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Last updated: January 22, 2024
William Sams
William Sams
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In this blog, we’ll go into detail about how you can use the best VPN, i.e, ExpressVPN with mobile gaming in Singapore, and answer the most asked question: Will using ExpressVPN cause lag in my games Android?

Using a gaming VPN with mobile is extremely important as it will help the users be more confident playing without lags. Moreover, using the best VPN for Singapore will protect the user’s data, prevent ISP throttling, and prevent DDoS attacks.

Now let’s talk in detail about the perks of using ExpressVPN with mobile gaming in Singapore.

Why Do You Need ExpressVPN with Mobile Gaming in Singapore?


It’s important to go through crucial aspects like speed, server network, and quick connectivity. That is why you need ExpressVPN with Mobile Gaming in Singapore because it offers many benefits and is considered the best VPN for gaming. Some of the major factors include:

Powerful protection

Using ExpressVPN for mobile gaming will also keep your data safe. ExpressVPN uses premium security features specially curated for data protection. These premium security features include an ExpressVPN kill switch, to keep online activities secure a DNS and an IP leaks feature that protects the users from DDoS attacks. ExpressVPN also uses military-grade 256-bit encryption and a no-logs policy to make sure your private information remains private.

Boost connectivity

ExpressVPN boosts connectivity for the users. It has about 3000 different servers to choose from in 105 countries and 25+ servers to choose from ExpressVPN server list For Singaporean Users .

Bypass throttling

You can rest assured while using ExpressVPN as a gaming VPN with Mobile it will easily prevent your data from being throttled by your ISP. ExpressVPN speed test in Singapore also proves that it will improve your lags since it downloads data at a speed of 89.42 Mbps and uploads data at a speed of 84.64 Mbps. Lagging and buffering won’t be a concern for ExpressVPN users since it is one of the fastest VPNs.


ExpressVPN offers the fastest speeds, ensuring a lag-free gaming experience.

Access more online

Another advantage of using ExpressVPN is that you can access a wide range of different games from countries where it has already been launched, so you won’t have to wait for the game to launch in your own country. Furthermore, you’ll be able to bypass the censorship restrictions on certain games in your country just by using ExpressVPN for mobile gaming.

Play on all Devices

ExpressVPN gaming feature in Singapore will make your life so much easier since it is readily available on all operating systems, including Windows, Linux, FireOS, iOS, Mac, and Android. Moreover, the users can also enable ExpressVPN gaming on iPhone and have fun gaming on other gaming devices like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, tablet, or phone.

Moreover, the VPN allows connecting upto 8 devices simultaneously, so you have even more options to connect ExpressVPN with other devices. Furthermore, it can also be connected to a router and unblock all devices connected to the router.

Game without borders

Do you know the best part about using ExpressVPN with mobile gaming in Singapore? Users can easily switch to a location in any country and get a chance to play with foreign players for a more entertaining gaming experience.

Like I have unlocked and played Blue Protocol by connecting to ExpressVPN’s Japan server in Singapore and had an amazing lag free gaming eperience across the border. Hence turning itself as the Best VPN for Blue Protocol in Singapore.

Read our ExpressVPN review Singapore for a more detailed analysis.

How To Download ExpressVPN on Android in Singapore

In order to get ExpressVPN on your Android device, follow these simple steps:

1. Download ExpressVPN app

Go to Google Playstore or Galaxy Store, explore ExpressVPN in the search bar, and install it on your device.

2. Set up the VPN app

Depending on whether you have access to the Google Play Store, there are two ways to get the app.

  • Select “Get it on Google Play” if you have access to the Google Play Store.


Select Install from the Google Play Store. Next, select Open.

  • Select “Download APK” to download the APK straight to your Android device if you are unable to access Google Play.


Your device blocks apps from unknown sources by default. Toggle Allow from this source on by tapping Settings.

Press OPEN when the APK has finished downloading to your device. Next, select Install.

Why do you need a VPN for games for Android & iOS?

It is required to use ExpressVPN with mobile gaming in Singapore because using a good VPN can mainly help you in bypassing throttling by changing your IP address so that you don’t have to suffer from laggy gaming. Moreover, once you change your IP address to a different location, you’ll be able to access many more games, even those that may be censored in your location.

Other advantages of using ExpressVPN with Mobile Gaming in Singapore include protection from DDoS attacks and bypassing geo-restrictions. If you’re using public Wifi, ExpressVPN will easily help you protect your private data and prevent random hackers from snooping on your online activities.

How to set up a VPN for mobile gaming in Singapore

Here’s how you can set up a VPN for Mobile gaming in an easy and hassle-free process.

  1. First, subscribe to a reliable VPN premium plan, like ExpressVPN.
  2. Now, download the VPN to your designated device. Luckily, you can use ExpressVPN Gaming on iPhone and Android both.
  3. Choose a server location to connect to from a collection of 3000 servers.
  4. Now, you can easily use ExpressVPN for mobile gaming and enjoy!

FAQ: ExpressVPN with Mobile gaming in Singapore

Apex Legends Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, Modern Strike Online as well as Mask Gun are some of the best FPS mobile games on Android.

Yes, using ExpressVPN with mobile gaming inside Singapore is completely legal. In most parts of the world, the VPNs are mostly used to bypass geographical limitations and prevent ISP throttling. Another plus point is that VPNs also provide protection from cyber threats like hacking and getting tracked while doing online activities. Thus, a VPN provides a safe and sound environment for the users where they can be stress-free and focus on gaming.

No, you won’t get banned for using ExpressVPN for mobile gaming inside Singapore. However, it is important to respect the terms and conditions of the game in order to make sure that you’re not getting in trouble. Moreover, your data will remain secure if you’re connected to public WiFi while mobile gaming with ExpressVPN.

No, the simple answer to your query; Will using ExpressVPN cause lag in my games android is that using a VPN for gaming will improve your lags and pings instead of causing lags. Moreover, a VPN protects you from ISP throttling and improves your bandwidth.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to install and use ExpressVPN with mobile gaming in Singapore, your gaming experience will get a million times better. Experience a world with faster gaming with no lags with a gaming VPN for Android.

Don’t worry about questions like: will using ExpressVPN cause lag in my games Android, and start getting ExpressVPN on your device and have unlimited fun by playing games available all around the world!

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