VPNSecure Review 2019

Based in an unusual location for a VPN service, VPNSecure.me didn’t seem like an appropriate service at first glance but this service has a lot of facets to it that sprung up a big surprise at me.

And in this holistic VPNSecure review, I’ll be putting to test their claims, performance, features and other aspects of the service to find out whether it’s the Best VPN that I recommend or just another sham operating in the market to make a quick buck.

I’ll be offering the best reasons to use this service as well as some turn-offs during the course of this review and only then I  will be telling you whether this service is recommended from my end or not.

VPNSecure Pricing Review

VPNs can be expensively priced certainly and I am not against it at all but the service has got to justify its price tags if they are higher than the norm.

ExpressVPN’s plans are among the most expensive in the industry but they are worth it considering the provider’s stellar reliability and credibility till data.

VPNSecure’s plans are also highly priced and in essentially the same bracket as ExpressVPN’s.

They currently offer three types of pricing plans depending on the length of the subscription you intend to opt for:

  1. Monthly Plan: $9.95/month billed once
  2. 6 Monthly Plan: $8.32/month ($49.95 billed once)
  3. Yearly Plan: $6.66/month ($79.95 billed once)

VPNSecure.me Pricing Review

The monthly plan, according to me gets a Big NO! and that’s because its too expensive to even consider once we view all the features and abilities that the service offers.

The half-yearly plan can be acceptable, but still, it’s not within my acceptable range.

The best plan is their yearly deal definitely as it offers just the right price for what their service can charge on the maximum.

If you ever want to subscribe to the service, then opt for only this plan.

But, one of the best features of their service overall will easily allow you to check for yourself whether or not the service is asking good money for its subscriptions!

Yes, I am talking about VPNSecure’s 30-Day zero commitment free trial.

Its trial is so easy to access that I recommend that you try it right now. All you need to do is to enter your email address and you are ready to go!

The provider definitely needs to be lauded here for offering such a great free trial when the norm is the opposite i.e. to be stingy and ask for a payment and give a refund validity period in the name of a trial. Not acceptable at all!

More providers as listed in vpn reviews need to follow VPNSecure’s free trial policy as it exemplifies the confidence the provider is willing to invest in and offer the service for 30 days free.

A Free trial is not just a trial, it’s a statement, which when done right, shows that the provider trusts its service so much that it knows that if the buyer uses its service just once, it will definitely be willing to pay for the pricing plans.

Now coming to the ways through which you can pay for the service i.e. payment methods, the provider is offering plenty of options:

vpnsecure.me Payment methods


  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Perfect Money
  • Payza
  • PaymentWall

The provider is offering a single crypto which is okay but I am surprized by the absence of AliPay because that’s a big payment method these days especially for the consumers from the Far East, so that’s a bit of a downer.

But apart from that, the options are enough to facilitate a wide variety of users.

VPNSecure Security Review

By its own admission, VPNSecure doesn’t log the following kinds of data:

  • IP Address
  • Connection timestamp
  • Disconnect timestamp
  • Bandwidth used
  • DNS Requests

These are the most important kinds of data concerning your privacy online and VPNSecure is not logging them, which makes it a highly safe service.

Its privacy policy document is a bit vague though and even unclear. Other VPNs have these documents well drafted and comprehensive but not VPNSecureMe. But that’s okay as they have simply said what kinds of logs they don’t keep, even if they didn’t mention the details.

Privacy Policy should be more like the one offered by MullvadVPN, interesting and in-depth.

Another problematic part about this service is its location i.e. Australia, a not so favorable country when it comes to basing a VPN service in.

Most other services choose places like the British Virgin Islands or Singapore as their base and that’s because these places have incredibly friendly data policies in place.

VPNSecure still hasn’t had a case involving data retention laws of the land and there has been no known case of data extradition requests from the authorities yet so it can be assumed that its safe for now, but uncertainty about these things happening in a not-so-distant future comes with where it’s based.

Its logging policy is good and if that’s followed like the provider says it is being followed, then even Australia won’t be a big of a problem as the provider’s location.

But, as with everything else with this service, one bad thing is followed by one that is so incredibly good that it overshadows the effect of the previous thing.

VPNSecure offers you a rare feature. You can choose your cipher strength at will. This single feature impressed me the most and that’s because, nearly all providers have a cipher strength enabled by default leaving nothing to the user, but VPNSecure is different.

And while this default setting offers encryption cipher options like DES-CBC and AES 128, I wouldn’t recommend you to choose anything else other than the option for AES-256. The reason for this being that this is almost next to indestructible. No hacker can penetrate it and there can be supercomputer powerful enough to run a brute force attack on it.

Choose AES 128 (Which is also extremely secure) only when you need a bit of extra speed from the VPN connection, but apart from that, AES-256 should be your default cipher.

VPNSecure.Me also offers a kill switch feature which you can easily access and turn off or on at will from the app’s settings menu.

This feature is crucial towards guarding your security online because this is what will disconnect you from the internet automatically if the app encounters a problem or if the connection drops down, thereby guarding your real IP from leaking through.

The supported protocols of VPNSecure include OpenVPN and PPTP and I won’t recommend you to use the latter because that’s known to be quite insecure.

OpenVPN is a protocol run on open source basis which means that it isn’t in anyone’s monopoly so no one entity can directly control it and along with that, its open source nature doesn’t let any vulnerabilities to linger on and create security loopholes.

VPNSecure.Me Server Network Review

For a VPN service to be catering to the modern day user needs, the server network offered needs to be well spread out, diverse, secure and able to be powerful enough to carry out unblocking activities.

VPNSecure’s server network is spread over 50 countries worldwide and constitutes around 80 servers.

This is quite less than what the Top VPNs have got to offer for e.g. PureVPN offers you around 2000+ servers while NordVPN offers more than 5000 servers currently.

But still, the server network of the provider can be termed as mid-range i.e. acceptable.

However, it needs to add more servers in regions like Africa, Latin America, Central, and Middle East Asia etc. in order to gain a much wider reach along with faster speeds to users across the world.

Now coming to the server network’s performance, I first checked their security through two appropriate tests i.e. the DNS leak Test and the WebRTC leak test and the results were highly encouraging.

VPNSecure passed the DNS leak test with flying colors along with WebRTC leak test allowing me to grade it server network’s security as robust and powerful.

Users can feel secure while connecting to this provider definitely, knowing their IP won’t leak online through any medium whatsoever.



Now coming to the Unblocking experience.

Well, VPNSecure has got a lot of work to do in this area as its US servers don’t currently work with unblocking Netflix US. This means that the provider is losing out on some major hot cake VPN property right now as the Unblocking Netflix US feature is in hot demand these days.

Yes, the Canadian and Some European servers were working with Netflix, but when using Netflix with a VPN, a user’s primary motive is to use the VPN in order to gain access to a much wider content library than it currently can. Netflix US is by far, the biggest library the streaming provider has to offer and if a VPN cant unblocks it, then it’s not good enough to be recommended as a Streaming VPN.

But despite the disappointing performance on the Netflix front, users can get a big redeeming point with the provider in the fact that over 90% of its servers are P2P/Torrenting friendly!

Only three servers in its entire network don’t support the activity and they are as follows:

  • UK1
  • UK2
  • US10

And considering the robustness of security its server offer, I recommend that you can opt for VPNSecure for your supplementing your Torrenting activities.

Now coming to one of the most important aspects that probably define a VPN’s server network’s capability in today’s era i.e. Speed.

Usually, a VPN is either extremely bad or extremely good with its speeds, no in-betweens, but VPNSecure was quite erratic in its speed performance through a wide majority of its servers.

Here is the best speed I got from a server selected from a randomly picked list of 10 servers from the provider’s network.

Ping: 63

Download: 26.99 Mbps

Upload: 34.41 Mbps

Connection Speed: 50 Mbps

Server: Netherlands

The download speeds were down by almost 46% which is too high considering that the norm for speed loss among the Best VPNs is in the range between 20-30%. Anything above 40% implies that the VPN can be used and it will offer a manageable experience but not anything to write home about.

On other servers, the speeds were almost in the same window, but two servers recorded speeds that couldn’t be just believed. They were down to the range of 70-80% speed loss.

I believe that VPNSecure needs to improve its speed performance incredibly if it doesn’t want this single factor to overshadow all the other good points of its server network.

VPNSecure Client App Review

It is expected these days that a VPN provider offers at least the dedicated clients for the most popular kind of OS and devices. These usually include the quartet of Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating system based devices.

Sometimes Linux is also considered necessary but since that is a complex, programming based OS, only used by tech geeks, a provider is okay without a client for it as well.

VPNSecure also offers clients for just the popular quartet i.e. Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as well as Linux, which is good enough for a provider of this scale.

vpnsecure.me Client apps

But these days, some Top VPNs have also started offering niche device support as well like offering a dedicated client for Firestick. However, I haven’t yet seen a small or medium scale provider take a similar step or introduce a dedicated client for a niche device.  It would be great if some extra functionality was offered, still coming to VPNSecure,

The provider’s app is perhaps the best part about it.

The UI and UX is just brilliant. I really like how simplistic and well-focused the app is in every single aspect. And on top of it all, its major brilliance lies in the fact that it offers great functionality.

You can change the theme color, operating language, cipher strength, etc. with incredible ease. Server switching also went smoothly and each time you want to choose the other server, you need to disconnect to the other one. I also really liked the part where you get a small lightning bolt sign next to the server you are connected to.

In many other VPN provider’s clients, once you connect to a server, the server option list recedes and you are left with the main screen telling you that you connect to this server in this location, but VPNSecure’s Windows client allows you to stay in the server list while also indicating which server you are connected to.

Its just great how much difference a simple point can make.

Kudos to the provider for such a great and concerted effort in building the client so immaculately.

Along with this VPNSecure offers support for routers as well but only if they support OpenVPN, DD-WRT or tomato or OpenWRT PfSense. This can allow you to use the VPN connection on all your devices without installing the provider’s clients on them.

VPNSecure Support Review

Another star highlight of VPNSecure is its fast, reliable and highly knowledgeable support. I seriously had my hopes down when contacting its support, because small-medium scale providers don’t usually offer good enough support, but boy was I wrong.


Their live chat window is so active that even after I stopped asking questions about their service, the support didn’t say thank you and leave nor did it suspend my chat abruptly, but rather it left a wonderfully crafted message about whether they can assist me through some other products they’ve got.

For anyone looking for a good enough lesson in the best form of modern customer support, well here it is!

By far, one of the best support systems in place by a VPN in the whole industry.

What VPNSecure lost as a service in terms of shaky speeds and no Netflix US unblocking came back in how its client works and how its support responds.


Do I recommend VPNSecure or not?

Well, Yes, and I have my reasons for it.

The provider does have fluctuating speeds and it might not unblock Netflix for you, but its secure, reliable and customer friendly to a fault.

The pricing is a bit high and that is an issue also and I recommend to the provider that it should bring its prices down or create another plan like a 2 year deal with better rates in order to make the service appear as valuable as it is.

All in all, VPNSecure deserves a big Yes for at least a one-time try, and surely you’ll see the best aspects of the service once you use it on a continuous basis.

If you’ve used this service or want to use it, do tell us about your thoughts or leave any questions you might have in the comments thread below.


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