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Last updated: June 23, 2022
William Sams

William Sams

Those of us who grew up watching Cartoon Network would always recall wishing for a grown up version of the network’s programming. Adult Swim is exactly what the doctor ordered for us “toon-a-holics”, bringing more explicit, unconventional and uncanny programming for grown-ups.
Adult Swim’s Video-on-Demand service was launched back in 2013, with dedicated portals also available United Kingdom to Australia through its dedicated portals.


Adult Swim & Cartoon Network


The name Adult Swim itself was adopted from the timing schedules of US public swimming pools indicating the time when only adults can use the facilities. Since Cartoon Network’s primary audience (7-15 year olds)is asleep during late hours at night, Adult Swim was the identity given to the late night programming where ‘children are most definitely restricted’.


How To Watch Adult Swim Live Stream & Catch-up TV


Adult Swim is not a geo-restricted VoD & catch-up TV service and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Adult Swim’s live streaming is available from8 PM – 6 AM (ET/PT), while you can catch up all missed TV programming through the “Shows”, “Toonami” and “Streams” sections in the main navigation.


how to watch adult swim live stream


The Adult Swim website offers access to:

  1. TV Shows
  2. Live Stream
  3. Williams Stream
  4. Marathons
  6. Archives
  7. Music
  8. Games

Adult Swim is home to some of the most amazing satirical and explicit adult animated entertainment including:

  1. Black Jesus
  2. Robot Chicken
  3. Home Movies
  4. Rick & Morty
  5. American Dad
  6. Attack on Titan
  7. The Boondocks
  8. Parasyte – The Maxim
  9. Plus, hundreds of other anime, cartoons and animated movies.


Adult Swim Schedule


The complete Adult Swim schedule is available on the provider’s website in the main page navigation and can be accessed here.


adult swim schedule

The Adult Swim schedule provides day to day programming plus the ability to sort programming by date, show and region. In addition to the above, you can also check out the schedule of what’s airing on the TV channel and the Adult Swim live streaming schedule.


Samurai Jack – Season 5 Returns on Toonami


For those of us who have waited well over a decade for the return of the lone Samurai walking out of the sunset, the 6th February trailer on AdultSwim’s official YouTube channel was more than a reminder:

And then the teasers keep coming:

On 11th February 2017, AdultSwim reinvigorates the legend of the “Samurai called Jack” at 11P.M. Eastern Time.
Writer & creator Genndy Tartakovsky will return as executive producer on AdultSwim’s Toonami programming for the 5th season of the 4 Primetime Emmy Awards, 6 Annie Awards, and 1 OIAF Award winning animated series.


Adult Swim TOONAMI Live Stream Schedule


TOONAMI was Adult Swim’s adult animation & cartoon programming segment launched back in2012. This particular block of Adult Swim programming was dedicated towards action oriented anime genres from the USA and Japan. The Adult Swim TOONAMI schedule is available over the official website and can be found by clicking the ‘TOONAMI’ tab on the homepage navigation.

adult swim toonami schedule

Once in the TOONAMI section, look to your right and the Schedule button should be visible in the navigation menu, as shown in the image above.


Adult Swim’s Eric Andre Show


The brainchild of comedian Eric Andre, The Eric Andre Show is renowned for its satirical humor, and parodies of conventional talk shows. The show holds a massive reputations amongst fans, which is visible from its superb 8.7/10 IMDB rating.


adult swim the eric andre show


With four seasons gone the Eric Andre Show is now one of the leading segments of Adult Swim. The show has been liked enough to have its own sub-Reddit, you can visit it here for fun memes, discussions, trending videos and much more.


Rick & Morty on Adult Swim


An adult comedy masterpiece created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is not only a flagship show but also one of the most loved shows online. Join the adventures of a super-genius scientist and his below average intelligent grandson as they tear the animated multiverse apart.


adult swim rick and morty


Toonami Live Stream Links


Adult Swim is officially the streaming portal for Toonami broadcasts, but, just in case you are unable to get the live stream you can also watch Toonami live streams on the following unofficial links:

  1. Watch Toonami Online
  2. Desi Free TV
  3. Toonami Asia
  4. Vaughn TV

Do remember that these websites are not official providers of Toonami live streaming. They may contain malware and adware, consider using an ad-block on these domains.


Toonami Live Stream Channels in Hindi


Turner Media introduced a dedicated Toonami portal for India in early 2015. The service broadcasts 24 hours and provides the complete Toonami broadcast schedule as it is on adult swim. Few shows stream in Hindi language and the channel only airs on TV. To stream Toonami India live you will have to use the unofficial ZengaTV web streaming portal listed above.


Toonami Live Stream Reddit Links


Toonami is not a channel but a craze, I realized this while browsing through the Toonami Reddit forum. The Toonami sub-Reddit is possibly the best place to get all the information about shows and schedules.


toonami live stream reddit


If you frequently visit the thread you will be able to get live streaming links and updates on new shows as they come out. The Toonami Reddit forum also provides sub-reddits for all existing Toonami shows and providing you all the information in one place. One good aspect I saw on Reddit was Toonami’s official presence on the forum.

In case the broadcaster needs to make an announcement a proper sub-reddit is created to spread the word. You can search Reddit for official Toonami discussions and threads will be displayed by date as you can on the right.

You can also visit the AdultSwim Reddit to get official information about streaming links, shows, broadcast schedules, upcoming titles and other information about Toonami.

toonami discussion on reddit


Toonami Live Stream Dragon Ball Super


This past December, Adult Swim added Dragon Ball Super to its meticulous programming schedule. The renowned cartoon was one of the most demanded and loved show plus it was one of the most requested show on the domain.

Toonami Live Stream Dragon Ball Super

You can catch latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super every Saturday @ 8:00 PM on Adult Swim Toonami.


In a Nutshell


Check out Adult Swim’s amazing selection of sitcoms, talk shows, music and games today. Get hooked to one of the most cracking comedy shows available online and what’s best it’s not geo-restricted either. Enjoy humor that bound to make you crack up, listen to& download some of the best underground music, and, enjoy a selection of online games at your disposal.

Get set for the return of Samurai Jack on AdultSwim and join in the #JackisBack campaign on Twitter to give our hero the welcome he deserves. For feedback and issues drop a comment in the section below, and remember to share our blog using the social buttons.

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