Jurisdiction Bosnia
Price $3.33 per month
Servers 54 Servers
Logs No Logs
Encryption 256-bit CBC/SHA512
Unblocks Netflix No
Torrenting Yes
Works in China No
Recommended  Yes
Website https://nvpn.net/
Compatibility Windows, Android, Apple, Desktop

A relatively obscure service as compared to the much more popular VPN providers out there, NVPN is a solid, fast and reliable VPN as far as performance is concerned of the actual product. However, the provider needs to work on a lot of other facets still to make its product more appealing and allow it to compete more ably with other brands in the market.

Here is our full-fledged review of NVPN covering all the good and not so good aspects of the service including server infrastructure, client performance, speeds, latency time, logging policy and much more at Best VPN. Let’s begin:

NVPN Pricing Review

Contrary to what the industry norm is, NVPN’s pricing is based on which type of IP you would like to connect to. In the VPN industry, you usually get to select between different plans where all the features are offered in every package with the only difference being the duration of your subscription.

But at NVPN, there are four packages i.e. monthly shared IP, annual shared IP, monthly dedicated IP and annual dedicated IP.

The monthly shared IP package is being offered at $6/month while the same package for a year’s worth of subscription will cost you $40 billed once.

If you want access to a dedicated IP for a month, you will need to dish out $8/month, while you want the same service for a year, you will be charged with $60. Read our updated best cheap vpn 2018 guide for more info.

NVPN Pricing Review


The pricing plans include unlimited bandwidth, port forwarding, L2TP/IPSec protocol support, Sock5 Proxy and Squid Proxy multiple protocol support, Double VPN, torrenting support among other features.

Prices are reasonable, but we believe that the annual prices need to come down a bit considering the raw service they are providing. No doubt the VPN is good, but there will be few takers for it unless more features are added.

Another thing which caught our eye was, that in any of these current packages, you get access to only one server. If you want full access to servers in 69 countries (totaling 5522 IPs), you would need to pay $10/month.

However, the provider does allow the user with maximum ease of payment by providing multiple payment options which includes Paypal, PefectMoney, Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Cards, PaymentWall i.e. Credit Cards, Yandex, Qiwi and more.



NVPN Free Trial

Right now, there is no free trial available with NVPN, however they do offer a 3 day refund in case you don’t like the service and want to bail out.

We would really like to see some form of a free trial added with the service to make it more appealing to potential users and it will definitely help in funneling customers towards actually buying the plans.


NVPN Apps compatibility Review

Previously, NVPN didn’t offer any compatible apps with any OS. This was a huge turn off for many users considering that the only remaining way of using this VPN then was to download its configuration files and then install it through the OpenVPN client.

NVPN Apps compatibility Review:

This method was cumbersome to newer users and it might have turned off a lot of people from using this VPN even though they might have liked to give it a try. But recently, NVPN announced that it was launching a dedicated Windows client for its users. The beta version is out and it is definitely far better to use and setup that doing it manually.

The Windows client is a step in the right direction for the provider and it’s a way much better experience using the VPN through it than it was before its introduction.

NVPN is also working continuously towards adding even more functionalities to its client and work towards introducing similar clients for other OS like Mac and iOS.

An Android client is also in works and NVPN plans to launch it very soon as well.


NVPN Review Servers

NVPN offers a total of 5512 IPs in 69 different countries which goes on to show that the service has one of the better server infrastructures among VPN providers.

NVPN Review Servers


However, these servers are only available to users who have upgraded to the premium plan which costs $10/month.

NVPN has a very different server infrastructure as compared other VPN providers in the market as its based on providing users with dedicated and dynamic IPs. For those of you don’t know about them, the servers that most VPNs offer can be used by any of their customers, creating problems in a whole lot of ways for e.g. if someone indulges in something wrong on a server, all the users using that server would be served a notice. This is probably oversimplified but you can definitely get our point here.

On the other hand, Dedicated IPs are just used by one user and no one else can access them, making it a much more private and secure experience.

On the regular pricing plans, you get two free switches by default and they get renewed if you are on the monthly plans, with the system automatically resetting them to unused.

This might be complex for a lot of users but those who do understand the importance of having a dedicated IP will definitely understand the reason behind it. But that doesn’t go on to say that newbies can use the service. They definitely should! Try this out and you will be subjected to a much better, alternative experience than what conventional VPNs offer.

NVPN server switch

But if possible, we recommend NVPN to make all of its servers available in an additional pricing plan apart from regular pricing plans at a certain singular fixed price and complement this premium slab in order to come more in line with established industry norms of pricing and server availability.


NVPN Support Review

NVPN follows a ticketing based support system for customer support. In this feature, if you have any complaint, you need to generate a ticket and NVPN’s correspondent will revert back with an appropriate solution on your email.

The replies were prompt and provided great, detailed guidance on all kinds of complex and technical issues.

There is no live chat feature on this site but till the time that the ticketing system is working as well as its working now, there’s no need for NVPN to upgrade it. But if it decides to supplement it existing support with the same quality of replies in a live chat functionality, then that will definitely give a boost to the provider’s current support standards.

NVPN Support Review


NVPN Speed and Reliability

The best thing about NVPN is its immaculate speeds on its servers. When we checked and ran speed tests after connecting to servers in the US, we clocked in speeds of 30 MBPS, which is good enough to be recommended considering that our internet speeds.

There were very little breakdowns in service and the connection was secure enough to allow us to get past many geo-restricted sites in many countries.

We also checked it for streaming services and considering the fact that its Fifa season, you can choose it to stream channels like Match TV in Russia, while connected to a Russian server. For more on this, you can visit our blog on How to Watch Fifa World Cup without Cable.


NVPN Protocol Support

At the moment, NVPN supports L2TP/IPSec protocols and considering the fact that it is running the OpenVPN client, you can be rest assured that its supported protocols are secure enough to allow you to enjoy a good level of anonymity and privacy online.



While the VPN’s core performance was great, we would like to recommend to NVPN that, all they need to do is to improve their website and make sure that much of their offered features are properly communicated with the end user. Navigability is too hard on the website and if someone is not of an inquisitive nature, he/she can miss out on a lot of things that can make or break the impression of a customer about the provider.

But when we talked to NVPN’s management, they gave us the good tidings of a website revamp being in the pipeline and hopefully they will start work on it when things get finalized.

NVPN can be a good choice for a VPN if you are a knowledgeable user and have used VPNs before as well, and while it may be a bit difficult initially for newbies like we’ve mentioned before, you can definitely give it a shot.

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