Servers56 servers in 7 countries
Unblocks NetflixNo
Works in ChinaNo
Recommended No
CompatibilityWindows, Android, Apple

OVPN claims to be the top choice for privacy-conscious users, starting at a high $7/mo. on a 12-months plan. Sadly, the high price is not justified, as the provider still has a long way to go.

It only offers 81 servers in 13 countries and that contributes to poor speeds due to server load, which means you will have to deal with slow streaming, browsing, and torrenting (which can get quite monotonous).

However, what really checks OVPN off the list of top-rated VPN services is the lack of ability of unblocking streaming platforms like Netflix or bypassing the “Great Firewall” in China (no obfuscation available).

As a better alternative, I would suggest going for the feature-packed, PureVPN that starts at a low $2.91/mo on a 2-year plan. It faces no trouble in bypassing geo-restrictions on VoDs like Netflix or offering safety to users in China. 

OVPN Pricing Review:

The best kind of pricing plans are the ones that are uncomplicated and as simple as they can be. Many users get turned off immediately when they see pricing plans based on the number of features offered. But OVPN doesn’t go that way. It offers the simplest of pricing plans and in all of them, you get access to all of the features available. The only difference in the pricing plans is the duration for which the subscription will remain valid.

Currently, OVPN offers three pricing plans.

  • Subscription for a Month costs $10.99
  • Quarterly Subscription (3 Months) costs $24.99 billed once ($8.33/month)
  • Yearly Subscription costs $84.00 billed once ($7.00/month)

The prices are not too high and neither they are too low. You can get VPNs with better offers on yearly subscriptions, so OVPN needs to bring down its price on the yearly package within the range of $60-70 billed once, to make it more enticing and affordable.

OVPN Pricing Review

According to our review, the quarterly subscription is perhaps the best suited for those who are looking to subscribe to a VPN on a short-term basis and need an affordable offer.

And if you are one who doesn’t want to compromise on quality for a lower price tag, then even the yearly plan places a good enough offer for you to consider.

However, as far as payment options are concerned, OVPN offers a pretty basic service.

You can pay through either your credit cards, Paypal account, cash or even Bitcoin.

OVPN payment method

The options are good but some more need to be added.


OVPN Free Trial

Right now, OVPN doesn’t offer a full-fledged free trial like NordVPN’s 3-day free trial which comes with no strings attached, but it is offering a 10-day money back guarantee.

This is nothing out of the ordinary. Offering a refund policy is an established practice in the VPN industry and if any provider does go on and offer a free trial, its an added benefit.

So, OVPN’s 10-day refund policy is good but we recommend it to add at least a limited free trial version of its service, to allow users to engage with the VPN and use it before actually moving on towards purchasing it.


OVPN Apps Compatibility Review

Unlike other similar providers, OVPN does offer compatible clients for Windows and Mac OS X. We downloaded the Windows client and installed it to see how well it worked and we were highly impressed with clean, streamline the structure of the client.

OVPN Apps Compatibility Review:

The UX and UI of the app is immaculate and anything from switching servers to security and client options are well within ease of reach.

You can also set up OVPN on Android and iOS but you would have to do that manually through OpenVPN. Here are the guides on how to install OVPN on Android and how to install OVPN on iOS.


OVPN Servers Review

Server infrastructure is one of the most important things to check in a VPN. OVPN offers 56 servers in 7 countries and 2 894 anonymous IP addresses. These 7 countries are basically all located in Europe and North America so we do believe that their server positioning is a bit skewed. More servers need to be added elsewhere in regions like the Middle East, Africa and Asia to improve the performance of the VPN in areas that are nearer to these regions.

OVPN Servers Review


OVPN Support Review

Although the customer support took a little while to respond and the lag time wasn’t fully appropriate for the 24/7 live chat feature it is offering, we would still consider it okay due to our queries being solved with their answers.

OVPN Support Review


The support function needs to become much better if OVPN wants to retain its customers. The answers they give might be good but the time they take to give those answers can swell up frustration and make people go elsewhere.


OVPN Protocol Support Review

If you are looking for a VPN that supports PPTP, then OVPN is not for you as it doesn’t provide support for that protocol giving the reason that this protocol is not good enough to be made mandatory on its client.

There is no L2TP/IPSec support either as will just be able to use OpenVPN as the default protocol on OVPN. Interestingly, OVPN’s name resembles the name of the OVPN files that are used to setup a VPN on OpenVPN.

OVPN Vilfo Router Review

There is a new and awesome trend prevailing in the VPN industry nowadays and that is, to offer a VPN enable Router to those users who are a bit more uptick when it comes to protecting their privacy.

OVPN also offers a VPN router by the name of Vilfo. You can buy this VPN router for just $429 at Vilfo.com and it comes with 19 VPNs pre-configured including names like NordVPN and VyprVPN. You can use any of these (if you have a valid subscription of the VPN provider you wish to turn on, on the router) with a single click.

OVPN Vilifo Router Review

Other VPNs can also be set up easily on this router but only if they offer support for the OpenVPN protocol.

If you use Vilfo, you will never have to worry about setting up VPNs on all of your devices separately as all of your internet activity, irrespective of which device it is emanating from is guaranteed cover through a VPN automatically via the router.



OVPN does have a few things to improve but overall, it’s a recommended VPN from our end. There were no DNS leaks, the speeds were great, touching almost 30 MBPS on a 35 MBPS connection, latency time was low and above all, we never encountered any breakdown.

Do use the 10-day refund policy and check out this VPN if you like our review. If you have any questions or queries or even suggestions, do comment in the thread below. We would be more than happy to engage with you in a meaningful conversation like always.