RA4W Review for UK Users 2022

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Contentious logging policy, operating out of the US, and below-average speeds? Is there any reason to opt for this service at all? Read this RA4W VPN Review 2022 to find out!

Jurisdiction United States
Price GB£1.84/mo(US$2.08/mo) (On a 2-Year Plan)
Servers 30+ Servers in 20+ Countries
Logs Stores Session/Connection Logs
Encryption Blowfish-128-CBC
Unblocks Netflix No
Torrenting Yes
Works in China No
Recommended  No
Website https://ra4wvpn.com/
Compatibility Windows

Ra4W is a rock-solid option for casual usage in the UK region. Here is this RA4W VPN review for UK users, we have covered all the aspects through which we can evaluate a service, We have examined their key features and capabilities.

The affordable cost is RA4W’s strongest suit, followed by respectable download speeds and, on some servers, torrenting capabilities in UK. Unfortunately, we were let down by the lack of user-friendly apps, the inability to test the service before subscribing, and the inability to bypass geo-restricted content in UK.

RA4W VPN is a VPN service located in the United States with a small selection of 30+ servers in 20+ countries only. It does not keep any logs and offers respectable encryption (256-bit).

You should choose the one-month membership if you’re hesitant about this service and would like to try it out first before committing to a longer-term because there is no free trial or money-back guarantee for the UK users.

If you’re looking for a reliable VPN in UK, you have a lot of options available. With features like security, speed, privacy, and streaming available, there’s going to be one that works for you. We would recommend you always use ExpressVPN in UK.

RA4W VPN Pros and Cons

Ra4W VPN review consists of the following key pros and cons of the service.


  • Quick downloading speeds.
  • Extremely competitive pricing.
  • Supports digital currency.


  • Unblocking quality is bad.
  • Absence of native clients.
  • No trial version or refund assurance.
  • No reply from customer care.

Rating Criteria

In this RA4W VPN Review for UK Users,  we have made evaluations on the basis of the following features:

  1. Jurisdiction: Where Does RA4W Operate From?
  2. Security: Can RA4W VPN Keep You Safe Online?
  3. Leaks: Does RA4W VPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?
  4. Servers: How Many Servers Does RA4W Have?
  5. Streaming: Does RA4W Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?
  6. Speed: How Fast are RA4W VPN Servers?
  7. Compatibility: Can I Use RA4W On All My Devices?
  8. Pricing: How Much Does RA4W VPN Cost Exactly?
  9. Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say About RA4W VPN?

Jurisdiction – Where Does RA4W Operate From?

RA4W operates out of the United States. This would be problematic for users concerned about their privacy for several reasons. The foremost cause for concern is the US’ frontline role as a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliances.

Additionally, the NSA has been known to keep a close eye on the digital activities of its citizens as well as share said intel with other members of the intelligence-sharing agreement.

A VPN service operating from the US would not be able to properly protects its users’ digital anonymity as several pieces of legislation make it impossible not to keep a log on all their users.

Security – Can RA4W VPN Keep You Safe Online in UK?

Is RA4W VPN safe for UK users? It is, due to its use of AES-256 encryption, which is the gold standard for safe encryption, the OpenVPN protocol keeps the VPN’s security at a level comparable to that of a military network.

Still, several functions that would seem essential to security are missing from the VPN, despite its dedication to protection and a high degree of encryption. Just to name a few, RA4W does not include any sort of kill switch or DNS leak prevention.

No alternative protocols to OpenVPN are available. Without split tunneling, stealth protocol, multi-hop support, Tor over VPN, or other protocol modification options, RA4W falls short of a comprehensive VPN.

RA4W VPN Logging Policy

The service claims not to store any logs but multiple UK users have expressed their reservations about these claims. The company itself claims that they keep users’ emails, billing info, invoices, and cookies.

However, while information on these does leave UK users more exposed than they should, there is no reason to believe this is the only info that the service stores, which means you should steer clear of it!

Encryption & Protocols

RA4W is completely secure due to its usage of 256-bit encryption and support for the OpenVPN protocol.

The combination of the SHA1 authentication and the 2048-bit RSA key used by RA4W allows for a very safe encryption method. The business previously provided Blowfish-128 CBC cipher encryption but has now switched to AES.

Limited Protocol Choice

The protocol selection choices in RA4W are limited. All three of the RA4W VPN subscription tiers employ OpenVPN.

While OpenVPN is undoubtedly among the top VPN connection protocols, more experienced VPN users, especially those who value speed above security, may wish to have several protocol alternatives to pick from.

Many UK users may prefer to utilize the speedier alternatives to OpenVPN, such as PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), SSTP (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol), and IKEv2 (Internet Key Exchange v2). Though these protocols lack the security of OpenVPN, they do provide faster transfer rates because of less encryption.

I was expecting that RA4W, like other VPNs I’ve used, would provide a selection of protocols to choose from. That, however, is not the situation.

No Kill Switch

RA4W does not have a kill switch, which may cause problems when you are online. If your VPN suddenly stops working, you won’t be cut off from the web as you would if it had a kill switch. This would undermine the purpose of using a VPN since you would be putting your IP address in danger.

RA4W VPN Virus Test

I wanted to be certain that the service is free from any forms of hidden viruses or malware that hurt users trying to run the service. RA4W failed the test meaning their apps are not safe to download/install in the UK region!


As you might see, Virus Total detected an engine that it identified as possible malware. This would disqualify the service as a completely safe option for UK users to use.

Leaks – Does RA4W VPN Leak Your IP/DNS/WebRTC?

As with most VPN providers in UK, we wanted to see how secure are their protocols in terms of ensuring there are no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leaks taking place. Using ipleak.net, we conducted different tests which as you can see below RA4W VPN failed once again:


Servers – How Many Servers Does RA4W VPN Have?

To be exact about the RA4W VPN server locations, they have 30+ servers in more than 20+ countries. Most of its servers may be found in the US and Europe. It’s encouraging to see that RA4W’s server network extends beyond the United States and Europe to include other regions, such as China, South Korea, and South Africa.

It was revealed to me that the VPN has indeed added several additional servers to its coverage, suggesting that it will soon be able to provide a wider network and faster speeds.

While I was evaluating it, a large percentage of its servers were live and responding to requests. When I discovered I couldn’t access Japan and the Sydney servers, I was upset. The more I looked into it, the more I found that more than 10 different places had offline servers.

Does RA4W VPN Support Torrents in UK?

Though RA4W’s P2P sharing services are available on RA4W VPN torrenting servers, torrenting is still prohibited in some regions.

More than 50% of its servers are now dedicated to torrenting. It’s possible to keep torrenting in countries such as Russia and Romania, but you’ll likely be let down if you try to use RA4W in the following places:

  • The US
  • The UK
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • India
  • Hong Kong
  • Germany

P2P file sharing is a major consideration for many users when selecting a VPN service. In light of this, the service might improve the RA4W subscription by providing access to a wider variety of P2P services than it now does.

Does RA4W VPN Work in China?

To put it simply for UK users, RA4W VPN China servers are useless. While it does appear to be running a live Hong Kong server, it is probably a Virtual Private Server (VPS) rather than a dedicated VPN server, making it impossible to access blocked content within China. My analysis of RA4W led me to discover that the VPN has lately established a server in Hong Kong.

Streaming – Does RA4W Unblock Netflix and Other VoDs?

When it comes to getting around geo-restrictions on streaming services in UK, RA4W isn’t the greatest option despite being a common assumption of VPNs. The RA4W Netflix server(s) I tried did not work with this popular streaming service. All I could get was the London server, which only had Netflix UK available.


In contrast to a few months ago, when RA4W was unable to bypass any geo-blocks, this is good news. Facing errors like these while attempting to access Hulu or Netflix US was disappointing, especially in light of the knowledge that there are alternative VPNs out there that may make it much easier to circumvent content restrictions.

If I were to subscribe to a VPN so that I could watch videos from anywhere in UK, I’d want one that not only has fast loading times but also allows me to watch videos from a wide variety of countries.


It does not appear that RA4W is a practical method for bypassing geographical restrictions on media. I wasn’t shocked to get an error while trying to access Amazon Prime Video after having problems with BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix US.


The VPN also was unable to bypass Disney+’s geo-blocks on any of its servers in UK. When it comes to unblocking video and audio streaming platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, BuzzFeed, Twitch, and even several musical streaming services Pandora and Spotify, RA4W can suffice if you aren’t wanting to access websites with strong geo-security.

You should base your decision on what features are most important to you with a VPN. ExpressVPN is the best VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions and accessing local content in UK.

Speed – How Fast are RA4W VPN Servers?

Despite some undesirable server locations, I wanted to be fair and unbiased when judging the RA4W VPN speed for their servers in UK. On a 100 Mbps connection, I connect to 5 random servers inside Australia, India, France, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.

Server RA4W Download Ra4W Upload Ping
Australia 32.8Mbps 35.7Mbps 236ms
India 33.2Mbps 36.5Mbps 299ms
France 28.2Mbps 22.8Mbps 322ms
South Korea 40.7Mbps 38.4Mbps 379ms
United Kingdom 25.4Mbps 23.9Mbps 339ms
Average 32.06Mbps 31.46Mbps 315ms

Compatibility – Can I Use RA4W VPN On All My Devices?

There is a wide variety of supported devices and software platforms for RA4W in UK. Besides iOS, Android, and Windows, I noticed that Linux and macOS were also supported by the VPN. The only caveat would be that RA4W does not include a native app for every one of these systems.

Users of Windows can rejoice since the VPN can be installed straight on their computers. UK users using operating systems other than Windows, however, will have to go through the entire setting process.

As of this writing, RA4W’s accessibility is maximized only by pinning it to the Navigation Bar in the case of Mac OS and not by providing browser extensions for either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

There is no limit to the number of devices you may have connected to the VPN at once. So that I could compare the VPN’s performance on Windows and iOS devices, I used both simultaneously in UK.

Pricing – How Much Does RA4W VPN Cost Exactly for UK Users?

RA4W comes with a fairly affordable pricing plan for the UK users. Though it does not offer any special deals or offers that particularly stand out as it has the standard three packages:

  • Monthly [GB£4.41/mo(US$4.99 per month)]
  • Yearly [GB£2.57/mo(US$2.91 per month)/GB£30.91(US$34.99 one-time)]
  • 2-Years [GB£1.84/mo(US$2.08 per month)/GB£44.17/mo(US$49.99 one-time]

ra4w pricing-UK

RA4W VPN Refund Policy

Although RA4W does not provide a free trial, it does come with a 7-day money-back guarantee that may be taken advantage of by getting in touch with customer care.

RA4W VPN Payment Methods

UK users may purchase RA4W using the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe (Credit/Debit cards)
  • Cryptocurrency (XRP, LTC, BTC, DASH, BCH, XMR, ETH)

Most VPNs only support payment by debit/credit card, making coin payments via cryptocurrency the ideal alternative for those who prefer to pay discreetly. PayPal is the ideal choice if you’d want the flexibility of choosing an automatic renewal for your membership.

Trustworthiness – What Do Users Say About RA4W VPN in UK?

The most reliable way to see whether the service performs as it claims to is by seeing what its existing users feel. Hence, I looked on Reddit as well as at its customer support to see how user-friendly is the service exactly.

RA4W VPN Reddit Review

Seriously the RA4W VPN rating is not good. The users on Reddit are famously cavalier when it comes to dishing out judgments on VPN services. Looking at some of the comments, it becomes clear that RA4W has left most users severely underwhelmed. 


While the service did not make any extraordinary claims about speed, users were still visibly frustrated at the snail-paced servers. Interestingly, a user also pointed out the ambiguous and highly dubious origins of the service itself.


RA4W VPN Customer Support

The customer service of RA4W VPN was a major letdown for me. Only a ticketing mechanism is available for reaching the platform’s help desk. Neither a phone number nor an online chat function is available for immediate assistance to the UK users.

Also, RA4W VPN did not respond to any of the tickets, which was a major letdown. Different approaches to getting in touch with help.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email

RA4W VPN Alternatives for The UK Users

It was simpler than I had thought to think of substitutes for this service. When it comes to user privacy and protection online, I’ve seldom encountered a VPN service as barebones as this one.

Numerous superior alternatives exist for UK customers to choose from. ExpressVPN is an excellent idea because it has deep discounts and other characteristics that customers will appreciate. For the benefit of our UK readers, we have included a few other options below.

Do I Recommend RA4W to UK Users?

I would not suggest using RA4W VPN to the UK users. In this RA4W VPN Review, we have evaluated the service on the basis of selected features and capabilities. We tried our best to remain unbiased and project the facts that will ultimately lead UK users to take the right decision when acquiring VPN.

The United States is home to RA4W VPN and the US is a member of the “5 Eyes” intelligence sharing agreement. If you use this VPN, you risk having your internet activity tracked.

It also has a small number of servers. Just 30 servers are accessible in 25 different countries. It has sufficient server performance, however, an excessive number of users may eventually cause major issues.

The VPN’s ‘No-Log‘ policy was the sole selling point; everything else about it was just average. The lack of basic features like a “Kill switch” makes it much worse. Unfortunately, I did not have my mind changed by the argument.

I suggest ExpressVPN in UK if you want a VPN that you can trust not to disappear with your cash without giving the promised service. It’s perfect for those of you who are new to VPNs in UK because of its amazing speeds, extensive unblocking options, and uncomplicated design.

RA4W VPN Review for UK Users- FAQs

How UK users can install RA4W VPN on android?

Here is how to install Ra4W VPN for android devices in UK, follow these steps:

  • Download the RA4WVPN configuration file Setup.zip” from the official website.
  • Unzip the RA4WVPN configuration file to a folder.
  • Run setup.exe
  • Install the software.

How UK users can set up BitTorrent with RA4W VPN in UK?

If you want to use a RA4W VPN with BitTorrent, here’s how to do it.

  • Click and run RA4W VPN. When you connect your computer to the internet over a VPN, an encoded bridge is established across your network and your device.
  • Make sure your Ra4W VPN is operational.
  • Activate the kill switch.
  • Go to a BitTorrent official website.
  • Download the program in contrast to your device.
  • Run the setup file, and configure it accordingly.
  • Launch the program.
  • Enjoy torrenting.

How to use RA4W VPN on Kodi in UK?

Here are the steps to install RA4W VPN on Kodi:

  • You may get a RA4W VPN app from the provider’s website – Use that to set it up. The process includes downloading the program, signing in, selecting a server location, and finally establishing a connection.
  • Use a Kodi add-on to get it set up – Locate the add-on for Kodi that is compatible with your VPN service and install it. It just has to be installed and activated using your personal information.
  • Install it on your router – This, of course, assumes you have a suitable router. Flashing your router to enable a VPN then allows you to connect Kodi straight to the router.

How to set up RA4W VPN on Windows?

here is the Ra4W VPN Windows configuration, just follow these steps.

  • Click the newest OpenVPN software at https://openvpn.net/index.php/download/community-downloads.html.
  • Launch the application after installation. Once the software is installed, it appears on the desktop’s fast access tray. To locate OpenVPN, click a little up-pointing arrow.
  • Log into RA4WVPN.
  • You’ll see account info here. This is needed for setup.
  • Click “Download Config” in the download center. Save this to an easy-to-find spot.
  • Drag and drop the server files into C: Program FilesOpenVPNconfig. TCP/UDP should be utilized when suitable, such as to evade workplace or school blocks.
  • Choose your preferred VPN server to connect to.  Connect utilizing the credentials.
  • Success! Enjoy one of RA4W’s VIP servers!

How to install RA4W VPN on Firestick in UK

  • Head back to the menu settings on the Fire TV.
  • In the Menu, choose Applications.
  • Select Manage installed programs.
  • Navigate to the Fire TV and launch the RA4W VPN program.
  • There will be a drop-down selection box. Select Launch application.
  • Follow the prompts to log in to your VPN service.
  • In the VPN app, choose a location and tap the connect button. Once the connection has been established, you’re set to go!

How to delete RA4W VPN on Android

To delete Ra4W VPN account in UK, just follow these simple steps:

  • Select “Settings” and then “Network and Internet”
  • Launch a Virtual Private Network.
  • Choose the VPN configuration icon.
  • The “Forget VPN” button should be tapped.
  • Click the Forget button to confirm.







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