How to Set up ExpressVPN on Apple TV

Last updated: April 27, 2021
Muhammad Hamza Shahid

Muhammad Hamza Shahid

ExpressVPN does not have a native app for Apple TV devices, but you can follow these novice-friendly instructions for setting up ExpressVPN Apple TV.

ExpressVPN Apple TV

Getting a VPN for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices has become quite common. The tool cloaks your identity online and unblocks geo-restricted content. This convinces many to get one for their Apple TVs, but sadly the tvOS does not support the ability to download a VPN app.

As such, there are a few more steps required to set up ExpressVPN on your Apple TV devices. Rather than configuring the DNS settings (that does nothing now really), here’s how you can leverage full VPN connectivity on your Apple TV for October 2020.

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How to Setup Express VPN on Apple TV

  1. Get ExpressVPN’s pre-configured router from Amazon.
  2. Subscribe for an ExpressVPN account by clicking here.
  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the new router to begin configuration.
  4. Enter or (or in your browser.
  5. Login by using “Admin” as the username and entering the 8-digit password. ExpressVPN Router Setup (1)
  6. You can find the relevant password at the bottom of your router.
  7. If the password is printed as 1234-5678, enter it as 12345678.
  8. Sign in to your accountclick on setup ExpressVPN.
  9. Copy the 23-digit activation code. from the page.
  10. Paste it in the ExpressVPN Router “Account Setup” menu and hit the “Activate” button. ExpressVPN Router Setup (1)
  11. You will now gain access to all features of the ExpressVPN Router App dashboard.
  12. Configure the Wi-Fi connection and then click on the “VPN Connection” tab.
  13. You should now be able to access ExpressVPN’s 3,000 servers in 140 countries
  14. Select any location and hit the “Connect” button.
  15. Now connect your Apple TV VPN to the Wi-Fi!ExpressVPN Router Setup (Server Switching)
Get ExpressVPN for Apple TV!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Why would I use ExpressVPN on my Apple TV?

A VPN has many use-cases among which includes leveraging strong anonymity online, bypassing ISP throttling, gaining protection from DDoS attacks, and shifting servers to get local search results. For Apple TVs, the main purpose of using a cheap VPN is to unblock geo-restricted streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, Hulu, and more.

By connecting to different servers, you gain the capability of unblocking complete libraries of different VoDs and leverage fast speeds on ExpressVPN. For instance, by using ExpressVPN on your Apple TV, you can gain access to all titles available on streaming platforms. You can get the ExpressVPN Free Trial for testing the product within a 30-day duration

Once you’re subscribed, ExpressVPN offers more than just speeds and powerful security. You can their apps to bypass geo-restrictions and content limitations on a multitude of streaming platforms for entertainment. These include:

Get ExpressVPN for Apple TV!30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Express VPN on Apple TV without Router

If you are unsure about configuring your router, there is an easier way to setup VPN Apple TV 4. AirPlay or Screen Mirroring is available on all Apple TV devices. To activate AirPlay for VPN Apple, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Apple TV Settings > AirPlay > and click ON
  2. Make sure your Apple TV and Apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod) is connected to the same Wi-Fi
  3. On the bottom of your Apple device go to the Control Center > then tap AirPlay
  4. Your Apple TV device will show in the next list, tap it
  5. Tap on the Mirroring option, your Apple TV screen should show the content on your devices

Now, you will be required to install ExpressVPN on your Apple device (apps are available for both Mac & iOS devices). To download the app for all your devices, simply visit their official website.

Apps for Android & iOS can also be downloaded through the Google Play and Apple store directly, but a verified account will be required to access them.

What Makes ExpressVPN the best VPN for Apple TV?

Based in the British Virgin Islands, ExpressVPN is one of the most secure and fastest options available in the marketplace. It uses TrustedServer Technology for storing no logs and improving the anonymity of users online and has even been audited by Cure53 and PwC Switzerland.

For connectivity, users have access to over 3,000 servers in 94 countries and 160+ locations worldwide, with access to protective features like AES-256-GCM encryption, a no-logs policy, and RAM-infrastructure servers. You can even get a free trial for 30-days to test the product.

If you encounter any issues, you have a proactive customer service team. They provide you great assistance in selecting the suitable servers for streaming whatever content you want on your Apple TV devices, without any caps on your bandwidth or throttling, allowing you to watch content in 4k quality.

ExpressVPN Apple TV Setting up on a Physical Router

  1. Log into your ExpressVPN account and select “Set up on more devices”
  2. Click on “Router” and from the dropdown, select the model you are using.
  3. Hit the “Download Firmware” button and store the file somewhere safe
  4. Connect your router and computer via an ethernet cable to access the admin panel.
  5. Enter or into the URL of your browser or open this page.
  6. Check the boxes for “i have read…” and “I want to contribute…”
  7. Select the “Manual Configuration” option and enter your router login credentials.
  8. Sign in and on the “Smart Wi-Fi Screen” click on “Connectivity”
  9. Click on “Choose File” and load the firmware you downloaded earlier
  10. Hit the “Start” button and click on “Yes” when you receive a notification prompt
  11. After the firmware installs, click on “Ok” to start rebooting the router.
  12. Once booted, you will be redirected to
  13. Click on “Get Started” and click on “My ISP has no Login”
  14. Copy the account activation code from ExpressVPN’s dashboard
  15. Paste it inside the ExpressVPN Router menu and click “Sign in”
  16. Enter the Wi-Fi anem and password you want and “continue”
  17. Set the router’s admin password and click on “Done”

ExpressVPN Apple TV Setting up on a Virtual Router

  1. Launch the Windows Search bar and type in CMD.
  2. Right click on “Command Prompt” and then “Run as Administrator”.
  3. Type netsh wlan show drivers into the CMD and hit the “Enter” button.
  4. Look for the line Hosted network supported and see if it says “Yes”.
  5. If it does, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot of your own.
  6. In the command prompt, type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<MY-NETWORK> key=<MY-PASSWORD>.
  7. Replace <MY-NETWORK< and <MY-PASSWORD> with a name and password of your choice. For example, netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=ItHurtsWhenIP key=helloworld.
  8. When you press “Enter”, you should receive some text informing that the process of creating a virtual router is successful.
  9. Now, you need to turn the connection “On”. In order to do so, type in netsh wlan start hostednetwork in CMD and hit “Enter”.
  10. You will now receive a message saying that “The hosted network started”.
  11. Now, right click on the “Network” icon in the “System Tray” and select “Open Network & Internet Settings”.
  12. Click on “Change Adapter Options” and find the network you just created, along with the one that says “TAP-Windows Adapter”.
  13. Right click “Ethernet” and select “Properties”. Head to the “Sharing” tab at the top and check the box that says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.
  14. Under “Home network connection”, click the dropdown menu and select the name of the network you created earlier i.e. ItHurtsWhenIP – Local Area Connection 12. Press Ok
  15. Launch your VPN app. I am using ExpressVPN. Shift the protocol to OpenVPN, and connect to a server in whatever location you wish.
  16. Using OpenVPN will activate the TAP Windows Adapter. Now, connect your Apple TV to the connection you created i.e. “ItHurtsWhenIP”.

ExpressVPN Apple TV: FAQs

How to Use ExpressVPN on Apple TV?

You can get ExpressVPN on Apple TV by either flashing the firmware of your existing router and get the ExpressVPN router app or simply buy the preconfigured ExpressVPN router.

Is ExpressVPN available on Apple TV?

While ExpressVPN does not offer a dedicated app for Apple TVs, they do make available a router app for setting a VPN connection on your Wi-Fi network. You can even consider getting a preconfigured ExpressVPN router.

How do I install ExpressVPN on Apple TV?

The only way to install ExpressVPN on Apple TV is to either load the manual DNS configurations. However, that does not offer VPN connectivity and encryption, so you will have to set up ExpressVPN on your router.

How do I connect ExpressVPN to my Apple TV?

The process is simple really. If you have a router, you can erase the firmware and install the ExpressVPN router app. This way, you can enjoy ExpressVPN connectivity on all internet-enabled devices, including your Apple TV!

How to connect ExpressVPN to Apple TV?

Once you get a preconfigured ExpressVPN router or download the firmware for ExpressVPN’s router application, you can enjoy VPN connectivity on your Wi-Fi network. This means, all devices connected to the Wi-Fi will already be using ExpressVPN.

How does ExpressVPN work with Apple TV?

ExpressVPN does offer manual DNS setup configurations, but this is not a great option for unblocking, as proxies can instantly be recognized by services like Netflix. This is why you must install ExpressVPN on your router first!

How to setup ExpressVPN DNS On Apple tvOS?

The method of changing your DNS settings via ExpressVPN MediaStreamer is now outdated. This may help you unblock certain websites, but will not provide any assistance for unblocking streaming platforms. You need access to a full VPN service to stream on VoDs.

Does ExpressVPN work on all generations of Apple TV?

Yes, you can use ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer service on 5th, 4th and older generations of Apple TV. If all else fails, you can always get the ExpressVPN router application for instant connectivity.

How do I change the DNS Settings on my Apple TV?

  1. From the main menu of your Apple TV, click on the Settings icon.
  2. Launch on your Apple TV and click on General > Network.
  3. Click on either “Wifi” or “Ethernet” depending on the network you are using.
  4. Go to Network > DNS > Manual.
  5. Enter a different DNS address from your VPN or any other service.
  6. (Do note the original one down in case you need to revert back to the original settings)
  7. Click “Done” and you are now using your Apple TV through a different IP Address.

Wrapping Things Up

With this, I come to an end of this Apple TV configuration guide for ExpressVPN. I hope my instructions prove helpful to the viewers, yet if you encounter any problem, do not hesitate on dropping a comment below. Have a nice day! 🙂

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6 Responses to How to Set up ExpressVPN on Apple TV

  1. Daniel

    I live in the US and am trying to what a series in Netflix on my appleTV only available in Spain. I followed all the guidelines, but it’s not clear to me where should I change the geographical location of the server. Should I do it in my mac? Or in the Apple TV itself? Thanks!


      Hi there Daniel, hope you are doing well. I apologize for the late response. Was a little occupied cause of the Christmas season. Basically, if you want to unblock the Netflix US version, you need to connect to a server in the US.

      For Apple TV, you need to set the VPN up on your router. That means, you need to connect to a US server from ExpressVPN’s router dashboard. However, if all this seems a bit too complicated; install ExpressVPN on your Mac. Connect to a server in the US.

      Open Netflix and then activate “AirPlay” to mirror the screen on your Apple TV. It’s the easiest solution. Lemme know if it works our or if you need more assistance. Have a good day! 🙂

  2. Kai

    Located in Asia
    want to know how to set up apple tv to watch Canadian TV app “piktv” because piktv blocks out USA IP as well


      Hey Kai, it isn’t that big an issue. It blocks IPs out of the US because of geographical restrictions. If you want to unblock the PIKTV app, simply connect to a “Canadian” server from ExpressVPN. This outta have you connected and streaming live within no seconds on the app.

  3. Ron Anderson

    Re how to use ExpresVPN on Apple TV without Router.

    Do these instructions only apply to people based in the USA. I have followed them but unable to connect. I reside in Australia


      Hey Ron,
      Can you please elaborate a bit more on what exact issues did you face and what method did you apply?
      Only then can we be more helpful.
      Looking forward to interacting with you!

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