. (Billed $99.95)
  • Encryption: Military Grade AES-256
  • Total Servers: 2000+ in 94+ Countries
  • Refund Guarantee: 30 Days
  • P2P/Torrenting: Yes


Here’s the most interesting part of this review comparison.

PureVPN pricing

PureVPN has positioned itself now, for years, as one of the cheapest, Top VPN services in the industry, but ExpressVPN is known to be one of the most expensive Top VPN services in the industry. None of them lies even near to the pricing category that the other one caters to.

ExpressVPN Pricing

PureVPN is for the masses while ExpressVPN is for those who know and understand that for the best you need to shake you your pocket a bit.

  • Monthly Pricing: $10.95
  • 1-Year Plan Costs: $2.95/mo. (73% Discount)
  • 24-Month Plan: $3.29/mo. (70% Discount)
  • 31 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Days Paid Trial for $2.50
  • Monthly Pricing: $12.95
  • 6 Month Plan: $9.99/mo.
  • 12+3-Month Plan: $6.67/mo. (49% Discount)
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


We cant really declare a winner here, because even though PureVPN is way cheaper than ExpressVPN, the latter has a higher price for a reason. Its obviously better service quality, fewer performance issues and credibility justify its high price tag. But that doesn’t mean that PureVPN is bad. It’s offering so much for such low prices that you can even ignore the few performance issues like slower speeds on some servers easily.

All in all, we declare a tie here!


If we talk strictly about features offered, then PureVPN does lead here and that too by a big margin.

  • Internet Kill Switch
  • DDoS Protection
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Manual/Auto Server Connect
  • Ozone Layer Protection
  • SOCKS5 Proxy Available
  • Browser Extensions Available
  • Split Tunneling Feature
  • 5 Simultaneous Subscriptions
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Manual/Auto Server Connect
  • Split Tunneling
  • 3 Simultaneous Subscriptions

ExpressVPN features

As is evident from the features list that we presented above for both VPNs, ExpressVPN needs to do a bit of a catch up with PureVPN to match it feature for feature. Its feature offering is pretty basic, but if we talk about the performance of only these offered features, then ExpressVPN would gallop past each VPN in the industry.

PureVPN features

As we said earlier, ExpressVPN focuses on performance and reliability and not so much on the hoopla that major mainstream VPNs indulge in to make their services appear more appealing. Sure the extra features offered by PureVPN are incredibly useful and handy for a wide variety of purposes, we say that its better to limit yourself to a few if quality gets compromised beyond that.


We declare it a tie again, but ExpressVPN is marginally ahead here and we are not declaring it a winner explicitly because PureVPN does offer a few more extra features that do put forward a good enough case from its side.


Ironically, both of these providers offer the same number of servers i.e. 2000, take or add a few tens. This is quite rare because we generally have one provider with much more than the other. There is always a difference, but this time, it isn’t one.

ExpressVPN Servers

The only difference they have is in the number of locations they each offer. PureVPN offers servers in 140+ countries while ExpressVPN is about 50 countries short almost at servers in 94 countries worldwide.

PureVPN Servers

Both of these VPNs can easily unblock major streaming sites like Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, AmazonPrime, MatchTV, DirecTV Now etc. support Torrenting/P2P and offer fast speeds from their servers, so we cant say that there is any difference between them in terms of performance or offerings.


PureVPN is ahead here because it offers the same feature functionalities for a fraction of a price of ExpressVPN and it also offers servers in more countries. ExpressVPN is not bad here, but its just offering the same things as PureVPN for a higher price tag.

Speed Performance:

VPNs do result in a quite a big amount of bandwidth loss on your original connection speeds and that’s because of the extra load that is put on the connection through things like encryption and protocols etc. So it’s a given that VPNs cannot offer full speeds, however we don’t want to get a VPN that downgrades your speeds to such low levels that it becomes frustrating to use them.

In terms of Speed Performance, ExpressVPN is head and shoulders ahead of PureVPN. It resulted in a speed loss of just 17%, which is just incredible for a VPN to achieve.

On the other hand, PureVPN was trudging along with a speed loss of almost 26% on average, when we checked its speed out on three different servers and for different activities like Netflix streaming, Torrenting, general use etc. PureVPN speed loss is closer to the industry averages and you should expect a loss in connection speeds in the range of anywhere between 25%-45%, depending on server load, distance to server location etc.

ExpressVPN is just incredible with its speeds and its not just better than PureVPN in this regard but also with almost all other VPNs.

Purevpn vs ExpressVPN Speed


ExpressVPN, Hands Down. No Second Thoughts!

Device Support:

Again, the difference between these two services is not so pronounced here as both of them offer a legion of quality apps that are designed to facilitate all types of user needs.

  • Native Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Smartphone Apps for Android and iOS
  • Browser Extensions for Mozilla and Chrome
  • Firestick App available
  • Downloadable Kodi Add-on Available.
  • Android TV VPN Support
  • Native Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Smartphone Apps for Android and iOS
  • Browser Extensions for Mozilla and Chrome
  • Firestick App available
  • Android TV VPN Support

PureVPN device support

The only app that is noticeably missing from ExpressVPN’s repertoire is the one for Kodi, which PureVPN does offer, but apart from this, ExpressVPN offers everything that PureVPN does in the device support category.

ExpressVPN Device Support

Yes, there is a different between their user interfaces, but that will be discussed later. For now, both of these VPNs stand almost equally according to the metric.


It’s a tie here again. PureVPN does offer dedicated support for Kodi, but that isn’t something that can take it ahead of ExpressVPN, because Kodi can be on a VPN even by using a dedicated app for the device on which Kodi is running.


PureVPN vs ExpressVPN Ease of Use:

Before we beging this comparison, have a look at each of the user interfaces of the Windows app by each provider:


ExpressVPN client


PureVPN Client App

While a lot of people may argue the PureVPN’s app has a lot more features and functionalities, we personally believe that minimalism is the best way forward as far as ease of use or UI or UX is concerned. ExpressVPN’s Windows app is incredibly more useful as its simple and uncomplicated for even a newbie to understand and use almost instantly.

PureVPN has done a good effort but its app is far to cluttered for an average user’s liking.


ExpressVPN. And that’s because, it holds the ideology of offering its service in the most minimalistic and simplistic of ways, which we sadly found missing in PureVPN’s service overall.

Customer Support:

Both of these providers offer an excellent customer support system and the credit for that goes to their excellent live chat support feature, which is always there to resolve user queries of all kinds.

ExpressVPN does offer better installation guides as it has dedicated videos in far more quantity for that, making things a whole lot easier for the user.

PureVPN does need to concentrate more on improving its troubleshooting repositories and including more video guides if it wants to make its service as good as Express’s.


ExpressVPN. This provider offers much innate support for increased customer ease making it gain another victory over PureVPN.

And the Winner Is:

ExpressVPN is our winner here and that doesn’t come as a big surprise to us, because this provider has been ruling the roost as probably the best VPN service in the industry at the moment.

When it comes to the Top services in the industry, you have to offer something extra to beat your peers as the margins become incredibly constricted when you are already at the top. ExpressVPN might be highly priced but its stellar dedication to always improve and provide users with a much more optimized experience has allowed to endear itself to the VPN community at large.

It might offer some features less, but when you do so many things right so well, lacking such a small feature or two generally doesn’t make a whole lot of a difference.


ExpressVPN and PureVPN are definitely two of the industry’s most renowned services in the VPN industry but these two services couldn’t be more different. On one hand, ExpressVPN stands for reliability and quality while PureVPN stands for availability and the “everything under the roof” mantra, making it an incredibly impossible thing for an average user to decide between the two.

PureVPN is a very good VPN provider, but its still behind ExpressVPN. A user can get satisfied with either of the two because both of them are offering immense quality and features as market leaders, however, being better is not acceptable as you have to be the best to beat the rest. And this is exactly what ExpressVPN has done.

If you disagree with any of our comparison critiques, then please do let us know by commenting in the comments below. We would be more than happy to oblige you in a meaningful, well rounded conversation!

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