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Surfshark BBC iPlayer VPN: How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad

Last updated: January 19, 2023
William Sams

William Sams

Do you ever wonder how you can watch BBC iPlayer if you are not in the UK? You must have thought about it if you indulge more into traveling. This post lets you discover how using a Surfshark BBC iPlayer VPN will eliminate the geo-restriction barriers.

BBC is a world-class streaming service that is loaded with various programs. Yet, the only downfall is you cannot access it with a non-UK server and IP address. Thus, you need to go for an alternative to make it work for you regardless of your location. Surprisingly, Surfshark VPN surpasses all free and paid VPN providers in safely unblocking BBC iPlayer.

We will explain to you how you can use Surfshark VPN to get unrestricted access to BBC shows, movies, and other live content.

Let’s jump right into it. 

Why you need a BBC iPlayer VPN

BBC iPlayer only works in UK

BBC iPlayer is a free streaming platform that is loaded with thrilling and exciting content 24/7. You never run out of TV shows because it is continuously updating its media library. But, all this is available to you if you are residing in the UK only. Due to the content licensing restrictions outside the UK, it blocks users with IP addresses from a different location.

Thereby, it would help if you got a BBC iPlayer VPN to avoid the content restriction issues. You will find various paid and free VPN providers, but not all are worthy of your consideration. Some VPNs will give you limited bandwidth to stream shows while others bound you with a single device.

Surfshark VPN will help you get rid of any limitations you find to watch BBC iPlayer online. This provider allows you to watch your best-pick movies live from any country with a UK server despite your geographical location. Be it from China, Russia, USA, UAE, or any other locale, this VPN lets you stream BBC iPlayer anywhere.

You must be anticipating.

Why choose Surfshark VPN for BBC iPlayer

watch bbc movie using surfshark

Unlimited simultaneous connections, 1700+ global servers in 63 countries, and top-class security features are prominent facets that put Surfshark in the list of top VPNs. It enables you to watch BBC iPlayer by connecting to its dedicated UK-based servers. With Surfshark BBC iPlayer VPN, you do not need to fret about interruptions you face while watching movies online.

Streaming TV shows in HD quality is one of the best parts about using a Surfshark VPN. This service proves to be impeccable when it comes to unblocking BBC iPlayer. It also ensures you do not miss any media that airs on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video or any other streaming platform.

The provider outperforms other VPNs in giving the fastest speed connection with limitless bandwidth. Surfshark VPN has best-in-class encryption policies that make sure your confidential information remains secure from spyers. It does not store any of your online activity as it has a strict policy of no-logs.

Using Surfshark VPN will not restrict you to a single device. It gives support to every device you name. Be it macOS, Windows, Linus, Fire TV, or any other portable device; such as Android and Ios. It also gives immense support to watch BBC iPlayer on Chrome and Firefox with its VPN browser extensions.

03 Easy Steps to watch BBC iPlayer with Surfshark VPN

With a simple 3-step VPN set-up process, you can start watching BBC shows outside the UK. Just follow the below steps and stream BBC channels from any place you want. Surfshark VPN makes it easier for you to bypass all the content restrictions. 

Step 01: Sign up for Surfshark VPN

Get started by subscribing to the Surfshark VPN account. You need to visit the site https://surfshark.com/ and choose a plan that meets your streaming needs. The best part about signing up with Surfshark VPN is that you need only one account to watch the BBC iPlayer on multi-devices.

Step 02: Connect to a UK VPN Server

surfshark uk server connected

Once you sign up to Surfshark VPN, download its app on the device you are willing to watch BBC from and then connect with a UK server. Next, visit the BBC iPlayer website and create your account for free by employing a UK postal code. And boom, you are all good to access its content.

Step 03: Stream Content on BBC iPlayer

After the above two steps, you are now good to stream BBC iPlayer from outside the UK. Whether you want to watch Storyville, Luminaries, or any other movie you like, you now have unrestricted access to all the shows BBC airs on its channels.

Watch TV Shows with Surfshark BBC iPlayer VPN

cbbc shows library

BBC iPlayer is jam-packed with live sports, movies, TV shows, and docu-series. If you ever feel bored in your house, you can always stream BBC channels for watching exciting content. Yet, use it with a Surfshark BBC iPlayer VPN to not face issues while accessing movies and unlimited shows online.

The Nest, Noughts and Crosses and Our Girl are the top-performing shows that you must watch on BBC iPlayer. Moreover, it has enormous, fascinating content to keep you glued for hours. 

Even if you plan to move abroad, you will not miss any of your episodes because of the VPN block. Surfshark VPN provider has a track record of successfully unblocking BBC iPlayer in locales where it is restricted.

With the Surfshark VPN service, you are a step ahead to remain updated about the upcoming episodes that will be airing on BBC channels. You will not face any geo-restriction accessing its media library online if you are a non-UK resident. 

Below are the diversified BBC channels and shows all unique on its own that you can watch through BBC iPlayer VPN.

  • BBC One
  • BBC Two
  • CBBC
  • CBeebies
  • BBC Three
  • S4C
  • BBC Four
  • The Nest
  • BBC Radio 1
  • Peaky Blinders
  • BBC Scotland
  • BBC News
  • BCC Parliament
  • BBC Alba


Does Surfshark work with BBC iPlayer?

Surfshark does work with BBC iPlayer. You need to sign up for a Surfshark account, download its VPN app on your device and connect it with a UK specific server to stream BBC shows.

Which free VPN works with BBC iPlayer?

Free VPNs like Windscribe do work but will not give you the secured connection but some free VPNs for BBC iPlayer are good to go! Thus, we recommend you go for paid VPN options to have a risk-free streaming experience.

How do I bypass BBC iPlayer restrictions?

You can bypass BBC iPlayer restriction with a VPN account, which provides top-tier speed, security protocols, and unlimited bandwidth.

Bottom Line

P2P support, kill switch, zero-logs, camouflage mode, no borders mode, and many other advanced VPN features makes Surfshark best for watching BBC iPlayer. With reliable security protocols and smart DNS and leak protection policies, you are free from privacy theft. You can watch BBC channels from any country outside the UK without any restrictions on their shows.

We have tested other VPNs too, but due to Surfshark incomparable quality in unblocking BBC iPlayer, it remains our top recommendation. In case your BBC iPlayer is not working for any reason, you can always contact their customer specialist to get a workaround. Their VPN service is the most cost-effective yet reliable for those who want value at less price.

So what’s stopping you now? Get a Surfshark VPN account and surf online movies, TV shows, reality TV programs, live sports, and much more via BBC iPlayer. 


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