TigerVPN Review 2019 – A Powerful VPN that Needs a Little Push!

Established in 2011, TigerVPN is a Slovakian-based provider of secure private network services. It is owned by ‘Tiger at Work’ – a technological company that focuses on providing global solutions for offering complete internet anonymity and privacy while bypassing geographic restrictions.

TigerVPN Review

The service has been gaining lots of hype over the past few years, providing users with a huge network of server choices, along with military-grade encryption. TigerVPN even donates 2% of its profits to animal-care NGOs. They help pay for adoption ads, animal shelters, and fund sterilization programs.

This makes TigerVPN perhaps the only VPN in the marketplace supporting a good cause. Consequently, if you love animals or are in search for a socially conscious provider, you are in luck! For more information about the privacy tool, read this in-depth TigerVPN Review from BestVPN.co!

1.       Zero Logs Policy

2.       Live Chat Support

3.       An active presence on Social Media

4.       Accepts Bitcoin payments

5.       Supports All Popular Platforms

1.       Extra Costs for Simultaneous Devices

2.       Minimal Refund Guarantee

3.       Costly Monthly Plan

4.       Inconsistent Speeds


TigerVPN Pricing Review

Our TigerVPN review discovers that the provider offers three different plans to its customers. If you opt for Zen Tiger, you will have to pay a high price of $11.99.

This is almost reaching the pricing of the industry-leader “ExpressVPN”, but for lesser features. For instance, users can only establish simultaneous connections on two devices.

The provider certainly needs to improve on its monthly pricing and increase its multi-logins, if it wants to attract more customers. Of course, you can opt for a better deal by going for a plan with a longer duration. If you go for Hero Tiger (12-months subscription), you receive a 58% discount.

This means you pay $79.99 for 1-Year access to the VPN. You also get free accounts to StickyPassword Premium and Shimo VPN Manager, while also receiving support for five devices simultaneously.

For the best value though, users can consider going for the 3-year subscription. It gives you a massive discount of 77%! Consequently, you only have to pay $99 for every 36-months. This may sound expensive to many, but is actually a good offer for 3 years!

TigerVPN Pricing Review


Free StickyPassword Premium Subscription

Upon subscribing to the 12-months plan, customers receive a free subscription to StickyPassword Premium.

As the name implies, this tool is a secure password manager. While this is indeed a nice additional feature, you do have dozens of free password managers like Firefox’s built-in tool or KeePass.

Shimo VPN Manager

Similar to the StickyPassword software, TigerVPN also gives annual subscribers a free account for the Shimo VPN Manager.

This application is a VPN client for Mac OS. While the service already does offer a dedicated app for Mac users, this app makes it easier to handle multiple VPN networks at the same time.

TigerVPN Free Trial Review

TigerVPN does not offer a free trial to customers. However, you can leverage a 7-day refund/money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the VPN, you can cancel your account and avail the refund.

The money you receive will be from the same payment method you used initially. If you are unable to cancel within seven days, you will not receive a refund.

TigerVPN Lifetime Review

The service itself does not offer a lifetime subscription plan to its customers. However, we did happen to find a remarkable deal on XDA-Developers.

This deal allows you to gain lifetime access to TigerVPN services at an amazing $25.99! When compared to the original price of $780, you get to leverage an amazing 95% off. What else could you ask for?

The Signup Process

TigerVPN has a very simple and straightforward signing up process. Click on the “pricing” tab, located on the top of the page. The site will redirect you to the order page. Here you will be required to choose a plan that best suits your needs and requirements.

TigerVPN Lifetime Review

You have three options available: the 1-month, 12-months, and 3-years. Take your pick and scroll down to select your payment method. You have plenty of options to pay for the subscription. Choose one that works for you and does not sacrifice on your privacy.

tigervpn free trial review

For this example, we will be using the Credit Card option. For the payment details section, enter the name on card, the number, expiry date, and your security code. Choose the currency you want to pay in i.e. EUR, USD, or GBP. Once done, click on the “Pay Now” option to complete checkout.

tigervpn login signup

After the website processes the payment, you will receive a registration email from TigerVPN. You will also receive download links for VPN clients of different platforms/operating system. Download and install the relevant one. Enter your email and password. Select a server and click on the connect button!

Accepted Payments Methods

Our TigerVPN review unveils that the provider offers limited payment outlets for subscribing to a plan. Customers can only pay through credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets like PayPal and Bitcoin, and direct transfers via Paymentwall that include Mobiamo and Mint.

You can even sign up with the service using a License Code. Simply enter an email address and password, then the license code on the “Order” page. Tick the “I give my consent and agree to TigerVPN’s GDPR privacy policy and terms and conditions” option and hit “Redeem”!

tigervpn payment methods


TigerVPN Servers Review

According to our TigerVPN review, the service boasts a good enough collection of servers available, You can freely play games with low latency, download HD movies, and watch UHD streams. All servers offer remarkable security, speeds, and anonymity to customers.

Typically, customers have the ability to connect to 300 servers in 63 locations across 43 countries. While these numbers are lesser than PureVPN servers which offers 300,000+ IPs and 2000+ servers  and Surfshark VPN which offers 800+ servers. The provider does cover in terms of privacy and unblocking.

The only negative point about TigerVPN is that it reserves 30% of the total bandwidth. This means, their servers may automatically be allocating bandwidth and resources. For details about server options, look at this detailed table below that highlights the locations available for connection:

EuropeAsiaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAfricaOceania
–  Kiev

–  Sofia

–  Zurich

–  Paris

–  Oslo

–  Milan

–  Madrid

–  London

–  Lisbon

–   Warsaw

–   Vienna

–   Prague

–  Dublin

–  Munich

–  Moscow

–  Cologne

–  Frankfurt

–  Palermo

–  Ljubljana

–  Budapest

–  Klagenfurt

–  Stockholm

–  Manchester

–  Copenhagen

–  Amsterdam

–  Luxembourg

–  Tokyo

–  Taipei

–  Seoul

–  Osaka

–  Hong Kong

–  Hanoi

–  Dubai

–  Delhi

–  Jakarta

–  Istanbul

–  Ankara

–  Mumbai

–  Bangkok

–  Singapore

–  Miami

–  Denver

–  Chicago

–  Seattle

–  Atlanta

–  Toronto

–   New York

–   Montreal

–   Vancouver

–    Mexico City

–    Los Angeles

–    Washington D.C.

–  Sao Paulo

–  Santiago

–  Buenos Aires

–  Rio de Janeiro

–  Johannesburg– Sydney


Privacy and Security

TigerVPN has a verified physical location at Karadzicova 8A, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia. This ensures they are not a shady service trying to steal your money or scam you into revealing your information. The VPN states that highly skilled engineers have written its entire code.

This guarantees there is no chance of your internet activity being traceable to any entity. For further assurity, TigerVPN also mentions that it is PCI Level 1 compliant. This means, that all user data (usernames, passwords, and payment details) are stored in an extremely secure hardware facility.

TigerVPN Protocols Review

The provider supports all popular protocols for guaranteeing a strong and secure connection. You have PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) protocols available.

By using the setup guides available, you can even set up manual L2TP and PPTP connections on your Windows desktop or android phone.

The best part of all: TigerVPN does not compromise on user safety and privacy. It uses the highest military-grade AES-256-CBC encryption ciphers with the 2048-bit RSA for key exchange.

This guarantees that third-party services and governmental agencies cannot spy on your internet activity, which could get you stuck in circumstances where you are illegally downloading torrents.

TigerVPN Torrenting/P2P Review

Our TigerVPN review discovers that the provider does indeed support P2P/Torrenting. This means users from all over the world can enjoy limitless file sharing and downloading. However, since the VPN restricts bandwidth, you may not necessarily receive high speeds.

Nevertheless, you can feel assured that the service blocks circumventing firewalls and ensures your torrenting activity remains private.

Is TigerVPN Safe?

During our TigerVPN review, we carefully inspected the Privacy Policy page to figure out whether or not the service logs any user activity. To our satisfaction, the provider actually checks all the right boxes for guaranteeing privacy and anonymity. The VPN does not log traffic data or browsing activity.

The only information it records is your email address and payment information, both of which are stored in a highly secure hardware facility. However, TigerVPN does reserve the right to investigate matters, if any user fails to follow the Terms of Use or the service gets into legal issues.

The VPN itself will not release any information to legal authorities, but will only analyze the situation to prevent wrong material transmitted over the service and/or into your computing device. So far, there have been no cases of TigerVPN betraying the trust of its customers!

TigerVPN Netflix Review

You can easily use TigerVPN to connect to a US server and enjoy the American version of Netflix. The Best VPN for netflix offers multiple locations in the US for you to enjoy the largest and most popular collection of TV shows and movies.

After the ban on VPNs, the provider is one of the only few services to give you unrestricted access to the VoD service, despite not offering dedicated IPs to users.

TigerVPN Support Review

Our TigerVPN review establishes that the service has a very active and helpful support department. Upon clicking on the “help” tab, the site will redirect you to a navigation bar. Here you can search about any issue you may be encountering with the VPN and receive an appropriate solution within seconds!

tigervpn support review

If you scroll down on the page, you will notice three more options for receiving assistance. If you just getting started with the VPN, click on “General Questions” and learn how to use all features of the privacy tool. For setting up TigerVPN, head towards “Manual Setup Guides (No Apps)”

tigervpn setup guides

If you cannot find an appropriate solution to your problem there, click on the “Troubleshooting” option. The website will redirect you to a page filled with setup guides and articles for troubleshooting common issues to become a TigerVPN guru. You can even contribute to the page to help others!

tigervpn installation tutorials

If you need to contact the support team directly, access their live chat. Simply click on the blue and white icon on the bottom right corner of the page. If a support representative is active, you can present your query to receive support. If not, leave your email and info on the trouble you are experiencing. The support team will get back to you within an adequate response in 5 hours or less.

tigervpn live chat

If all the above options do not work in getting the right assistance, TigerVPN also has a very active social media presence for its customers. For further support, you can visit the providers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube handles. They are quite responsive on social media platforms!

tigervpn social


TigerVPN Apps Compatibility

Our TigerVPN review uncovers that the service is compatible with nearly all operating systems and devices. You have dedicated apps available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android devices. At the same time, you have manual setup guides available for using the VPN on Raspberry Pi and Linux.

You can even use the VPN on dd-wrt/tomato firmware supported routers or devices like the Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku, which is quite remarkable, to say the least!

TigerVPN Download

If you want to install the relevant app, simply visit the “download” page. The website will automatically detect which operating system/device you are using. Within seconds, the app will begin self-downloading. Upon completion, simply install the file to enjoy using TigerVPN.

For manual downloads, users can consider heading to their dedicated Google Play or iTunes stores, if you they are using a smartphone!

TigerVPN Download

TigerVPN Reddit Review

TigerVPN boasts quite an active presence online. Unlike other best vpn reddit services, that simply create a SaaS template and forget about regularly updating their website or performing any SM activity, the service enthusiastically participates on social media websites/forums.

It even has its own Reddit page, which assists customers on varied problems. TigerVPN users also partake keenly in solving new member issues.

TigerVPN Reddit Review

VPN Unlimited vs. TigerVPN

FeaturesVPN UnlimitedTigerVPN
Pricing (Yearly)$39.99$79.99
ProtocolsOpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTPOpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP
Encryption128-bit Blowfish and AES-256AES-256-CBC Military-Grade
Torrents & P2P AllowedYesYes
Based InUSA (Five Eyes Alliance)Slovakia (Safe Location)
Proxy ServersYesYes
Simultaneous Users5+5 (Hero Tiger Plan)
Added FeaturesNoShimo VPN Manager

StickyPassword Premium


Final Verdict

TigerVPN is a good choice for those users, who want to leverage a good collection of servers, along with additional features, like Shimo VPN Manager and StickyPassword Premium. The security and privacy offered by the VPN is superb. The only problem is its extremely high pricing.



  1. Based in Slovakia
  2. Live Chat Support
  3. Zero Logs Provider
  4. Active Social Media Presence
  5. 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
  6. Dedicated Apps for All Platforms
  7. AES-256-CBC Military-Grade Encryption
  8. Supports Anonymous Payments (Bitcoin)


  1. No Free Trial Available for Testing
  2. An Overall Expensive VPN Service
  3. Improvement Needed for P2P/File Sharing
  4. Inconsistent Speeds and 30% Bandwidth Reservation


Surfshark, NordVPN, and PureVPN- although more prominent names, boast cheapest vpn prices. At the same time, they offer many advanced features. TigerVPN does have the potential to grow as a leader in the marketplace, but it needs a push in the right direction. They should improve on their server availability (add more locations and countries) and speeds.

The VPN must also add dedicated IPs to their features listing, especially considering that VoDs nowadays are getting increasingly clever. TigerVPN was only able to unblock Netflix after testing multiple US servers. Static IP addresses make life easier for both providers and customers!