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How to Get Your PureVPN Free Trial in 2020 (Easy Instructions)

Last updated: August 19, 2022
William Sams

William Sams

Does PureVPN offer a free trial account for real? Can you get your refund back? I have provided detailed answers in this guide!

Endorsed by Forbes and receiving a 5-star rating on Trustpilot, PureVPN has greatly improved its service over the years, even recently conducting an audit from Altius IT.

As one of the cheapest services among VPNs of comparable size like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, Pure offers a paid trial starting at $2.50 and a 5-year plan for $1.48/mo. only.

How to Get your PureVPN Free Trial

Officially, there is no PureVPN free trial as of June, 2020. What PureVPN does actually offer is a 3 Day Trial Account priced at $2.50 billed once.

You can use to check out how the service functions and whether its suits your bill or not. Once the amount is paid on the trial account, it cannot be refunded.

purevpn free trial

PureVPN Trial

So now coming to PureVPN’s actual trial policy i.e. its refund policy. The official stance of the service is that you can claim your refund anytime within the next 31 days after payment.

PureVPN free trial account

But things are not as simple as that when it comes to claiming PureVPN’s refund as there are some conditions which you need to meet to remain eligible to claim a refund.

And it’s not that hard to know as to what these pre-conditions are if you are able to look closely enough. At the bottom of each web page on PureVPN’s website, there is link to their “Refund Policy” page.

Here are the conditions under which the refund becomes invalid according to PureVPN’s policies:

  1. Payment made in Cryptocurrencies will not be refundedNon- refundable payment options by purevpn
  2. Payment made through Google Play and Apple App Store cannot be refunded

Previously, PureVPN had a precondition that the refund becomes invalid if you use a certain amount of bandwidth within the refund period, but as of now, this is no longer valid.

To file a valid refund request, you will need to email your username and the reason for the refund to help@PureVPN.com. According to PureVPN, they take up to 24 hours to process the payment.

PureVPN Free Download

This might seem like a no-brainer to you like what’s so big in PureVPN offering their client apps for free. Client apps can be downloaded for free, but they won’t work until you pay the subscription and acquire login credentials right?

Not quite, as there are many providers who don’t even offer you the download links to their client apps if you haven’t bought their plans. Their client app download links are only available in their client area which can be accessed exclusively by those who have paid for the pricing plans.

PureVPN doesn’t do such things and their apps are easily downloadable from their website or from Official app stores like Google Play, Amazon app store on Firestick etc.

PureVPN’s Free Download is actually a feature that is really helpful for those looking to view different aspects of the service like client app interfaces before subscribing to the service.

PureVPN Free Account

Bad news for all the free loaders and hackers, as PureVPN doesn’t have any crack version which works. You can find a lot of sites offering “Working” crack versions of PureVPN with a simple Google search, but be rest assured, none of them work and on top of this, they are infested with dubious tracking codes, malware, adware and other kinds of threats.

I strongly recommend you to stay away from them to ensure the security of your sensitive data and your privacy online.

PureVPN Refund Period Controversy

In the VPN industry, there are a lot of cases where you can see users disgruntled over PureVPN’s refund policy. Some outright say that this service never refunds your money back and gives lame excuses for it. However, there needs to be clarification on this.

As I mentioned earlier, PureVPN had a policy where the refund became invalid if you exceeded a certain amount of bandwidth. People who were denied a refund under this policy have made a lot of hue and cry. You can find their rants on many forums including Reddit, review websites, Twitter etc.

PureVPN’s only fault here was that this condition was mentioned in its Terms of service page, which most users don’t even bother to open.

The policy advertised on their website was that they give Refunds with no questions asked.

Yes, this can be considered misleading as it surely was. PureVPN should have mentioned besides their refund offer that there were certain conditions that had to be met if a user wanted to remain liable for the refund. PureVPN failed to do that, resulting in some extremely bad press for the provider.

But currently, they have changed their policy and now its become quite simplistic to understand, with no grey areas in between that could result in conflicting situations.

They even have dedicated page titled “Refund Policy” which clearly outlines the conditions a user has to meet to qualify for a refund.

PureVPN Free FAQs:

What Is The Limit For Free PureVPN?

There is no limit for PureVPN free, because the provider doesn’t offer any free trial service. You can, however acquire its 3 day trial account for $2.50 billed once, or opt for its regular pricing plans and be liable to a refund period of 31 days.

Is PureVPN a Good VPN?

On many fronts, PureVPN performs exceptionally well like unblocking geo-restricted streaming sites like Netflix US and Hulu. It also as a wide range of client apps and some very good features, but it also has its downsides.

Wrapping Things Up

PureVPN’s trial and refund policy have been reformed in the past year, just like other facets of its service and now, they are a lot less confusing and there is no misleading or hidden agendas in them like previously.

The trial account for 3 days is the best offer currently in place by PureVPN and it comes closest to an actual free trial by the provider. If you want to test this service out, then I would recommend you to go for this 3 day account.

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