Private Tunnel Review 2022

Last updated: November 30, 2023
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William Sams
William Sams
Developed by the team behind the strongest Tunneling protocol out there, Private Tunnel VPN is still a major dud. This service disappoints majorly as it keeps logs of your IP and is based in a Five Eyes country.
Jurisdiction United States
Price $3/month ($36 on its Yearly Plan)
Servers 22 Servers in 12 countries
Logs Keeps Logs for 14 Days
Encryption AES-128
Unblocks Netflix No
Torrenting No
Works in China No
Recommended  No
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple, FireTV

Private Tunnel is no longer open to new clients, however at the time of writing “Private Tunnel Review 2022“, I could still sign up. Why Private Tunnel Review is introduced? because we want to evaluate the capabilities and key features of this service for the understanding of our followers.

Private Tunnel service is an OpenVPN-powered VPN service. However, does this inevitably make it superior to the competition? In any case, the OpenVPN protocol is supported virtually by every other VPN provider.

The service provides a reasonable download speed, however, neither Netflix nor torrenting is often unblocked. It saves IP addresses and other connection data for 14 to 30 days, which is a bit unsettling. If privacy is important to you, I do not suggest the Private Tunnels service.

OpenVPN is the most extensively used VPN protocol currently, therefore I began my research with much curiosity. They also provide a 07-day free trial which increased my expectations to try out this service.

We have tried to answer the following questions via this Private Tunnel VPN review:

  • How to use Private Tunnel?
  • How quick is the Private Tunnel?
  • Is it confidential and secure?
  • Does private Tunnel support stream websites such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video?
  • In China, does Private Tunnel function?
  • What advantages does Private Tunnel have over its rivals?

September 2022 UPDATE! Private Tunnel VPN has unfortunately been discontinued. For more information on the subject please check out our list of the best VPNs for 2022, or learn more about our top suggestion, ExpressVPN.

Private Tunnel Pros and Cons

Here in this Private Tunnel review, we have included some of the good and bad of the Private Tunnel VPN client.


  • Budget price plans
  • Server(s) performance is reliable and constant.
  • Built by the developers of the OpenVPN protocol
  • Spyware blocker


  • Not compatible with streaming platforms
  •  The kill switch is absent
  • Only includes 3 concurrent connections
  • No specific privacy policies
  • Fewer servers are provided.
  • Don’t work in China
  • Sensitive to WebRTC security breaches.
  • Not compatible with torrenting
  • Records certain information
  • Supports only OpenVPN

Rating Criteria

Here we have included in the “Private Tunnel review”, the factors based on which the Private Tunnel VPN client will be assessed:

  1. Jurisdiction: Where is Private Tunnel Based?
  2. Security: Can Private Tunnel Keep Me Safe Online?
  3. Leaks: Does Private Tunnel Leak Your IP, DNS & WebRTC?
  4. Servers: How Many Servers Does Private Tunnel Have?
  5. Streaming: Is There Any Way to Get Around the Netflix and Other VoDs?
  6. Speed: How Quick are Private Tunnel Servers?
  7. Compatibility: Can I utilize Private Tunnel on any of My Gadgets?
  8. Pricing: How Pricey is Private Tunnel?
  9. Trustworthiness: Customer Support, Reddit & Trustpilot Ratings

Jurisdiction – Where is Private Tunnel Based?

Private Tunnel VPN is based in Pleasanton, California, USA, a country that is a founding member of the Five Eyes Alliance. This is perhaps the worst place for a VPN to be located considering the data retention and mass surveillance laws.

The country is obligated to share intelligence with other alliances, and act as a deterrent for users who want to leverage strong anonymity and privacy with the VPN. Users will also find themselves subjected to numerous state and federal laws that allow complete access to digital activities.

While most VPNs operating out of the US may claim otherwise, all US-based companies are required by law to keep a log of all their users’ online activities. I would be hesitant to sign up with a VPN in such a jurisdiction, as your data could land in the hands of authorities.

Security – Can Private Tunnel Keep Me Safe Online?

Private Tunnel security has shockingly insufficient safety features. I was anticipating both basic and sophisticated functionality given that the service is OpenVPN’s VPN implementation. Regrettably, the most fundamental needs aren’t met by Private Tunnel.

Furthermore, unlike other VPN programs, this one lacks a kill switch. If your VPN connection drops for whatever reason, a kill switch will immediately disconnect you from the web. This feature prevents your whereabouts and identification from being revealed inadvertently and it’s frustrating that Private Tunnel doesn’t have it.

An Undependable Logging Policy

Private Tunnel admits to keeping connection logs but denies keeping any information related to users’ usage logs. As per the service’s Terms of Service, “logs files stored on our servers are used only for the evaluation of our servers’ performance”.

Some of the information that it stores includes the name, email address, credit card info, home address, as well as the users’ phone numbers. Similarly, the service’s privacy policy states that these logs are maintained for 14 days as per their policy.

Encryption & Protocols

Because it is OpenVPN’s exclusive VPN client, Private Tunnel employs the latter’s TCP and UDP protocols. While TCP prioritizes security but is slower than UDP, UDP permits higher speeds but is less reliable.

With the “Adaptive” setting in place, the Private Tunnel app will automatically select a protocol based on your needs. Alternatively, OVPN Proxy is also an alternative. Not much is said about using OVPN on Private Tunnel’s site, however considering that proxies don’t encrypt your communication, I recommend using just UDP and TCP.

Virus Test

I wanted to be certain about the fact that the service does not have any hidden viruses or any other malicious files on its downloadable clients. I carried out a virus test and had the following result:

Private Tunnel VPN Virus Test

Leaks – Does Private Tunnel Leak Your IP, DNS & WebRTC?

To judge whether this service properly protects my IP, DNS, and WebRTC, I carried out a leak test using I connected to an Italian server and gladly my IP address was displayed as Italian, even though I wasn’t in Italy.

Private Tunnel VPN Leak Test 1

Similarly, my DNS info was not exposed at all and WebRTC was safe and did not leave my actual address exposed at all. As a result, you can feel assured that despite the logging issues, you do stay secure technically due to the lack of IP, DNS, and WebRTC leaks.

Private Tunnel VPN Leak Test 3

Servers – How Many Servers Does Private Tunnel Have?

The company provides access to 22 servers located in 12 different countries. Compared to services like ExpressVPN, which provides 3000+ servers in 90+ countries, this one has a somewhat limited selection.

Most server farms can be found in either Asia, the United States, or Europe. No servers can be found in the Middle East, Africa, South America, or Oceania at this time. Specific countries including Private Tunnel servers are:

PT-servers with time

Does Private Tunnel Support P2P?

Torrenting is not permitted on any of Private Tunnel’s servers. The VPN’s website was silent on the subject of torrenting, so I used the built-in live chat feature to get in touch with support, where I learned that the service did not permit P2P file sharing. The representative stated that it is forbidden due to copyright issues.

Private Tunnel has a restrictive privacy policy and is headquartered in the United States, so I wouldn’t suggest it for P2P anyhow. Use a secure and private VPN service like ExpressVPN or NordVPN to download torrents without worry.

Does Private Tunnel Work in China?

The VPN states on its FAQ page that it does not function in countries that impose Internet censorship, which includes China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, Iran, and Oman, The same is true for the countries of Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Nigeria; they don’t have access to this service.

Choose from this selection of VPNs that have been shown to securely circumvent China’s Great Firewall if you’d rather use a VPN that you can trust to function regardless of where you happen to be.

Streaming – Is There Any Way to Get Around the Netflix and Other VoDs?

When it comes to streaming services, Private Tunnel does not provide the finest VPN. The VPN’s primary purpose is not to circumvent geo-restrictions on streaming sites. It’s a service that prioritizes your anonymity and confidentiality when you’re online.

Private Tunnel Netflix Proxy Detected Error

There is no indication of the ability to access geo – restricted content or unblock streaming services on the VPN’s official web page.

Unblocking Peacock, HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video

After much searching, I finally found a few servers that allowed me to access the blocked versions of some popular streaming services.

For instance, Amazon Prime Video was only compatible with data centers in Los Angeles and Atlanta. When I switched to a different server, APV immediately recognized the VPN and blocked my streaming access.


HBO Max may be accessed and streamed from both the Ashburn and  Los Angeles data centers.


The Atlanta server was the only one I tested where Disney+ was functional. When I logged onto the Atlanta server, I also had access to Peacock TV.


Netflix, ITV hub, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer Blocked Private Tunnel

Despite connecting to many Private Tunnel servers in different countries, Netflix’s region-locked material stayed inaccessible to me. More than that, I tried out most server options.

Hulu also immediately recognized the VPN and the Private Tunnel not working, regardless of which US location I used to connect.


Unfortunately, the UK server was unable to bypass geoblocks for either ITV Hub or BBC iPlayer. Even though I was able to log onto both services, streaming was not an option.


We didn’t design Private Tunnel to be a VPN service for online video viewing. Look elsewhere for a VPN if access to Hulu, Netflix, Peacock TV, HBO Go, and Disney+ through a small selection of servers isn’t sufficient for you. If you use one of these VPNs, for instance, ExpressVPN or NordVPN, you will be able to watch Hulu.

Speed – How Quick are Private Tunnel Servers?

Even though Private Tunnel only has 22 servers spread across 13 countries, In the Private Tunnel review speed evaluation, I chose to put it to a test on a 100 Mbps network connection to observe any potential differences in performance across locations.

Private Tunnel Server(s) Private Tunnel Download Private Tunnel Upload Ping
Italy 42.9Mbps 39.7Mbps 236ms
Japan 37.5Mbps 32.5Mbps 299ms
Spain 39.2Mbps 27.8Mbps 322ms
UK 35.7Mbps 31.4Mbps 379ms
France 36.4Mbps 28.9Mbps 339ms
Average 38.3Mbps 32.0Mbps 315ms

Compatibility – Can I utilize Private Tunnel on any of My Gadgets?

Native applications are available for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and Amazon Fire Sticks with Private Tunnel. Manual VPN configuration is also supported for DD-WRT and Open-WRT devices. There is zero support for Smart TVs, video gaming consoles, or streaming media players.

The private Tunnel Windows app is full of powerful options rather while the Private Tunnel Ubuntu app is not offered yet

The free tier of Private Tunnel’s service only supports three simultaneous connections. If you wish to invite your friends and family to use your membership, you may find this to be limiting.

The “Flexible plans” offered by Private Tunnel allow you to increase your membership’s device allowance as needed. You may secure up to 100 devices, such as laptops, phones, and routers, for an additional fee each month.

Desktop Apps

Both the Mac and Windows versions of the software feel and appear identical. The interfaces of these applications are designed to be dead basic. The only real functionality of this app consists of selecting a server location from the home screen.


You can configure auto-connection and switch protocols, but that is about it as far as tweakable options go.

Smartphone Apps

The Private Tunnel mobile applications for Android and iOS are just as easy to use as the desktop versions. From the main page, users may select the desired server to connect to and access options by touching the three vertical dots in the upper left corner.


Private Tunnel is rated 3.7 out of 5 stars on the iTunes Store and 3.8 on the Google Play Store.

Setup & Installation

Assembling Private Tunnel on personal gadgets is a simple task. After installing the program, using it is as simple as signing onto its server network.

  • As soon as your purchase is confirmed, Private Tunnel will direct you to the appropriate download page for your computer’s operating system (OS), allowing you to begin your 7-day free trial without delay.

Private Tunnel Detected OS Automatically

  • Simply launch Private Tunnel’s app after installation and enter your credentials to begin using the service. After that, you may begin your safe web surfing.


  • I received a warning that the internet activity would be spied on when I installed Private Tunnel on the Android device. As someone who makes use of a VPN to remain anonymous online, I discovered that this was a major source of anxiety whenever I used Private Tunnel.

Private Tunnel app overview

  • Creating a private, encrypted network with Private Tunnel took a few seconds. With Windows’ Add or Remove Programs utility, uninstalling the app was a breeze. In the same vein, erasing it from my Android was a breeze. For the “Uninstall” option, I dragged Private Tunnel’s icon to the top of the screen.

Private Tunnel logging

Pricing: How Pricey is Private Tunnel?

If you’re looking for a cheap VPN, go no further than Private Tunnel. If you need to link more than three devices to the service, the Private Tunnel pricing plans may be extended. Flexible membership plans from Private Tunnel allow users to connect an unlimited number of devices for a little higher price each month.

Refund Policy

It’s annoying that Private Tunneling requires registration before you can view the refund policy; this isn’t the case with competing VPN services. Finding Private Tunnel’s actual return policy required more work than it should have. The service avoids candor about this by referring readers to an official article.

Strangely, reimbursement requests can only be made within the free trial’s first week. Private Tunnel subscriptions are given a bit of freedom with this policy since they have 60 days to cancel without penalty.

Even if you cancel your membership, the service will keep your billing information on file indefinitely if you’re using iOS. Out of the hundreds of VPN services I’ve researched, their return policy is among the most baffling I’ve ever come across.

Payment Methods

Users can make payments to the service via their VISA/Mastercard debit and credit cards. Additionally, users can also pay via Apple gift cards. Even though the service supports PayPal, I find its lack of Bitcoin support disturbing.

Not only do cryptocurrencies help users stay anonymous, but it also protects their digital financial transactions. Private Tunnel does not inspire a whole lot of confidence about its commitment to the anonymity of its lack of flexible payment plans and support for cryptocurrencies.

Trustworthiness – Customer Support, Reddit & Trustpilot Ratings

Aside from my own opinions about the service, I wanted to see what other users of this service have to see about it. The service doesn’t appear to have a Trustpilot, so I headed over to see what the Reddit community as well as its customer support can tell me.

Reddit comments

We have included here Private Tunnel Reddit reviews to say that users were disappointed would be a gross understatement. Redditors lamented how they had seen the service end its support for torrents and P2P sharing without any due advanced warning.

Private Tunnel VPN Reddit Review 1

Similarly, the users also complained of the service shifting its ToS when the entire reason they signed up for the service was that they supported torrents. Most Redditors had no qualms about shifting services as they felt Private Tunnel had nothing more compelling to offer them anymore.

Private Tunnel VPN Reddit Review 2

Customer support

Private Tunnel does not invest much in its customer support. This becomes evident once users go to the website. There is a distinct lack of a 24/7 live chat function.

If users have a question, they need to open up an account first, even if they don’t plan to buy the service. The service does offer a news and blog section, helping users stay up to date with the most important cyber security information.

However, I doubt if most users come to Private Tunnel’s website for news. Additionally, Private Tunnel appears to be extremely dodgy in terms of important information like logs policy or refund policy.


Coming up with alternatives to this service was surprisingly a lot easier than I had anticipated. I’ve rarely ever come across a VPN service that is so destitute in terms of security and safety for users online.

There are so many better providers that users can opt for. In such a case, ExpressVPN would be a wise choice because of its affordable rates, and other features that users will undoubtedly find useful. Here we have enlisted a few alternatives for users’ convenience.

Do I Recommend Private Tunnel?

In the blog Private Tunnel Review 2022, I have tried my best to evaluate the key points of Private Tunnel. Sadly, I do not recommend it for several reasons. To begin, other than access to a modest OpenVPN network and a nebulous malware filter, Private Tunnel offers virtually no functionality to its consumers.

That implies you can’t use any other VPN protocol but OpenVPN. There is no support for a kill switch, split tunneling, streaming, torrenting, or routers. I mean, that wasn’t a Tony-worthy performance, was it?

When you factor in the company’s outdated website, murky terms of service, and general lack of transparency about its service’s operation, you’re left with something you just can’t recommend. The final score for Private Tunnel was 2.8 out of 5.

I don’t think it’s a terrible thing that Private Tunnel is no longer offered to new clients. A better Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, such as ExpressVPN which has more server locations and greater support for unblocking geo-blocked content, is an excellent choice for Private Tunnel users.

FAQs- Private Tunnel Review

Is Private Tunnel free?

It’s not, although they do provide a free trial period of seven days before you have to renew by paying for one of their paid plans.

What is Private Tunnel used for?

The private tunnel encrypts your data and prevents others from accessing your authentic IP address. It establishes safe and effective links between networks, makes use of protocols that aren’t natively supported, and even lets users get beyond firewalls in some circumstances.

What is an OpenVPN Private Tunnel?

OpenVPN, Inc.’s Private Tunnel is the recommended VPN app. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are widely available for purchase, and OpenVPN is at the heart of the vast majority of them.

To the best of our knowledge, OpenVPN Inc. solely develops, creates, and maintains Private Tunnel, making it the only VPN provider that uses its network.

How do I set up a Private Tunnel on mobile?

Here is how you can configure Private Tunnel on your mobile device:

  • Launch the Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  • Look for a VPN Private Tunnel.
  • Locate and tap OpenVPN.
  • Tap Install.
  • When asked, choose accept.
  • Permit the installation to finish.

Is a Private tunnel a good VPN?

No, it is not. Private Tunnel gathers invasive user logs, lacks basic security safeguards, and, to top it off, is rather sluggish. The VPN server network is limited, and customer service is poor. Avoid this one.

Compatible with device: Windows, Android, Apple, FireTV, ,

6 Responses to Private Tunnel Review 2022

  1. iannick says:

    The Comcast of VPN’s. Was a mostly-satisfied customer since ’16. I was excited enough about them to refer several friends who became customers. But over time the glow faded. The data service itself is… OK. Occasionally was really slow, and some sites wouldn’t accept traffic from their POP’s. Was able to connect about 95% of the time. I’d say choppy/slow about 30% or so, I’d change servers and mostly worked, though I’m a latenight user myself. The real downfall, though, is the customer service. I bought a “no expiration” data plan when they first got started and haven’t finished using all my data. They changed their business model but won’t honor prior agreements. Many appeals to sales@ and support@ with requests for them to honor the agreement THAT I PAID FOR were ignored and what I got instead was “canceled.” They canceled my “no expiration” account while I still had data on it, and still no consideration for the fact that I bought something from them and they are refusing to deliver it. If you’re a #classaction #attorney looking for a class-action #target, may I suggest PrivateTunnel? I’d make a stink about it on principle, but honestly, my stress is worth more way more than their crappy data. I wasn’t going to renew with them anyway, but I’d still like to use what I paid for and they agreed to provide.

    • says:

      hahaha “the Comcast of VPNs” got me good xD I am really sorry to hear about the poor experience you had with Private Tunnel. This review seems pretty accurate and we will test out the service once again to update ours accordingly. Also, just a word of advice. Never fall for VPNs that offer “lifetime” or “no expiration” guarantees. Out of all the packages we reviewed, almost all VPN customers of these plans, ended up getting disappointed with their plans getting “cancelled”. The excuse was same too: “changed our business model”. I agree completely that you should get what you paid for, regardless of what they change. One cannot just offer something and refuse to deliver later on! That’s highly immoral

  2. Eddie_M says:

    Private Tunnel does not support IPv6, ONLY IPv4.


    This was their answer: “We are not supporting IPV6 at the moment. We are planning to introduce it soon.”
    “There is no estimated date at the moment.”

    PT provides no VPN-related benefit if your IPs assigns bot IPv4 and 6 address, like Comcast and many others

  3. Charles Malinowski says:

    Added to the above post I goofed on the scheduling showing only the monthly pricing.

    Monthly Fixed: is $6 per month or $35 per year limited to three devices.


    7- day trial period
    Unlimited data access
    Choose more than 3 devices
    Flexible Monthly

    2 + 1 = $6. Additional Device X $6/month

    Flexible Yearly

    2 + 1 = $35/year. Additional Device. X $35/year

    The way they have laid out their pricing is kind of confusing for the Flexible option. My best advice would be to go to their website and look at it for yourself. I was just trying to point out that the pricing in the above article is no longer valid.

    My apologies to Private Tunnel for goofing on my first effort.

    • Ameer says:

      Thank you Charles I will have a look and update pricing as it appears on their website. Most kind to point it out.

  4. Charles Malinowski says:

    I am surprised to see that this was noted as updated in May 2017. Private Tunnel’s pricing schedules as noted were in fact correct up until sometime within about the last eight weeks or so, I don’t have an exact date. I know because I went to look at re-upping my data allowance and put it off until I went back a couple of days ago and was surprised by their pricing change. Here is a cut-and-paste of their new pricing schedule and format. Taken from the Private tunnel website . 05/27/2017

    New Private Tunnel pricing schedules
    Subscribe to a fixed or flexible plan to start your 7-day free trial.


    7- day trial period
    Unlimited data access
    Connect up to 3 devices

    7- day trial period
    Unlimited data access
    Choose more than 3 devices
    2 + 1 = $6/month Additional Device X $6/month
    The above two schedules are the current pricing schedules and formats as of May 27, 2017.

    I would like to add that during the approximately two years I have been using Private Tunnel I have been very pleased with their service. It was very reliable, with few connection problems, and on the occasions when I tested it, not much of a speed lag. I loved the old pricing schedules, not so happy about the new ones, but will probably end up purchasing more data usage from them anyways . An extremely easy to use and set up VPN, although somewhat limited in range of functional options, which in some cases is actually a plus – fewer options means less confusion – for people who want the plug-and-play equivalent of a VPN this is the way to go.

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