How to Watch/Unblock Pluto TV Outside USA in 2020

Last updated: June 23, 2022
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

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The world of streaming is fast diversifying as most people are now opting for cord cutting options to power more diversity in their viewing options. And while services like Netflix. Hulu, SlingTV, and DirecTV Now are ruling the roost in this domain, all of them are paid. So if you want access to a free streaming service with a unique model, then you would definitely want to know how you can watch PlutoTV.

But you cannot get access to the whole service outside the US unless you use the a trusted VPN from our mentioned list of VPNs to bypass the geo-restrictions on the site!

So here is our guide on how to watch Pluto TV from outside the US including reviews on the service itself, the channels it offers, VPN ban on the site, app reviews, bypassing geo-restrictions to access more channels and more by!



Pluto TV Missing Channels

Offering unconventional LiveTV options, a comprehensive library of movies and TV shows and even online radio and music broadcasts, and that too for Free, PlutoTV has fast risen as one of the foremost streaming sites on the internet.

But, the service is also subject to perhaps the most annoying thing on the internet at the moment i.e. geo-restrictions.

PlutoTV services two different versions of its service, with the first one being for US residents and the other one being for International viewers. However, the International version of the service has nothing, absolutely nothing that could interest you.

It contains very few channels and most of them are just plain gibberish i.e. just there to fill up the numbers.

On the other hand, the US version of Pluto TV is where you can know exactly why the service is so popular and worth signing up for.

how to watch Pluto TV Missing Channels

Pluto TV Missing Channels 2

Here is a list of some channels that are only available on Pluto TV US:

  1. Pluto TV Movies
  2. Pluto TV Movies 2
  3. Flicks of Fury
  4. Horror 24/7
  5. Pluto TV Drama
  6. Pluto TV Comedy
  7. NBC News & MSNBC
  8. CNBC
  9. Sky News
  10. Bloomberg TV
  11. Fox Sports
  12. Red Bull TV
  13. Pluto TV Sports
  14. Impact Wrestling
  15. Fight
  16. The Surf Channel
  17. Science TV
  18. DocuTV
  19. CNET
  20. Anime All Day

The list is not restricted to only these channels as most of the channels offered by Pluto TV are only available within the US.

Copyright laws governing these channels in the online domain disallow Pluto TV to offer these channels from outside the IS.

The only plausible way remaining to make this great service worthwhile is to acquire a VPN service and unblock the geo-restrictions on the service. I will tell you more about this in the next few lines.


Pluto TV VPN Ban

Most popular streaming sites nowadays have enforced a VPN on their sites. The most notorious such ban is in place on Netflix, which identifies that you are using a VPN almost instantaneously if the VPN provider you subscribe to doesn’t have the capability to bypass the VPN ban.

Read: Netflix VPN Ban

And it’s not just Netflix but the VPN ban is in place on a lot of other streaming services like BBC iPlayer as well. But does Pluto TV has it as well?

Pluto TV VPN Ban

Well, after checking and analyzing it from every angle, I can assuredly tell you that Pluto TV doesn’t have a VPN ban in place at the moment. This might mean that the VPNs which can allow you to bypass geo-restrictions on Pluto TV are a bit high in number than those who can do the same thing on services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. But still, do remember that unblocking is just good enough for a cheap VPN to be considered for use with a streaming service.

Do take a look at things like speeds, performance, list of security features available before signing up with a VPN service.

List of Compatible Devices with Pluto TV

Pluto TV offers compatibility with a diverse range of devices out of which I downloaded the Windows client, which was much better and user-friendly in its feel than the web service.

The Window client is more TVish than a conventional OTT service. There are no thumbnails, block tiles, recommended show bars etc. which are common features of other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

List of Compatible Devices with Pluto TV

And hey, Tim Cook was there, coincidentally speaking about data and privacy, so I thought why not share this thing with you guys. If Apple is taking interest in protecting user data then its one of the best things that can make us feel more safer online.

Coming back to Pluto TV, Here is the full list of devices and OS that Pluto TV currently supports:

Note: You can unblock Pluto TV on any device via VPN apps available for all platforms!


How to Unblock/Access/Use Pluto TV Outside USA

While a lot of people are aware that VPNs can allow you to bypass geo-restrictions, most of them don’t know that only a few credible providers offer a service that can actually fit that bill.

Nearly all free VPN services, as well as a majority of paid services, cannot bypass geo-restrictions on most sites like Pluto TV.

And while you cannot go through all the hundreds of VPNs available in the market right now to check as to which ones are working perfectly on Pluto TV and which ones are not, I have done the work for you already by testing out the VPNs that can reliably unblock Pluto TV as well as offer best speeds to support premium streaming quality on the site.

  1. Here is a step by step process on how you can unblock or access Pluto TV from Outside the USA by using a Credible VPN service:
  2. Choose the Best VPN for Pluto TV from among the list provided at the end of this setup guide
  3. Pay for its pricing plans and obtain user credentials via email
  4. Download a compatible VPN client depending on your OS
  5. Open or download Pluto TV App on your device. Both of them work without singing up as well but its best that you sign up to make the service much easier to run
  6. Enjoy 100+ live channels and dedicate movie and TV libraries on Pluto TV!


How to Watch Pluto TV on Apple TV

According to my analysis, Pluto TV is such a service that it should now come pre-installed in all types of TVs and streaming devices. Its just amazing as to how this free service can offer you so much entertainment at just the touch of a button. But since most TV and streaming device developers and makers haven’t yet made this amazing service a part of their regular entertainment repertoire, you need to install it as of now!

  1. For Apple TV, here is how easy the installation process for Pluto TV actually is:
  2. Open the App Store from your Apple TV Home Screen
  3. Go the Featured Tab and Search for Pluto TV App
  4. In the search results, click on the Pluto TV icon and just click on “Get” to initiate the downloading and installation process

Make sure that you are using a VPN service in order to unblock all the popular channels and movie and TV show library. Most VPNs now offer dedicated iOS apps for Apple TV so you won’t have much difficulty installing your favorite VPN, but if you still want more access to more installation methods, you can go over to our Best VPN for Apple TV guide.

How to Watch Pluto TV on Apple TV

However, I don’t go through this way to stream Pluto TV on my Apple TV as it feels a bit cumbersome to me. A lot more convenient method to access Pluto TV here is using the AirPlay mode on your iPhone to do this.

I would like to mention here that if you bought an Apple TV without having an iPhone then you are missing out on a lot more functionalities and ease than you imagine. The Apple ecosystem is interconnected and nothing out of it fits the bill as much as Apple devices themselves actually do.

  1. Install the Pluto TV iOS app on your iPhone and launch it
  2. So, here is the Airplay method to watch Pluto TV on Apple TV:
  3. Simple go to the Control Center on your iPhone or even your iPad
  4. Here you will see a monitor shaped icon, click on it
  5. If your iPhone is connected to the same Wi-fi network as your Apple TV, then you will easily see your Apple TV in the list that appears on your screen right now
  6. Select your Apple TV and see if a passcode appears on your Apple TV. If it does, choose a passcode and then re-enter it on your iPhone TV for perfect pairing

I just love this method for its intense convenience. Its like I am doing not work at all here and going through my iPhone feels a lot more easier than going through the options at Apple TV itself.

How to Watch Pluto TV on Roku

If you have Roku, then Pluto TV is definitely one of the best free OTT streaming apps you can start with and there is no fuss at all on the downloading and installation front as well.

You just need to ensure that your Roku is at least meeting the criteria of having a firmware of 7 or above for Pluto TV to function on it properly.

How to Watch Pluto TV on Roku

Here is how you can install Pluto TV on your Roku device in a streamlined manner in under a minute:

  1. Launch your Roku device and go to Home on it by pressing the Home button
  2. Here you will see an option titled “Streaming Channels”. Click on it
  3. Now select “Search Channels” and type in “Pluto TV”
  4. The Channel store will now fetch the app. Once the Pluto App appears in the options, simply scroll towards it and press the OK button on your remote
  5. Now simply click on “Add Channel” to add Pluto TV to your Roku channels!
  6. Enjoy the best of Pluto TV on your Roku!

You do need to note here that Roku doesn’t offer in-built functionality for VPNs, so the best way to use a VPN on Roku is to create a VPN enabled Hotspot or even install the VPN on the router itself. You can find more such methods here in our guide on Roku VPN.

How to Watch Pluto TV on Xbox One/360 and PS4

Similar to niche streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku, many users have inquired on whether they can watch Pluto TV on dedicated gaming consoles or not. Well, this requires an in-depth explanation and here I am going to go give one for two of the most popular gaming consoles separately:

Pluto TV on PS4

Previously, Pluto TV didn’t have a dedicated app on PS4 and still, its device support page doesn’t show that it currently offers official compatibility with the platform. However, the app is now available on the Playstation store.

So if you want to get the Pluto TV app on your PS4 console, simply go to their app store, search for Pluto TV and download and install it on your device. It doesn’t even require a subscription or login process since Pluto TV doesn’t require anything like that.

If you are not from the US and want to get Pluto TV and other similar streaming services unblocked on your console, you will need to take guidance from our special guide on PS4 VPNs.

Pluto TV on Xbox One/360

The Xbox one console previously had the Pluto TV app on its stores but now it has been removed from its official app store. And no, there is no method to sideload it on the device as well, so you might have to wait until the official app comes live again before you can use it.

Till then, you can still watch Pluto TV through a myriad of other supported devices listed on its support site.

Pluto TV VPN Reddit Reviews

I couldn’t any relevant threads on Reddit where users were talking about unblocking the service outside US using best vpn reddit or even other tools like proxy. The only ones I could find talked about how you can better use the service by using its different features for e.g. one user mentioned how the “Hide channel” option can allow you to ensure that only your favourite channels appeared on the interface.



Does Pluto TV have Local Channels?

Yes, if you are in the US, then there are many local channels available on Pluto TV like NBC, Sky News, Bloomberg etc.

Is pluto TV Free on Roku?

Yes! Pluto TV is not just free on Roku but it is free on every platform as the service earns it revenue by placing ads on its video content and not by a subscription based model.

What Channels are Available on Pluto TV?

As of October 2018, Pluto TV offers an exhaustive list of a 100+ channels including genres such as News, Sports, Entertainment, Science among others. It also offers dedicated channels for on-demand movies and TV Shows, along with some quirky channels dedicated entirely for popular shows like Fail Army and Wipeout.


Pluto TV has garnered an impressive following of almost 6 million active users worldwide by being different from the rest of the conventional OTT services like Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV.

Its free and immensely user friendly, and on top of that, it offers a distinctive service that feels more like traditional TV, thereby allowing the service to gain its own special place in the world of online streaming.

If you live outside the US, then a Pluto TV VPN can allow you to access the best channels and movie and TV show libraries on this one hell of service.

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