JurisdictionUnited States
Price$3/month ($36 on its Yearly Plan)
Servers22 Servers in 12 countries
LogsKeeps sensitive logs for 14 Days
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple, FireTV

Private Tunnel VPN keeps logs and offers below par speeds.

Server Count22 Servers in 12 countries
JurisdictionUSA (Five Eyes Country)
LogsKeeps sensitive logs for 14 Days
Unblocks NetflixYes
Price$3/month ($36 on its Yearly Plan)
Bypasses China FirewallNo
Data EncryptionAES-128

Private Tunnel VPN appears secure on the surface but this credible-looking service has some serious privacy and service-related flaws that make it unworthy of being considered as a VPN service.

Our Private Tunnel VPN review 2020 will outline how the provider compares to other best VPN services and what are the flaws that we found while testing this service out.

A yearly subscription will cost you $3/month but you won’t get your money worth even in this seemingly cheap deal.
This is surprising because it’s run by the same people who developed the widely accepted OpenVPN protocol, the strongest and safest tunneling protocol out there.

We will go over each of the aspects of the provider’s service bundle and present an objective verdict for Private Tunnel apps, pricing, server coverage, privacy policy, customer support and much more.

Private Tunnel VPN Jurisdiction and Logging Policy Overview

Private Tunnel VPN is based in Pleasanton, California, USA, a country that is a member of multiple data-sharing alliances like the Five Eyes and Nine Eyes.

This is perhaps the worst place for a VPN to be located considering the multiple data retention laws and information sharing alliances obligations that local providers will be subject to.

We do understand that OpenVPN is also based there making it a Private Tunnel VPN’s base by default.

But that doesn’t make us accord it any special treatment.

As a user, you should be taking VPN jurisdictions very seriously, since a wrong provider choice can make your data land up in the hands of the authorities.

The US authorities can, by law, force Private Tunnel VPN to gag data any time they require, which is not something a user looking for privacy would want.

The problems with the service don’t end there, however.

Private Tunnel VPN keeps logs of your real IP for at least 14 days

This is unacceptable and alarming since top providers like Surfshark don’t do that and follow a completely transparent zero logs policy.

They also know what IP from Private Tunnel VPN you are connected to.

Both of these issues make Private Tunnel VPN a lot worse than the top providers out there.

Security-wise, Private Tunnel VPN hasn’t got either of these things right at all.

Private Tunnel VPN Encryption and Protocol Review

It’s just not right when a VPN misleads users.

Private Tunnel VPN says that it’s using “The World most advanced Encryption standard”.

But that’s not the truth as they are not using AES-256 military-grade encryption.

Instead, Private Tunnel VPN secures your data via AES-128 encryption. This encryption standard isn’t bad either and neither can anyone break into it, but still, you don’t advertise blatant lies.

And even if a user considers this VPN because AES-128 encryption is incredibly secure, how can it make the final choice knowing that other VPNs offer a much better level of encryption than this provider?

Private Tunnel VPN offers only a single tunneling protocol called OpenVPN because it’s run by the exact same people who actually built this protocol.  

OpenVPN is opensource now and a lot of developers work on finding and fixing bugs on it, making it the most secure tunneling protocol by far. It’s also the default tunneling protocol by all top providers in the industry right now.

But overall, Private Tunnel VPN ticks just 1 of 4 boxes required to consider a VPN as properly secure and capable enough to offer maximum privacy to users.

Private Tunnel VPN Pricing Review

Private Tunnel VPN is not as cheap as you may think.

It currently offers two types of pricing plans:

  • Monthly Subscription: $6 billed once
  • Yearly Subscription: $3/month ($36 billed once) 

The monthly plan is out of the question here since $6 a month for such a small service lacking in a lot of features is quite expensive.

Private Tunnel VPN’s yearly subscription will cost you just $36 billed once. That’s just $3 for each month of the subscription duration. Sounds cheap, right? Well, that isn’t the case.

Surfshark, a top VPN provider that offers 800+ servers, military-grade encryption, Netflix unblocking and more costs $1.99/month if you go for its 2 Year deal.

If you compare it with Private Tunnel VPN, which fails to offer as many features as Surfshark, the price tag of $3/month looks unworthy.

Private Tunnel VPN Free Trial Review

7 Days. 

Yes, that’s the period Private Tunnel VPN will allow you to use its service for free.

That sounds good but again, it doesn’t match the industry average.

A 30 day free trial period is offered by nearly all the top 10 industry providers which makes Private Tunnel VPN’s 7 days free trial period look quite stingy.

Again, not up to the mark.

Private Tunnel VPN Payment Methods Review

Private Tunnel VPN currently accepts payments through six globally accepted merchants, namely:

  1. Debit & Credit Cards (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express)
  2. PayPal
  3. Bitcoin
  4. Apple GiftCards – only through the iOS app
  5. AliPay E-Payments
  6. Bank Account Transfer

private tunnel payment methods

Users’ who pay with credit may be required to present their Credit Card statement for additional verification in some regions.

The Privacy Policy also informs that Private Tunnel VPN does not offer services in Nigeria, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.

Private Tunnel VPN Servers Review

Private Tunnel VPN offers just 22 Servers in 12 countries.

This is too less because almost all providers offer at least 500 servers.

But why is less number of servers a problem?

That’s because a low number of servers means crowding of too many users on a single server because there is not much of a choice. Crowding like this on a server can result in slow speeds and bandwidth bottlenecks which can result in poor user experience.

This is exactly why top industry providers offer servers in the thousands.

Just look at NordVPN. It currently offers 5700+ servers and the network is continuously growing even then.

On top of this, even the number of countries in which the servers are being offered by Private Tunnel VPN are too less and concentrated specifically in North America and Europe.

Apart from solitary servers in Japan and Hong Kong, Private Tunnel VPN offers all of its servers in USA and Europe, which is quite problematic.

Users living in regions far away from server locations like in South Asia will get very slow speeds due to the ginormous distance the connection has to travel. Even the ping rates will be high for such users making Private Tunnel VPN a bad choice for them as a VPN for gaming and other similar activities.

All in all, Private Tunnel VPN’s server infrastructure is inadequate.

Private Tunnel VPN Speed Test Review

I conducted tests using the premium Private Tunnel VPN service over a 100 Mbps connection.

The results were a bit underwhelming.

Speed loss on download speeds averaged almost 60%, which is considered below par.

The only thing good here was that the speeds, despite being low, were consistent and did not fluctuate too much.

Despite this, the speeds definitely need to improve.

Private Tunnel VPN Netflix & Torrenting Review:

To my surprise, Private Tunnel VPN was able to work on Netflix US.

The San Jose, CA, USA server worked on Netflix US perfectly. 

But the speeds were average which meant that no HD streaming could be supported by Private Tunnel VPN.

For Torrenting, a VPN has to be leak-free and offer fast speeds.

Private Tunnel VPN is definitely leak-free but the speeds were average, so it can be considered for Torrenting but when you have better providers like Surfshark offering the same with better speeds for a lower price, then opting for Private Tunnel VPN seems like a weak choice.

Private Tunnel VPN Compatibility Review

Private Tunnel VPN currently offers compatible apps for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and FireTV.

But Ok, the apps are there but how is their user interface?

Yes, but it can be improved upon.

The apps by Private Tunnel VPN are good in design, with neat feature accessibility options and no crash issues whatsoever.

But when you are competing in an industry with providers like ExpressVPN whose apps are minimalistic yet excellent, you need to up your game and that’s exactly what we recommend to Private Tunnel VPN.

Private Tunnel VPN Crack Review

For users’ who consider using cracks rather than the premium version of the app, I would highly recommend they reconsider. Not only has it been proven but also widely known now that cracked apps are a backdoor for malware & cyber-criminals to have unrestricted access to your devices.

Consider the fact that, if someone can manipulate the code of an app they can definitely change the servers you are connecting to through the app.

private tunnel crack

So, when using a Private Tunnel crack do remember that you may just be connected to a “honey pot” for hackers, where no knowing who is monitoring you.

Similarly, a cracked PrivateTunnel APK for Android (which is much easier to crack) can wreak havoc on your devices. A simple backdoor can give cybercriminals access to your contacts, email, financial information, apps and all the information on it.

Always consider subscribing to the premium service, never install a Private Tunnel crack on your PC or mobile device. The sad fact here is that Google considers listing torrent websites illegal but does not consider possible malware as threats and lists them on top of its search results.

Private Tunnel APKs

Private Tunnel offers its signature APK for Android devices on the Google Play Store. The simple to use the app is designed to make the VPN connection process easier for everyone to use. Although installing the Private Tunnel APK is recommended straight from the respective app stores, you can also get the apps on other trusted websites.

CNet publishes a brief review and a direct download of the Private Tunnel APK, allowing you to get the app if you like the service. Similarly, you can also download the PrivateTunnel APK from tech review website Softpedia, which also provides you a details overview of the service.

Private Tunnel Customer Support Review

Live chat support system. 

This feature might appear inconsequential, but its the epicenter of modern-day customer-oriented products.

If your customer cannot contact you in real-time, then your product or service is doomed these days.

But does Private Tunnel VPN offer it? No!

Is there email support? Yes. But that’s quite redundant in today’s world when its a bummer for users to wait for an unspecified amount of time to get a response for even a simple query.

So according to us, Private Tunnel VPN need to add live chat support if it wants to really facilitate its users according to modern standards and come at par with the best in the industry.

Is Private Tunnel VPN Recommended?

No! I dont recommend Private Tunnel VPN. 

There is nothing majorly wrong with the provider on the surface but when you dig deep, you find that it keeps logs, offers a lesser level of encryption as compared to industry norms, is based on a Five Eyes country and offers below par speeds.

When you can get a lot better provider for a lesser price than why settle for one with problems? Makes sense?

If you are looking for an alternative service that doesn’t suffer from such problems then you can opt for Surfshark, a powerful VPN service, with Netflix unblocking, safe jurisdiction, 800+ servers, zero-logging policy and a whole lot more. Surfshark also costs less than Private Tunnel VPN at just $1.99/month on its 2 Year deal.

You can know more about this provider here in its full-fledged review.