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PureVPN Disney Plus: Does PureVPN Work with Disney Plus?

Last updated: June 23, 2022
William Sams

William Sams

Just like other VoDs, the new Disney Plus takes blocking VPNs seriously to protect their licensing agreements. Use PureVPN to unblock the streaming service!

Did you recently notice all your favorite Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and Disney movies vanishing from Netflix? Well, the good news is that all new releases/classics are available on Disney Plus. However, the bad news is that Disney+ is currently only available in 14 countries, outside the US.

While there are plans for extending their service to some Latin American and European countries, the process will take time. Till then, Disney Plus is still not available in over 180 countries, and for many, there is no release date either. Luckily, VPNs are here to help you unblock Disney Plus.

Among some of the best VPNs tested for speed, reliability, affordability, and security, I came across PureVPN for unblocking and streaming on Disney+. Below I will be discussing the details of using PureVPN with Disney Plus to unblock all of its content.

Pricing $2.91/mo (2-Years – Save 73%)
Streaming Speed 91.51 Mbps
Streaming Quality 4K Quality Supported
Servers 2,000+ in 140+ Countries
Multi logins 10 Devices
Data Encryption AES-256
Website https://www.purevpn.com/
Other Platforms Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu
Get PureVPN for Disney+31-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Why Should You Get a VPN for Disney Plus?

Launched on 12 November 2019 – Disney Plus is still a relatively new video-on-demand streaming service, as compared to Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Hotstar, and Voot. Unless, licensing contracts with production houses aren’t agreed on, Disney+ can’t stream outside the current 15 locations its available in.

As such, similar to other streaming platforms, Disney+ imposes geographical limitations and content restrictions. Therefore, if your IP address appears to be from a country where Disney+ isn’t available, you will be blocked from accessing any content and will receive the “Service unavailable” error message.

Disney Plus Unavailable

A VPN utilizes geo-spoofing in order to help you bypass these restrictions. All you have to do is connect to a server in any of the 15 locations Disney Plus is available. By cloaking your real IP address and giving you a new one, a VPN will make you appear as a local in that country, hence allowing you to unblock Disney+.

PureVPN for Disney Plus

Get PureVPN for Disney+31-Days Money-Back Guarantee

Does Disney Plus Work With PureVPN?

Yes, PureVPN does work with Disney Plus. In fact, it is among the top picks for Disney Plus that can easily unblock all its content. Known for its advanced features, budget-friendly pricing, and speed-optimized 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries, PureVPN is an remarkable service.

It offers users a special server listing for Disney Plus in the “popular websites” category. There are no issues of WebRTC/DNS/IP leaks that could result in getting your VPN detected. PureVPN successfully cloaks your VPN traffic into regular HTTPs traffic.

You can use it for smooth streaming on all platforms, including Android and iOS devices. Best part of all: you can even enjoy 4K quality with minimal speed loss. PureVPN also has a zero logs policy audited by AltiusIT, and you can test the service easily via their 31-day free trial!

PureVPN Works with Disney Plus

Get PureVPN for Disney+31-Days Money-Back Guarantee

How to Watch Disney Plus with PureVPN

PureVPN makes unblocking Disney Plus incredibly easy via a 3-steps process. Simply follow the instructions below, and enjoy binging your favorite movies/TV shows on Disney Plus:

Step #1: Sign up for PureVPN

You will first need to get a plan from PureVPN. Go to their order page and sign up for a suitable subscription that meets your budgetary requirements. I recommend going for the 2-year deal priced at $2.91/mo. Once done, download the relevant PureVPN app for your device!

PureVPN Pricing Information

Step #2: Connect to a Server in US

After signing up with and installing PureVPN, all you need to do is connect to a server that is based in the US. Launch PureVPN, select the “Stream” mode, and connect to a server in United States. Choose any one from the list and then check your IP address from here.

PureVPN Windows Client

Step #3: Go to Disney+ and Enjoy Streaming!

After checking your IP address and ensuring there are no leaks whatsoever, simply go the Disney Plus website or access Disney+ from their smartphone apps. You can download them from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Enjoy streaming your favorite content!

Below is a screenshot of where I unblocked Disney+ and watched “X-Men: Apocalypse” from their new additions menu. The unblocking was smooth, I did not receive any downtimes or errors, and most importantly, I was able to stream in 4k quality!

PureVPN Unblocking X-Men Apocalypse on Disney+

Get PureVPN for Disney+31-Days Money-Back Guarantee

People Also Ask

How do I get Disney Plus on PureVPN?

Getting Disney Plus with PureVPN is a simple task. Simply go to the PureVPN website, purchase a subscription, and download/install the relevant VPN app. Launch the PureVPN app, connect to a server in the US, and visit the Disney Plus website or smartphone apps to stream your favorite content!

What can you watch with PureVPN?

In addition to unblocking Disney Plus and all its content, PureVPN also offers streamers the ability to bypass geographical restrictions on other Video-on-Demand (VoD) services like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, Voot, without getting detected or blocked, which is a huge feat.

What devices can I stream Disney+ on with PureVPN?

You can stream Disney+ on all devices using PureVPN. The VPN has applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, any device/platform you can name. Best part of all: you can even get a preconfigured router from PureVPN.

Wrapping Things Up

If you are an avid binge-watcher looking to see all that Disney+ has to offer, utilizing the unblocking capabilities of PureVPN is a great decision. With a low-price of $2.91/mo, 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries, and a “popular websites” menu that includes Disney Plus, PureVPN will not leave you disappointed.

Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues, feel free to drop a comment below! 🙂

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