How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand (NZ) Updated: 2020

Last updated: August 15, 2022
William Sams

William Sams

Yes, you can successfully access American Netflix while staying in New Zealand with the help of a reliable VPN In this guide, I’ve shared the top VPN services like Surfshark, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN who has enough capacity to unblock Netflix US in NZ.

Well, the VoD has a world of its own, where streamers are the “population.” On the weekends, we start our day and end it just binging movies/TV shows, until our eyes get red.

Things are not much different for New Zealander entertainment-geeks, but the geo-restrictions imposed by the VoD service, due to licensing issues become a huge turn-off

The difference in titles on the Netflix NZ and the US version, leave New Zealander’s craving for more and eventually leading to a search for the best Netflix VPNs to access the complete library.

So, I decided to create this guide to help New Zealander binge-watchers in learning how to watch American Netflix in NZ by using “tested” VPN services!

How to Get American Netflix in New Zealand (NZ)

Honestly, gaining access to American Netflix in NZ does not require any rocket science. All you need to do is invest in a reliable VPN solution, and it will do the job for you.

I understand, rookie streamers and binge-watchers may still want instructions, so below you can find detailed steps on how to use Surfshark for unblocking Netflix!

  1. Go to the official Surfshark website and click on the “Pricing” tab
  2. Select a plan that best suits your budgetary requirements
  3. Choose a convenient payment method (my preferred choice: Bitcoin)
    Surfshark Pricing
  4. Complete the checkout process and download the relevant VPN app
  5. I will be using the Windows Client for unblocking Netflix on my PC
    Surfshark Windows Client
  6. Launch the Surfshark app and connect to any of the tested US servers
  7. Visit and gain access to the complete US library
  8. Notice how I unblock “Thor: Ragnarok” through Surfshark effortlessly!
    Surfshark Unblocks Netflix

Why Netflix US is Better than Netflix NZ?

Ever since the inception of Netflix, the US library has hosted the largest number of movies/TV shows, which are a pure treat for binge-watchers around the world. The problem is that licensing issues from production houses prevent Netflix from displaying its entire library in different countries, hence why they created a huge list of versions.

Fast forward to 2020, Netflix has quite an extensive library, except for the NZ version. Where you can watch over 1,845 TV shows and 3,712 movies (5,557 total) in the US library, the New Zealand version only boasts over 1,429 Netflix NZ shows and 3,206 films (4,635 total). There is a massive difference of 900+ titles between both libraries.

This is why New Zealanders are in search for a VPN solution to bypass geo-restrictions and the VPN ban. They want to access the best movies on Netflix NZ by exploring the US version of the VoD.

Luckily, you can do this by connecting to a VPN server in the US and exploring all the local content in the library. The best part of all: you can stream in 4k quality!

Best VPNs to Access Netflix US in New Zealand

When it comes to unblocking Netflix USA, users in New Zealand need access to a “working” service that bypasses the VPN ban imposed by the VoD.

This is not an easy task, especially when you realize that Netflix uses DPI and IP filtering techniques for blocking VPN users from accessing US-specific content.

Of course, finding a suitable VPN and testing them is quite a hassle. So, I did a tough job for you, coming up with recommendations on the three best VPNs to get US Netflix in NZ!

1. Recommended: Surfshark

5/7 Servers Tested Unblocked US Netflix in New Zealandsurfshark unblocks netflix american nz

Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, an internet-friendly jurisdictionSurfshark may be new, but it is a competent service. With 1,700+ servers in 63 countries, CleanWeb (ad/tracker blocker), MultiHop, WhiteListerTM, and unlimited simultaneous logins, you can unblock Netflix smoothly.

In order to unblock the VoD, I switched the protocol from the outdated IKEv2 and shifted to the OpenVPN (TCP) protocol. After this, I tested the service on all available US server locations. These five I analyzed below offered the best performance on Netflix:

  1. Los Angeles (Ultra HD)
  2. Las Vegas (Ultra HD)
  3. New Jersey (HD)
  4. Phoenix (HD)
  5. Seattle (HD)

Yes, I established a connection to their “United States – Los Angeles” server and was able to the 15th Season of the hit American Sitcom, “New Girl.”

Surfshark Unblocks Netflix US in New Zealand

Visit Surfshark30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2. Recommended: NordVPN

5/5 Servers Tested Unblocked US Netflix in New Zealandnordvpn can unblock netflix america in newzealand

Headquartered in Panama, NordVPN also works successfully in unblocking the US version of Netflix. Every server I tested for support blogs regarding the VoD, revealed that 90% of them could unblock the streaming platform, without much hassle or problems.

This excludes the server numbers I obtained, after approaching one of their support representatives. You can test the VPN yourself for its Netflix capabilities, but if you want to stream in Ultra HD quality, consider using these five reliable servers:

  1. United States – #3288 (Ultra HD)
  2. United States – #3097(Ultra HD)
  3. United States – #3325 (Ultra HD)
  4. United States – #2496 (Ultra HD)
  5. United States – #3213 (Ultra HD)

Yes, I managed to unblock the US Netflix specific hit American Drama Series, “The West Wing” via the “United States – #3325” server, that too in ultra HD quality.

NordVPN Unblocks Netflix US in New Zealand

Visit NordVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

3. Recommended: ExpressVPN

5/5 Servers Tested Unblocked US Netflix in New Zealandexpressvpn netflix to access US Netflix in NZ

The British Virgin Islands-based provider made its way into the marketplace back in 2011. It offers the best service for Netflix unblocking, be it from any device/location. With over 3,000+ servers, multi-logins on three devices, and StealthVPN, you receive maximum support for accessing Netflix US in NZ.

Below is a list of the best ExpressVPN Netflix Servers you can use for unblocking American content on the VoD. These five servers I tested offered the best performance in terms of reliability, speed, and continuity while streaming movies/TV shows on Netflix.

  1. USA – Los Angeles 5 (Ultra HD)
  2. USA – Los Angeles 4 (Ultra HD)
  3. USA – New Jersey 1 (Ultra HD)
  4. USA – New York 2 (Ultra HD)
  5. USA – New Jersey 3 (Ultra HD)

Yes, I unblocked the infamous zombie TV show, “The Walking Dead” using ExpressVPN’s “USA – Los Angeles – 3” server. I was able to stream it in ultra HD quality, without any buffering issues!

ExpressVPN Unblocks Netflix US in New Zealand

Visit ExpressVPN30 Days Money Back Guarantee

American Netflix in NZ: FAQs

Does Netflix work in New Zealand?

Yes, Netflix does work in New Zealand. However, the number of titles available on the NZ version are not that abundant, which is why binge-watchers opt to use a VPN to unblock Netflix US!

Does Netflix NZ have Coco?

Unfortunately, the infamous Coco is not available currently on Netflix New Zealand. However, you can change your Netflix region by connecting to a server in Taiwan, as to access the Taiwanese Netflix, which includes Coco.

How Do I Get US Netflix in NZ?

If you want to get the US version of Netflix in New Zealand, all you need is the Best VPN for NZ. Once downloaded and installed, simply connect to a server in the US, and enjoy streaming all your favorite movies/TV shows form the US library!

Is VPN legal in NZ?

Yes, New Zealand citizens are allowed to use VPNs, and there are no such legal hassles involved in using one. Just make sure you opt for a VPN that offers strong privacy/anonymity online to avoid any copyright infringement notices when streaming pirated content!

Wrapping Things Up

This guide should help binge-watchers understand how to get American Netflix in NZ. Make sure you connect to the servers I tested above as “working”.

Also, bear in mind that if any fails in unblocking Netflix, you can always shift to the next one. That is why I tested five servers for each provider in the first place.

Regardless, if you encounter any issues/problems, do not hesitate on commenting below. I will try responding personally to provide as much assistance as possible 🙂

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