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PandaPow VPN Review 2020

Last updated: August 18, 2022
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William Sams

William Sams

PandaPow is a reasonable service with good security and performance but its pricing plans are too high. Netflix works but the provider need to add more servers. A more detailed analysis is available in this PandaPow VPN Review 2020.

Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Price $7.00/mo on a 1-Year Plan
Servers 120+ VPN in 16 Countries
Logs Stores Connection Logs
Encryption AES-256-Bit
Unblocks Netflix No
Torrenting No
Works in China No
Recommended  No
Website https://pandapow.io/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple

Based in Hong Kong, PandaPow VPN is a powerful service despite being not as big as some of the more established contemporaries in the market. It offers unlimited bandwidth, access to 14 servers, and a proprietary SSL based protocol.

You even have a 7-day money-back guarantee, compatible apps, and a special Wifi VPN router. Sadly, the provider fails in unblocking popular streaming platforms like Netflix and does not work in China (getting stopped by the “Great Firewall”).

As such, the high price tag of $84 on a yearly plan is not justified. However, if you want to receive better value, I advise going for the Forbes endorsed, PureVPN. It works in China and unblocks all VoDs for a measly $1.65/mo. on a 5-year plan!

Rating Criteria

  1. JurisdictionWhere is PandaPow Based?
  2. SecurityCan PandaPow Keep You Safe Online?
  3. Leaks: PandaPow IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS Test
  4. ServersHow Many Servers Does PandaPow Have?
  5. StreamingCan PandaPow Unblock Netflix US?
  6. SpeedHow Fast are PandaPow Servers?
  7. CompatibilityCan I Use PandaPow on All My Devices?
  8. PricingHow Much Does PandaPow Cost Exactly?
  9. TrustworthinessWhat Do Users Say about PandaPow?

Jurisdiction: Where is PandaPow Based?

PandaPow is primarily based out of Hong Kong. This would make it an incredibly attractive option as Hong Kong has a famously favorable attitude towards ensuring maximum security and safety for users online.

Similarly, it is not a member of any alliances like the 5/9/14 Eyes and maintains strict legislation against invasion of users’ digital privacy. However, things are not as simple as they may seem when concerning Hong Kong!

User privacy Under Threat in Hong Kong

Under the “one country, two systems” concept, Hong Kong retains the right to govern itself per its own laws. However, mainland China has begun obvious digital and physical incursions.

With violence escalating to new heights in 2019, Hong Kong has begun to lose some of its sheen as an attractive privacy-friendly country. This is an especially bad news for VPN users.

Bare-metal servers are most at risk as the Chinese have begun moving in troops inside Hong Kong’s territory. The possibility of such data being in Chinese hands is a frightful prospect.

PandaPow’s own unwillingness to reveal whether they maintain physical or virtual servers adds fuel to this fire of suspicion.

Security: Can PandaPow Keep You Safe Online?

PandaPow gives users a decent amount of online protection thanks to its AES-256-GCM military-grade encryption. This is further strengthened by the 2048-bit authentication that uses a variety of different tunneling protocols.

These include PPTP, OpenVPN (TP and UDP), L2TP as well as IPSec. The combination of these settings ensure that users are protected online without worrying about any vulnerabilities.

Lax logs policy

Unfortunately, these sophisticated encryption protocols do not mean much since PandaPow maintains full logs on its users’ activities.

In addition to connection as well as session information of its users, it also stores other crucial information such as email addresses, contact numbers, usernames, passwords and etc.

Some other information that it potentially has access to includes IP addresses, bandwidth speeds, as well as a full log on all data used on the device. Needless to say, all of this is incriminating information, which means your privacy is not secure!

Pandapow VPN Protocols Review

On all of its compatible app clients, PandaPow VPN has deployed its own proprietary SSL-based protocol. This protocol, PandaPow VPN claims, work to enable it to remain unblocked in countries like China and power a much more secure experience for users elsewhere on the globe.

But despite having said that, according to our PandaPow VPN Review, its proprietary protocol seems to be nothing more than OpenVPN protocol itself and the Proprietary SSL-based protocol is just another name the company christened it with.

OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol and is the industry standard right now, so we would like to suggest to PandaPow VPN to drop the fancy name and just mention that it uses OpenVPN protocol whenever asked.

Leaks: PandaPow IPv6, WebRTC, and DNS Test

As with most VPN providers, we wanted to see how secure are their protocols in terms of ensuring there are no IP, DNS or WebRTC leaks taking place. Using ipleak.net, we conducted three different tests and got the following results:

IP Leak

PandaPow Leak Test 1

DNS Leak Test

PandaPow Leak Test 2

WebRTC Leak Test

PandaPow Leak Test 3

Servers: How Many Servers Does PandaPow Have?

PandaPow’s servers are well distributed in the most popular VPN access locations. With a PandaPow VPN subscription, you will be allowed to access 120 + servers in 16 major locations with options ranging from the USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Singapore among others.

Support for Torrents

However, PandaPow does support torrenting. Thanks to its relatively light design, users can fulfill all their torrenting needs. Despite this, we’d advise you staying clear of the US server since there are tons of legal troubles associated with P2P sharing that you should avoid at all costs.

Streaming: Can PandaPow Unblock Netflix?

In a major disappointment, PandaPow cannot unblock any major streaming platform. This means that if you’re looking for a VPN solution that could give you access to US Netflix’s wide array of content, then PandaPow isn’t the option for you.

PandaPow Netflix Proxy Detected Error

Speed: How Fast are PandaPow Servers?

With more than 100 servers in 15+ countries, PandaPow falls in the lower spectrum of VPN providers in terms of possible speeds they can deliver. But we wanted to give it a fair chance through our standard speed test. The speed test was carried out using a 100 Mbps connection:

Server Download Upload Ping
Brazil 22Mbps 18Mbps 89ms
UK 31Mbps 25Mbps 112ms
Canada 21Mbps 16Mbps 84ms
Vietnam 29Mbps 21Mbps 100ms
Netherlands 17Mbps 15Mbps 98ms
Average 24Mbps 19Mbps 101ms

Compatibility: Can I Use PandaPow on All My Devices?

Users of PandaPow will be able to use this service across most of the popular operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android as well as iOS through the Play Store and iTunes, respectively.

Additionally, through manual setups, users can also use PandaPow on their Linux systems too. PandaPow uses OpenVPN by default across all the platforms, including iOS. This is an important feature since even some of the most popular VPN providers do not support OpenVPN on iOS.

Pandapow WiFi VPN Router

The most popular way to set up a VPN for which no compatible app is offered is sideloading, but most of the time, this can be a very long and time-consuming process, so to ease your troubles, PandaPow VPN offers its own WifI VPN router.

This Wifi Router allows you to use any device under the cover of the VPN because it makes all the traffic go through its route, thereby making it automatically secure. The PandaPow Wifi Router will cost you $99 for a year’s worth of VPN subscription and the router included.

PandaPow Wi-Fi Router

Pricing: How Much Does PandaPow Cost Exactly?

The most perfect kind of pricing plans in the VPN industry is those that offer all the features in all the plans, with the only difference being the duration for which the subscription lasts. And that’s exactly what we got at PandaPow.

The Provider has very uncomplicated pricing plans ranging from the monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions.

  • Monthly Subscription: $9.00/month billed once
  • Quarterly Subscription: $24.00 ($8.00 per month)
  • Yearly Subscription: $84.00 ($7.00 per month)

PandaPow Pricing

Payment Methods

As far as payment options go, PandaPow makes it easy by giving users an impressive list of options to choose from. Some of these options include:

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • WeChat Pay
  • Union Pay

Additionally, it gives users an increase level of financial security digitally by giving them the option to pay via Bitcoins. Users can make BTC payments without any worries.

Refund policy

PandaPow also gives users a 7-day money-back guarantee if they’re unsatisfied with the services they get. This is in addition to the free 24 hours trial all users get.

Trustworthiness: What Do Users Say about PandaPow?

To give you better idea about PandaPow VPN, I have provided details about the provider from the perspective of “users” on Reddit. These should help with the decision-making process, if you plan on signing up with the provider!

Reddit Reviews

Several users on the popular discussion Reddit voiced both their displeasure and annoyance at some of PandaPow’s features as well as practices.

PandaPow Reddit Review 1

For example, the fact that a VPN service maintains logs is a definite let down for users, regardless of what else can a provider guarantee.

PandaPow Reddit Review 2

Similarly, there noted how better alternatives are available at the same prices that can offer a greater deal of security and anonymity online.

Customer support

Upon visiting their home page, users can visibly see dedicated pages for FAQs, guides, sub-sections, 24/7 live chat support as well as an exclusive clients’ area.

This is all in addition to the blog section that keeps users informed of all the relevant updates from the VPN industry. Finally, if the users are still unsatisfied and want better answers, they can simply contact PandaPow via their email (support@pandapow.co).

PandaPow Alternative

PandaPow offers some visibly good features. However, it would not be a wise choice to opt for your VPN needs. It cannot unblock as much content for the users compared to alternatives, its speeds leave a lot to be desired, and perhaps the final nail in the coffin is its policy of storing logs.

That being said, Surfshark would be the best option for users because of its guarantee of storing no logs, unblocking the most popular streaming sites at a budget-friendly rate.

Is PandaPow VPN Recommended?

No, I do not recommend PandaPow to users.  It still has a long way to go before it can stand tall among the best providers in the industry but what it lacks in the form of premium features, it makes up in the power of its security performance.

The price at $84 for a year’s worth of subscription is too high and that needs to come down first if this service needs to get an outright recommendation from us. Surfshark is a way better option for users, as it is low-cost but has all the features to give you the best value!

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  1. Everett says:

    Been using PandaPow for 2 months now, the first few weeks were quite good and the VPN unblocked Netflix too. now it doesn’t work most of the times so it is quite frustrating.

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