Best Free VPNs for Netflix that Work in UK [Updated 2022]

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Looking for a free VPN that lets you stream Netflix in UK? Check out these premium and free options that work with Netflix and provide a reliable, safe service!

Finding a free VPN for Netflix in UK that consistently unblocks Netflix is almost impossible. Even after finding the best free VPN for Netflix in UK, it won’t be long before you get frustrated with data limits, congested servers, and extremely slow connection speeds.

The library you see on Netflix depends on your geographical location because of certain content licensing agreements. When traveling to UK, you will need a VPN to access your home library securely.

We tested 30 free VPNs with 60 Netflix libraries in UK, but most of them failed to meet their claims. Alternatively, we discovered three 100% free VPNs that work with several Netflix libraries in UK: ProtonVPN, Windscribe, and ZenMate. However, they come with data caps, slow speeds, and questionable privacy policies that may lead to data theft.

ExpressVPN is the best Netflix VPN in UK. We recommend using ExpressVPN because it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you watch free Netflix for 30 days.

Our tests confirm that ExpressVPN can securely unblock 20+ Netflix libraries without any data caps at a price of GBP 5.55 ($6.67/mo)  , unlike absolutely free VPNs in UK that only let you access 1 or 2 Netflix libraries for a few hours.

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Quick Summary: Free VPN for Netflix in UK

To stream Netflix with a free VPN in UK, you have two options:

1. Use a 100% Free Netflix VPN in UK

Out of the 30 VPNs we tested, only three consistently unblock Netflix in UK:

  • ProtonVPN: Best Free Netflix VPN for Unlimited Streaming in UK
  • Windscribe: Free VPN for Unblocking 10 International Netflix Catalogs in UK
  • ZenMate: Free VPN for Seamless Streaming on Netflix in UK

2. Leverage a Premium VPN’s Money-Back Policy in UK

Free VPNs in UK tend to limit streaming with daily or monthly data caps and offer average streaming speeds. Whereas premium Netflix VPNs in UK let you watch Netflix risk-free for up to 45 days. Jump straight to get the best streaming experience with premium Netflix VPN in UK free trials or subscribe to ExpressVPN, our recommended Netflix VPN in UK.

How to Unblock Netflix With a Free VPN in UK [3 Easy Steps]

Follow these 3 easy steps to unblock Netflix with a free VPN in UK:

  1. Download a Netflix-friendly free VPN in UK (Recommended: ExpressVPN for its 30-day money-back guarantee and uber-fast connection speeds).
  2. Connect to a server located in your preferred region for Netflix in UK.
  3. Stream Netflix by visiting the official website or app in UK!

Best 100% Free Netflix VPNs that Work in UK [Tested in July 2022]

Free VPNs threaten a user’s online anonymity and offer slow connection speeds, so we do not recommend using 100% free VPNs in UK. But a few free VPNs proved otherwise during our rigorous testing procedure.

Here are the 3 best free VPNs to watch Netflix in UK in 2022:

ProtonVPN: Best Free Netflix VPN for Unlimited Streaming in UK


ProtonVPN consistently and securely unblocked the US Netflix.

ProtonVPN is the best free VPN for Netflix in UK because it is one of the few free VPNs that offer unlimited bandwidth for streaming. Most free VPNs cap data at 500MB-10GB a month, but ProtonVPN is extremely generous when it comes to offering free data.

Backed by Swiss privacy laws, ProtonVPN is a free safe VPN for Netflix in UK. It does not earn revenue through ads so you can easily use ProtonVPN to access Netflix without much hassle.

Moreover, ProtonVPN has free servers in the UK, United States, Japan, and the Netherlands. Even though we watched Netflix on all the free servers, we did experience minor speed drops on the free plan. However, we did not experience speeds lower than 25 Mbps on any of the free servers.

We could only protect a single device with ProtonVPN Free in UK but the unlimited data covered up for it. With unlimited data, streaming with ProtonVPN remains the safest bet because other free VPNs come with data caps which easily exhausts after a few hours of streaming.

During our rigorous testing, we streamed the region-locked Netflix libraries in UK, Japan, Netherlands, and the US. If you upgrade to the premium version, then you can also enjoy P2P support along with 10 simultaneous device connections.

ProtonVPN also comes with a 7-day free trial in UK that gives you access to all the premium features, and we absolutely recommend using it rather than the free version.

Windscribe: Free VPN for Unblocking 10 International Netflix Catalogs in UK


We streamed the American version of Netflix on the UK Windflix server.

Windscribe ranks second on our list of the best free Netflix VPNs in UK because it instantly unblocks 10 international Netflix libraries.

Moreover, Windscribe comes with a 10GB data cap on its free plan and offers 5 Servers in UK which let you unblock multiple Netflix libraries such as Netflix US and Japan. However, we don’t recommend using Windscribe Free for streaming Netflix in UK as it limits server access to three and you will often see a proxy error.

When you subscribe to the paid plan of Windscribe in UK, you can access 10 international Netflix catalogs on their Windfix servers. The windfix servers are Netflix-optimized servers that regularly update IPs to avoid getting detected.

If you’re concerned about security, then Windscribe is free from a shady past of leaking data to government agencies. Windscribe is a safe choice to stream Netflix in UK smoothly as it supports OpenVPN, SOCKS5, and IKEv2 protocols.

For advanced security features, Windscribe is intergrated with an automatic kill switch and data leak protection that helps you securely access streaming platforms like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video in UK.

If you want unlimited data access, upgrade to the paid Windscribe plan and get access to other advanced security features in UK.

For more details, check out our in-depth Windscibe review!

ZenMate: Free VPN for Seamless Streaming on Netflix in UK


ZenMate free only unblocked the Russian version of Netflix in UK.

Headquartered in Berlin and Established in 2014, ZenMate is a free Netflix VPN for seamless streaming in UK. Over the years, the provider has jumped onto the freemium offering.

It provides apps for all platforms and devices in UK, while making available some budget-friendly plans. For connectivity, users have 267 Servers in UK access for unblocking and streaming Netflix in UK, as well as benefit from P2P file sharing.

However, you can only unblock the Russian version of Netflix in UK, which does not boast a plentiful of titles. Neverthless, you can watch many popular titles such as Orange is the New Black and all the Netflix Originals.

Undoubtedly, it is a huge breakthrough that ZenMate’s free version is not affected by the Netflix ban. Sadly, it is only limited to Russian currently. So, they still need to work on giving access to the in UK version.

For more details, check out our in-depth ZenMate review!

Best VPN Free Trials for Netflix in UK

While there are free VPNs in UK to change countries and watch regional Netflix catalogs, not one compares to a premium VPN provider. You’ll find two of the best VPNs for Netflix in UK with a 100% refund policy and free trials.

Out of these two best VPNs in UK, ExpressVPN is our first recommendation for streaming different Netflix libraries in UK.

1. ExpressVPN: Overall Best Netflix VPN in UK


Upon connecting to USA – New York, we accessed the American Netflix library within seconds!

ExpressVPN is the best Netflix VPN in UK for unblocking various Netflix libraries because of its streaming optimized servers and exceptional unblocking potential. With ExpressVPN, you can easily bypass the Netflix’s location-detection bots with its advanced cloaking technology and securely stream your favorite series in HD.

Unlike free Netflix VPNs in UK, ExpressVPN has a vast server network of 440+ Servers in UK and does not limit data usage which is extremely important for binge-watchers. With such efficient servers, you can easily unblock Netflix US, UK, Canada, and Japan.

Moreover, ExpressVPN in UK supports the Lightway, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 protocols to ensure smooth streaming.

After running several speed tests on ExpresVPN, we can confidently say that it is one of the fastest VPNs we have tested to date. We got consistent speed test results and recorded the highest download speed of 89.42 Mbps while upload speed touched 84.64 Mbps.


At such connection speeds, we streamed Stranger Things, Vol. 2 without any buffering issues.

Besides Netflix, we also tested the unblocking potential of ExpressVPN and watched Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer, and Pluto TV at the fastest speeds in UK.

As far as device compatibility is concerned, ExpressVPN does not disappoint. ExpressVPN has dedicated apps for Android and iOS, routers, Kindle Fire, Chromebook, Linux, and Mac. You can stream your favorite Netflix seasons in UK on Android and iOS smartphones, Smart TVs including Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and Roku.

ExpressVPN can secure up to 5 devices simultaneously, but you can push this limit by setting up ExpressVPN on the home router. Compared to the rivals, ExpressVPN sits at the pricier end with GBP 5.55 ($6.67/mo) but one thing’s for sure – you cannot expect the same quality from any other VPN provider.

If the price doesn’t sit well with you, get started with your free trial available for Android and iOS users in UK. ExpressVPN has a highly reliable customer support team so you can even leverage the 100% refund policy by requesting a refund within 30 days.

For more information, check out our detailed ExpressVPN review!

2. CyberGhost: Specialty Servers Optimized to Unblock Netflix in UK


We connected to US Netflix optimized server and had an uninterrupted streaming experience.

CyberGhost made it to our list because it is backed with specialty servers optimized to unblock in UK Netflix and other regional catalogs securely.

Moreover, CyberGhost has a global server network of 751 Servers in UK which means you can easily access different regional libraries of Netflix. During our tests, we unblocked 15+ Netflix libraries with ease.

Although CyberGhost in UK does not come close to ExpressVPN in terms of speed, we still recorded a decent connection speed and unblocked several libraries under 20 seconds. On our 100 Mbps internet connection, we recorded 79.02 Mbps download speed and 15.18 Mbps upload speed.

Although these speeds are not as fast as ExpressVPN but they were sufficient for uninterrupted streaming in UK.


CyberGhost speed test result over our 100 Mbps connection.

The Netflix optimized servers were 15% faster than the regular servers but the regular ones worked for unblocking Netflix in UK. Next to Netflix, we easily got access to HBO Max and Hulu in UK.

CyberGhost has a simple app interface and you can connect 7 devices simultaneously. Moreover, it is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices like desktop computers and laptops (Windows, Linux, Mac), smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS), Smart TVs, routers, streaming consoles, and game consoles.

Despite the beginner-friendly interface, you can also rely on their customer support that tries to cater at the earliest. You get a free 24-hour access to CyberGhost with an added 45-day money-back guarantee in UK.

For more information, check out our detailed CyberGhost review!

Tips on How to Choose the Best Free VPN for Netflix in UK

When digging around for the best VPN for streaming Netflix in UK, you must rank VPNs against a certain criteria. We considered the following while choosing the best free Netflix VPN in UK:

  • Price: Ideally, the VPN in UK should be 100% free. If not, then it should at least provide free access through a free version, free trials, or a 100% money-back policy. We have only included VPNs that allow free access to the customers.
  • Unblocks US Netflix: The in UK version of Netflix is the most sought-after Netflix library with exciting titles. We tested if the VPNs offered efficient US servers that unblock US Netflix reliably and consistently.
  • Streaming speed and data limit in UK: To ensure a buffer-free streaming experience, we ran multiple speed tests for all the VPNs and checked their connection speeds and bandwidth limit in UK.
  • Device compatibility: The VPN should be compatible with multiple devices so you can stream Netflix in UK on your favorite device. Even if the VPN does not suport all devices, then it must have a SmartDNS feature or router support.
  • Privacy policy: Although free VPNs aren’t as straightforward as premium VPNs when it comes to privacy policies but we’ve ensured to list VPNs that are decent options.
  • Customer support: With an excellent customer support, it gets easier to solve technical issues straight away. We’ve made sure that the VPNs in UK offered live chat support to help out the customers instantly.

Risks of Using Free Netflix VPNs in UK

Before using a free VPN in UK, it is better to be aware of the risks associated with free VPNs for Netflix in UK like bandwidth caps, slow connection speeds, limited server coverage, and lack of simultaneous device connections. Besides these, privacy concerns top the list.

These are the serious risks associated with using a free VPN for Netflix in UK:

  • Logging and Selling Sensitive Information: Free VPNs in UK hold a reputation of logging user sessions and selling users’ information to earn revenue. Since free VPNs in UK usually lack straightforward privacy policies, your private data is sold to third-parties to make money.
  • Weak Security Features: Most free VPNs in UK lack the advanced security features such as AES 256-bit encryption and kill switch to prevent IP leaks. As free VPNs do not have the resources, you have to sit through multiple Netflix proxy errors.
  • Inject Harmful Malware: Free VPNs in UK can easily inject your device with harmful malware and viruses. As free VPNs strive by showing you dozens of advertismenets, mostly do not come with built-in ad blockers. Hence, your device is more exposed to harmful malware with a free VPN.

Troubleshooting Tips: How to Fix a VPN Not Working with Netflix in UK

If your VPN is not working with Netflix in UK, then you can try these simple workarounds:

  • Update your VPN: Make sure that you’re using an upgraded version of the VPN. The latest VPN version in UK has new security and privacy features that further help in conealing your IP address.
  • Connect to a Different VPN Server: Try connecting to another server location because sometimes the server you’re currently connected to is backlisted by Netflix in UK or it might be leaking your IP address. In such a case, it’s best to subscribe to ExpressVPN because it frequently replaces its servers.
  • Erase Browser History and Cache: A lot of websites store cookies and cache that determine your actual location. This is why if you see a Netflix proxy error in UK, delete your browser history and cache so that Netflix cannot see your real location in UK.
  • Disable IPv6 Addresses: The Netflix library in UK you see is determined by your IPv6 address and if it leaks through the encyrpted tunnel, then you will see the local Netflix library. We recommend disabling IPv6 on your device for added IP leak protection in UK.
  • Use the Smart DNS Functionality: Some VPNs offer the SmartDNS functionality which is an excellent option to stream geo-blocked Netflix libraries in UK. If privacy isn’t a major concern and you just want to stream Netflix, then use the SmartDNS functionality.
  • Switch VPN Protocol: Sometimes, switching the VPN protocol fixes the problem with a VPN. As each VPN protocol has a different encryption method, it’s best to switch your VPN protocol and securely bypass the Netflix VPN ban.
  • Try Another Browser: It is advisable to use Chrome and Firefox for streaming Netflix in UK. If Netflix does not work properly, try switching between different browsers.
  • Reinstall the VPN: To fix the Netflix VPN issue in UK, try uninstalling and installing the VPN app. By doing so, you will delete the entire previous history associated with the VPN.
  • Contact Customer Support: If everything else does not work in fixing the Netflix VPN error in UK, then contact the customer support of your VPN provider. You can directly ask which of the servers are suitable for accessing your preferred Netflix catalog in UK.

Free VPN for Netflix in UK: Reddit

Some admins of Reddit threads were so frustrated with people asking for free VPNs that work with Netflix in UK that they were thinking up of putting a disclaimer to stop people from asking this question again.

FAQs: Free VPN for Netflix in UK

Which free VPN works on Netflix in UK?

The recent testing results show that ProtonVPN, Windscribe and ZenMate are the free VPNs that work with Netflix in UK. However, it’s best to consider the premium services listed in this guide because they display unbeatable connection speeds.

How do I change my region on Netflix for free?

You can use free VPNs like ZenMate or KeeNow above and sign up for a trial account, but they may suffer from downtimes. As such, I do recommend opting for a premium subscription instead for the best performance on Netflix.

Is there any free VPN for Netflix in UK?

There are several free VPNs for Netflix in UK, including ProtonVPN, Windscribe, ZenMate, and TunnelBear having their own unique features. However, these free VPNs in UK come with certain limitations and it’s advisable to opt for a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How do you unlock Netflix US for free in UK?

To unlock US Netflix for free, you just have to download and install the VPN > Connect to a preferred server > Start streaming on your Netflix account. Just remember that you’ll still have to purchase a Netflix subscription in UK to watch movies or TV series by following the above steps.

Can Netflix ban you for using a VPN in UK?

The advanced technology-detection bots on Netflix detect VPN IP addresses and display the m7111-1331-5059 streaming error code, temporarily blocking you from Netflix servers in UK.

How can I watch Netflix from another country for free in UK?

The simplest way to watch Netflix from other countries is through a free VPN. When you access Netflix over a VPN connection, your actual IP address is swapped with a temporary IP from your chosen server location.

To securely access Netflix from another country, our top recommendation is a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN. The 30-day money-back guarantee lets you enjoy your favorite series at the fastest speeds.

Wrapping Things Up

While the suggested VPNs are great to stream Netflix in UK, they do pose certain threats and limitations that completely ruin your streaming experience. Although they displayed consistent unblocking potential, you’re bound to get tired of the congested and limited server network with extremely slow streaming speed.

Despite our guide on the free VPN for Netflix in UK, we do not recommend using one because of the risks. It is advisable to sign up for ExpressVPN and use its 30-day money-back guarantee to unblock over 20 Netflix catalogs. Happy streaming!

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