JurisdictionSan Marino
Unblocks NetflixYes
Works in ChinaYes
Recommended Yes
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, Desktop, Chrome

San Marino based SpyOff VPN is a fairly new & small scale privacy provider, and is a part of Sareta S.r.I.  SpyOff is based on the mission to keep you anonymous online while you browse, download and stream video. Being one of the first websites to review SpyOff, we will analyze the provider’s offering and while being gentle conclude if the brand truly has the grit to survive the merciless best vpn industry.


Our Spy Off review for 2017 will only aim to present all findings and tests in the most transparent manner as possible. Read on to know more about SpyOff VPN reviews of servers, pricing, compatibility, support and more. The website has a pretty simple design something that really impresses me when it’s a new provider.

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SpyOff VPN Packages & Pricing Review

SpyOff offers 3 amazing packages priced in accordance to different features that they offer. The three plans include:



  • Starter – offered for €9.99 per month
    • 300+ servers across 21 countries
    • 14,000 IP addresses to hide behind
    • 15 days trial with anytime cancellation
    • AES 256bit Data Encryption
    • Multi user access with one account (3 simultaneous users)
    • Apps available for Windows, Mac OSx, Android & iOS
    • Unlimited Bandwidth & Data
  • Premium – offered for €6.99 per month
    • Annual Subscription Only (Onetime 88 payment per 12 months)
    • 300 servers across 21 countries
    • 14,000 IP addresses to hide behind
    • 15 days trial with anytime cancellation
    • AES 256bit Data Encryption
    • Multi user access with one account (3 simultaneous users)
    • Apps available for Windows, Mac OSx, Android & iOS
    • Unlimited Bandwidth & Data
  • Premium Plus – offered for $9.99 per month
    • Annual Subscription Only (Onetime 88 payment per 12 months)
    • 300 servers across 21 countries
    • 14,000 IP addresses to hide behind
    • 15 days trial with anytime cancellation
    • AES 256bit Data Encryption
    • Multi user access with one account (3 simultaneous users)
    • Apps available for Windows, Mac OSx, Android & iOS
    • Unlimited Bandwidth & Data
    • Anonymous Premium Live Support
    • Usenet access with 1 GB capacity (one-off)
    • Exclusive Tips and tricks for fully exploiting your VPN


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SpyOff Servers Review



SpyOff establishes a VPN network in 21 countries powered by its 325 servers. Locations seem handpicked to ensure coverage in the most popular locations for browsing news & entertainment, streaming services, and torrent allowed countries.

Popular destinations included in the network are Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland and South Korea amongst other high speed locations. Although the website FAQ and knowledgebase makes no mention of the words torrents & P2P filesharing, “downloading” has been mentioned frequently on the website. Therefore you can download using P2P software & torrent clients when connected to selected locations (Netherlands, Belgium & Luxemburg recommended).

I ran flash based speed tests while connected to 5 popular locations offered by SpyOff. Using the high speed option in the Windows app I conducted real time testing with a 3 Mbps connection in controlled conditions. The results were as follows:

Server DownloadPing
United Kingdom2.81Mbps168ms


I was really optimistic about the results and SpyOff did not disappoint. SpyOff VPN offers a very powerful network infrastructure, and though Ping times were high as you can see above, the tests recorded phenomenal speed. I would suggest streaming users and torrent users try out SpyOff since their network is underutilized still. For more info you can always contact SpyOff VPN support and write to them using the Ticket section.


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SpyOff VPN Support Review

SpyOff’s review of support identifies three channels to get customer & tech support:

  1. Website FAQ

A dedicated page to answer all your basic service related queries including VPN, SpyOff services, internet connections etc.

  1. Website Glossary

This alphabetically archived section providing you all the necessary information about SpyOff features, local services, affiliate information, apps and other aspects of the provider.

  1. Website Knowledgebase (Available in German & English)

The knowledgebase is a detailed categorized library of latest & popular articles related to the brand. The section seeks to answer payment, account, configuration, and compatibility queries.

  1. Ticket System

The ticket system is currently your online choice to reach out to the management, tech teams, and other members of SpyOff support. This dedicated ticket page also provides you direct access to the knowledgebase. I am really impressed by the ticket page itself which is designed to be subjective when contacting support with the option to attach files if required.


SpyOff Payment Methods

One of the disappointing impressions of this SpyOff VPN review was when I got to the payment processing page. There is only one payment method, Credit Card with only MasterCard and VISA accepted to process payments.



Having a single payment processor doesn’t make the service seem bad, since the provider is both new and a considerably small scale VPN provider we will give them time to see how they improve the offering by the time next year’s SpyOff review is due.


SpyOff Compatibility Review

Compatibility is no issue for SpyOff as this review unveils, the provider has locally designed & managed apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android. SpyOff VPN can also be configured over Linux Ubuntu machines, with proper tutorials available in the Glossary and Tutorial sections.

All SpyOff apps are available from their respective app stores, while you can download the Windows app directly from the SpyOff website. You can also manually configure any of the compatible devices through the setup guides page, in addition to buying VPN routers directly from SpyOff VPN’s website. I was really happy to see they recommend two brilliant DDWRT VPN compatible routers instead of redundant devices.


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SpyOff VPN App for Windows

I have truly fallen in love with this provider’s offering after reviewing the Windows app. 2 click automatic installation process, plus self-configuring is all beginners will need. The SpyOff Windows app is simple to install and I hope most users will agree is easy to use too. The user interface is appealing and app stability is magnificent (it has been connected since 27 hours on my PC & 21 hours on my phone) so full points there.

The user interface is so ridiculously simple and friendly, even a person with no VPN experience can get acquainted to the app in a matter of minutes. The one tab app gives you the option to choose which mode you wish to use, access to your Account area, and get premium support access. You can also contact the provider through their social profiles.


SpyOff VPN Tutorials

In case provider apps are not your cup of tea, SpyOff ensures you remain protected by using their tutorials to configure VPN manually. Tutorials are available on the provider’s website in the “setup guides” section. One aspect that I constantly noticed while conducting this SpyOff VPN review is that the service was that the provider always tries to offer something extra.



If you look at SpyOff VPN’s setup guides page, an additional “Custom and optional expert settings” menu awaits you. This section primarily aims to attract users who wish to manually configure and tweak their devices with SpyOff VPN.


SpyOff Protocols & Encryption Review

Reviewing SpyOff VPN’s offered protocols, I really liked how they went past the technical jargon to make understanding tunneling technologies better. Instead of mentioning hard to understand technical side of tunneling protocols, SpyOff VPN lists tunneling protocols sorting them by speed & security. It’s a great new way for beginners to get acquainted to different protocols by their security & speed. Listed SpyOff tunneling protocols include:

  1. Balanced – L2TP/IPSec (when used with 128bit encryption)
  2. Expert Mode – configure L2TP & OpenVPN manually (ability to use both 128bit & 256bit encryption keys)
  3. High Speed – PPTP (primarily for streaming only, 128bit encryption only)
  4. Ultra Secure – OpenVPN (AES 256bit encryption)

I especially like that SpyOff allows the user to control their security and speed while connected to the service. To ensure this SpyOff VPN provides the option to use both AES 128bit & 256bit encryption standards.


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SpyOff Logging & Privacy Policy

SpyOff VPN offers a decent privacy policy, and I say decent since they do log personal information. Now do remember, SpyOff VPN is a “Zero Activity Logs” VPN provider, this means that none of your online activities and connection Time Stamps will be recorded. The provider does, however, require the following data to process accounts:

  • first name and surname,
  • your address details,
  • telephone number,
  • payment details,
  • a valid email

Personal data is usually stored through the tenure of your subscription and when you close your account with SpyOff VPN, the data is completely scrapped with none of your personal details kept on servers.

SpyOff VPN maintains proper profiles of all users, but does mention that data is used only for:

  • The use of the services offered by Sareta S.r.l., as well as email advertising provided that the user has issued consent.
  • The continual further development and safeguarding of our offering, as well as the effective management of our services.

The privacy policy also clearly establishes that once the above-mentioned purposes are recorded online behavior data from cookies and SpyOff databases is deleted.

SpyOff Free Trial

Irrespective of which package you subscribe to, SpyOff gives you a 15 days evaluation free trial to make sure that the service is up to your requirements. You can use all the premium servers, all premium features, and entitled to a full refund if the subscription is canceled. Do remember that the free trial requires your card details to process, after 15 days you will have to manually cancel the subscription otherwise it will be charged accordingly.


Reviewer’s Verdict

I was really surprised by how well designed & managed SpyOff VPN is as a brand. Being a new service I couldn’t believe it myself when I scored the brand a superb 4 out of 5, being honest SpyOff deserves this respect.

Features I liked

  • Great handpicked server network
  • Excellent server speeds
  • Great app performance on Windows and Android
  • Decent pricing for 6 month & 12 month plans
  • Brilliant selection of protocols with military grade encryption
  • Very good support channels & services
  • 15 days free trial
  • Torrent & P2P support

Features to Work on

  • Expensive monthly pricing
  • Retains identifiable user data (But not logs)
  • Paid free trial
  • Only one payment method


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