ExpressVPN for Android OS – App Setup Guide, Performance & More

Last Updated: April 02, 2019
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

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Express VPN is one of the pioneers of internet security due to its incredible reliability and credibility operating as a VPN service in this sphere.

It’s suitable to work on almost all devices but considering the phenomenal. You can easily find the Express VPN for Android app on the Google Play Store. It also offers it dedicated apps for other devices such as iOS, Linux as well.

ExpressVPN comes under the jurisdiction of British Virgin Islands, therefore you don’t have to worry much as the internet laws in this country are fairly liberal according to our detailed study in which we studied all major VPN locations.

The good news is that ExpressVPN’s Android app can also be used on Android TV as well.

ExpressVPN’s Android app is an amazing service and one of the Best VPN for Android, as it cannot just guarantee your privacy but also allow you to unblock geo-restrictions and visit any sort of streaming site with relative ease. Let’s explore this app in some more detail here:


ExpressVPN for Android Phones, Tablets and TV

ExpressVPN for Android

As well as it works on different devices, Express VPN works seamlessly on the Android platform too.

ExpressVPN’s Android app is incredibly stable and powerful towards guaranteeing a reliable online experience.

It can be used to unblock –restricted sites like Netflix US and others.

The options available in terms of protocol support on the app include OpenVPN, which is the most secure protocol by far due to its open source nature.




Chat support can be accessed from within the app also. ExpressVPN for Android Tablets and TV

Apart from all this, the ExpressVPN Android app can also work on Android TV, as we mentioned earlier. The process to install it on the Smart TV device is almost the same as doing so on an Android phone.

You can also use ExpressVPN media streamer service on Android TVs, which is even easier than getting the app itself.

The tutorials to do all this and many other setup guides are easily available on

You can also go through many of its setup guides by reading our full review on the service.


How to Install ExpressVPN on Android – Step by Step Guide

Setting up ExpressVPN on any device is an extremely straightforward process.

Doing so on Android is the same as downloading any other app from the Google Play Store.

Here’s how you can get done with it in under 2 minutes:

  1. Go to Google Play Store and Search for “ExpressVPN”.
  2. Click on “Install” and the app will automatically get downloaded and installed on your device.
  3. Once the app is there, you will need to have a valid ExpressVPN subscription to move forward.How to Install ExpressVPN on Android
  4. Subscribe to any of its pricing plans and secure user credentials.
  5. Enter these user credentials into the Android app and the app will now be at its home interface.
  6. Select the server of your choice.Does ExpressVPN use OpenVPN
  7. Connect.How Fast Is ExpressVPN for Android OS


Other Ways to Download ExpressVPN

While the Android app is easily available, the provider also offers .apk files that can allow you to sideload the service on to your Android device.

Apart from this, you always have the option of using OpenVPN to set up a VPN service on your Android, similarly to how you can so on other devices.

We suggest you stick to the Android app, however, because the other methods to use the service on Android can be a bit complex, which is not suitable if you are new to the VPN industry.

Which are The Best Servers?

ExpressVPN, unlike other providers, doesn’t offer dedicated or special servers for any task. Its official stance on this issue is that all of its 3000+ servers are optimized equally.

Other Ways to Download ExpressVPN

The provider doesn’t even offer dedicated servers for niche tasks like Netflix unblocking or Torrenting.

Chat support said that all servers in a particular region can be used for these purposes, which is a great removal from the conventional practice in the industry i.e. to offer just a few numbers of special servers dedicated for such unique tasks.

ExpressVPN’s server infrastructure is far better because of the ease it offers in terms of connectivity powered by each server on its network for the exact same reason.


Why Trust ExpressVPN Android App?

Privacy-oriented users are a bit hesitant when downloading software on to their devices, especially smartphones. That’s because smartphones store far more valuable information than other devices, making them enticing targets for malware and ransomware.

This raises the question of why users should trust VPNs apps or in this case, ExpressVPN’s Android app?

Well, to alleviate this exact concern, we checked ExpressVPN’s Android app on, which is a service tool that checks any file for ransomware, malware or virus infections.

The results from our tests came clear with no such malicious infection among the 69 kinds of viruses the service checked the app for. This implies that ExpressVPN’s Android app is extremely trustworthy and safe enough for you to use on your Android devices.

Why Trust ExpressVPN Android App.png


On top of this, the provider won’t store any logs of the activities you do on your smartphones, as per this detailed logging study involving over 100+ providers, making it even safer to use as compared to other similar VPN options.


Does ExpressVPN use OpenVPN?

ExpressVPN supports the OpenVPN protocol on almost all of its devices.


How Fast Is ExpressVPN for Android OS?

As per reviews conducted against other providers, Express is one of the fastest providers out there. It has one of the lowest reductions in download/upload speeds and it virtually has zero downtime as well.


How much does ExpressVPN cost?

Its best deal will cost you $8.32/month (Yearly Subscription Plan).


How many devices can be connected to ExpressVPN simultaneously?

You can connect three devices simultaneously with a single  ExpressVPN subscription.



ExpressVPN for Android is a great choice nowadays since the number of mobile phone users on this OS i is increasing by the day and they need nothing short of stellar security to keep their devices safe and protected at all times.

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